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Ken Berwitz

Matthew Vadum, writing for, has put together a fact-filled expose of who is behind the so-called "Occupy Wall Street" protests.  And if you think that it is Main Street, think again.

Mr. Vadum's report is a genuine eye-opener.  I urge you to use the link I've provided and read every word.  But in the meantime, here are a few key excerpts:

Evidence suggests that ACORN, the Lefts premiere astro-turfing organization, has been paying people to participate in the Occupy Wall Street protests.


Astro-turfing campaigns can generate big money, and ACORNs lucrative protest-for-profit program is nothing new. As I note in my book, Subversion Inc.: How Obamas ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers, ACORN has acquired great expertise in manufacturing so-called grassroots protests.


Left-wing loan sharks Herb and Marion Sandler, the founders of World Savings Bank, gave ACORN affiliates close to $11 million to manufacture mobs to protest their competition in subprime mortgage lending. The United Federation of Teachers paid ACORN $500,000 to create a spontaneous uprising against charter schools in Manhattan.


The sleazy, SEIU-funded Working Families Party, a front group for ACORN, placed a want ad on the Craigs List website dated Sept. 26. The ad indicates that WFP was recruiting activists to carry out direct action, leftist argot for a variety of activities aimed at forcing sociopolitical change. 


As previously reported, WFP has been involved in organizing the Occupy Wall Street protests since the beginning.


As radical journalist Laura Flanders reported, WFP organizer Nelini Stamp has been here since day one and she is part of the organizing team and the outreach team that has managed to bridge the distance between that first day and this day and between the grassroots folks here and the labor movement. Stamp said the protests are aimed at trying to change the capitalist system and bringing revolutionary changes to the states.


Nowadays WFP goes to great lengths to try to convince onlookers that it is separate from ACORN, the disgraced Saul Alinsky-inspired activist group. The shell corporation that ran the 370-plus affiliate strong ACORN network filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy last November, but its state chapters changed their names and continue to operate. The vote-manufacturing nonprofit Project Vote, which used to employ Barack Obama as an organizer, is still in business. So is ACORN Housing, which changed its name to Affordable Housing Centers for America.


But the Working Families Party is ACORN. The minor political party shares an office address with ACORN a mile away from the Brooklyn Bridge. Among the partys co-founders are ACORNs former national chief organizer, Bertha Lewis. Her former right-hand man, Democratic National Committee executive director Patrick Gaspard, formerly an SEIU 1199 official and Obama White House political director, also goes way back with the party. 

I wonder how many of the Democrats giving overt or tacit support to the "Occupy Wall Street" bunch - including Nancy Pelosi and President Obama - know about this connection. 

That is a very important question, because,

 a) if they are unaware of it, they have ignorantly given their seal of approval to a far left fraudulent movement, and

b) if they are aware of it, they have knowingly given their seal of approval to a far left fraudulent movement.

Help me out here:  which of these two possibilities is a good one?

Look, I have no doubt that many protesters are sincere people, disgusted with the machinations of Wall Street.  Personally, I don't blame them at all and am in sympathy with much of that disgust.  But, as Matthew Vadum makes clear, these sincere people are unwittingly being used as props by far-left groups to promote an agenda which goes far beyond simply demanding Wall Street reform. 

Many thanks to Mr. Vadum for uncovering this information.  Now, grow old waiting for our "accomplice media" to follow suit. 

Nope, they are much too busy gushing about, fawning over, and essentially promoting the protests to do that.

Zeke .... .....Mayor Bloomberg is respecting the rights of ACORN-paid ne'er-do-wells to exercise their 1st Amendment rights and turn a lovely NYC park into a sewer. .... .... . When these noble demonstrators finally leave .... .... will it be possible for homeless dirty bums to take their place, and set up housekeeping ? ..... Is it required that these drunks and addicts hold up signs, in order to establish residence in the park ?..... ..... (10/13/11)


Ken Berwitz

Want to hear about a bill that is being pushed forward by an Independent, two Republicans and a Democrat; a bill that is so reasonable and so important that it should sail through congress?

If so, you should be more than a little interested in the following excerpt from C.J. Ciaramella's blog at

A new bill introduced by Connecticut independent Sen. Joe Lieberman and several other members of Congress would strip the citizenship of Americans deemed by the government to be involved in terrorism.


Lieberman introduced the Enemy Expatriation Act Wednesday with Massachusetts Republican Sen. Scott Brown, Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Charlie Dent and Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Jason Altmire. The legislation would update federal law to revoke the citizenship of Americans involved in terrorism.


Currently, there are seven categories under federal law for which U.S. citizens can lose their citizenship. Existing expatriation law includes such acts as renouncing ones citizenship or serving in the armed services of a foreign state engaged in hostilities against the U.S.


The new legislation would expand the list to include providing material support or resources to a Foreign Terrorist Organization, as designated by the secretary of state, or actively engaging in hostilities against the United States or its allies.


Unfortunately, we live in a world where our own citizens may engage in terrorism against our country, Altmire said. To help meet the challenges we are facing, and to protect our homeland, updates to our current laws are necessary as we continue to fight the global war on terror.

How can anyone vote against this bill?  How can anyone take the position that "citizens" who proactively support terrorism against the United States should not be stripped of their citizenship?  

Well, there is no intelligence test for congress, so you can bet that some number will do so.  But - thankfully - not enough to prevent its passage. 

The only person who can put a kibosh on the Enemy Expatriation Act is President Obama, with his veto pen.  But I find it nearly inconceivable that the President who ordered a drone hit on US-born anwar al awlaki would do that.  I fully expect he will vigorously support this bill.  And, if for some incomprehensible reason he did not, I fully expect that congress would override his veto anyway.

There aren't many instances when both sides of the aisle can agree on legislation and join forces to do something for the good of the country.  This surely is one of them.  May the Enemy Expatration Act become law ASAP.

free` I have a little problem with this part. -- The new legislation would expand the list to include “providing material support or resources to a Foreign Terrorist Organization,...” --- I think they should add 'knowingly' providing. I would hate to make an innocent donation and have it come back and bite me. Weren't the D's calling us Tea Partiers terrorists? Also I hope there is a provision to challenge it before they strip my citizenship. (10/13/11)

BOBW so what? strip their citizenship? then they will become illegal alliens and get wellfare and food stamps???? (10/13/11)

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