Sunday, 30 October 2011


Ken Berwitz

Here is a quote from President Obama's Saturday radio address:

Now, in this country, we dont begrudge anyone wealth or success we encourage it. We celebrate it, he said. But America is better off when everyone has had the chance to get ahead not just those at the top of the income scale. The more Americans who prosper, the more America prospers.

The response?  Why are you lying to us again?

You are literally building a political campaign on pitting financially successful people against less financially successful people, as if financial success, in and of itself, is something to be ashamed of, to apologize for and to make restitution for.

Yes, Mr. President, you do begrudge people wealth and success.  Because it is the wealthy and successful whom you are specifically attacking and demnizing in your campaign, excuse me, your educational speeches and bus tours.

I could not agree more that everyone should have the chance to get ahead.  But who is stopping them? 

If, for example, you want small business owners to get ahead, then why not help them?  Start by demanding an end to the impossible labyrinth of regulations inflicted on businesses that no one can figure out.  Support serious tort reform, so they are no longer ongoingly vulnerable to an army of lawyers, licking their chops at the next opportunity for a class action suit.  Give them a fighting chance.

And if you want family breadwinners, or students coming out of college, or young workers with a few years of experience under their belts to get ahead?  Tell us who and what is stopping them?  Specifics, please.

While I'm waiting for those specifics, let me offer one possible reason it is now harder to get ahead.  It is the ugly unemployment rate which, under your stewardship, jumped from 7.6% to above 10%, and currently sits above 9%. 

When do you admit that the so-called "stimulus package" was a multi-trillion dollar disaster?  Most people know it anyway - read the polls and see where they have moved since the "stimulus package" was enacted.  See how people think you're doing on the overall economy.  Or are your ego and your arrogance so completely obscuring this reality that you are blind to what a large majority of this country sees so clearly?

Is it the ego and arrogance that are causing you to compound the disaster by demanding another $450 billion dollar "stimulus package" (renamed, of course, to boob-bait gullible people into thinking it is something different)?  Why would that work when the first "stimulus package" did not?  Who are you paying off with the money this time?  Didn't your union pals get enough from the first "stimulus package"? 

Or is it the fact that you are, always have been, and apparently always will be, a left wing "community organizer" who produces nothing, but agitates for other people to give you money that you can then redistribute?

Either way, there is - or should be - a chance for everyone in the United States to get ahead. 

All they need is for you to get out of their way.

Hatem Thank you for this! Glad to hear I'm safe with a glass of champagne, which is all I usulaly manage and/or a glass of red (which I hear is supposed to be GOOD for you). I wish you both a happy holiday season and know you won't be overdoing on the food stuff. I tend to lose weight over the holiday season (yeah lucky me) all this food is a bit much.Anyway thank you for YOUR support in 2010 I've had fun and worked hard and obtained results at your Boot Camps.Take care,Tracey (06/11/12)

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