Friday, 14 October 2011


Ken Berwitz

This is for people who think the anti-semitism being flaunted at New York's "Occupy Wall Street" protests in lower Manhattan is some kind of isolated fluke occurrence.

I initially put up two of the overtly anti-semitic signs from the Los Angeles "Occupy Wall Street" protesters, which I pulled from Pajama Media's web site. (you didn't really think I would have gotten them from our "accomplice media", which is doing its level best to promote these protests, did you?) 

But since there is so much more on this site, including additional pictures of anti-semitic posters and commentaries about the "zionist Jews" from participants, I feel that two pictures cannot do the extent of the anti-semitism justice.  So I am posting THIS LINK TO THE WEB SITE.  In one click, you can see and hear it all.

For anyone who thought Jew hatred wasn't part of the agenda, I hope this wises you up.  If not, I can virtually guarantee there will be more such instances with more such signs in the future for you to continue pretending and rationalizing about.

It figures that this movement receives so much of its funding through the Tides Foundation, which is bankrolled by one of the world's leading self-hating Jews, george soros.  I'm sure this handiwork makes him a very proud man.

Ken Berwitz The very same. What an unregenerate sack of defecation. (10/14/11)

free` Would that be the same george soros that helped the Nazi's in ww2? (10/14/11)


Ken Berwitz

Here is an ad from the emergency committee for Israel.  It's subject is the anti-semitic bilge some "Occupy Wall Street" protesters are spewing.  Watch for yourself:

Hate at Occupy Wall Street Protests


Does the Emergency Committee for Israel have a point?  You saw the footage.  You decide.

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