Monday, 20 December 2010


Ken Berwitz

Palestine Media Watch ( is an invaluable web site, dedicated to showing us what is really going on among Israel-hating "palestinians" - as opposed to be pap smears we get from our wonderful "neutral" media.

Yesterday, summarily banned PMW, closing out its account.  Today it is reinstated. 

Want to know why? 

Here is the answer, excerpted from Ron Friedman's article in the Jerusalem Post.  Please pay special attention the the segment I've put in bold print:

The video-sharing website YouTube removed from its servers Sunday a video channel operated by Israeli NGO Palestinian Media Watch for severe violations of YouTubes community guidelines.

The channel, which featured videos of Palestinian incitement against Jews and Israelis, posted by the group in order to expose Arab media undercurrents, was removed for repeatedly airing hate speech.

PMW director
Itamar Marcus said he had received an automatically generated letter from YouTube informing him that the channel had been removed following complaints by YouTube users. Surfing to the PMW channel or searching YouTube for PMW videos generates a result that reads: Palwatch has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of our Community Guidelines.

 YouTube has removed some of our videos in the past, but closing down the site is a tremendous disservice, said Marcus. Some of the videos are indeed horrific. The one that got us closed down, for example, showed a farewell video made by a Hamas terrorist, in which he called on Palestinians to drink the blood of Jews. But were not the ones who produced it, it was broadcast first on Hamas TV in Gaza.

After they are removed from YouTube we can re-post individual videos through other video sharing websites, but closing down the entire channel means that all the recorded views have been lost and all the blogs and websites that linked to the videos no longer work.

Marcus said that he suspected that the complaints came from Palestinian or Arab activists who didnt like the fact that the hateful messages were being exposed.

These types of videos are usually only viewed in Arab society, since they are aired on Arab-language channels. They want to hide the things they only allow themselves to say amongst themselves in Arabic, but we watch it, translate it and send it around the world to decision-makers and the general public, said Marcus.

Marcus said that he didnt know whether anybody at YouTube was aware of the context in which the offensive videos were aired and that he hoped that once reasoned with they could return the channel, even if it meant removing particular videos.

Got that?  PMW shows a video of a hamas terrorist exhorting his people to "drink the blood of Jews", PMW puts it up so people can see what is really being said by its sworn enemies - which somehow never gets into the USA's mainstream media - and PMW is shut down because it is showing hate material (i.e. exposing someone else's hate).

Little wonder that there was an immediate uproar over this asinine banning.  And it must have been huge, for to reinstate the PMW account so quickly.

Good.  I hope they've learned something (though, somehow, I doubt it).

Thank you again, PMW, and please, please keep up the good work.


Ken Berwitz

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission was supposed to investigate a subprime scandal, not be a subprime scandal.  But it is one.

In its latest editorial, Investors Business Daily gives this pathetic, sickening burlesque show the reaming it so completely deserves.  Here are some key excerpts:

Subprime scandal: As we predicted, a "bipartisan" Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission next month will deliver a highly partisan report blaming Wall Street and Republicans for the mess not government.

Last year, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid sold the congressionally appointed panel as a serious investigation of the root causes of the crisis.

They promised an authoritative report, similar to the one the 9/11 Commission produced, to help ensure the U.S. doesn't repeat past mistakes.

But they packed the commission with Democrats, including chairman Phil Angelides, a longtime Democratic Party activist and former California Treasurer who helped steer the former Golden State's finances onto the rocks during his tenure from 1999 to 2007.

True to form, he kicked off hearings by pillorying Wall Street CEOs. It was clear to us from the opening bell that the fix was in.

Now our fears are confirmed by a mutiny of minority members on the commission.

Led by Vice Chairman Bill Thomas, a former Republican lawmaker, they say the final report is shaping up to be a "hit piece" on the financial sector and the GOP, while whitewashing government's role in the mortgage meltdown. For those reasons, they insist they cannot support it.

Thomas explains that Angelides and the other five Democrats on the 10-member panel refused to remove anti-market language, such as "magic" and "alchemy," to describe Wall Street trading.

He also claims Angelides is under political pressure to provide findings that Democrats can use to demand more Wall Street probes and regulations.

So the minority members have preempted the official report, scheduled for late January release, with their own.

Their nine-page rebuttal asserts that both the Clinton and Bush administrations laid the groundwork for the financial crisis by trying to expand U.S. homeownership through private lenders and government-sponsored Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

The government, in fact, was the buyer of two-thirds of the subprime and other bad loans that triggered the financial collapse.

"We believe the government deserves quite a lot of the blame for getting our financial system and our nation into trouble in the first place," concludes the minority report, signed by Thomas and fellow commissioners Keith Hennessey, Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Peter Wallison.

Not surprisingly, the media elite have panned the report. New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, for one, fumed: "It's hard to overstate how wrongheaded all of this is."

Forgive us for doubting Krugman's acumen. Here's what he suggested in an August 2002 column: "To fight this recession the Fed needs more than a snapback; it needs soaring household spending to offset moribund business investment. And to do that, as Paul McCulley of Pimco put it, Alan Greenspan needs to create a housing bubble to replace the Nasdaq bubble."

He and other Democrats got their "affordable" housing bubble. Now they're trying to blame everyone else for the fallout.

To IBD:  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To a large part of our wonderful "neutral" media:  Can you find it within yourselves to, just this once, care more about the truth than the partisanship?  Look at what has happened to our country, in large part because of the subprime scandal.  Do you really want to aid and abet more of it?

It is time to talk honestly.  In fact it is way overdue. 

Will you?  Please?

Zeke .... .... Housing Loans to people did not have the earnings and capital to afford them is what brought the US to its financial crisis. .... .... Now, WHO Benefited from these subprime loans? Where did the money GO ? ... Who got rich from this mess ? ? ?.... ..... ... (12/21/10)


Ken Berwitz

I have posted this oldie-but-goodie before.  But our pal West Coast Russ sent it to me over the weekend and I thought I'd put it up again:

To My Democratic/Progressive Friends:

Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasion and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all. I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2011 but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great. Not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country nor the only America  in the Western Hemisphere . Also, this wish is made without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability or sexual preference of the wishee.

 To My Republican Friends:


 Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous New Year!



Ken Berwitz

It isn't easy to get me to long for the neutrality level of George Stephanopoulos.  But, in the five months since Christiane Amanpour replaced Stephanopoulos as host of "This Week", ABC's Sunday Morning show, she has managed to do just that.

How ridiculous is Ms. Amanpour?  Try this comment, from yesterday's show, about the "lame duck" session of congress - specifically the tax legislation:

"Well, it's certainly been a busy and an active lame duck session. Obviously, the tax cut law, everybody was watching. It had to be done before the end of the year. And certainly a President doing that and being responsible for giveaways - in other words, tax breaks to people - is going to get the credit. Clearly, of course, the Republicans got what they wanted as well, which was all the tax cuts remaining. So that was really a win/win, although many people are sort of spinning it one way or the other."

Let's take Ms. Amanpour's quote point by point

-Yes it has been busy and active.  So far, so good.

-The President didn't "do" the tax cut law.  Neither the President nor a large majority of his Democratic congress wanted it.  In reality, he was forced into the tax cut law by Republicans, who literally shut down all business until the tax issue was dealt with.  Once Mr. Obama understood that. if he did not accede to Republicans' demands. he would be blamed for everyone's taxes going up in January, he, along with a large number of congressional Democrats, caved; 

-Giveaway?  What an interesting use of the word.  To call lower taxes a "giveaway" is to say that the money taxpayers earn is not theirs at all.  It is owned by government which, in an occasional show of magnanimity, will give some of it the taxpayers who created it in the first place.  That is exactly the kind of ass-backwards thinking that I expect of leftists like Amanpour, and she rarely disappoints;

-The only reason President Obama can (and I acknowledge that he will) get a level of credit for the tax legislation is because people like Ms. Amanpour are boob-baiting them by presenting the bogus argument that it was in some way Mr. Obama's doing, rather than something he was was compelled to do by Republicans.

Maybe this explains the ratings of This Week, compared to its competition (Meet The Press and Face The Nation).  With Stephanopoulos hosting, This Week was consistently #2 to Meet The Press, and closing ground.  But with Amanpour?  Here are the latest ratings I could find (last Sunday):

Sunday, December 12, 2010)   TOTAL VIEWERS   A25-54 MM/Rtg

NBC MEET THE PRESS                   3,660,000          1,260,000/1.0

CBS FACE THE NATION                  2,960,000            940,000/0.8 

ABC THIS WEEK                            2,330,000            700,000/0.6

Keep up the good work, Christiane.  The viewers are certainly noticing.


Ken Berwitz

Suppose a Republican said this, at any time during the past two years, when Democrats shut them out of writing any part of major legislation:

Were going to make it uncomfortable for the Democratic Party...Therell probably be civil disobedience. There will probably be a number of different actions. What we have to do is we have to break through this wall of silence, because were invisible.

If a Republican had said that, do you think it would make the national news?  Do you think it would be attacked mercilessly by our wonderful "neutral" media?  I know I do.

Well, the source of that quote is not a Republican.  It is Rep. Luis Gutierrez, (D-IL), talking about the repercussions he was considering if the so-called DREAM act - a back-door way of giving citizenship to illegals - was not passed. 

FYI, the DREAM act was not passed.  Now we'll see if Gutierrez means it.  But we'll have to look awfully hard to find out, won't we? 

That quote at the beginning of my blog was pulled not from a mainstream media venue, it was pulled from Russell Berman and Bob Cusack's online article at  I sure as hell didn't get it from my New York Times this morning, and I sure as hell didn't see it on the Today show (but Today did do a major feature on the official dinnerware for next April's royal wedding.  They certainly have their priorities in order).

Oh, one other thing:  regarding the stone cold racist comments made (on December 16, four days ago) by Chicago's Democrat Mayoral candidate Jame Meeks, which I blogged about last night?  That story has never been in the New York Times either - not one word about it.  And, unless I missed it, Today did not report about Meeks' racism either.

The bottom line:  when a Democrat - even a Democrat running for major office in a major city - makes racist comments?  Free pass.  By contrast, the message to Republicans is...Free pass?  Are you kidding?  

But listen to them squeal like stuck pigs if you call them biased.

Zeke .... ..... Louie, Louie ........ ...... that garbage you are spouting is so 1970 - ..... and remember, sucker ... In the Next War ..... yo Uniform be yo Skin. .... ..... ..... .... Asshole two bit wannabe thug. ..... ..... And those are just his GOOD points. (12/20/10)


Ken Berwitz

Excerpted from Nick Wing's blog at a New York Times blog:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said recently that if the upcoming 112th Congress fails to address comprehensive immigration reform, it will be the result of the GOP's insufficient "mental capacity."

During an interview with the New York Times, Reid did a little forecasting about the legislative limits of the next Congress.

For his part, Mr. Reid predicted, "We'll get some things done," naming comprehensive immigration legislation as one possibility.

If Republicans' vulnerability among Hispanic voters does not persuade them to compromise, he noted, "they have real problems with their mental capacity."

Translation:  If Republicans don't capitulate to Democrats and find a way to give illegal aliens citizenship status they have mental problems (it is unclear whether reid means they are dumb or disabled.  Maybe both).

Except for one thing:  according to the exit polls, Republicans got 30% of the latino vote in 2008....and 38% in 2010.

To Nevadans:  It takes a horse's ass to say what harry reid said.  And you re-elected him.  Again.  You must like him.  So congratulations on your victory..


Ken Berwitz

A prayer, broadcast on hamas' state-controlled al-aqsa TV, December 3:

"Allah, oh our Lord, vanquish Your enemies, enemies of the religion
[Islam] in all places.
Allah, strike the Jews and their sympathizers,
the Christians and their supporters,
the Communists and their adherents.
Allah, count them and kill them to the last one, and don't leave even one."

The world demands that Israel must make peace with Palestinian Arabs.


free` Ken wrote: Israel is supposed to make peace with Palestinian Arabs. How? ------------------------------ From all I have seen and read, the only way would be for all the Jews everywhere on the planet to die. I wish Israel would fight these lunatic muslims to the finish. Israel needs to stop listening to the so called international community and destroy their enemies before their enemies destroy them. (12/20/10)


Ken Berwitz

Media Research Center, the conservative watchdog group operated by Brent Bozell, has come out with this year's most notable quotables - i.e. 2010's most mind-bendingly biased comments made by leftists (not "liberals" - sorry, Brent, I disagree.  These people are not liberal at all).

I urge you to use the link I've provided and watch some of the videos.  You will laugh until your sides hurt.(or, if you agree with this bunch, curse the say Brent Bozell was born). 

But in case you don't have the time, or you just had an appendectomy and want to keep those stitches secure, I'll just give you the year's single most notable quote:

A Clip is shown of Barack Obama, from 2008, saying: My family gave me love. They gave me an education. And most of all, they gave me hope. Hope, hope that in America, no dream is beyond our grasp if we reach for it, and fight for it, and work for it.

MSNBCs Chris Matthews then reacts to the Obama clip:  I get the same thrill up my leg, all over me, every time I hear those words. Im sorry, ladies and gentlemen, thats me. Hes talking about my country and nobody does it better. Can President Obama stir us again and help his party keep power this November?

That, folks, is the same Chris Matthews who described himself, just last week, as being "positively nonpartisan".

Er, Chris?  That's a little like michael moore assuring us he is positively anorexic.


Ken Berwitz

They're out to get julian assange. 

Who?  Apparently just about everybody.  

Excerpted from an article in Australia's web site, we have this fascinating piece:

JULIAN Assange, the man behind WikiLeaks, today launched a wide ranging series of attacks on both his enemies and allies as he defended his public and private conduct.


In his first UK newspaper interview since releasing hundreds of secret diplomatic cables last month, Mr Assange told The Times he predicts the US will face reprisals if it attempts to extradite him on conspiracy charges.


He accused his media partners at The Guardian newspaper, which worked with him to make the embarrassing leaks public, of unfairly tarnishing him by revealing damaging details of the sex assault allegations he faces in Sweden.

He insisted that the women behind the claims were motivated by revenge.


Mr Assange said he had enough material ready to destroy the bosses of one of the worlds biggest banks.


Speaking from the English mansion where he is confined on bail, the 39-year-old Australian said that the decision to publish incriminating police files about him was "disgusting". The Guardian had previously used him as its source for hundreds of leaked US embassy cables.


Mr Assange is understood to be particularly angry with a senior reporter at the paper and former friend for "selectively publishing" incriminating sections of the police report, although The Guardian made clear that the WikiLeaks founder was given several days to respond.


Mr Assange claimed the newspaper received leaked documents from Swedish authorities or "other intelligence agencies" intent on jeopardising his defence.


"The leak was clearly designed to undermine my bail application," he said. "Someone in authority clearly intended to keep Julian in prison."

Whew.  Poor julian! 

I think my favorite part is where he bitterly complains about being the victim of leaked documents.  Isn't this the same julian assange who threatened that if he were not freed he would have his cohorts leak tons more embarrassing, possibly dangerous classified documents? 

If that isn't a classic example of  the pot calling the kettle black, then I give up.

By this point you may have concluded that I don't give a rat's rear if julian assange is unhappy with his treatment.  If so, you're right.  I don't. 

I also wouldn't be unhappy in the least if they locked up this impossibly obtuse, impossibly clueless jerk, and threw the key away.

free` This guy must have some kind of mental illness. (12/21/10)

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