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Ken Berwitz

Please read the following account of a jury verdict, excerpted from David Kenney's article for WLBT, Jackson Mississippi.  Then decide if justice was properly served:

A Jackson convenience store worker has been found not guilty in the 2008 shooting death of a shoplifter. A Hinds county jury found Sarbrinder Pannu not guilty in the murder of 36 year old James Hawthorne.

Pannu shot Hawthorne after he stole a case of beer from the J and S Food Mart on Medgar Evers Boulevard. Prosecuting attorneys argued that Hawthorne was unarmed when he was gunned down.

In closing arguments defense attorney Tom Fortner said Pannu feared for his life when he saw Hawthorne reaching for what he thought was a gun.

Members of the Hawthorne family left the courtroom in disgust. James Hawthorne's mother tells WLBT, the jury has allowed store owners to take the law into their own hands.

Gwendolyn Hawthorne said, "Everyone can go get a gun, it will be like the Wild West!"

Three questions: 

1) What would you have done?

2) Was james hawthorne's mother in any way disgusted that her son was robbing a convenience store, thus putting Mr. Pannu into the situation he reacted to - in which making the wrong choice could very well have cost him his life?

3) Would the Hawthorne family have been happier if james walked out of the convenience store with the beer he stole, maybe his pockets full of stolen cash as well, and Sarbrinder Pannu was the one laying on the floor in a pool of blood?

Just asking.....



Ken Berwitz

Say, you own a major league baseball team that just had a terrible losing season.  Say that it was clear your team needed new blood and a different direction in its leadership.  What would you do?

There's a pretty good chance that you would replace the manager and the coaching staff, right?

Well the Democratic Party just had a terrible losing midterm election.  It is clear that new blood and a new direction is needed.  So what are Democrats about to do?

Here, excerpted from Russell Berman's article at, is your answer:

Room at the top? Not for new Dems

By Russell Berman - 11/10/10 05:00 AM ET


A younger generation of Democrats is chafing at being asked to stand aside and let a triumvirate of elders keep their leadership positions in the wake of a catastrophic midterm election result.


Barring an unexpected shake-up, House Democrats next year will be led by a combination of Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), Steny Hoyer (Md.) and James Clyburn (S.C.) lawmakers who are 70 or older and have served in Congress for decades. 


Most rank-and-file Democrats would have been happy with these leaders had their party retained its majority in the 112th Congress, but the loss of the House and at least 60 seats led many to anticipate a changing of the guard.

It is inescapable that the message that was sent by the American people is they want a change in direction. And a change in direction means a change in leadership, Rep. Jason Altmire (D-Pa.) said on Fox News last week.

Democratic Reps. Xavier Becerra (Calif.), Chris Van Hollen (Md.), Joseph Crowley (N.Y.) and Diana DeGette (Colo.), among others, were all seen as top contenders to move up but have found themselves in limbo as Pelosi locks down the minority-leader post and Hoyer and Clyburn vie for whip. Becerra is trying to hold on to the vice chairmanship of the caucus, while Van Hollen, the campaign chief appointed by Pelosi as assistant to the Speaker, is for now on the outside looking in. He is now seeking the top Democratic position on the House Budget Committee.

Simply stated, this is very bad news for the Democratic Party, thus very good news for the Republican Party.

Incidentally, John Boehner, who probably will be the new majority leader, says that, unlike his predecessor, he will fly commercial planes.

I wonder if, as minority leader, Ms. Pelosi can use those military jets anyway.  After all, they've been her private fleet for the last four years, haven't they?  She must have squatters' rights.  Or something....


Ken Berwitz

Here is Eric Bolling's "interview" (a very hard word to stuff into what you are about to see) of alan grayson, after he lost his house seat to Dan Webster (if you have trouble seeing it below, just click here):

If I were in grayson's district I would be counting the seconds to Mr. Webster's swearing in.  Maybe the nanoseconds.

And what a discussion after the interview.  How interesting to hear another Democratic wonk assuring us that his party is right on the issues, just a little weak on communicating how wonderful they are.

Somebody better recalculate a lot of thinking between now and 2012.  Or Republicans will wind up as dominant as Democrats have been for the past two years.

free` Ken wrote: "Or Republicans will wind up as dominant as Democrats have been for the past two years." ------ Lets hope so, as far as i can tell the R's have never had a filibuster proof majority in the senate. (11/11/10)

Zeke .... ..... Curtis Sliwa, who was part of the panel grilling Grayson was quite good. .... .... Despite his 'dese, dem, dose' schtick, he hits the key points precisely. ..... ..... ..... Grayson is a Haahvahd boy .... but trash talks like dey do in da hood. .... ... ... What is it with these leftists ? They think that ad homenim attacks are compelling debate. .... ..... ..... Does ANYONE pay attention to "11 million people will die because they don't have insurance" ..... .... didn't someone tell Grayson about MEDICAID ? .... ..... ..... ..... Chicken Little would not be convinced by Grayson. (11/11/10)

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