Wednesday, 02 November 2011


Ken Berwitz

This one is for the poll lovers in the house.

First let me show you the question, as asked in the latest Rasmussen poll:

Many state and local governments have laid off government workers to deal with budget shortfalls. Some say they will have to lay-off teachers and first responders such as firemen, policemen and rescue squad workers. What is the best way for state and local governments to prevent lay-offs of teachers and first responders. Should the federal government give state and local government $35 billion to prevent such lay-offs or should state and local governments cut back on other spending to protect the jobs of teachers and first responders? 

Now, while you are deciding if this question presented the issue fairly, let me show you the results:

Give $35 Billion:                    22%

Cut Back On Other Spending:  64%

Undecided:                          14%

What does this mean?  It means that if these data truly represent the country's opinion, President Obama and his Democrat supporters (which is to say just about every Democrat in congress) are in deep excrement over this proposed legislation.

The smart strategy (not the honest strategy, mind you, just the smart strategy) would be to:

-declare the "American Jobs Act" dead,

-blame Republicans for killing it,

-blame Republicans for every bad thing that happens in the economy from now on,

-while reminding voters that there could have been millions more jobs if only Republicans were willing to put country ahead of politics, and

-hope against hope that voters will fall for it.

I won't at all be surprised if that is what Obama & Co. do.

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