Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Ken Berwitz

Last night, Rush Limbaugh ventured up to New York, and gave a talk at Town Hall.

Since Mr. Limbaugh is arguably the single most hated media personality among the left - especially the "Occupy" protesters - you'd expect there to be a protest.  And you'd be correct.

Let's do a Q and A to see how many showed up.

Q: There must have been at least 1,000.  Maybe it was in the 1,000's.  Did they have to block off streets to accommodate the sea of humanity?

A: Well, no. 

Q: I'm amazed.  Then there must have been at least 500 or more.  Did they block off that one street? 

A: Well, no again.

Q: Hmm, well this is Rush Limbaugh, so there had to be a couple of hundred anyway.  Right?

A: Wrong.

Q: Ok, were there 100?

A: Nope.

Q: Dammit, there had to be 50.  Uh...weren't there?

A: Nope.


A: Uh-uh.

Q: You're a &#@%ing liar.  There HAD to be more!!!!  (Seconds later)....really, weren't there at least 25?

A:  Well, no.  Actually there were mostly about 10, and never more than about 20. 

And it's not like Limbaugh's talk was unpublicized.  It was mentioned numbers of times on his own show, and was featured on the times square web site, among others.

One other thing:  If you go to, which has both still pictures and video, you will see that the protesters, what very few there were, carried typical "Occupy" signs, demanding jobs (as if protesting Rush Limbaugh would get them any) and referencing their stale-as-last-month's-bagels 99% - 1% routine, while one of them screams about millionaires and billionaires.

Holy excrement.  If they can't mount a successful protest against the hated Rush Limbaugh, who can they mount one against?

I'm trying to decide whether to end this blog entry with the word "lame" or "pathetic".  I think I'll just leave both of them up, and you can decide which fits better.  Feel free to choose both, or add a few of your own.

Zeke .... ..... The Protestistas favor Guy Fawkes masks -- the white plastic smiling guy with wide mustache and vertical strip below the lip. ..... ..... Time Warner owns the copyright, and gets a royalty for every mask sold (legally) on Amazon or wherever. .... .... Big Corp gets riches from OWS. (12/01/11)


Ken Berwitz

Here is the latest in my series in which I ask what would have happened if it were President Bush instead of President Obama:

Excerpted from an article at London's Daily Mail:

Just a few weeks ago, Barack Obama hailed the 'extraordinarily special relationship' between America and Britain.

But it is clearly one he doesn't know all that much about if his latest foreign policy gaffe is anything to go by.

The U.S. President has come under fire today after referring to the 'English' instead of the British Embassy in his condemnation of the violence that broke out at the building in Iran yesterday.

A frenzied mob of militant Iranian students ransacked the main embassy in Tehran and a smaller diplomatic compound in the city.

They lobbed petrol bombs, stole classified documents, torched the Union flag and even tore up a portrait of the Queen.

The rioters also chanted 'Death to England' and threw rocks. One man held up a Union flag with a skull and cross bones on it.

In an interview yesterday, Mr Obama said: 'All of us are deeply disturbed by the, err, crashing of, err, the English Embassy, err, the embassy of the United Kingdom.'

By calling it the 'embassy of the United Kingdom', he got it wrong a second time.

Unbelievable.  President Obama first calls it the English embassy - which is dead wrong.  Then he "corrects" himself by calling it the embassy of the United Kingdom - which is just as dead wrong. 

We're lucky he didn't try a third time and call it "The embassy from, err, you know, that country that's separated from the real part of Europe by the English River....err, I mean the English canal".

What would our wonderful "neutral' media have said about President Bush incorrectly identifying the embassy of one of our most loyal allies in the world, and then compounding his ignorance by screwing it up a second time?  Can you imagine the howls about what a hapless ignoramus he was?

But the President sounding like a hapless ignoramus was not George Bush.  It was Barack Obama.  (And it is far from the first time he has done so. Remember when he referred to "Austrian" as a language?  Remember the 57 states?  Remember when he forgot his own daughter's birthday?  Etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.)

So don't hold your breath waiting for the attacks on his knowledge and/or capabilities that most surely would have been leveled at Mr. Bush.  Because they're not coming.

As noted before, this is the latest in a series.  But given Barack Obama's history of gaffes, I can pretty much guarantee that it won't be the last.

free' More proof of fraud. Very sad that our MSM have been reduced to just another bunch of criminals. (11/30/11)

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