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Ken Berwitz

Remember when helen thomas made those vile comments about Jews - so vile that she was dumped by Hearst and lost that front row seat she used to have during Presidential news conferences?

Well, now that it is clear she isn't getting her job or her seat back, thomas is no longer apologizing, and pretending she didn't mean it.  Playboy Magazine has just published an interview with thomas in which she finally tells us how she really feels (as if we didn't already know). 

Here is a summary of her bile, from the Jerusalem Post:

Helen Thomas: Jews control White House, US Congress


03/19/2011 03:18


In 'Playboy' interview, veteran US journalist stands behind anti-Israel comments that led to her resignation: "I knew exactly what I was doing."


Veteran US Journalist Helen Thomas said that Jews have "total control" over the White House and US Congress, telling Playboy magazine in an interview to be published in April, "Everybody is in the pocket of the Israeli lobbies."


Thomas, who covered the White House for more than six decades, was forced to resign from her position at Hearst Corp. last year, after saying in an interview that Jews should "get the hell out of Palestine" and "go home to Poland, Germany and the United States."


Thomas appeared to show no regret for last year's comments, reiterating in the Playboy interview her belief that "Israelis have the right to exist-but where they were born."


"Why shouldn't I say it? I knew exactly what I was doing-I was going for broke. I had reached the point of no return. You finally get fed up," Thomas said.


Thomas denied claims that she was anti-Jewish. "I think they're wonderful people.  They had to have the most depth.  They were leaders in civil rights.  They've always had the heart for others but not for Arabs, for some reason.  I'm not anti-Jewish; I'm anti-Zionist."


She explained her comment that Jews should go back to Poland and Germany meant "they should stay where they are because they're not being persecuted-not since World War II...If they were, we sure would hear about it." Thomas added that Jews "carry on the victimization. American people do not know that the Israeli lobbyists have intimidated them into believing that every Jew is a persecuted victim forever-while they are victimizing Palestinians."


When asked whether she believed their was a secret Jewish conspiracy at work in the US, Thomas stated that it is "not a secret. It's very open...Everybody is in the pocket of the Israeli lobbies, which are funded by wealthy supporters, including those from Hollywood. Same thing with the financial markets. There's total control."

Jews have total control of the White House and congress?  Jews have total control over Barack Obama???  What a great insight, helen!  No wonder he's been such a great friend to Israel.

Then there is the fascinating concept that Israelis have the right to exist, but not in Israel.  Which - this is a scoop for you, helen - means there is no Israel and, therefore, they are not Israelis. 

Then there's that idea that people should go back to where they came from if they aren't being persecuted there.  Based on this brilliance, I assume you will lead the charge to remove all Mexicans from the United States, including those who came here legally.  Heck, Mexicans are not a persecuted class in Mexico, are they?

And that comment that Jews are wonderful people (which, from helen thomas, is equivalent to bull connor saying that some of his best friends are nigras) but, for some reason, they don't have a heart for Arabs?  It's hard to decide whether this is more comical or more pathetic. 

When Israel was created by international vote in 1947 (and formally became a state in 1948), every Arab country on the face of the earth declared war on it, and five Arab armies actually engaged in that war.  To this day, most Arab countries remain in a declared state of war against Israel.  And that is before we get to the fact that most Arab countries (maybe all of them) teach their children that Jews are the spawn of pigs and monkeys.  Shocking though this may be to you, helen, these actions have not warmed the auricles and ventricle of a great many Jews.

I could go on, but what's the point.  A hardline anti-semitic hater like this is immune to reason and logic.

Let's just say that helen thomas's dismissal from mainstream media wasn't what you'd call a blow to enlightened journalism.

WisOldMan Democrats still love her and worship her, but they know that they have to Cindy Sheehan her, anyway...which they will do reluctantly, for she speaks for all leftists. (03/20/11)


Ken Berwitz

Why does hamas get good press - meaning far better press than a murdering bunch of anti-Semitic scum has any business getting?

Here's your answer, via Leo Rennert's blog at

The Washington Post, in its Sunday, March 20, edition, reports an escalation of mortar fire against Israel from Gaza, but curiously omits any mention that in the same news cycle Hamas goons attacked several news offices in Gaza City, beating journalists, and confiscating cameras and videotape.  The motive appears to be Hamas's displeasure with correspondents filming Hamas security officers forcefully dispersing demonstrators for Palestinian unity.


The intruders, announcing they were members of Hamas security services, ransacked the Reuters bureau.  They struck one Reuters reporter with a metal bar.  They also broke into the offices of CNN, Japan's NHK bureau and a local media production company.


None of this was reported by the Washington Post, even though the Sunday edition has the biggest news hole of the week.  There was plenty of space for a few paragraphs on Hamas's assault on the press.  Newspapers usually are very sensitive to such attacks on the media, wherever they may occur, and promptly publicize them. 


So what gives in this instance?  The Washington Post may cover a sharp uptick in mortar fire against Israel from Hamas-ruled Gaza, although it all too often ignores daily lower-level rocket attacks.  But even more often, the Post tends to ignore how repressive the Hamas regime in Gaza has become, not only against the press, but against its own people, using brutal tactics against political opposition and any deviation from Hamas's Islamist code.


The result has been the sanitizing of Hamas, an iron-fisted, Iran-backed terror organization -- not by what the Post reports, but by what it fails to report.  As happened with the Sunday paper.

Ok; you're a reporter working the middle east and you have a story about hamas, maybe a very negative story.  It is the truth.  And, to be informed of what is really going on, the world needs to know the information you are sitting on.

But are you going to report it?  While you are where hamas can do something about it at will?  Do you want to be beaten?  Maybe die?  Or do you save yourself and bury the story?

Don't doubt for a second that the carnage Leon Rennert describes was done randomly.  It was a message; a very clear, understandable one.

And one that anyone who reads news reports from the so-called "Palestinian territories" should understand, and take into account, as completely as the reporters there most assuredly do.  

free` Ken wrote: "It is the truth. And, to be informed of what is really going on, the world needs to know the information you are sitting on.". ------------------------ Kind of like witnessing a crime and not telling anyone about it? Oh wait it can't be like that, that would be illegal and you could be considered an accessory. Or maybe it is. (03/20/11)

Zeke .... Israeli commandos seized 3 cargo containers with state of the art anti-shiping missiles and radar guidance units, along with mortar shells and other munitions. .... They stopped the freighter Victoria, and searched the containers that had been loaded at the Syrian port where the two Iranian ships had docked. The manifest said 'lentils and cotton' .... but contents were armaments ..... to be smuggled into Gaza. ..... ...... ...... The missiles, with a 35 mile range, would prevent the Israeli navy from operating close to shore .... .... .... In addition to the family of five, murdered in their sleep (including 3 children ...11, 4, 3 months), there was a knife attack on a soldier, in an attempt to seize his rifle. .... ..... ..... These last two attacks were launched from the West Bank.... .... by the Peace Partners of Fatah. .... .... (03/20/11)


Ken Berwitz

Our friends at the New York Times have done it again. 

Following is yesterday's editorial on illegal immigration - and my comments (in blue).  See which side you think makes more sense.

D.I.Y. Immigration Reform

Published: March 19, 2011

Political, business, labor and religious leaders in Utah were widely praised last year for signing the Utah Compact, agreeing to seek practical solutions to the problems of illegal immigration while avoiding the extremist oratory and harsh enforcement schemes that have given its neighbor Arizona such a toxic reputation. A toxic reputation? To whom?  The New York Times and other people who dont care whether illegals stream into the country?  Maybe Im just misremembering, but didnt Governor Jan Brewer, who supported and aggressively defended Arizonas immigration laws, win her election last November in a landslide? 


The state has now adopted a series of laws to put those goals into practice. They amount to one states effort to enact its own comprehensive immigration reform, given Washingtons continuing failure to do so. On this we agree.  But the problem isn't immigration reform, it is immigration enforcement.  Too bad the Obama administration isn't doing either.  How about an editorial on that? 


We understand the frustration, but going solo on immigration is not a good idea, even with good intentions. And what are border states supposed to do, when the Obama administration not only ignores immigration laws, but aggressively fights against any attempt to enforce them?


On the enforcement side, Utahs new laws have some aspects that are sensible in principle, including stricter procedures for verifying immigrants eligibility to work. We are concerned about the effort to draw local police agencies into federal immigration enforcement.   Ooohh, law enforcement might get involved in a law enforcement  issue?  Shocking.  If the federal government under Obama and holder bothered to enforce the laws, local authorities wouldnt have to be involved, would they?


Arizonas immigration law, which orders its police officers to check the immigration status of anyone they suspect of being here illegally, is a wide-open invitation to racial profiling and an intrusion onto federal authority. The Obama administration sued to block it, and a federal judge has declared much of it unconstitutional. Arizona acted because Barack Obama, the love of the New York Times editorial staffs life, didnt. Remember?


Though Utahs bill seeks to temper Arizonas approach it would, for example, require officers to check immigration status only when people are arrested for serious crimes it is still too open to abuse.  And your solution?  Wait for Obama and holder, which is to say wait for nothing at all to happen?  Sorry, it doesnt work.


Utahs planned guest-worker program would issue permits to immigrants, even undocumented ones, allowing them to work in Utah after they pass a background check and pay a fine. This is magnanimous, practical and respectful of federal authority it would go into effect only after Washington granted a waiver but even so, it is troubling. Illegal immigrants cannot legally be hired, and it is hard to see how any state could carve out its own exception to that rule or why the federal government would allow it. It should not. Unbelievable.  Guest worker permits for people who pass a background check isnt ok with the Times?  Well what is, other than just letting whichever illegals feel like coming over do so no background check necessary?


Another new law allows the governor to enter into a pilot program with the Mexican state of Nuevo Len to supply legal workers through existing federal guest-worker programs. Those programs are cumbersome and offer too few protections to workers. We certainly applaud efforts to streamline legal immigration. Utah will need to commit to defending the workers it recruits and to detect and root out employer abuse.  Oh, I see.  You dont like joint programs with Mexico to supply legal workers either.  Again, we see that the Times solution to illegal immigration is to do nothing other than let it happen.


Utahs legislators deserve credit for trying. But the country cannot have 50 separate immigration systems, 50 separate foreign policies, 50 states following, leading or stumbling around one another.  OK, Then how about the federal government enforcing the immigration laws we already have?  Oh, I forgot, that's too much trouble.


The states still have a major role to play. They can increase oversight and workplace protections for all low-wage workers, native-born and immigrant. They can push back at the Obama administrations misguided efforts like Secure Communities, which muddies the line between local policing and federal enforcement straining local resources and making it much less likely that immigrant communities will cooperate with the police. Immigrant communities?  Give me a hint; what is that supposed to mean, other than illegals, who wont cooperate with the police under any circumstances anyway?  What a bunch of baloney.


They can work harder to integrate immigrants into their communities, increase support for citizenship and English language education, and issue driving privilege cards. And they can keep the pressure on Congress and the president to fix things the right way, in Washington.  Fix things?  How about enforcing the law.  Amazing how that solution eludes the New York Times.


Zeke ..... ...... All the news that fits our agenda, we print. .... ...... ....... (03/20/11)



Ken Berwitz


"I warn my brother do you let these wicked demons move you in a direction that will absolutely ruin your future with your people in Africa and throughout the world...Why don't you organize a group of respected Americans and ask for a meeting with Qaddafi, you can't order him to step down and get out, who the hell do you think you are? 

That delicate little sentiment was voiced by louis farrakhan; career racist, career Black supremacist, career anti-semite......and the Man of the Year at then-Senator Barack Obama's place of worship, Trinity United Church of Christ.  

He is the same louis farrakhan that Barack Obama's reverend, and mentor, jeremiah wright, said "epitomizes greatness".

So tell me; if it's Barack Obama versus Mitt Romney in 2012, who do you think farrakhan will be supporting.......(I'm laughing at the questions too)


Ken Berwitz

From, we have this:

MARCH 19, 2011


OBAMA: 'Today we are part of a broad coalition. We are answering the calls of a threatened people. And we are acting in the interests of the United States and the world'...


MARCH 19, 2003


BUSH: 'American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger'... 

Make of it what you will.

Zeke .... ... .... Mr. Obama DESERVES another Nobel Peace Prize. .... .... .... After all, this is the THIRD war he's pursued. ..... ..... ..... Go Barry ! .... ..... Golf, Vacation (on the taxpayers' dime), .... .... (03/20/11)

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