Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Ken Berwitz

The holiday season is a time for caring and giving. 

And I can think of no better way to do both, than by getting involved with the Adopt A Soldier program.

The military consists of men and women who voluntarily serve and defend our country - often thousands of miles from home, in places where their lives are in danger every day.

In the Adopt A Soldier program, you will be given the name of an individual member of the military whom you can communicate with, and supply with some of the basic items that would be in his/her stateside home (e.g. toiletries, music CD's, snacks and other goodies that travel well, etc.).  Things that we take for granted because they are easily available stateside, but are nearly impossible to get in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, etc.  

Participating in this program is easy, and inexpensive.  But it can mean everything to a soldier; especially at this time of year.  Not just for the goodies that you might send, but because it means someone cares, and thinks he/she is important enough to go the extra distance for.

Interested?  I hope so. 

If you would like to Adopt A Soldier, please contact Mr. Michael Anderson.  His email address is michaelanderson76@comcast.net.

This is part of what Mr. Anderson sent when my wife and I asked to be a part of Adopt A Soldier (the rest involves the individual soldier, and I'll keep that personal):

I am sending you the name of a soldier and suggestions on items you may want to send and instructions for how to send packages to a military APO address. Believe me, anything you send will be appreciated. My son was deployed last year in Iraq and mail from home was always a big deal. We sent packages every week as many of the men in his Platoon (21 soldiers) did not get much support from home. Many of these kids are deployed in remote areas and do not get mail for weeks on end. Your package will be appreciated. The soldiers share items so if one does not need an item, they share with the rest of their team.

I am also attaching a PDF file showing how a gentleman from Atlantic County (NJ) put his packages together as well as a picture my son sent to me showing a typical mail delivery in Iraq.

IMPORTANT:  PLEASE ACT QUICKLY.  It takes 1 - 3 weeks for mail to get to some of the places your soldier might be deployed, and they recommend that items tied to the holiday season be sent by November 25th (though - this is me talking, not Michael - I suspect you can go over by a few days).

Thanks in advance for your participation.

free` Two programs I have donated to in the past are Adopt a Platoon and Soldiers Angels. (11/22/11)

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