Thursday, 29 September 2011


Ken Berwitz

Just yesterday I posted a list of ten "green" companies being considered for loan guarantees by the energy department.  I pointed out that, based on the math the energy department gave us (which, in this administration is certainly suspect) it showed a the cost per per permanent "saved or created" job would be the astounding amount of almost $23,000,000 dollars. 

I ended the blog by wondering how many of the companies involved in this taxpayer-soaking had major Democrats involved.

Well, here's the beginning of the answer- and not the end of it, I'm sure.  The following is excerpted from John Hinderaker's blog at

Yesterday the Department of Energy approved $1 billion in new loan guarantees to green energy companies. Drudge is headlining the fact that, as reported by Mark Hemingway in the Weekly Standard, most of that amount$737 millionis going to SolarReserve LLC for a solar-thermal project in Nevada. SolarReserves investment partnersI take it that means ownersinclude the Pacific Corporate Groups Clean Energy and Technology Fund. One of Pacific Corporate Groups principals is Nancy Pelosis brother-in-law, Ronald Pelosi. Another of SolarReserves owners is Argonaut Private Equity, whose managing director, Steve Mitchell, is on Solyndras board of directors.

My guess is that government underwriting of SolarReserves project is a horrible idea. But suppose it isnt: who is going to believe that the Obama administration wasnt influenced by Pelosis brother-in-laws involvement in the project? Likewise, who will believe that Democratic donor George Kaisers involvement in Solyndra was irrelevant to the governments misbegotten support for that company? Hemingway writes that [i]ts increasingly hard to tell the governments green jobs subsidies apart from the Democrats friends and family rewards program.

Ron Pelosi?  Are you kidding me?  Isn't his sister in law, Nancy, the one who also got all those ObamaCare waivers for businesses, both big and small, in her congressional district?

If this doesn't indicate that the "green" loan guarantee program is a massive payoff from the Obama administration to Democrats it owes big-time favors to, it is the best imitation of it that I have ever seen.

Every day, the Green Scandal stench gets deeper and deeper.  And every day that mainstream media - or, more accurately, our "accomplice media" - do not make this scandal lead-story news, is a day their bias on behalf of Barack Obama disgraces them even more than it already has.

When do they start acting like they are actual journalists and not Obama PR flaks?  Ever?

free' Zeke, that would be assuming they wanted it to run efficiently. (09/30/11)

Zeke .... .... In the interests of efficiency, line up all of Obama's cronies, sycophants and patronage holders. Hand each one a wheel-barrow, .... and the keys to Fort Knox. ..... .... Same cost to government, and much more efficient. .... .... (09/29/11)

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