Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Ken Berwitz

tony rezko was sentenced to 10 1/2 years in jail yesterday.

If you are saying something like "Tony who?", or "I've heard the name but I can't remember......etc.", then you have been played by the Obama-loving Accomplice Media.

tony rezko was a close associate of Barack Obama, he and his wife were involved in helping Mr. Obama purchase his Chicago mansion for hundreds of thousands below market price, and either personally contributed or bundled at least $250,000 for Mr. Obama's political campaigns.  Mr. Obama initially claimed that rezko donated very little money, and then, as more information came out, kept admitting to more and more.  No one knows for sure what the actual grand total is. 

In other words, Barack Obama had a long-time relationship with tony rezko that reeked to the high heavens.   

Which, of course, explains why his sentencing got virtually no coverage in the mainstream media outside of Chicago.

Here is one of the very few reports that were made about Rezko and his relationship with Barack Obama.  It comes from David Asman, of Fox Business Network and I saw it at Noel Sheppard's blog for (what, you expected it from MSNBC?):

Tony Rezko was sentenced today to 10-and-a- half years in prison. The former power player in Chicago politics has been sitting in jail for three-and-a-half years waiting to be sentenced for 16 counts of political corruption. The prosecutors argue against cutting his sentence for time served even though he has been serving some pretty hard time in a high-risk unit with terrorists and members of a Mexican drug cartel. They clearly want to keep Rezko in deep isolation for a very long time.

But the man who would probably most like to see Tony Rezko stay out of sight is President Obama. One of the first political contributions ever came from companies controlled by Tony Rezko in 1995. In 2003 Rezko was put on Obama's campaign finance committee for the U.S. Senate. And in 2005 the Obama's purchased a one $1.65 million house in Chicago with a $300,000 assist from Rezko, something the president later publicly regretted.

While the press has been running big headlines about the lousy character judgments of Republican presidential contenders, somehow the president's lousy judgment in associating so closely with Tony Rezko keeps getting a pass. We all make mistakes, but a close association with a guy prosecutors are locking up with drug assassins and terrorists deserves at least as much scrutiny as gifts once purchased for a candidate's wife. Or maybe that's just us.

Amazing, isn't it?  Herman Cain got two solid weeks of nonstop negative press for unproven allegations, involving accusations that he did next to nothing of any substance, which were made anonymously.  And when two of the women finally came forth, it turned out that both had histories of trying to get sexual harassment settlements involving other people -- after which both promptly disappeared from view (do you even remember their names now?  I'll help out:  Sharon Bialek and Karen Kraushaar). 

But when tony rezko gets 10 1/2 years in jail (for 16 felony convictions, in case you're interested)?  There is virtually no media talking about his sweetheart real estate deal or the buckets of money he generated for President Obama.

How do these people call themselves journalists?  How do they even face themselves in the mirror?

free' Just more fraud committed by our media. It is too bad the First Amendment doesn't protect us all from being charged with fraud. Or is it? (11/23/11)


Ken Berwitz

Last night, on Fox News' Special Report, Charles Krauthammer (one of the best columnists - maybe the single best  - we have) explained President Obama's 2012 re-election campaign just about perfectly:

"Everything he does is about campaigning. He gave up the governance phase of this term about three months ago. 

This payroll tax cut and demanding that it be paid for by taxing the 1%. It's part of an Occupy Wall Street campaign. That's what he is running. It's you and me, the president is saying, against the 1%. This is what everything he does has to do with.

He doesn't expect any of this ever to end up being enacted. It's all a pose"


The issue is whether voters see through it.  I wonder how many will.

Darence Ah, i see. Well that's not too trciky at all!" (01/14/12)

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