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Ken Berwitz

To the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters.

Life is good, isn't it?  You have been given special dispensation to camp out in a park that the public used to have access to, but doesn't anymore.  The mayor has abdicated his responsibility and lets you stay there, without any police presence, so you get to make up your own "laws" as you go along.  And the big-money left wingers keep handing over money, so now you have a bank account that must be in excess of a half million dollars.

What fun.

But wait, what was this protest about?  Oh yeah, it was about Wall Street machinations by powerful people, and the pain and suffering they cause. 

So, with this in mind, I have a suggested new site for you. 

How about moving a couple of those tents and some of those comfy, settled-in "protesters" to jon corzine's place of residence and to his former MF Global offices (before they move the furniture out and take down the sign)?

Excerpted from Matt Egan's article at

Just two weeks after MF Global filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the trustee overseeing the failed futures brokerage disclosed plans on Friday to fire all of its broker dealer employees as it liquidates the business.


In a statement, the court-appointed trustee, James Giddens, said the broker dealers 1,066 employees were notified on Friday that their employment has been terminated, effective immediately.


However, the MF Global trustee said the liquidation and terminations don't apply to the parent company, MF Global Holdings, which listed 2,847 employees as of September.


Were sadden by the trustees actions today to terminate so many of our colleagues," an MF Global spokesperson said in a statement.


The terminated broker dealer workers salaries will be paid through November 15 and between 150 and 200 former employees will be hired back to assist in the wind down of MF Globals businesses and processing of bankruptcy claims.


However, none of the workers who are being fired will receive severance and their health-care benefits will expire at the end of November, a source familiar with the situation told FOX Business. 


MF Global filed for the eighth-largest bankruptcy in U.S. history on October 31 after suffering a run on the bank caused by massive bets totaling $6.4 billion on risky euro-zone sovereign bonds. Led by former Goldman Sachs CEO Jon Corzine, MF Global has been criticized for being overleveraged and making undiversified bets that helped bring down the company. 


A last-minute sale that would presumably have saved many of MF Globals jobs was scuttled by the emergence of more than $600 million in missing client funds. Federal regulators have since opened an investigation into the missing funds and Corzine, the former governor of New Jersey, resigned and retained legal counsel.

I realize that Zuccotti Park has become a comfort zone to you.  That you have been given what amounts to Protectorate Status there by the city's suddenly-cowardly Mayor. 

But - correct me if I'm wrong - wasn't the idea of "Occupy Wall Street" to go after the financial big shots who exercise undue power as they play with less well-to-do people's lives? 

If you can do that by establishing what amounts to permanent residence in Camp Zuccotti, congratulations.  But if you can't, maybe you should go after Mr. Corzine.

Or would attacking a left wing Democrat anger enough of your supporters to shut down some of the donations from left wing Democrat benefactors - the donations you use to get all that great stuff you don't have to pay for?  Would embarrassing Democrats, going into an election year, cause a few of the Democrats who run New York City to look less kindly on your current residence; maybe enough to tell Michael Bloomberg to stop acting like a Bert Lahr wannabe from Wizard of Oz and actually perform his mayoral duties by tossing you out?

Y'know, watching this unfold, a feller could get awful suspicious of what your true motives are....


Ken Berwitz

How can this be?  Didn't Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton warn bashar al-assad, Syria's murderous butcher of a "President" to stop?

Well, he didn't.

Excerpted from Zeina Karam's article for London's Daily Guardian:

November is shaping up to be the bloodiest month yet in Syria's 8-month-old uprising. More than 250 Syrian civilians have been killed in the past 11 days as the regime besieges the renegade city of Homs and the conflict takes a dangerous turn, stoking fears of civil war.

The U.N. estimates some 3,500 people have been killed in the crackdown since mid-March, when the uprising began. The latest figures would push that number closer to 4,000.

The bloodshed has spiked dramatically in recent weeks amid signs that more protesters are taking up arms to protect themselves, changing the face of what has been a largely peaceful movement. Many fear the change plays directly into the hands of the regime by giving the military a pretext to crack down with increasing force.

There also have been reports of intense battles between soldiers and army defectors, setting the stage for even more bloodshed. Although the crackdown has led to broad international isolation, President Bashar Assad appears to have a firm grip on power.

That's right.  butcher al-assad continues to mass-murder his own people, and the warnings by our President and Secretary of State are ignored.


This is all wrong. 

-Didn't Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton brilliantly resolve the Egypt issue by helping to force Hosni Mubarak out of pow....oh, wait, Egypt is hurtling toward civil war and shari'a law now.  Never mind.


-And didn't Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton spend months, and billions of dollars, bombing Libya to get rid of moammar qaddafi, so the country could become a democra....oh, wait.  Libya has summarily removed all laws giving even minimal rights to women, and al-qaeda flags are flying in cities throughout the country as shari'a law takes effect.  Never mind again.

My problem with our actions in these two countries is with our ingoing intentions.  Hosni Mubarak was a corrupt dictator whose presidential elections were a sham.  And the day moammar qaddafi was killed should have been declared an international day of celebration. 


My problem is that, as is rapidly being seen in Egypt and Libya, getting rid of something that is bad does not guarantee getting something that is better.  Sometimes you get even worse.


And in Syria, the sum total of our "victories" in Egypt and Libya has amounted to absolutely nothing:  al-assad couldn't care less about our warnings - or those of the UN.  


Let me say here that I do not know exactly what the USA, by itself, can do to stop the Syrian carnage.  But what I can say is that after two  short-term "victories"that, in reality, are turning into terrible failures, we better think long and hard about a better way of proceding.


Fair enough?

Zeke .... ...... ..... Yes, 3,500 - 4,000 have been killed in Syria. .... Mr. Obama & Hill has warned Bashar al-Assad to stop. .... .... A grateful world appreciates those actions ... without those oh-so-stern warnings (complete with finger-wagging), millions would have been killed. ... .... .... Millions !! .. Millions, I tell you, of lives created or saved. .... ... (11/12/11)

Zeke .... ...... ..... Yes, 3,500 - 4,000 have been killed in Syria. .... Mr. Obama & Hill has warned Bashar al-Assad to stop. .... .... A grateful world appreciates those actions ... without those oh-so-stern warnings (complete with finger-wagging), millions would have been killed. ... .... .... Millions !! .. Millions, I tell you, of lives created or saved. .... ... (11/12/11)

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