Friday, 04 November 2011


Ken Berwitz

Want to see a truly amazing, truly telling video?

Here is's Michelle Fields, interviewing Bob Woodward and then Ben Bradlee at a bash for Chris Matthews, to celebrate his new book about JFK.  Fields asks them about the book, and then about the sexual harrasment allegations against Herman Herman Cain.


Woodward part is interesting, but it is not why I'm posting this video. 

The main event is when Ms. Fields interviews Bradlee who, for many years, was Editor of the Washington Post. 

Bradlee, whose slurring of words makes him seem somewhat inebriated, starts the interview (at 1:05) by putting his arm fully around Ms. Fields, and pulling her to him for a close hug. 

Then, (at 2:20), when Fields asks Bradlee about Herman Cain, he puts his hand on her left shoulder and, while keeping it there, says "I think he's got it comin' to him, doesn't he?"

Unbelievable.  There is Ben Bradlee, quite possibly drunk, manhandling a young female interviewer, while acting as judge and jury against Herman Cain. 

Remember:  at least so far, not one woman has come forth and said Herman Cain so much as put a hand on her.  The charges, to this point, have been entirely in the realm of speaking and gesticulating, but not physical contact. 

So, with incredible irony, Ben Bradlee made this judgment on Cain while performing more sexual harassment than Cain has been accused of so far.

-Can you imagine what would happen if someone - say, - unearthed video footage of Herman Cain doing exactly the same thing Ben Bradlee did, to a similarly attractive young female reporter?  End of campaign.

-Can you imagine what would happen if a woman accused Herman Cain of doing exactly the same thing Ben Bradlee did, and stated that the incident left her uncomfortable, sexually harassed, and fearful of what he would do next?  End of campaign....and a big, juicy legal settlement too.

Speaking personally, I do not in any way think that Mr. Bradlee was sexually harassing Michelle Fields.  People have physical contact like this all the time.  And, unless someone is told "no" and persists anyway, it is not sexual harassment to me.  But since Herman Cain is being nailed for a lot less, it is only fair to present it as such to prove how ridiculous the charges against Mr. Cain have been.

One other thing:  since this happened at an event to honor Chris Matthews, he, of course, will be reporting all about this on his show tonight.  Right? 

Yep, count on it.  That segment will take place just after the one where Rachel Maddow announces she has become hetero and propositions Newt Gingrich.

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