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Ken Berwitz

Henry Waxman is the long-time congressperson from California's 30th district, which includes all or part of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  I assume you know that his district, therefore is a major venue for the entertainment industry.

One of Mr. Waxman's greatest claims to fame, maybe the single greatest, is his penchant for demanding investigations and holding hearings - especially from 2007 - 2010, when Democrats had a majority in the house of representatives and he was Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.   Rep. Waxman called for investigations, it seemed, on everything short of whether people got dressed using the sock-sock-shoe-shoe or sock-shoe-sock-shoe method.

But here's a little something Mr. Waxman never investigated, not even when he chaired that committee, and is not demanding an investigation of now either.

Excerpted from yesterday's editorial at Investors Business Daily.  The bold print at the end is mine:

Why Does Pedophilia In Hollywood Get A Free Pass?

It's remarkable how little attention the press and politicians have given abuse of children in the film industry especially in view of the coverage devoted to scandals in the Catholic Church.

On Monday, Fox News reported that Martin Weiss, a manager of child actors, has been charged with sexually abusing a child younger than 12. Weiss told his young victim that what they were doing was "common practice in the entertainment industry," authorities said.

Two weeks earlier, a "Sesame Street" musical composer, Fernando Rivas, was arraigned on charges of coercing a child "to engage in sexually explicit conduct." He was also charged with production and distribution of child pornography.

Then there was Jason James Murphy, who worked as a Hollywood casting agent for years before his record of kidnapping and sexually abusing a boy was exposed in the Los Angeles Times Nov. 17.

Recall how Hollywood rushed to the defense of fugitive director Roman Polanski in 2009 as Swiss and U.S. lawmen tried to extradite him to face sentencing for his admission to charges of drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl in 1977.

Actor Corey Feldman told an interviewer last summer that pedophilia played a big role in the decline and death of child actor Corey Haim.

Pedophilia is crime, not art. Yet nothing seems to change. Where is Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., whose Hollywood district has become a maw of vice for children as the campaign contributions from the film industry flow? 

As I'm sure you know, the entertainment industry is loaded to the gills with "stars" happy to give us all lessons in how we should act and think.  Where are they on the issue of pedophilia in their own industry?  Anywhere? 

Why are they silent?  Based on the information provided above, we have to at least entertain the sickening possibility that, for some, it is because they "join in the fun" and engage in these activities themselves. 

Or is it because they fear the professional consequences of speaking up in an industry that is so rife with this kind of perversion? 

If it is the latter, they have company:  how often have we read that, for years and years, political conservatives in the entertainment industry either suppress or downplay their beliefs for fear of the professional consequences.

It is no secret that the entertainment industry has, for many years, been a prolific wellspring of political support, and huge $$$ donations, for Democrats -- most assuredly including Rep. Henry Waxman. 

Is it just possible that this is why "Mr. Investigation" is so blind to the cesspool that is right in front of his eyes?

You tell me.

free` especially in view of the coverage devoted to scandals in the Catholic Church. ----- The same can be said about school teachers. (12/08/11)

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