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Ken Berwitz

This is for anyone who thinks the story of the New Black Panthers ended at the point when President Obama's disgraceful toady and sock puppet, Attorney General eric holder, declined to accept a default judgment against their thugs, who intimidated voters in Philadelphia during the 2008 election.

Excerpted from an article by Caroline May at dailycaller.com:

The New Black Panther Party an organization known largely for their intimidation of voters outside a Philadelphia precinct- has announced plans for a National Day of Action and Unity, ironically urging followers (on their day of unity) to boycott all non-black business on April 23.


The New Black Panthers plan to protest non-black establishments and entities via rallies, marches, demonstrations, programs, and confrontations in over 60 cities.


Because blacks worldwide are dissatisfied at their current condition, the Panthers announcement explains.


The group urges the authorities to leave them be, not to worry about the late April protests.

Will our wonderful "neutral" media express their outrage that a group, with its history of intimidation aimed at preventing voters from coming to the polls, is now engaged in a specifically racist activity such as this - one in which they promise "confrontations" in over 60 cities?  Media certainly would show such outrage if this were a White supremacist group doing exactly the same thing, wouldn't they?

Will President Obama condemn this group in the strongest terms?  The President certainly would if this were a White supremacist group doing exactly the same thing, wouldn't he?

We'll find out the answers to both of those questions very quickly.  But - honest answer - if you were betting money, would you be betting "yes" or "no"? 

And if the answer is "no" (which I'm betting it is), then I would urge you to a) think about why you would make that bet and b) understand just how far you believe our media, and our President, have descended. 


Ken Berwitz

How is our economy doing?

Here, excerpted from an article in yesterday's Washington Post, is your answer.  Please pay special attention to the paragraph I've put in bold print:

The ratings agency Standard and Poors warned the United States on Monday that it could lose its coveted status as the worlds most secure economy if lawmakers dont rein in the nations nearly $14.3 trillion debt.


S&P changed its outlook on the United States from stable to negative and said the federal government could lose its AAA rating if officials fail to bring spending in line with revenues.


The AAA rating identifies the United States as one of the worlds safest investments and that has helped the nation to borrow at extraordinarily cheap rates to finance its government operations including two wars and an expensive social safety net for retirees.


Stock prices fell nearly 2 percent in the hours after the reports release, before ending the day down about 1 percent. The dollar and Treasury bond also slid in the wake of the report, but recovered by the end of the day.

Got that?  We could lose our triple-A rating if we "fail to bring spending in line with revenues". 

That is what happens when you spend over a trillion more dollars than you have every year.  And that is what happens when a proposal to end this fiscal carnage is attacked as meanspirited pennypinching.

The reality of the situation is that we have to either live remotely near within our means, or suffer the consequences.  Even if Barack Obama and his acolytes think otherwise.

Oh, one other thing.  Please do me a favor:  if Mr. Obama, who has been President for over 2 years and is the progenitor of three $ trillion-plus deficits (and counting), tries blaming it on Bush again?  Either turn down the sound, turn off the TV or throw a brick through the screen.  I don't want to hear his BS anymore. 

Mr. President, do us all a favor:  play a little less golf and do a little more homework on the economy.  Invoking the ghost of President Bush doesn't cut it.

Zeke ..... ...... Great Britain is one of the two 'major powers' in the Libyan confllict. .... .... Today, the aircraft carrier HMS Invincible left Portsmouth, England. (Invincible was the flagship of the Falklands Expedition, in 1982) .... It will proceed down the coast of France, through the straits of Gibraltar and the eastward, covering the entire length of Libya. ... No ... it will not stop there ..... but instead proceed to its destination .... the scrap iron works in Turkey. ..... where it will be broken up ..... England does not have any carrier borne aircraft available today. ...... The French have one modern carrier ... which has mostly sat in harbor, as it is expensive to operate. ..... ....... Paper Tigers ...... (04/19/11)


Ken Berwitz

Want to see a fun video that just might be a wakeup call for college students?

Here's one.  It is a young filmmaker confronting students at UC-Merced, asking if they would be willing to give up part of their Grade Point Average (GPA) and have it transfer to students not doing as well.  The reasoning is that the students with lower GPA's need it more than they do.

Click here, watch, listen....and enjoy the fun.

Zeke ...... Commissar Ivan is conducting political education session with Comrade Peasants. ...... Commissar Ivan: Comrade Peasant Nikoli, If you had two dachas (vacation villas) on the Black Sea, would you give me one of them ? C.N.: Da, Comrade Commissar. ...... CI: If you had two Zil automobiles, would you give me one of them ? CI: Da, certainly Comrade Commissar. ....... CI: Comrade Peasant, if you had two shirts, would you give me one of them ? ..... No, Comrade Commissar.... you see, I actually HAVE two shirts. ....... (04/19/11)


Ken Berwitz

Passover is a Jewish holiday which celebrates how Jews were freed from slavery in Egypt.  The Jews in question did not aspire to taking Egypt over and turning it into a fundamentalist Jewish state, they just wanted to be free people.  Let the Egyptians do whatever they wanted, just don't make us their slaves.

Do you see a link between that, and what is happening in Egypt today - where a government was toppled and "the guys with the beards" as one disillusioned protester referred to them, now are working to turn the clock back and make Egypt a religious Islamic state?  Does that sound like freedom to you?

And in Libya, we have "the rebels" trying to remove moammar qaddafi from power - not because they want to be free, but because, like Egypt, they want an Islamic state.  When rebel leader abdel-hakim al-hasidi tells a reporter that he has recruited al-qaeda members to his ranks because they "are also good Muslims....", does that sound like a seeker of freedom to you?

With these grim realities in mind, here is part of President Obama's annual messsage regarding Passover:

The story of Passoverinstructs each generation to remember its past, while appreciating the beauty of freedom and the responsibility it entails. This year that ancient instruction is reflected in the daily headlines as we see modern stories of social transformation and liberation unfolding in the Middle East and North Africa.

Is that some kind of a sick joke? 

Is getting rid of a dictator, even a murderous dictator, to put a country under the thumb of religious fundamentalists an example of "liberation"????????  Is this what Jews, or anyone else, could possibly learn from the story of Passover?

Maybe in the mind of Barack Obama it is.  But, to me, this is one of the many (and increasing) number of reasons that Jews (I don't mean Jews by accident of ancestry, I mean Jews who care about being Jews) who voted for Obama in 2008 should think long and hard before doing it again in 2012.

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