Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Ken Berwitz

The squatter's camp (not protest, but squatter's camp) that was called "Occupy Wall Street" is over.

Last night, after two months of anarchy was permitted in and around Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan, the "residents" (that is certainly how they saw themselves) were evicted.  Many went peaceably, many did not.  There were 70 arrests (Update:  that number is much higher now).

As the police and cleanup crews (I hope there were fumigators among them) swooped in, the campers chanted "Whose park?  Our park.  Whose park?  Our park". 

That is the hallmark of these so-called protests:  people taking over someone else's property, living off of other people's largesse, and declaring, based on nothing but the sense of entitlement they get from doing these things, that it is now theirs. 

Sadly, pathetically, that is the defnition of "ownership" to many, maybe most, of the campers.  No connection at all between what they produce and what they own.  Just take it over, scream a few angry slogans, and fantasize that this constitutes transfer of title.

It doesn't.

Mayor Bloomberg, who took two months to grow the set of gonads necessary to toss this bunch out, has declared they can come back in once the park has been cleaned.  But only if they obey the law:  New York's law, not theirs. 

In other words, no tents, no sleeping bags, no food preparation.  Take a stroll, sit on a bench, enjoy the day.  Which, if this is seriously enforced (and I suspect it will be), means no more "Occupy Wall Street" in Zuccotti Park. 

I wonder how many of the far-leftists, anarchists, street people and other assorted free-loaders and hangers-on are now expecting that the 99% they fantasize representing will rally to their side. 

My advice for them is to find another camping grounds for that wait.  A permanent one.  Because it ain't happening.


UPDATE:  Things are happening fast. 

First we have a hard-left judge (who has no business playing politics from the bench, but isn't that what hard-left judges do?) named Lucy Billings, issuing a temporary restraining order preventing New York from clearing out the park.  This, of course, is a bit late, since the park has already been cleared out, but who's counting?

Then we have Mayor Bloomberg ignoring Judge Billings' order, on the grounds that he needs time to "clarify" it and understand what it means.  In other words, the park stays clear.

This, in effect, is Bloomberg's version of what Andrew Jackson is supposed to have said about Judge John Marshall's 1832 decision in Worcester vs. Georgia:  "John Marshall has made his decision.   Now let him enforce it". 

The Jackson comment was probably mythical.  But Mayor Bloomberg's obvious end-around is not.  Apparently he grew an even bigger pair of balls than I thought. 

Good for him.  Better late than never.

free` Why don't they move the protest to michael moores house or one of the rich elite that support this movement. Hell they probably have larger yards than the park is. (11/15/11)

Ken Berwitz Giuliani was right. Unlike Bloomberg, he didn't need two months to grow a pair of balls. If Rudy Giuliani were Mayor the "protest" in Zuccotti Park would have lasted maybe the weekend. And the removal would not have necessitated taking down tents and other quasi-permanent equipment, because it would never have gotten to the point where they would be there. New York was lucky to have Giuliani. (11/15/11)

Zeke ..... ..... Rudy Giuliani was interviewed when the squatters began the takeover. .... .... He said that they never should have been allowed to sleep there. . ......... (11/15/11)

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