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Ken Berwitz

What makes a hate group happiest?  When someone within the group they hate exhibits exactly the behavior they associate with the entire group.

Think of Bernard Madoff and what ammunition he gave anti-Semites.  Think of John Gotti and what ammunition he gave Italian haters.

Well, now we have Allen Iverson - former NBA all-star.  He has given groups which hate Blacks, like the kkk for example, a mother lode of ammunition.  What a banner day for them!. 

Here is how, via excerpts from an article at

Former NBA star Allen Iverson launched an expletive-ridden tirade against police when a car belonging to him was pulled over for a traffic violation last week, at one point telling the officer, "Take the vehicle, I have 10 more," according to a police report.


Iverson, 35, was a passenger in a grey Lamborghini, spied by an Atlanta officer changing lanes without signaling about 6 p.m. on March 30, according to the police report obtained by CNN.


The driver, identified in the report as Antwuan Clisby, couldn't produce any documentation for the vehicle, the report said. He then told the officer his passenger needed to leave the vehicle to eat dinner, and the officer said no one was leaving until the investigation was complete.


With that, Iverson became "irate," according to the police report, saying, "I'm the (expletive) passenger." The officer radioed for backup, and a second unit arrived, according to the report. Clisby and Iverson were asked to exit the vehicle, while Iverson continued to curse at the officer, the report said.


When police scanned the identification number of the vehicle, which belongs to Iverson, it was found to have tags that expired in 2009. Iverson, former MVP for the Philadelphia 76ers, was told his car would be towed.


"Take the vehicle, I have 10 more," Iverson said, according to the report. "Police don't have anything else (expletive) to do except (expletive) with me." He then asked, "Do you know who I am?"


Iverson then said, "I make more money than you will in 10 years," according to the report.

What would a kkk'er say about this?  Would he/she say - in far less sanitized language than I'm using - that the NBA was full of Black street thugs, with tattoos all over their body, with no responsibility for their own actions, who think that because they make millions of dollars jumping around like a bunch of monkeys in the zoo they are above the law?  That they can't say two words without using profane language?  That they......well, you get the idea.

So what does Allen Iverson do?  He provides these haters with pretty much every single stereotype they see in all Blacks.  Great going, Allen.

The article goes on to say that, afterwards, Iverson came back and apologized for "disrespecting" the police.  Too little, too late.

What a sad, pathetic showing.  And what an awful disservice to the police (who were doing nothing other than their job). 

But what a great, banner day for the people who hate Blacks.  They have a new poster boy.

Is it right, or fair, that the actions of one "man" will be projected to millions of others?  Of course not.  But it happens; that's the world as it is.  

And, fair or not, it is people like Iverson whose attitude and behavior are sure to perpetuate it.

Zeke .... .... Not to worry .... Charles Sheen's antics will remove any racial perception of this type of behavior. ..... .... ..... hmmm come to think of it.... Sheen is his stage name ... he's really Carlos Irwin Estevez (born in Noo Yawk) (04/08/11)


Ken Berwitz

In 1978, the then-hit TV series, "WKRP In Cincinnati," did what arguably was its funniest episode.  As a Thanksgiving promotion, the station owner, Mr. Carlson, decided to drop turkeys from an airplane onto the parking lot of a shopping mall.  The gag was, that the turkeys were alive.  After the carnage, Mr. Carlson's plaintively spoken explanation - the last line of the episode - was "As god is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly".

As TV entertainment, the show was a riot.  But ignorance like this is not funny in the real world - especially when the victims are not turkeys, but human beings.

Excerpted from an article by Shashank Bengali, at  The bold print is mine:

NATO admits deadly airstrike but blames Libyan rebels

BENGHAZI, Libya The deputy commander of NATO forces in Libya acknowledged Friday that the alliance struck rebel tanks outside the eastern oil town of Brega a day earlier but blamed the deadly incident on a lack of communication from the rebels.

Rear Adm. Russell Harding said "it would appear that two of our strikes yesterday may have resulted in the deaths of a number of TNC forces," referring to the Transitional National Council, the rebels' de facto government. Doctors said that at least five people were killed in the Thursday morning strike, the second friendly fire incident in less than a week involving NATO forces and the rebels battling Libyan strongman Muammar Gadhafi.

"I'm not apologizing," Harding told reporters in Naples, Italy. "The situation on the ground was extremely fluid and remains extremely fluid. And up until yesterday we had no information that the TNC or the opposition forces were using tanks."

Harding's assertion directly contradicted the rebels' military commander, Gen. Abdulfatah Younis, who said that his forces informed NATO that they were moving about 20 tanks from the rebel capital of Benghazi to the frontline near Brega. The tanks included several Soviet-made T-72s that belonged to Gadhafi's army, but which rebels had seized in recent battles.

"We had supplied them with all the information and (said) that they would be transported on tank transports and told them the direction they are going to," Younis said Thursday night.

There, folks, is the mighty fighting machine we have turned the bombing of Libya over to. No apology for hitting the "allies"; just a ridiculous excuse from Rear Admiral Harding that he didn't know they had tanks. 

Are you impressed? 

If you ask me, NATO would be better off coaxing Cap'n Crunch out of the cereal business to head this operation.  At least he never bombed an ally's position - twice in less than a week yet.

The only good thing I can say about this sorry affair is that, given who "the rebels" admit they are recruiting, NATO's blunders may have taken out some al-qaeda.  That can't be all bad.

If you use the link I've provided and watch WKRP in Cincinnati's "turkey" episode, I guarantee you'll laugh.  But probably not as hard as qaddafi is laughing at NATO right now.


Ken Berwitz

This email was just sent from Guy Cecil, Executive Director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee:

Dear XXXX,

Quick shutdown update talks went until 3 a.m. with no agreement. The issue Republicans refuse to budge on: defunding women's healthcare. Yesterday, Sen. Reid said the only thing holding up an agreement is ideology. Republicans are so against funding women's healthcare that they would shut down the federal government over it.

They are holding America hostage. We need you to hold them accountable.

That is a lie. 

Republicans are attempting to defund Planned Parenthood.  Unless you think of Planned Parenthood more as a general women's healthcare provider than an abortion mill, and unless you believe it is the one and only source of women's healthcare in the entire budget, I assume you know it to be a lie as well.

Is this what Democrats mean when they talk about "civility"?  About toning down "heated political rhetoric"?


Ken Berwitz

How sad that, more and more, "New York Times" and "partisan spin in the news section" are synomous. 

The latest example (not that they're hard to find) is the Times' article about the Wisconsin race which pitted David Prosser against Joanne Kloppenburg for a seat on the state supreme court - a seat that is extremely important, because there will be rulings coming up about the legislation which affects public sector employees.

David Prosser is considered a conservative, and likely to rule in favor of the legislation.  Joanne Kloppenburg is a liberal, supported with millions of dollars of (and this, it is assumed, beholden to) union money, who would be likely to rule against the legislation. 

I will avoid discussing the quality of Ms. Kloppenburg's campaign here - which I have written about in the past - and go straight to the heart of this story. 

After almost 1.5 million votes were cast, the initial results had Ms. Kloppenburg ahead by an infinitesimal 204 votes.  Despite the numbers being unofficial, and a recount certain to follow, she declared victory and made a victory speech.

Then, as the checking process moved forward and the inevitable small changes took place, there was one very large one - in Waukesha, a Prosser stronghold.  It seems that about 14,000 votes had not been counted in the totals.  When they were added in, Mr. Prosser won, by about 7,500 votes. 

Now we come to the New York Times.  Here are excerpts of the paper's article describing this event:

The Waukesha County clerk, Kathy Nickolaus, said she had failed on election night to save votes from Brookfield in her computer, according to The Associated Press. The result: 10,859 more votes for Justice Prosser, who won strong support from Republicans, and 3,456 more for Ms. Kloppenburg, an assistant state attorney general.

According to The A.P., Ms. Nickolaus was granted immunity in 2002 in a criminal investigation into illegal acts by members of the Republican Caucus in the State Assembly, where she had worked as a data analyst and computer specialist. Before being appointed to the court in 1998, Justice Prosser served as a Republican in the Assembly, and rose to be speaker.  

The only reason for The Times to add that 2002 immunity story is to impugn Ms. Nickolaus and plant the suggestion that she was up to no good.  Can you give me any other?  

But here's something the Times didn't add to the story:  that the Democrat canvass watcher in Waukesha, Ramona Kitzinger, said "We went over everything and made sure the numbers jibed up and they did.  We're satisfied that it's correct".

So we have an inference that the Republican county clerk was a shady character who may have been into illegality in the past -- and no mention at all that the Democrat who oversaw the count acknowledged it was done fair and square.

Partisan spin, anyone? 

That, readers, is what the Times has sunk to.

By the way, since the additional Waukesha votes are providing Mr. Prosser his margin of victory, I would not at all be surprised if enormous pressure is now being brought to bear on Ramona Kitzinger to recant her story and talk about how suspicious she is. 

If so, I hope she has the courage to stay honest. 

It is certainly more than I can say about the New York Times.

Ken Berwitz I thought Bush was only responsible for those cute little kittens, and it was Reagan responsible for the puppies. Or maybe Taft.... (04/08/11)

Zeke .... .....There is a TOWN of Waukesha, WI, AND a surrounding COUNTY of Waukesha, WI. The PRELIMINARY, unofficial count forwarded to Associated Press completely omitted one of these. .... In effect, there were zero votes for either candidate. ...... ..... This omission, which is common in initial tabulations done late at night, was caught in the internal controls, and the additional data was provided to AP and others. .... .... The votes WERE tabulated, but not included in the roll-up of totals; that error was quickly discovered and corrected. ...... ..... Usual librahal claptrap ..... .... BTW, did you know that GWB is responsible for the govt shutdown, and puppies will die. .... ... (04/08/11)


Ken Berwitz

Here, excerpted from an article at the invaluable site, is a story about the latest Palestinian Arab to be honored. 

When you read it, please remember that the honor is being given by the Palestinian Authority - the folks that our wonderful "neutral" media characterize as "moderates":

A Palestinian 'gift' for Passover - Official Palestinian promotion of

8 Apr 2011

The Palestinian Authority has just honored the terrorist mastermind
responsible for the 'Passover Massacre', a terrorist atrocity which claimed
the lives of 30 innocent Israeli citizens attending the 'Seder', the
traditional Passover meal, at Netanya's Park Hotel on March 27, 2002. The
Seder, symbolizing the liberation of the Jewish people from slavery in
Egypt, is the most family oriented of Jewish holidays, somewhat akin to
Thanksgiving in terms of sentimental importance.

The Palestinian Authority has chosen a bizarre and troubling way to mark the
upcoming Jewish festival of Passover. Despite an often voiced Palestinian
commitment to end the glorification of terrorists and incitement to
violence, on March 28 Issa Karake, the Palestinian Authority Minister of
Prisoners' Affairs, visited the family of Hamas suicide-bomb mastermind
Abbas Al-Sayed, awarding them with an official, festive plaque, in
celebration of the anniversary of the massacre.

This honor is not the only example of official Palestinian glorification of
violence. In recent weeks, the Palestinian leadership named a youth soccer
competition in Ramallah after Wafa Idris, the first female suicide bomber.
Similarly, they named a square in El Bireh, as well as two schools and a
summer camp, in honor of Dalal Mughrabi, commander of the March 11, 1978
massacre of 38 bus passengers on Israel's coastal road.

On March 27, 2002, the honoree, abbas al-sayed, sent a suicide/homicide bomber to blow up dozens of people - most of them elderly - at a peaceful, celebratory Passover seder.

Again, from the report:

The suicide bomber, Abdel-Basset Odeh, from a Hamas terror cell in Tulkarm,
detonated a large device packed with explosives and shards of metal. The
blast killed 22 people outright. Eight more succumbed to their wounds after
terrible suffering, despite the desperate efforts of doctors who fought to
save their lives. Evidence revealed that Al-Sayed was involved in planning
the Park Hotel bombing down to the minutest details, from checking the
bomber's explosives belt to helping him write his will and making a video of
him reading it.

This is who the "moderate" Palestinian Authority honors.

And the "moderate" Palestinian Authority is who the world tells Israel to make peace with.


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