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Ken Berwitz

Here is all you need to know.  It is anchored by keith olbermann, it features Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, Ed Schultz, Eugene Robinson etc. etc. etc.  And of the 10 announced political guests, 8 of them are to the left, 2 to the right.

You could find more diversity in a bowl of prunes.


Ken Berwitz

A quick time-out from politics to provide you with our latest entrant in the Darwin Award sweepstakes.

From WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids, Michigan:

Bar shooting may be from gun in pants

Man went to hospital with wound in scrotum

Updated: Monday, 01 Nov 2010, 1:17 PM EDT
Published : Monday, 01 Nov 2010, 11:47 AM EDT

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) - A shooting at a Grand Rapids bar may have been caused by the victim's own carelessness.

Around 2 a.m. Sunday, police were called to Julian's Two on South Division on reports of shots being fired, but found nothing when they arrived.

A short time later, a man showed up at an area hospital with a wound to his groin. Police believe the man accidentally shot himself in the scrotum.

The wound is similar to a wound for someone carrying a gun in their pants.

The investigation into this incident continues.

Well, I suppose that's one way to get your rocks off......

Ok, now back to politics, where a candidate is far more likely to shoot him/herself in the foot than the scrotum -- especially the female ones.


Ken Berwitz

Without going into the details of why, I got up at 4:00AM this morning, I am basically falling-on-my-face tired, and all I want to do is get some sleep.

But before I do, a quick rundown of how the night is going for Republicans:

-It looks like Republicans will win the house with a gain of at least 55 seats, and possibly 65. 

-In the senate they'll probably wind up with 47-49 seats; a strong gain but no majority.

-Governor-wise, they'll go from 24 into the low 30's.

I don't know how you define a political tsunami.  But this sure looks like one to me.

More tomorrow.....


Ken Berwitz

The previous post shows a lot of data pointing to a big day for Republicans.

This one shows additional data pointing to an even bigger day for Republicans.

From Gallup:

Americans enthusiasm about voting exceeds the recent midterm election high set four years ago, with 50% of Americans and 53% of registered voters saying they are more enthusiastic than usual about voting in 2010.

The record level of overall enthusiasm is primarily the result of Republicans heightened excitement 63% of Republicans (including Republican-leaning independents) say they are more enthusiastic than usual about voting. That not only greatly exceeds Democrats expressed enthusiasm this year, but also is substantially higher than what Gallup has measured for either partys supporters on the eve of a midterm election.

The high level of Republican enthusiasm has led to the largest gap in enthusiasm by party of any recent midterm elections, 19 percentage points. The prior highs were nine points in favor of the Democrats in 2006, and nine points in favor of the Republicans in 1994.

From realclearpolitics.com:







RCP Average

10/25 - 10/31




Republicans +9.4


10/28 - 10/31

1539 LV



Republicans +15


10/28 - 10/31

654 LV



Republicans +6

Pew Research

10/27 - 10/30

1809 LV



Republicans +6

Rasmussen Reports

10/25 - 10/31

3500 LV



Republicans +12

CNN/Opinion Research

10/27 - 10/30

542 LV



Republicans +10

FOX News

10/26 - 10/28

764 LV



Republicans +13

ABC News/Wash Post

10/25 - 10/28

786 LV



Republicans +4

If these data are correct, this is going to be more than a big Republican win.  It is going to be a Republican wipeout.

We'll probably know before the night is out.


Ken Berwitz

Chris Matthews, host of the not-very-heavily-watched "Hardball" show on MSNBC, has spent the last week or going off on Tea Partiers for their "thuggery".  Over and over again.  Without any mention of what Democrat-supporting thugs have done (e.g. one man was harrangued by a moveon.org "thug" and wound up with part of his finger bit off and a Black conservative was attacked by SEIU "thugs"- neither of which appear to count in the one-dimensional world of Matthews).

Well here, from Michelle Malkin, is another incident:  a violent, profanity-laden incident by supporters of Democrat Tom Periello - and the police who allow it all to happen.  '

See/hear for yourself:

Lead Story

Unhinged Perriello/Obama supporter rips up GOP signs, screams You f**king House nigger white-black bitch!

By Michelle Malkin    November 2, 2010 09:18 AM


Via J.P. Freire at the Examiner, a supporter of Democrat congressional candidate Tom Perriello and Barack Obama demonstrates a little, ahem, insane rage that wont be spotlighted on the nightly news or decried on the NYTimes op-ed page.

Maybe hell get a guest hosting spot on The View or an honorary membership to the New Black Panther Party

Especially love how he screams You f**king House nigger white-black bitch! at a black GOP woman and then turns around and screams RAAAAACIST! at her and the rest of the peaceful conservative activists peacefully sitting together in their yard.


See also: Unhinged.


Strap in and expect a lot more of this in the next 24 hours and beyond. Oh, yeah bring your Slurpee!

Related tweet from Dennis Miller last night: I am salivating in anticipation for tomorrows vote. Paybacks are a Behar.

Related good read: Obama: Our first post-racial failure.

Now grow old waiting for Chris Matthews to show this (obviously available) footage and rail against Democratic thuggery.

Then they wonder why people call them biased............

free` Watching that video has terrified me. Is this what we can expect when obama is voted out? When and if we are able to reform our entitlement programs? (11/02/10)


Ken Berwitz

I am hoping against hope that the Press Trust of India has this wrong.

But here is what it has reported about the upcoming visit of Barack and Michelle Obama:

US to spend $200 mn a day on Obama's Mumbai visit

Press Trust of India, Updated: November 02, 2010 21:07 IST

Mumbai:  The US would be spending a whopping $200 million (Rs. 900 crore approx) per day on President Barack Obama's visit to the city.

"The huge amount of around $200 million would be spent on security, stay and other aspects of the Presidential visit," a top official of the Maharashtra Government privy to the arrangements for the high-profile visit said.

About 3,000 people including Secret Service agents, US government officials and journalists would accompany the President. Several officials from the White House and US security agencies are already here for the past one week with helicopters, a ship and high-end security instruments.

"Except for personnel providing immediate security to the President, the US officials may not be allowed to carry weapons. The state police is competent to take care of the security measures and they would be piloting the Presidential convoy," the official said on condition of anonymity.


Navy and Air Force has been asked by the state government to intensify patrolling along the Mumbai coastline and its airspace during Obama's stay. The city's airspace will be closed half-an-hour before the President's arrival for all aircraft barring those carrying the US delegation.

The personnel from SRPF, Force One, besides the NSG contingent stationed here would be roped in for the President's security, the official said.

The area from Hotel Taj, where Obama and his wife Michelle would stay, to Shikra helipad in Colaba would be cordoned off completely during the movement of the President.

Can this possibly be true?  Can the President of the United States be bringing, and footing the bill for, an entourage of 3,000 PEOPLE, at the cost of $200 million dollars a day?  While we circle the wagons at 9.6% unemployment and almost two trillion dollars debt just this year alone?

Was he elected President, or Maharajah?

If these numbers are true, or anywhere close, media  must report it fully and shame Mr. & Mrs. Obama into cancelling the Mumbai (Bombay) trip as it is described. 

I don't give a damn how far in the tank they are for Obama & Co., this has to be stopped.


Ken Berwitz

Well, I just voted.

I got to the elementary school gym-turned-voting location at about 6:35 New Jersey time, there was one person just finishing ahead of me, and I walked out 5 minutes later.  The only reason it took that long was that I spent a couple of minutes chatting with the nice ladies who were handling the books.

Over a half hour after they opened, and I was #9. 

I commented that it seemed pretty slow, and they told me that, in our district, 9 votes in the first half hour or so is considered "busy" (they're wrong.  I've been voting here for many years, always at about this time of the morning, and know better).  They also told me that the district being handled on the other side of the gym was much larger, and had about 30 voters already.

FYI,  in the congressional race I voted for Republican challenger Scott Sipprelle over Rush Holt, a liberal Democrat whom I have supported in the past, despite our considerable differences on issues.  I switched over because, dishearteningly, Mr. Holt has been an unwavering supporter of every piece of legislation that Obama/Reid/Pelosi threw our way over the past two years.  This includes the so-called "stimulus package", ObamaCare, and a discernible coldness toward Israel as well.

I always thought of Rush Holt as someone with a mind of his own, who was at least capable of straying from the party line here and there.  He no longer is, and he no longer gets my vote. 

Zeke .... .... Ken, I voted about the same time as you ... also in NJ. .... .... .... There seemed to be a lot of people for that time, and they had a 'this is an important chore' expression. .... Like they had lots of other things to do, but really needed to get their voting finished first thing. ...... It was an hour before the train for NYC that gets folks in for 9 am. ... .... This is hardly a reliable indicator, but the impression is, that people are really fed up with the system, and want a change. .... .... .....Sarah Palin really hit it right, with her Tea Party activities. ... ... We all thought she was nuts to resign as Alaska governor, but she has had a major impact on US national politics. .... .... ..... She is definitely a force to be reckoned with in 2012 -- probably as king-maker, rather than candidate. .... .... (11/02/10)


Ken Berwitz

A short time ago I saw a feature on Fox News about the eric holder-led Department of Justice sending hundreds of poll watchers out to monitor proceedings in key states around the country. 

The guest (whose name, regretfully, I do not recall) said that he believed the DOJ poll watchers were not there to make sure that only legals voted, they were there to make sure that illegals got every chance to vote. 

That is one hell of a charge. 

But this the same Department of Justice that gave a free pass to the new black panther party's vote intimidators in Philadelphia and, more recently, has been accused by several of its current and former members of discriminating by race.

Bottom line:  Am I suspicious of poll watchers sent out by the eric holder-led Department of Justice?

You're damn right I am.  


Ken Berwitz

From www.politico.com:

Pelosi, Van Hollen predict victory for Dems - On Congress: Pelosi, Van Hollen predict victory for Dems

November 02, 2010

Pelosi, Van Hollen predict victory for Dems

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen are stating flat out that Democrats will hold onto the House, despite predictions of a GOP wipeout.

"We're on pace to maintain the majority in the House of Representatives," Pelosi just told reporters.

"Millions of Americans are proving the Washington pundits wrong," Van Hollen said.

Democratic operatives are claiming their base is turning out to vote in heavy numbers, especially among African-Americans.

We'll talk about this tomorrow.  I have a feeling we'll be laughing about it too.

Zeke .... .... .... Poor, poor Nancy. ..... .... This means she will have to give up the Air Force Boeing 737 that is her private jet. ..... ..... Her friends, staff and family ride this taxpayer paid airliner between DC and San Francisco. .... ..... What a perk to lose. .... (11/02/10)


Ken Berwitz

Less than five minutes ago Ed Rendell, whom I used to have a lot of respect for, said on Chris Matthews' "Hardball" show that African Americans in Philadelphia are coming out in record numbers, because they realize that this is a referendum on President Obama.

Translation:  "Black voters are coming out to protect the Black guy.  Isn't that wonderful?"

Try to even begin to imagine the outrage if that were ever said about White voters coming out because they saw it as a referendum on a White President.

That is raw racism.  Period. 

And, not at all surprisingly, Matthews didn't call Rendell on it or even note that he said it.

There is pathetic.  There is beyond pathetic.  And there is Chris Matthews.


Ken Berwitz

No one knows for sure what will happen today, and I'm not predicting anything.  But are there reasons to expect that Republicans will win a huge nationwide victory?  Yes, and plenty of them.

Here are a few, excerpted from John Harwood's Sunday article for CNBC, which looks at the final NBC News/Wall Street Journal polling data:

Gaining strength as the campaign draws to a close, Republicans are poised for enormous gains in the 2010 mid-term elections, according to new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

 The poll shows that likely voters prefer a Republican-controlled Congress by a solid 49 percent to 43 percent margin. Among all registered voters, Republicans lead 46 percent to 44 percent, reversing the two percentage point edge that Democrats enjoyed earlier this month.

Underlying voters' desire to jolt a Democratic-controlled Washington is overwhelming unhappiness over near-10 percent unemployment and weak growth after the Great Recession; fully 84 percent of voters call themselves dissatisfied with the economy. The poll results point toward a reshaped post-election landscape with far-reaching implications for President Obama's agenda, and for his party across the country.

Independents currently favor Republicans for Congress by a massive 60 percent to 31 percent margin. That  exceeds the margin by which independents backed Democrats in their 2006 breakthrough to recapture both the House and Senate.

Mr. Obama's overall approval rating is 45 percent. That approximates the standing of Presidents Reagan and Clinton before their mid-term election setbacks in 1982 and 1994, respectively.

But the president receives just 32 percent approval from independents and 38 percent approval among whites. That's an especially worrisome sign for Democratic Congressional candidates, since the minority voters who fueled Mr. Obama's 2008 victory traditionally turn out at lower rates in mid-term elections.

The poll shows that Republicans have succeeded in making a lightning of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Likely voters view Ms. Pelosi unfavorably by a two-to-one margin. Among independents, just 8 percent view the Speaker positively, compared to 61 percent who view her negatively.

The telephone survey of 1,000 voters, conducted Oct 28-30, carries of margin for error of 3.1 percentage points.

If these data are accurate - and they mesh very well with other major polls - it is going to be one bodaciously bad day for the Democratic Party.

Of all the findings in this excerpt, the one that jumps out at me most is Nancy Pelosi's standing among independents.  8% positive versus 61% negative?  That is only marginally better than what you'd expect to see for hugo chavez or mahmoud ahmadinejad.

Remember:  While a vast majority of Republicans and Democrats might grouse about their candidates but eventually vote for them, independents are the ones most likely to be the swing voters;  i.e. to move from one party to the other.  And their intense dislike of Nancy Pelosi  most likely translates into an intense dislike of the agenda she has promoted - which is the Obama agenda, thus the Democratic agenda.  Little wonder that independents appear to be breaking strongly against individual Democratic candidates.  

But Mr. Harwood is wrong to say Republicans successfully "made a lightning (rod)" of NancyPelosi.  If you look at the data (click here, then go to question 6) you will see that the godawful numbers for Ms. Pelosi have remained almost static for the past year and a half.  The Republican campaign, therefore, didn't make her into a political pariah.  She achieved that status long before the campaign started.

Finally, you will also see, in question 20, that 35% of the sample self-defines as strong or moderate Democrats, compared to 26% self-defining as Republicans.  So, if anything, the data are skewed in favor of the Democratic Party.

That could mean things are even worse than they seem.  Yikes.

Zeke .... ....IMHO, the Reps would be better off if they were broadcasting exactly how they would solve the nation's problems, ..... rather than crowing about a "Rout". ...... ....... "We gonna moiderize dem bums" is not effective in gaining undecided votes. ..... ... (11/02/10)


Ken Berwitz

I just saw this quote at www.nationalreview.com and thought I would pass it on:

Failed Mr. Boehner.  You lost.  You blew it. . . .    I would think the will and desires of your fellow countrymen should be pretty damn clear by now:  Your countrymen think your policies are of the past, and your tactics are of the gutter. . . . And so I offer this olive branch to the defeated Republicans and Tea Partiers. . . . You are rapidly moving from The Party of No, past The Party Of No Conscience, towards The Party of No Relevancy.  You are behind the wheel of a political Toyota.   And before the mid-terms, you will have been reduced to only being this generations home for the nuts.

Those were the brilliant, insightful and, of course, eminently civil words of keith olbermann, after the passage of ObamaCare.

No need to elaborate.  Just watch the election returns..........

Zeke ..... ...... Why on earth do you waste time and electricity listening to the likes of keith olbermann and Tingles Mathews ? ..... ...... They truly have nothing worthwhile to say. .... .... (11/02/10)


Ken Berwitz

You can't say that NBC is not on top of this story.

During last night's broadcast, reporter Savannah Guthrie informed its viewership that:

Tonight, the man who could be Speaker, John Boehner, is making his closing argument at a rally outside Cincinnati. The President today tried to head off one potential line of attack by Boehner, saying that he had been wrong to use the word "enemies" to describe political opponents in an interview the other day. Boehner's been hitting the President hard for that, saying, "You call us enemies, we call ourselves patriots." Well, the President said today, he should have used a different word other than "enemies.

President Obama made that startlingly inappropriate comment a full week before, on Monday, October 25th.  And, as you probably know, it has been all over the internet, talk radio, etc. etc. etc. ever since.

And it only took NBC a week to educate its viewers about what Mr. Obama said - along with an immediate assurance that a) it was nothing more than an attack opportunity for John Boehner and, b) in any event, Mr. Obama took it back so it's nothing at all. 

The fact that Mr. Obama took it back a week after he said it, and only after it became clear that it was a vote-loser?  Unmentioned.

Yep, you can't say that NBC is not on top of this story.  Without laughing, that is.

free` Probably the best $25 billion of OUR dollars obama has spent, giving it to GE which is the parent company of NBC. (11/02/10)


Ken Berwitz

Two weeks ago I would have laughed at that question.  Christine O'Donnell had no chance at all to win her senate race against Democrat Chris Coons.

Even last week when the polls started closing - one of them putting her within 10% of Democrat Chris Coons - I would have laughed.

A few days ago, when I read that the polls had closed further, and I was reminded of how strongly Ms. O'Donnell had surged just prior to the primary vote, I stopped laughing and started wondering.

Yesterday, when just about every media venue was telling me independents are breaking strongly Republican, I started to think there was a serious chance it could happen.

Now we have this, excerpted from an Associated Press article issued last night:

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - Vice president Joe Biden is urging fellow Delaware Democrats to get voters to the polls for the midterm elections.


Biden headlined a Democratic rally in downtown Wilmington on Monday evening that drew about 200 people.

The Vice President of the United States, and favorite son of Delaware, drew 200 people to a Democratic campaign rally in Wilmington yesterday?  200 people?

I'm not predicting (or actually expecting) that Christine O'Donnell is going to win in Delaware.  But her chances are real, and substantial.

free` Try and imagine where she might be had the media and the GOP echelon treated her fairly. (11/02/10)


Ken Berwitz

Excerpted from Lachlan Markay's blog at newsbusters.org:

Keith Olbermann Falsely Claims He Never Called 'Cocky' a Racist 'Code Word'

By Lachlan Markay | November 01, 2010 | 20:09

Sometimes Keith Olbermann struggles with reality. But he's apparently found a solution: insist that 2+2=5 and hammer with insults anyone who says otherwise.

That was his strategy today when he flatly denied he had ever claimed that "cocky" was a "code word" for various racist attacks against President Barack Obama. Shown video of him saying just that, he denied it some more, and then started in with the attacks.

In awarding six conservative pundits the coveted "Worst Person in the World" title in January, Olbermann said the following:

How proud MSNBC must be.

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