Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Ken Berwitz

Here is the latest on Democrats' attempts to reverse the will of the people and recall Scott Walker before his term as Wisconsin Governor is up.

Excerpted from Caroline May's article at

The signatures of Adolf Hitler and Mickey Mouse will be counted in the effort to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, so long as they are properly dated and bear a Wisconsin address.

The Government Accountability Board reviewing the petitions unanimously approved a plan that would allow questionable names to be counted if they are signed within the circulation dates and have a proper address, WISN Milwaukees Channel 12 is reporting. According to the ABC affiliate, the suspicious names will be noted as such, but will not be eliminated without a challenge.

All signatures are given the basic presumption of validity, said petition reviewer co-team leader Katie Mueller before the board. So it may not be eliminated due to the fact that this is a valid signature on face value.

We may certainly note fictitious names if we note them on the petition we will flag them but we will not strike them unless challenged, added David Buerger, another petition reviewer co-team leader. In the last round of recalls, you may recall, there was a person who signed Adolf Hilters name to a petition. Fortunately, they gave a Berlin, Germany address and so we struck it on that basis rather than on the basis of it being Adolf Hilter.

As obnoxious as I consider the recall vote to be, it strikes me that this is a perfectly fair way to administer it. 

So long as they are serious about flagging names that appear to be obviously bogus, and the names can be challenged, that's fine.

That said, I hope that Republicans go through every one of them with a fine tooth comb, and make sure that every suspicious name/group of names is either successfully challenged or publicized sufficiently so that all Wisconsin citizens know what is being pulled on them.

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