Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Ken Berwitz

My wife and I used to have a golden retriever.  Roxy was great. 

We used to call her a that if anyone ever broke into her house, Roxy would just watch.

Well, that is the way Nancy Pelosi is a fiscal watchdog.  The idea that she and her Democratic colleagues were fiscally responsible, especially over the last two years, starts at laughable and descends from that point.

Investors Business Daily has a terrific editorial which talks about the disconnect between Nancy Pelosi's claims about her fiscal activity and the real world.  Here is an excerpt:

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took to the House floor Wednesday to claim that "Democrats have long fought for fiscal responsibility as a top priority." What star system does she inhabit?

If the U.S. Capitol were a comedy club, Nancy Pelosi would be its resident Phyllis Diller, leaving them rolling in the aisles of the visitor gallery.

One of the wild-haired comedienne's favorite one-liners was about how she wanted her children to have all the things she couldn't afford "then I want to move in with them."

The Pelosi Congress spent all the trillions that America couldn't afford, squandering our children's future on stimulus packages that didn't stimulate and a government takeover of the nation's health insurance system.

Now Pelosi says, "Democrats are in the lead on fiscal soundness" a statement that would be a real knee-slapper if it weren't so terrifying in what it reveals of the Democratic Party's economic policy psychosis.

House Minority Leader Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have avoided spending cuts like vampires avoiding the crucifix. Reid last week refused to enact even a minor reduction; Pelosi has resisted GOP moves to use continuing resolutions to cut spending. 

Quite a fantasy, Nancy.  But the truth is, you are to fiscal responsibility what thong bikinis are to the arctic circle.

For you to say something like that is for you to tell us you think we are ignorant idiots who don't know a thing about you.

Well, some of us are not, and some of us do.

What a ridiculous fraud you are.


NOTE:  As commenter "free" has correctly pointed out, my original version of this blog ascribed a quote to Nancy Pelosi that actually came from Phyllis Diller.  I was wrong - though the similarity in logic between these two makes my mistake at least somewhat understandable.  Sorry about that.

free` Ken, I think IBD was quoting Phyllis Diller not Pelosi in the paragraph "One of the wild-haired comedienne's favorite one-liners was about how she wanted her children to have all the things she couldn't afford — "then I want to move in with them."" (03/17/11)


Ken Berwitz

The current legal status of ObamaCare is that a federal judge has ruled it unconstitutional.  In a reasonable world, that would stop ObamaCare in its tracks, at least until a different court rules otherwise.

And a reasonable media would blow sky-high if a President completely ignored that ruling, and forged ahead anyway, as if it did not exist.

But this is President Obama, and his sycophantic, fawning media.  So we have this, via an excerpt from Terry Jeffries' article at

Thanks to the irrepressible Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, who is emerging as the most energetic and principled conservative leader of the 112th Congress, the Congressional Research Service published a report on Feb. 10 detailing how the Obama administration is planning to spend $105.5 billion that was put on an appropriations autopilot in the health care legislation the Democrat-majority Congress enacted last year.


Unless the Republican-controlled House in this Congress can force President Obama to sign new legislation forbidding dispersal of this $105.5 billion, the administration will spend it to lay the basic foundations for a socialistic health care system in the United States.


The CRS report includes a 12-page table itemizing a broad array of intrusions into the prerogatives of states and individuals authorized by provisions in the Obamacare law and funded for this and future years without the need of Congress passing the customary annual appropriations laws to underwrite them.


Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., joined with Steve King in sending a letter to House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., asking them to include language in any new continuing resolution prohibiting the administration from spending any of the $105.5 billion in automatic funding built into the Obamacare law.


"If we do not stand our ground on the CR, leverage it as the 'must pass bill' that it is, and use it to stop the $105.5 billion in automatically appropriated funds, Obamacare will be implemented on our watch," King and Bachmann wrote the Republican leaders.


Boehner and Cantor did not heed King and Bachmann. They pushed a CR that did not stop the $105.5 billion in automatic spending.


Now every American who opposes a government takeover of our health care system should ask Boehner and Cantor: How exactly are you going to stop this $105.5 billion?


Or are you going to let Obama spend it?


Is this ok with you?  Is it ok for the constitution to be inoperable under an Obama administration?  Because that certainly looks to be the case, doesn't it?

Thank you, Mr. King and  Ms. Bachmann, for caring about this. 

Shame on you, Mr. Cantor and Mr. Boehner, for playing ball with Mr. Obama.  I'm sure he and his fellow Democrats would do the same for you.  After all, look at how accommodating they were during the past two years.

And double shame on our wonderful "neutral" media for largely ignoring this assault on our laws.  You really do love him, don't you.........


Zeke .... ..... Hey ! An easy $105 billion reduction in the deficit..... Just include it's repeal in the next Continuing Resolution for Federal Gov't spending. (03/16/11)

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