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Ken Berwitz

Whoopie!!!!  Finally, after two weeks of anonymous women making non-specific claims about Herman Cain, we have SHARON BIALEK!!  A woman who has come forth, by name, to tell her sordid story!!!!  (Well, make that after 14 years, not two months, since she claims that the event took place in 1997.)

And what is Ms. Bialek's story - a horror so great that she got herself what arguably is the most famous publicity-hound lawyer on the planet, Gloria Allred, to represent her? 

Well (hold onto you chair, I don't want you falling over) Ms. Bialek claims that Herman Cain........I'm sorry, I'm too overcome by the gravity of these accusations to type right now.  Here they are, excerpted from Corbett B. Daly's article at

Sharon Bialek, the first woman to publicly accuse Cain of inappropriate behavior, said Cain was "sexually inappropriate" with her in 1997, saying he put his hand under her skirt and pushed her head toward his crotch after a dinner together. She said he backed away after she asked him to stop.

She said she booked herself a room at a hotel two blocks from the White House and when she checked in, it was upgraded to a suite by Cain. They went to dinner at an Italian restaurant and after dinner Cain made unwanted advances toward Bialek in the car.

When she asked what he was doing, she said he responded by rhetorically asking her: "You want a job, right?"

She said she made it clear she was not interested and Cain backed off.

So, bottom line: after two weeks of nonstop smears against Herman Cain, apropos of absolutely nothing specific from no specific person, but plenty of news about $$$ settlements, a woman comes forward to claim that, 14 years ago, Herman Cain.... tried to goose her. 

And stopped when she said no.  

And there are no corroborating witnesses.

How much do you figure that is worth in a settlement?  $5 million or $10 million? 

If this isn't the dumbest pile of nothing I've ever seen in my life, it is in the top three.

Let me put it another way:  I don't know who is reading this, but if you are an adult I am willing to bet that members of the opposite sex, maybe even the same sex, have, on occasion, attempted to goose you. 

Based on what Sharon Bialek and Gloria Allred are whining about: 

-If you let the other person do it, you are making out;

-If you say no - even if the other person then backs off - you can claim to have been molested by a sexual predator.

Does that qualify for the "dumbest pile of nothing" list?  I would say so. 

I will end with a question:  It took you a few minutes to read this blog.  In that time, how many women in the United States do you figure were goosed?

Holy excrement, the country is CRAWLING with sexual perverts. 

Damn you, Herman Cain.  Look what you've started!!!

Zeke .... Wonder if the hotel registration records, Cain's credit card records, restaurant's checks are still available. Doubt the cab company's records are still around... or even if it is possible to locate the correct cab company. .... Maybe though, if he used a car service. ....... Gloria Allred is the absolute scum of the legal profession. .... Her past clients are hookers involved in shakedowns of political figures -- ----In December 2009, Allred was retained by Rachel Uchitel after media sources alleged Uchitel had been having an affair with married golfer Tiger Woods. .... ..... Allred is also representing Joslyn James, a pornographic actress and Woods's alleged mistress. .... .... In February 2010, Allred was retained by Amanda J. Eneman, a massage therapist and ex-girlfriend of Illinois lieutenant gubernatorial candidate Scott Lee Cohen who once had Cohen arrested, and who had herself been arrested for prostitution. .... .... In June 2010 she was hired by Debrahlee Lorenzanare, a former bank employee who had drawn wide public attention after alleging she was fired for being too attractive. ..... ..... ..... (11/07/11)


Ken Berwitz

On The Today Show this morning, host Ann Curry "interviewed" Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich.  She was so obnoxious, and he put her down so well, that I waited until the video was available, so I could put it up verbatim instead of trying to paraphrase it from memory.

Curry decided to inflict what often passes for an "interview" when a Republican is on:  i.e. no neutral questions which enable the interviewee to give Today viewers his/her views, but a series of attack questions, often on subject matter unrelated to the ostensible reason the subject was there, which he/she has to answer defensively.

So Curry's first question was not about Mr. Gingrich's presidential candidacy, but a "gotcha" question attacking Herman Cain:

 Can Herman Cain uh, not answer these lingering questions about sexual harassment uh, allegations, and, uh, still win the Republican nomination in your view?


Thats right.  This is the question she posed to Mr. Gingrich.  Gingrich shook his head in a sort of oh brother, is that what shes going to ask me way and answered:


Well, that will be up to the American people.  If they conclude that anonymous allegations from people who dont want to be identified.  


He went on a bit, but that answered the question and, in anything approaching an intelligent interview, should have ended the line of questionning.  Why should Newt Gingrich be acting as Herman Cains defense attorney?  And why should Herman Cain, or anyone else, have to keep answering questions about anonymous allegations from people who dont want to be identified?  Curry sounded like an idiot. 


But that, of course, did not register with Curry, who, in full Obtuse Mode, was determined to continue.


At the end of his response about Cain, Gingrich made mention of the fact that the show started with Matt Lauer reporting from Namibia.  He told Curry that it brought back memories of the trip he and his wife took there a year ago what a truly remarkable country it was.


Currys reaction?  


Im glad that youre enjoying the reporting on it.  Now back to the topic at hand.


WHAT topic at hand, Ann?  Why is it relevant for Newt Gingrich to talk about non-specific allegations from 12 14 years ago made by women whose names we dont even know?  


Curry continued: 


If you are right that, that it is possible that the American public could actually decide to overlook these these allegations, what would it mean for the party to have a Republican nominee for President with unanswered questions about sexual harassment, uh, uh, what would it do to your partys chances of defeating Barack Obama?


Gingrich, whose facial expression clearly indicated he thought this was ludicrous, answered beautifully:


What does it mean to the elite news media that nobody in the country ever walks up to us and raises questions already?.....Herman Cain, I suspect is getting far fewer questions from citizens about these kinds of things than he is about jobs and things like that.  And I just think that theres a huge gap between the gossip that fascinates political reporters, and the average persons concern about the price of housing, the availability of jobs, solving the budget deficit without crushing the middle class, a lot of things that, frankly, at a substance level are dramatically more important to most Americans


Game, set, match.  At this point, Curry should have beat a hasty retreat appropriately embarrassed that she was asking about Herman Cain instead of Newt Gingrich, the guy she had on and started questionning him about what he would do if elected President.


But this is Ann Curry, and this is the Today Show.  So, instead, we got:


Your point is well taken, however its not just the media that is asking this question. And noted that Haley Barbour and John Huntsman felt Mr. Cain should step up and be more up-front in answering these questions.


As Curry plodded onward, Mr. Gingrich put on his patented smile of exasperation.  When you see that look, you know something is coming.  And here it is, in the next part of the exchange:


Gingrich:  Ill let them argue with Herman Cain, Ill let you argue with Herman Cain.  Im trying to focus on, on the 21st century Contract with America; Im trying to evolve a brand new set of proposals that really matter, uh.


Curry:  But are you saying that questions about the character of a Presidential candidate dont matter?


Gingrich:  No, questions matter a lot.  Im saying that when the news media goes and finds an anonymous report about an anonymous incident about which you have remarkably limited information, and you decide that matters more than every other issue in the campaign, that may put your judgment in doubt, as you being the institutional news media.


Kaboom.  Gingrich buried her.  And if ever an obnoxious, partisan host deserved the burial, it was Ann Curry.


This time, even Curry knew it was over.  But despite this, her next question was about Gingrichs new book, not about anything he would do as President.  Therefore even the subject she moved along to prevented Today Show viewers from hearing information to base their decision about Gingrich on.


Thank you Mr. Gingrich for putting the wood to Ann Curry.  She certainly deserved it, and it was a personal pleasure watching it happen.

Portia Palmer That Newt would even stoop to be AM fodder for the Today Show is rather amazing - if he was already tied with Romney for the #1 spot, I suspect he wouldn't have to endure this nonsense. But the more national exposure he receives, the better for his ultimate rise to being the Conservative nominee for the Republican ticket. But for my fellow Conservatives, I have to ask "Where is the Baggage"???? Show me the Baggage! Does having an affair, divorcing and marrying one's paramour count as serious baggage in 2012? How does this compare to "other Washington baggage"? Clinton's dalliance with a girl just a few years older than his daughter? Lying as a sitting President to judge and jury? Pelosi's baggage? Rangel's baggage? Dodd's baggage? Barney's baggage? Cunningham's baggage? Weiner's baggage? Hilary's baggage (not her thighs). Look at all the sins that have occurred since Newt's and convince me (& other voting Americans) that his transgressions are more vile than those of the reigning thugs in D.C. (11/08/11)

Tim I agree...President Gingrich would be wonderful...and don't count him out. I like the fact that he has laid back and let Romney, Perry, et al, fight it out. He has saved his finances for the battle that lies ahead. Not only is he knowledge ridden, he is smart as a whip. I would vote a Gingrich/Cain ticket. (11/07/11)

Ken Berwitz Given the pervasively liberal/left/Democrat lean of mainstream media, I suppose it is inevitable that conservatives subject themselves to the Today people (among many, many others). In Gingrich's case, he not only framed the issues that were important to voters of all political persuasions, but nailed Curry in a way that made her look bad without him coming across as a bully. Terrific job on his part. (11/08/11)

free` Ken wrote; "Therefore even the subject she moved along to prevented Today Show viewers from hearing information to base their decision about Gingrich on." ------------------ I have to say again AND BINGO WAS HIS NAME O! ----------- Mr. Gingrich is by far one of the most knowledgeable people in the world when it comes to government and history. I have admired Newt's knowledge for decades. Too bad his personal life will most likely ruin his chances. But a President Gingrich would do great things for the USA. (11/07/11)

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