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Ken Berwitz

The incidents are coming fast and furious now - although if you got your information solely from venues like the New York Times or watch the Today Show (both of which comprise part of my daily dose of political information) you would not know they even exist.

Yesterday I put up two egregious examples, from Las Vegas (where it turns out that the SEIU, which is umbilically tied to Demcorats, is in charge of maintaining the voting machines) and New Bern, North Carolina.  Today I am putting up additional examples, excerpted from Michelle Malkin's latest column:

* In North Carolina and Nevada, early voters have encountered ballot-machine glitches that favor Democrats in hotly contested races.


* In Troy, NY, and Daytona Beach, Fla., police investigations into suspected absentee-ballot fraud by elected government officials are underway.


* In Harris County, Texas, the voter registrar admitted that 20 percent of voter-registration forms submitted by liberal activist Houston Votes had problems. Election whistleblowers there are now being investigated by the Obama Justice Department and have been slapped with an ethics complaint by the Texas Democratic Party and a left-wing group called Texans for Public Justice.


* In Yuma County, Ariz., election officials denied any fraud associated with thousands of requests for "permanent early voter list" status submitted en masse by open-borders group Mi Familia Vota (a social-justice satellite of the Service Employees International Union). But election officials admitted that some 6,000 out of 14,000 requests fielded by the Yuma County Recorder's Office "were reviewed and rejected, under Arizona law, either due to the fact the request was a duplicate or the requestor was not eligible to vote in this election or within the jurisdiction."

 Liberals shrugged their shoulders at reports of illegal-alien canvassers trolling for votes in Washington state. Never mind the radical goals spelled out by SEIU International Secretary-Treasurer and Mi Familia Vota founder Eliseo Medina, who views illegal-alien amnesty as a powerful Democratic recruitment tool to capture millions of new progressive voters.


And for the last two years, Democratic leaders have had nothing to say about the militant New Black Panther Party goons who took it upon themselves to police a Philadelphia voting booth in 2008 wielding billy clubs and shouting anti-white slurs to suppress votes. Now, they're treating citizen election monitors as if they are the jack-booted thugs.

Unbelievable?  Nope, very believable.  And completely ignored my almost all mainstream media -- not to mention the Obama Department of Justice, headed by his disgraceful toady sock-puppet, Attorney General eric holder.

It would be nice to say that our independent, neutral, loaded-with-integrity, mainstream media are standing between the voters and massive voter fraud.

Yep, it would be nice to say say that.  Maybe some day I'll get the chance.


Ken Berwitz

We all know the answer to that question, don't we?  We all know that it is those Karl Roveian Republicans,with their rich, fatcat corporate robber barons buying the election, so that they can make another few billion dollars each, right?

Here are excerpts from two sources - one unikely, the other not so unlikely - that tell a far different tale.

The first is from the (unlikely) New York Times, via the beginning of an article by Michael Luo and Griff Palmer:

Lost in all of the attention paid to the heavy spending by Republican-oriented independent groups in this years midterm elections is that Democratic candidates have generally wielded a significant head-to-head financial advantage over their Republican opponents in individual competitive races.

Even with a recent surge in fund-raising for Republican candidates, Democratic candidates have outraised their opponents over all by more than 30 percent in the 109 House races The New York Times has identified as in play. And Democratic candidates have significantly outspent their Republican counterparts over the last few months in those contests, $119 million to $79 million.

Huh?  What th'?  This can't be.  Don't we all know it is those rascally Republicans with all the big bucks?

But here is a second excerpt - this one from Michael Barone writing for the Washington Examiner.  Maybe it will bring us back to that nice, comfortable knowledge we had just a few seconds ago:

Who is the largest single political contributor in the 2010 campaign cycle? You can be pardoned if you answer, erroneously, that it's some new conservative group organized by Karl Rove. That's campaign spin by the Obama Democrats, obediently relayed by certain elements of the so-called mainstream media.

The real answer is AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. The union's president, Gerald McEntee, reports proudly that AFSCME will be contributing $87.5 million in this cycle, entirely or almost entirely to Democrats. "We're spending big," he told the Wall Street Journal. "And we're damn happy it's big."

The mainstream press hasn't shown much interest in reporting on unions' campaign spending, which amounted to some $400 million in the 2008 cycle. And it hasn't seen fit to run long investigative stories on why public employee unions -- the large majority of which work for state and local governments -- contribute so much more to campaigns for federal office.

Nor has it denounced the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision last January allowing unions to spend members' dues on politics without their permission and without disclosure.

Hey, wait.  That didn't bring us back to what we "knew" at the beginning of this blog.  It showed even more clearly that Democrats are simultaneously deriving the benefit of  voters believing Republicans are buying the election, while, in reality, they have far more money to spend on the election than Republicans do.

It's not fair! Just ask the hosts at MSNBC and the ladies at The View.

free` Remember in the upcoming election to "look for the union label" and then vote against that candidate! (10/27/10)


Ken Berwitz

How will Democrats make out next Tuesday? 

Maybe this chart, showing the latest polling of independent voters, will give us some insight:



If this truly is the way independents will be voting, they'll need all the king's horses and all the king's men to put the Democratic Party together again for 2012. 

In 6 days we'll know for sure.


Ken Berwitz

By happy coincidence, on the same day that I have excoriated joy behar for her foul, classless comments about Sharron Angle, the Drudge Report has posted the latest TV ratings.

Here they are:

TUES. OCT. 26, 2010

FOXNEWS SHEP 2,244,000
FOXNEWS BECK 2,154,000
MSNBC MADDOW 1,087,000
CNN COOPER 591,000
CNN KING 560,000

Holy excrement.

After over a year with her own show, that's where behar is in viewership?  Not only is she dead last, she isn't even close to next to dead last.

I guess I'm not the only one......


Ken Berwitz

Call it the "bitchin' bouquet".

From Scott Wong's article at

The Nevada GOP Senate nominee sent a flower arrangement to The View co-host Joy Behar on Wednesday, one day after the Behar called Angle a bitch, and a moron, and saying shes going to hell.


Turns out Angle raised $150,000 on Tuesday and wanted to express her appreciation, spokesman Jarrod Agen said. The note sent to ABCs New York studios read:




Raised $150,000 online yesterdaythanks for your help.


Sincerely, Sharron Angle"


Behars on-air attack came in response to a new Angle ad targeting Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid that Hispanic groups and lawmakers have labeled racist and Behar characterized as a Hitler youth commercial.


Id like to see her do this ad in the South Bronx. Come here, bitch. Come to New York and do it, Behar said. Im not praying for her. Shes going to hell. Shes going to hell, this bitch.

Looks like "this bitch" has a sense of humor.  Because she certainly got the last laugh on the woefully nasty, hate-filled ignoramus joy behar.


UPDATE:  Joy Behar, crude and classless to the end, had this to say about the flowers: 

Id like to point out that those flowers were picked by illegal immigrants.  And theyre not voting for you, bitch

Two observations:

1) How does joy behar know who picked those flowers?  The answer is that she does not.  But her definitive statement that they must have been picked by illegals is fascinating.  Since behar has decided Sharron Angle's latest ad is racist, what does her "knowledge" about the flowers make her?  Does she also "know" that anyone who orders fried chicken and watermelon at a restaurant must be Black?  Does this genius have even the slightest idea of how racist her own comment was?

2) What is "they're not voting for you, bitch" meant to communicate, other than behar's lack of class?  Who does she think illegals will be voting for?  Harry Reid?  Is it ok with behar if illegals vote?  Since she apparently considers being against illegal immigration a racist position, I suppose she thinks that being in favor of illegals somehow puts her above racism.

Every time I see joy behar on TV I assume that, somewhere, a village is missing its idiot.


Ken Berwitz

Tonight is the start of the 2010 world series.  I won't be watching because our cable system, Cablevision, is in a rancorous dispute with Fox and, because of it, unless there is some kind of settlement or truce in the next few hours (a strong possibility, I suspect) Fox is withholding the game.

But to celebrate the event itself, I am offering this link.  Click on it and you will see what considers the ten greatest world series photographs.

To whet your appetite, let me show you one of my all-time favorites:

Jackie Robinson steals home in the 1955 World Series


Brooklyn Dodgers baserunner Jackie Robinson steals home against the New York Yankees as Yogi Berra applies tag in Game 1 of the World Series in the Bronx, NY on September 28, 1955. Photo by Mark Kauffman/Sports Illustrated


Maybe you agree these are the ten best.  Maybe you have one or more others in mind.  But you have to admit they're all great.

Enjoy the rest of the pix..

(NOTE:  In my "unbiased opinion", as a Yankee fan for over half a century, Berra was right.  Robinson was out.  But that's baseball.)

free` I guess that is one way to diminish Fox, just stop broadcasting them. I don't know what cable co. you have Ken but I know dishnetwork isn't carrying Fox anymore either. (10/27/10)


Ken Berwitz

From Cleta Mitchell, Sharron Angle's campaign attorney, as reported by Jon Ralston of the Las Vegas Sun:

Two days ago, the Democratic Secretary of State announced that voters can be provided "free food" at "voter turnout events." Harry Reid has been offering free food and, according to other reports, some Democratic allies such as teachers' unions are offering gift cards in return for a vote for Reid.


Before we were even able to document the reported infractions to report to the authorities, the Democrat Secretary of State slammed the door shut on preventing this behavior and issued a public statement permitting these ACORN-style tactics. THESE are the kinds of shenanigans that can turn this race.


Harry Reid intends to steal this election if he can't win it outright. As a result, we need to deploy literally dozens of election law attorneys and poll watchers to combat these tactics at a cost of nearly $80,000. That's over and above our current budget. We need to raise $80,000 and we need to do it RIGHT NOW, because even as I am writing this, Harry Reid and his Machine are trying to steal this election. I'm sorry that we have to come to you yet again and ask for you to reach deep and contribute, but we must.

From Chuck Goudie of ABC news, Chicago:

This year marks the first Illinois election that any registered voter can cast their ballot by mail, no excuses necessary. Even as the deadline for postmarking those ballots nears, problems are brewing.

An Illinois county election official says that thousands, and potentially hundreds of thousands, of voters who are expecting a ballot sent to them by mail may be disenfranchised.

From Peter Hall, of the Bucks County (Pennsylvania) Courer-Times:

A petition was filed with the Board of Elections over absentee ballots.  


A trio of Bucks County residents backed by the county Republican committee say they have evidence linking Democratic Congressman Patrick Murphy's campaign to a scheme to flood the county voter registration office with fraudulent applications for absentee ballots.

n a petition filed Tuesday, county Republicans say the name of Murphy's campaign manager appeared on a Bristol post office box where voters were urged in a series of letters paid for by the state Democratic Committee to send absentee ballot applications.

he county Republicans submitted with the petition a photograph of a note inside the mailbox that said, "Tim Percico and Paul Hampel only pick up mail." Tim Persico is Murphy's campaign manager, although his name is misspelled in the note. Hampel is a volunteer for the Democratic state committee who said he collects mail from the box.

hile county and state Democratic officials denied involvement in the letter campaign or refused to discuss it, Persico said Tuesday that the "PA Vote 2010" project that paid for the letters is a partnership between Murphy's campaign and the state Democrats.

.So tell me;  when do our wonderful "neutral" media start reporting about any of this, and/or puttting it all together?

The day after the election?

free` when do our wonderful "neutral" media start reporting about any of this, and/or puttting it all together? ---- Look for that article next to the one about what a scam this global warming BS is. (10/27/10)


Ken Berwitz

It gets more and more bizarre.

Excerpted from Rhonda Bodfield's article in the Arizona Daily Star:

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned Arizonas requirement that people show proof of citizenship to register to vote.


The split decision by a three-judge panel determined that the requirement to show proof of citizenship passed by voters in 2004 is not consistent with the National Voter Registration Act.


The majority noted that Congress was well aware of the problem of voter fraud when it passed the voter act, and built in sufficient protections, including applying perjury penalties to applicants who lie about their eligibilty.

Yep, that certainly makes sense.  I'm sure the HALF MILLION ILLEGALS in Arizona, who are being protected at all costs by the Obama administration, just quake in their boots at the thought of being charged with perjury.

The only good thing I can say about this ruling is that, due to its timing, it wouldn't have mattered to the 2010 elections anyway.  But 2012 is up next, isn't it?

At some point the legal citizens of this country have to rise up and demand that it not simply be taken away from them.  The Tea Party movement (warts and all), which didn't even exist a year and a half ago, is one example that at least some citizens are at the point where they will do so. 

Maybe a few more insane rulings like this one will bring millions more to the same realization.

Zeke ..... ..... The Tea Party movement exists because citizens have lost faith in their government, in their institutions. .... .... We see major legislation passed without being read or understood. ..... We see fraud in government grants. ..... We see extreme racial bias in enforcement of laws. (If you are white, you have no rights .... eric holder & co).... .... We see no action taken with illegal aliens, yet they drain our resources and are major factors in gang violence, welfare expenditures. We see voter fraud on a massive scale. ..... ..... ..... ..... THOSE are the reasons that Congress' approval hovers around 10%. .... Obama's approval has gone down, as people see what is behind "Hope 'n Change" ( Why, it's SOCIALISM). (10/27/10)

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