Friday, 25 February 2011


Ken Berwitz

I'll make this one short and sweet:

How come media were happy to jump all over Tea Party protesters last year, when Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats accused them of "astroturfing" (i.e. organized, not grass-roots)....

....but now, as the clearly organized, orchestrated protests go on every day in Wisconsin, Indiana and a growing number of other cities, we don't hear a thing about "astroturfing"? 

Their lack of professionalism and integrity is appalling.  No wonder fewer and fewer people believe them anymore.

Zeke .... .... This is just one illustration of how our institutions have become corrupted. ..... .... Journalism --- well the Fourth Estate is viewed as a Propaganda Mill ..... .... Legislatures --- Congress' approval rating was between 9% and 20% over the past couple of years ..... .... State and Local Legislatures are similar .... .... Fiscal Responsibility at all levels is lacking -- which is why states and localities cannot balance their budgets .... (the Feds have been running the printing presses, to cover their unbalanced budgets) .... .... Most of the Stimulus went to pay salaries and benefits of favored workers --- UAW, SEIU, Teachers, etc. .... .... Politicians have pandered to Public Service unions in return for contributions, campaign workers and votes. ... ... ... (02/25/11)


Ken Berwitz

They are both very talented actors.  They are both whacked out nutcakes.  And they both have a problem with Jews.

Here is charlie sheen's imitation of mel gibson (or maybe gibson was imitating sheen), excerpted from an article by Nellie Andreeva at

UPDATED: As Two And A Half Men star Charlie Sheen's erratic behavior escalated today in a series of verbal assaults on the show's creator-executive producer Chuck Lorre, the sitcom's network and studio did the only thing they could in the situation: pull the plug.  But they only did it for this season. (Two and a Half Men was scheduled to resume production on Monday for 4 more episodes). So the door is left open for a possible ninth season. "Based on the totality of Charlie Sheens statements, conduct and condition, CBS and Warner Bros TV have decided to discontinue production of Two and a Half Men for the remainder of the season," the two companies said in a statement.

The question now is should Two And A Half Men continue? Could the damage done over the past few weeks ever be repaired. And most importantly, will Sheen come back from the brink?

The production shutdown decision was a dramatic ending to a really fascinating day in which Hollywood witnessed a star's self-destruction. First, in a bizarre rant on The Alex Jones radio show this morning, Sheen called Lorre a "charlatan" and a "turd" and would only refer to him by his "real name, Chaim Levine." "Chaim, last time I checked, I spent close to the last decade effortlessly and magically converting your tin cans into pure gold," said Sheen, responding to a tongue-in-cheek vanity card Lorre recently posted on Men that ended with "If Charlie Sheen outlives me, I'm gonna be really pissed."

Things escalated in the afternoon when Sheen, currently vacationing in the Bahamas with a girlfriend, ex-wife and a porn star, reached out to TMZ. "I violently hate Chaim Levine," Sheen said. "He's a stupid, stupid little man and a p**sy punk that I'd never want to be like. That's me being polite."

UPDATE: It turns out Charlie Sheen was not done for the day. The actor continued his down-spiral following the announcement of the Men production shutdown. In an open letter via TMZ, Sheen called Lorre  a "s contaminated little maggot" and "earthworm." "I wish him nothing but pain in his silly travels." "I urge all my beautiful and loyal fans who embraced this show for almost a decade to walk with me side-by-side as we march up the steps of justice to right this unconscionable wrong," he said. Sheen has been vocal about his displeasure with WBTV and CBS' decision to shut down production on the show in January so he can undergo treatment and had hinted that he may take legal action. He previously retained leading Hollywood litigator Marty Singer and threatened to sue the studio if they stopped production without a cause.

Lorre, CBS and WBTV have ruled out continuing the show without Sheen. So did we just see the series finale? 

FYI:  Chuck Lorre's real name is Charles Levine, not Chaim (that, evidently, is sheen's way of making for-definite-sure you know he is Jewish).  And, since Lorre's other credits include the hit shows Grace Under Fire, Cybill, Dharma & Greg and The Big Bang Theory, I think it would be fair to say that he didn't need charlie sheen to make a splash in this industry.

I saw a clip of sheen's father, the just-as-leftward Martin Sheen, on TV last night in which he tried to convince us that his son has a disease, "like cancer". 

Maybe I'd lie like that too on behalf of one of my own sons - fortunately I have never had to do so for either of them and never expect to.  But that doesn't change the fact that it is a lie.

Martin Sheen's kid is a disgusting, bigoted, out of control sack of manure who uses his Hollywood credentials to live like a pig and - until now - usually get away with it....but maybe not this time and maybe not any more.

Period, end of story.


Ken Berwitz

In a previous blog I discussed the fact that Libya (along with Sudan, Mauritania, Cuba and Saudi Arabia, among others) is on the United Nations' Human Rights Council

You can stop right there, and know pretty much everything you need to know about the UN.

But what is this organization doing now that Libya's head of state is busy paying mercenaries and what few troops remain loyal to him to kill his own people in the streets?  And how is the United States, under Barack Obama reacting?

Excerpted from Neal Boortz's blog:

Now up until 2009, the United States refused to be a part of any of this Human Rights Council (we were kicked off of the last commission). But the great Community Organizer thought it would be a wise idea to reserve the Bush boycott and join the new Human Rights Council in 2009, saying the U.S. could most effectively push it to improve by being a member. Yeah ... right. So now we have a chance to test that theory.

So what is the Human Rights Council doing about the fact that one of its member nations, at the direction of a crazy dictator, is killing its citizens in cold blood? They've sent word to Quadaffi that "Killing your people is bad. Stop it. Stern letter to follow." Yup ... the Human Rights Council is going to call a special session to draft a letter. Wow, sounds pretty ruthless, eh? And fear not, my friends! Libya will get to keep its seat on the United Nations Human Right Council as there hasn't been one call for it to be kicked off the council.

Keep in mind that this is the same Human Rights Commission that Barack Obama submitted a report to about Arizona and its efforts to secure the border and enforce federal immigration policy on the state level.

The UN is a perfect name for this organization.  It is  UNrealistic, UNethical, UNmoved by the suffering of humanity and UNbelievably useless.

But that is no problem to this administration, is it?  Not only are we making no demands that the UN take decisive action against the murderous madman qaddafi, we aren't even asking for Libya to be removed from the Human Rights Council. 

Heck, under Barack Obama we apparently think the UN is so terrific that, while it is doing such a bangup job around the world, in places like Sudan, Rwanda and now Libya,  it should solve our domestic problems as well.

The 2012 election cannot come fast enough.


Ken Berwitz

I just read a fascinating blog by John Hinderaker at  In it, he tells us that, on Monday, New York Times writer Eric Lipton quoted Tim Phillips, a spokesperson for conservative industrialists Charles and David Koch.  One specific "quote" (which, interestingly, Mr. Lipton does not put in quotation marks) is as follows:

Even before the new governor was sworn in last month, executives from the Koch-backed group had worked behind the scenes to try to encourage a union showdown, Mr. Phillips said in an interview on Monday.

But did Phillips actually say this?  According to Mr. Hinderaker, he emailed Lipton last night and asked what record, if any, he had of this comment (you can read the email, and Hinderaker's entire blog, by clicking here):

To date, Mr. Lipton has not responded to my inquiry. In the meantime, I have interviewed Tim Phillips. He adamantly contends that he did not make the statement attributed to him by Eric Lipton. He says that Lipton read back to him several quotes to verify their accuracy, but this statement was not one of them. He says, further, that in the interview Lipton tried to get him to say something along the lines of "Even before the new governor was sworn in last month, executives from the Koch-backed group had worked behind the scenes to try to encourage a union showdown," but that he did not say this because it isn't true.

In fairness, Eric Lipton presumably has a lot more to do than sitting by the computer waiting for emails to respond to.  It is entirely possible that his lack of response is nothing other than the fact that he hasn't had time to do so.  And, yes, it is also possible that he has seen the email and won't answer it.  No way to know for sure.

But at the end of his blog Hinderaker suggested that other people might want to contact Lipton and ask as well.  So I decided to do so.  Here is what I just emailed him (complete with one typo - arrgghhh):

Mr. Lipton;


Like John Hinderaker of, I write a political blog ( 


I have read Mr. Hinderaker's piece regarding your claim that "Even before the new governor was sworn in last month, executives from the Koch-backed group had worked behind the scenes to try to encourage a union showdown, Mr. Phillips said in an interview on Monday."


According to Hinderaker, Mr. Phillips categorically denies saying this or anything like it.


My question is simple and basic:  Do you have any record, written or recorded, of this statement being made? 


If so, please provide it and I will immediately put it up on my blog, so that readers will know you Mr. Hinderaker's suspicions are unfounded and you are on the up and up. 


If not, please tell me what basis you have for claiming Mr. Phillips made this statement and I will put that up, along with my opinion (based on the information you provide) about its credibility.



Thanks in advance for your attention.




Ken Berwitz

I'll let you know if I hear back and, if so, what Mr. Lipton says.


Ken Berwitz

Here, in just a few paragraphs within his superlative column in today's Washington Post, is Charles Krauthammer's explanation of Wisconsin:

In the private sector, the capitalist knows that when he negotiates with the union, if he gives away the store, he loses his shirt. In the public sector, the politicians who approve any deal have none of their own money at stake. On the contrary, the more favorably they dispose of union demands, the more likely they are to be the beneficiary of union largesse in the next election. Its the perfect cozy setup.

To redress these perverse incentives that benefit both negotiating parties at the expense of the taxpayer, Walkers bill would restrict future government-union negotiations to wages only. Excluded from negotiations would be benefits, the more easily hidden sweeteners that come due long after the politicians who negotiated them have left. The bill would also require that unions be recertified every year and that dues be voluntary.

Recognizing this threat to union power, the Democratic party is pouring money and fury into the fight. Private unions have shrunk to less than 7 percent of the working population. The Democrats strength lies in government workers, who now constitute a majority of union members and provide massive support to the party. For them, Wisconsin represents a dangerous contagion.

Hence the import of the current moment its blinding clarity. Here stand the Democrats, avatars of reactionary liberalism, desperately trying to hang onto the gains of their glory years from unsustainable federal entitlements for the elderly enacted when life expectancy was 62 to the massive promissory notes issued to government unions when state coffers were full and no one was looking.

Thank you Mr. Krauthammer.  You really are a great columnist.


Ken Berwitz

Just how biased are our mainstream media?

Well, read these excerpts from Matthew Philbin's blog at, and see for yourself:

NBC Still Ignoring Planned Parenthood Sting, Despite House Vote to Defund

On Feb. 1, pro-life activist group Live Action released a video covertly filmed at a New Jersey Planned Parenthood office. The footage documented a Planned Parenthood employee giving advice to a man posing as a pimp about obtaining abortions and birth control for the underage foreign prostitutes he traffics.

Within two days, Fox and CNN, along with The New York Times, The Washington Post and other print outlets, had reported on the story. Not so for ABC, CBS and NBC. In fact, it wasn't until Feb. 8 - a week after the story broke - that CBS finally reported on the video. In that report, chief legal correspondent Jan Crawford called the video "troubling," but CBS was sure to include a statement from Planned Parenthood calling Live Action "an extreme group." ABC and NBC, on the other hand, remained mum.

Within 10 days, the networks were given another chance to inform their viewers that an employee of Planned Parenthood, which receives $363 million annually from taxpayers, had knowingly aided what she thought was a human sex trafficker.

ABC became the second of the three networks that eventually bowed to reality and reported on Live Action's video, however NBC news has yet to even mention the subject.

Fascinating, isn't it?  Could coverage of this story possibly be more grudging?  If so, how?

Could the networks possibly be more clear about which side they favor?  If so, how?

But listen to them squeal like stuck pigs if you call them biased.


Ken Berwitz

If you are into major egocentrism and unsurpassed self-image, you will love the following excerpt from a blog by Molly Ball of

The Democratic National Committee wanted to honor Nancy Pelosi Thursday -- but its praise wasn't good enough for the House minority leader.

When the DNC's Resolutions Committee brought up a resolution commemorating Pelosi's years as speaker of the House, Pelosi's daughter sought to alter the proposal at her mother's behest, adding some of the accomplishments that the elder Pelosi felt the committee had overlooked.

"I have some friendly amendments," said Christine Pelosi, a political strategist, at the committee's session during the DNC Winter Meeting at the Marriott Wardman Park hotel Thursday afternoon. She is a member of the committee.

Too bad this wasn't open to the 60+ Democrat house candidates, most of them incumbents, who lost their seats last November, in no small part due to Ms. Pelosi's stewardship, the comments she made and the positions she took.  

I'll just bet they'd have added a few amendments of their own.


Ken Berwitz

Libya is in flames.  Egypt could soon have a shari'a law government.  Iranian warships are passing through the Suez canal.  Unions are mounting angry, sometimes violent protests in Wisconsin and other places around the country.  Unemployment still sits at 9%.  The national debt continues to grow at an unsustainable pace.

And what is President Obama doing these days? 

Excerpted from an article at the Associated Press:

The White House reverberated like a long-ago basement sound studio in Detroit on Thursday as the likes of John Legend, Seal, Jamie Foxx, Nick Jonas and Sheryl Crowe channeled their inner Motown before Michelle and Barack Obama. Musical pioneers Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder joined in for the celebration of all things Motown.

Foxx, Seal, Legend and Jonas launched the East Room concert celebrating the Motown sound with a high-energy medley in which the four took turns as backup dancers, complete with some smooth dance moves to the likes of "Get Ready,""The Way You Do the Things You Do,""Can't Get Next to You" and "Ain't Too Proud to Beg."

Several days ago,  after a week of uprisings in Libya went on without a peep from President Obama, newly-installed Press Secretary Jay Carney explained it away by telling the press that Mr. Obama had a "scheduling conflict"

Well, evidently, throwing a big, gala bash, and dancing to the Motown beat on the taxpayers' dollars, was no scheduling problem at all.  

You can draw your own conclusions.


Ken Berwitz ....there are hurricanes in Florida, and Texas needs rain. The whole world is festering with unhappy souls, The French hate the Germans the Germans hate Poles. Italians hate Yugoslavs, South Africans hate the Dutch, and I don't like anybody very much. What a Merry Minuet. (02/25/11)

free` Maybe this is why Obama is remaining silent - Abraham Lincoln - Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. (02/25/11)

Zeke ..... ...... "They're rioting in Africa, They're starving in Spain ....... ..... but we can be Thankful, and Tranquil, and Proud, for Man was endowed with a Mushroom Shaped Cloud" ..... ..... Kingston Trio. ... (02/25/11)


Ken Berwitz

Michelle Malkin has written a superb column, in which she outlines the "civility" of the left in graphic detail.  Please use the link I just provided to read it all; but here is a taste:

Barack Obama's new era of civility was over before it began. You wouldn't know it from reading The New York Times, watching Katie Couric or listening to the Democratic manners police. But America has been overrun by foul-mouthed, fist-clenching wildebeests.

The trendy new epithet among Big Labor organizers who've been camping out at the Madison, Wis., Capitol building for more than a week to block GOP Gov. Scott Walker's budget reform bill: "Koch whore." Classy, huh? It's a reference to the reviled Koch brothers, David and Charles, who have used their energy-industry wealth to support limited-government activism. A left-wing agitator based in Buffalo who impersonated Koch in a prank phone call this week used the slur to headline his "gonzo journalism" report. (If a right-leaning activist had perpetrated such a stunt, he'd be labeled a radical, stalking fraudster. But that's par for the media's double-standards course.)

The 20-minute phone call undermined the grand Koch conspiracy by exposing that Walker didn't know Koch at all. No matter. "Koch whore" is the new "Halliburton whore." The Captains of Civility are sticking to it. And the sanctimonious "No Labels" crowd is missing in action -- just like Wisconsin's Fleebagger Democrats.

Sexual vulgarity is a common theme in the left's self-styled "solidarity" movement. Among the Madison pro-union signs the national media chose not to show you: "Buttholes for Billionaires" (complete with a photo of Walker's head placed in the middle of a graphic photo of someone's posterior) and "If teabaggers are as hot as their Fox News anchors, then I'm here for the gang bang!!!"

There is a lot to be outraged about:

-There is the disgusting, ongoing filth that is being disgorged by these people;

-There is the virtually complete burial of what is going on by our wonderful "neutral" media.  Illustratively, The Today Show has het to do a feature on the numerous hate signs carried by union members, students and left wing activists in Wisconsin - after doing daily features on the very few such signs they found at "Tea Party" rallies across the country (some of which were clearly planted by opponents of the Tea Party movement).  And, yes, these are the same media which, after forgoing their professionalism and integrity on behalf of the side they favor, will squeal like stuck pigs if you call them biased;

-And there is the utter silence from Democrats - The President, Vice President, senate and house leadership, and down the line about the filth being spewed in Wisconsin - presumably because, as has become umistakably clear, the people spewing this filth currently have ownership of the Democrat Party.

All in all, a truly sick, dispiriting show.  

Maybe someday there will be an even playing field.  But, as is clear, that day has not yet come. 

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