Sunday, 13 November 2011


Ken Berwitz

Most people on both sides of the aisle should know by now, that a Republican debate usually means Republicans being grilled by people who do not like them. 

The CBS debate, featuring Scott Pelley, certainly was no exception.

With that in mind, it was an absolute pleasure to watch Newt Gingrich take Pelley's derisively worded question about terrorist "suspects" - complete with a self-satisfied smirk at the end - and take him apart in a matter of seconds.

Here is the carnage, courtesy of video from Noel Sheppard's blog at

Absolutely right.  And congratulations to the audience, which spontaneously broke out into raucus, cheering applause.

The only problem with this is my certainty that Pelley learned nothing from the experience.

Zeke .... ..... Definitely check out the video. .... .... It's even better than the transcript. .... Makes you wonder how such rectal orifices manage to become news-teleprompter-readers .... Gingrich just chewed the guy up, and the audience applauded and cheered. ........... ............. "Pelley's bona fides as an expert on military law include attending journalism school at Texas Tech University with his bio not specifying if he actually earned a degree. From what I can find, he has not authored one book in his career on any subject let alone the one he was challenging the former Speaker on. ................... ................... By contrast, Gingrich has a B.A. in history from Emory University, a Masters and Ph.D. in modern European history from Tulane, and has authored 25 books including seven on war." .................. (11/13/11)

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