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Ken Berwitz

The entertainment industry will never forgive a politician for being conservative.  But will always forgive a sex-crazed drug addict for ruining his life and the lives of people around him.

Which brings us straight to charlie sheen.

Read this excerpt from an article in today's New York Post and see just what we're dealing with:

CBS announced today that one of its top shows, "Two and a Half Men," is on hiatus as the series' star, actor Charlie Sheen, entered rehab, one day after he was hospitalized following an allegedly drug-fueled bender with porn stars at his LA home, TMZ reported.


Sheen, 45, "voluntarily entered an undisclosed rehabilitation center" on Friday, his publicist said in a statement.


"He is most grateful to all who have expressed their concern," the statement added.


"Due to Charlie Sheens decision to enter a rehabilitation center, CBS, Warner Bros. Television and executive producer Chuck Lorre are placing 'Two and a Half Men' on production hiatus," according to a statement from CBS, Warner Bros. Television and executive producer Chuck Lorre.


"We are profoundly concerned for his health and well-being, and support his decision," the statement added.


Sheen, in a text message to Radar Online's senior executive editor Dylan Howard, spoke for the first time since he was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital.


"I'm fine," he said. "People don't seem to get it...Guy can't have a great time and do his job also?"

Yeah, ok.  It was voluntary.  It was his decision.  And anyway, can't a guy have a great time and do his job also?

That word "job" has plenty of relevance here.  Do you have any idea how many people's jobs go away when a show is put on hiatus?  There are set designers and script supervisors and caterers and wardrobe people and......just read the credits at the end of a "Two and A Half Men" episode and count them up.  If they are not working, or not working as much, they have charlie sheen to thank for it.

For years, this talented actor, but pathetic excuse for a man, has been on a crusade to damage or destroy everyone and everything around him.  Just months ago he grotesquely embarrassed his ex-wife and children by having a wild porn-fest and room-trashing in a New York hotel right across the hall from where they were sleeping.  And now this.

But, we are told, everything is just fine.  charlie has made a decision to go to rehab.  He's completely in control, you see.

My advice to sheen?  Never say one good word about George Bush, Sarah Palin or Rudy Giuliani.  The Hollywood Gods can put up with just so much.

Zeke .... .... .... .... Could it be that Charles Sheen is really rehearsing his upcoming movie role as Keith Olbermann ? .... .... Charles is as insightful, as profound and as meaningful as Keith. (01/29/11)


Ken Berwitz

I take no credit for that description.  I wish I could, but I can't.  It comes to us from's Jack Coleman, whose latest blog details another of the ongoing instances in which Ms. Maddow seems to make it up as she goes along, secure in the knowledge that her hard-left message is reaching a great many people in her audience who won't care, as long as they get their daily dose of political red meat.

I'll give you the beginning of Mr. Coleman's blog - then click here to see the rest:

As an example of what she sees as the resurgence of wedge issues, Maddow said this on her MSNBC show last night

The culture war era conspiracy theories about black helicopters and a one-world government secretly pursued by America's elites, that stuff is back from the culture war eras too. The new Republican head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee convened the first hearing of that committee this week. What's the topic? Get the US out of the UN!

To back up Maddow's hypercaffeinated claim (she tends to talk in italics), an article titled "House Republicans' next target: the United Nations" from Foreign Policy magazine was shown on the screen. Awkwardly absent from the actual article was any mention of what Maddow claimed.

Coleman then proceeds to take Maddow's claim apart, by doing nothing other than showing what actually was in the article.

Somewhere in TV limbo, keith olbermann must be smiling broadly, knowing that. even though he is not there to do it, the rest of MSNBC's on-air personalities are keeping the hard left, "Facts, we don't need no steenking facts", flame burning brightly.

I wonder how broadly the new owners of NBC over at Comcast are smiling.......


Ken Berwitz

First an excerpt from a January 26 blog at (the bold print is mine):

The St. Louis, Mo., university plans the week each year "to start an open sexual dialogue, encourage students to experiment with sexual viewpoints that differ from their own and to provide wide-reaching sexual education," according to StudLife, the student paper. Other guests have included famed TV doctor and "Loveline" host Dr. Drew.

Bristol Palin, now 20, was notably put in the spotlight during the 2008 presidential campaign for becoming pregnant at the age of 18. Since giving birth to Tripp, she has partnered with anti-teen pregnancy campaign the Candies Foundation, and even filmed a few ads for the group.

While the politically-charged nature of the selection has caused some minor turbulence on campus, one of the organizers behind the event explained to StudLife that her presence would help round out an annual happening that is often criticized for being one-sided.

Minor turbulence?  Support for Ms. Palin?  Could whoever wrote that blog for the huffington post really believe that a school like Washington University would allow someone from the dreaded Palin family into its mind-protected environment without a fight?

Now let's look at an excerpt from a January 28  blog at (again, the bold print is mine):

Bristol Palin will not be speaking about abstinence at Washington University in St. Louis next month.The university said in an e-mailed statement,

"The student group that invited Bristol Palin...has mutually agreed with her not to proceed with a contract regarding Palin's participation in a panel discussion at Washington University on Feb. 7."

The university's Student Health Advisory Committee invited Palin, who became a single mother at 18 and is now a spokeswoman for the prevention of teen pregnancy, to speak on abstinence during Washington University's student Sexual Responsibility Week. That week will focus on creating an open sexual dialogue on campus.

Students started a protest via Facebook to halt Palin's appearance, which would have been paid for with student-generated funds. It had been reported that she would receive between $15,000 and $30,000 to speak.

A Facebook group called "Keep Bristol Palin out of the sex discussion at Washington University" said, "It's not about conservative or liberal, it's about not wasting our money on people who don't matter...especially people who are only famous for being the teenage pregnant daughter of a politician. That is not a credential -- it's a gimmick. So reach across the aisle -- and stand up and say something."

Yep, it's not political.  It's only about keeping as famous an unwed mother as there is, who has "seen the light" and is now the national spokesperson for an abstinence organization, the hell off campus.  She'd just be a waste of money.

One of our sons got what we think was an excellent education at Washington University.  And, he did so despite the school's rampant political correctness and its base of student activists who try hard - and often succeed in their efforts - to intellectually cleanse anything but the leftward side of things. 

How proud they must be.  They made Washington University safe from Bristol Palin.  What a great triumph.

WisOldMan Thank you for the lead on the FB group. I just sent a request to join, and if I'm allowed to post, I'll have an opportunity to engage both students, faculty, and other political activists at Washington U. Unless of course, they don't want to hear opposing viewpoints...not much to worry about, obviously...given that it's a university, whose primary goal is to educate. (01/30/11)

WisOldMan Just an update on the FB group Keep Bristol Palin out of the sex discussion at Washington University... I asked to join, was accepted, made two posts re: the claim that attacking speech is indeed quite political, then was removed from the group. It's not political, but if you disagree you're censured or removed. It must be ice cream cake, then. (01/30/11)

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