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Ken Berwitz

That's a great title, isn't it?  I only wish I had come up with it.  But - honesty must prevail here - I did not.

Actually, that title was lifted from John Ransom's latest column at, which I am excerpting below.  Mr. Ransom, like so many others - me included - has about had it with President Obama blaming everyone and everything else for his own failures.  

Barack Obama continued his stirring Its All Your Fault campaign tour this week scolding crowds in New York, Ohio, Washington, DC and people on the West Bank and in Israel for not doing their jobs.

It seems that citizens around the world are screwing up what otherwise would have been a fun-filled four years of taxpayers subsidized vacations for Barry and Michelle. And Obama is hoping that will change.

[I]f you love me, you've got to help me pass this bill," said Obama two weeks ago as he kicked off the desperation reelection tour. He was scolding a crowd in North Carolina about doing a homework assignment for him involving lobbying for his new tax increase.

"For those of you who did skip class today, I've got a homework assignment for you," continued Obama, "tell your Congress person that the time for gridlock and games is over; the time for action is now. You can write a letter. When was the last time you did that?"

Very innovative strategy from the Obama administration: getting sixth-graders to write lobbying letters to Congress. Did you pass it yet? Did you pass it yet? Did you pass it yet? Did you pass it yet? They might get one vote from an annoyed John McCain.

Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes, Obama demanded of the Congressional Black Caucus over the weekend. The Caucus has been restless, pointing out that blacks are a lot worse off under Obamas presidency than they were under Bush.

Shake it off. Stop complainin. Stop grumblin. Stop cryin, Obama continued. We are going to press on. We have work to do. 

That, readers, is the philosophy of Barack Obama.  It either works and he takes the accolades for it, or it doesn't work and you didn't do your part.  

It is worth remembering that Mr. Obama sits at the same desk where Harry Truman placed that famous saying "The Buck Stops Here".

The Obama saying is only slightly different, by just one letter.  In his mind "The Buck Stops There".

Maybe, after almost three years in office, it is time for President Obama to start taking responsibility for his own actions, even if they have resulted in the economic, social, energy, and foreign policy mess we currently are in.

When I was growing up, my mother used to refer to that as "acting like a big boy".  I bet she still does.  I'll ask her and get back to you.


Ken Berwitz

Are you aware that the Republican club of the University of California - Berkeley (yes, Virginia, there is a Republican club) is running an overtly racist bake sale? 

I'm not kidding about this either.  Different ethnicities will be expected to pay different prices for the same baked goods, with Whites paying the most and Blacks and "native Americans" paying the least.

You might at this point be saying "What a bunch of disgusting racists.  And they're just as stupid as they are racist, because it is being done right in front of everyone; they aren't even smart enough to hide their racism." 

But if you do, you will be missing the point of why the bake sale is taking place.

Excerpted from Holly Yan's article at (the bold print is mine):

It's meant to be racist, and it's meant to be discriminatory.


But the controversial "Increase Diversity Bake Sale" hosted by the Berkeley College Republicans is still on, the club's president said, despite "grossly misguided comments" and threats aimed toward supporters of the University of California Berkeley student group.


During the sale, scheduled for Tuesday, baked goods will be sold to white men for $2, Asian men for $1.50, Latino men for $1, black men for $0.75 and Native American men for $0.25. All women will get $0.25 off those prices.


The bake sale is meant to draw attention to pending legislation that would allow California universities consider race or national origin during the admission process.


"We agree that the event is inherently racist, but that is the point," BCR President Shawn Lewis wrote in response to backlash to the event. "It is no more racist than giving an individual an advantage in college admissions based solely on their race (or) gender."


Berkeley's student government, the Associated Students of the University of California, held an emergency Senate meeting late Sunday to discuss the issue and passed a resolution that, in part, "condemns the use of discrimination whether it is in satire or in seriousness by any student group."


"I completely support the idea of BCR -- or any students on campus -- (having) political discussion," ASUC President Vishalli Loomba said. "I think student members of BCR have a full right to express their feelings, but I don't necessarily think this tactic is constructive. I strongly encourage them to engage in this dialogue in a more constructive manner, such as a forum or a town hall meeting.'

That puts things in a different light, doesn't it?

To me, the most telling part of the article is how Berkeley's student government is reacting.  They condemn the bake sale's discrimination - which is all fine and well.  But do you see any condemnation of the admissions policy - i.e. giving students of some races and national backgrounds an advantage, which inherently means giving all other races and national backgrounds a disadvantage:? 

Racism in admission standards is a bit more important than racism in a satirical bake sale.  Like about a million percent more important.  But not a peep about it from this bunch.  Use the link I've provided.  Read every word.  You won't find it there.

So what do we learn from this? 

We learn that UC-Berkeley is perfectly fine with overt racial discrimination in admissions to the school - both the administration and the student government, neither of which object in the least.  But they are outraged at a bake sale run exactly the same way for the purpose of demonstrating that the admissions system is engaging in overt racial discrimination.

I will end this blog with a simple question.  Who are the real racists at UC-Berkeley?

That's an easy one, wouldn't you say?

Flip Good point. I hadn't tohught about it quite that way. :) (10/28/11)

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