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Ken Berwitz

Watch what happens, just before the debate between Illinois congressperson Melissa Bean and her Republican challenger Joe Walsh, when the moderator - a member of the (formerly-neutral-but-not-anymore) League of Women Voters - informs the audience that the pledge of allegiance will not be recited:

No commentary necessary.  This speaks for itself.


Ken Berwitz

Earlier today I blogged about possible voting fraud benefitting Democrats in Las Vegas. 

Now, just hours later, I am blogging about possible voting fraud benefitting Democrats in North Carolina.

Excerpted from an article by P. Christine Smith, in the (New Bern, NC) Sun Times:

A Craven County voter says he had a near miss at the polls on Thursday when an electronic voting machine completed his straight-party ticket for the opposite of what he intended.

Sam Laughinghouse of New Bern said he pushed the button to vote Republican in all races, but the voting machine screen displayed a ballot with all Democrats checked. He cleared the screen and tried again with the same result, he said. Then he asked for and received help from election staff.

They pushed it twice and the same thing happened, Laughinghouse said. That was four times in a row. The fifth time they pushed it and the Republicans came up and I voted.

M. Ray Wood, Craven County Board of elections chairman, issued a written statement saying that the elections board is aware of isolated issues and that in each case the voter was able to cast his or her ballot as desired.

Chuck Tyson, chairman of Craven County GOP, remains skeptical. He has been communicating with Wood about the issue and was invited to a meeting Wednesday with state elections officials. There were no further details about that meeting.

Something is not right here, Tyson told the Sun Journal. He said he got two or three calls from people describing the same problem while they were voting.

Ill be matter of fact, I didnt find that press release satisfactory, Tyson said, referring to Woods written statement.

Helluva coincidence......


Ken Berwitz

See that title?  It is what happens when you trip, pitch forward, and break your fall with your hand....like I did today.

After 3 hours in the emergency room I find myself with a mostly immobilized right hand (it could have been worse; despite much of my political commentary, I'm a lefty).  Not surprisingly, this limits my ability to type, so I'm through blogging for the night.

We'll see how things are tomorrow.....especially in the early afternoon when, I am told, they will give my X-rays a second look.

Good night!!

Zeke .... ..... Ken - .... Get Well Soon. .... .... .... and remember, .... you can have an assistant in the voting booth to help you push the buttons. .... .... (10/27/10)

WisOldMan Sorry to hear about your incident. When falling forward, fall on closed-fists, tuck, and roll. (10/27/10)


Ken Berwitz

I grant you that the two questions in that title are ridiculous.  But I'm not the one claiming either has validity.  That, folks, comes from the President of the United States.

Read this excerpt from Ashley Southall's article in yesterday's New York Times and see for yourself:

In a radio interview that aired on Univision on Monday, Mr. Obama sought to assure Hispanics that he would push an immigration overhaul after the midterm elections, even though he has not been able to attract Republican support.

If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, Were going to punish our enemies and were gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us, if they dont see that kind of upsurge in voting in this election, then I think its going to be harder and thats why I think its so important that people focus on voting on November 2.

Referring specifically to Republicans such as Senator John McCain, who formerly supported an overhual but now are stressing border security and supporting strict immigration laws like Arizonas anti-illegal immigration measure, Mr. Obama said, Those arent the kinds of folks who represent our core American values.

In a pitch for Senator Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, who locked in a dead heat with his Republican opponent, Sharron Angle, Mr. Obama warned voters that Ms. Angle is completely opposed to comprehensive immigration reform. He also denounced an ad encouraging Nevadas Latinos to stay home on Election Day as cynical.

As you can see, President Obama is telling Latinos, on a Latino-based media venue, that people who believe in enforcing legal immigration - which Mr. Obama is sworn to uphold, let's not forget - are enemies of Latinos.  And unamerican too. 

Like John McCain, for example.

This not only is a repulsive attack on Mr. McCain, a United States Senator and a military hero, but it is an equally repulsive stereotype of Latinos, because it assumes that, because they are Latino they should think a certain way.  It is right up there with the assumptions that all Black people love welfare checks, all Jews love money over everything else, all Italians are mafiosi and all Irish are drunks.

If a comment like this had ever been made by George Bush, it would have been front page, lead story news.  But this comment came from President Obama, the favored one.  So I'm betting this is the first you are hearing of it.  Am I right?

It is overt bias like this that causes me to sarcastically refer to our wonderful "neutral" media.  And it is why media have, over time, become so distrusted by so many people. 


Ken Berwitz

Ho-hum.  Another day, another breathless email from a Democratic partisan - in this case the so-called "independent" Bernie Sanders - who is about as independent as a marine trainee at Paris Island.

Mr. Sanders, like Dick Durbin in yesterday's email, is cheerleading the "fact" that Democrats have jumped ahead in 9 senate races they were formerly losing.  And, as in the Durbin email, he does not specify which 9 races they are, so you can't check for accuracy.

Here is what Durbin said yesterday:

Dems are surging at exactly the right moment.  You the grassroots have been swarming these races, putting the Democratic message on air in 10 states.  And  now were leading in nine of them.

And what Sanders says today:

As you may have noticed, as a result of the excellent work being done by the DSCC, the election map is beginning to change. The DSCC has run ads in 10 states, and now Democrats are leading in 9 of those races. That progress is all because of you.

OK, we get it.  There is a huge sea change that is dramatically benefitting Democrats. 

Except for one thing: 

It is absolute BS.

Here is a far more realistic assessment, excerpted from today's analysis by the (fiercely neutral) National Journal:

A new spate of polls this week suggests that the GOP tidal wave Republicans have been anticipating and Democrats have been fearing is beginning to form.

Some of the polls are so striking that next Wednesday, the day after the midterm election, observers may turn to these surveys as a symbol of when the bottom fell out for Democrats.

The ominous polling for Democrats isn't only on the House side. In Senate races Republicans are also seeing some gains, though not to the same extent. A Tuesday Public Policy Polling survey, showed Republican Rand Paul has opened a 13-point lead over Democrat Jack Conway. (That poll was taken before violence erupted at their Monday debate.)

Similarly, after a brief surge by Rep. Joe Sestak in the Pennsylvania Senate race, former Rep. Pat Toomey (R) jumped back up to an eight point lead in Muhlenberg College/Morning Call daily tracking poll.

And those come after a Monday Chicago Tribune/WGN poll that showed Rep. Mark Kirk (R) with a three point lead over state Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias (D).

As noted frequently, polls are very fluid at this point. But, taken together, these present a very gloomy picture for Democratic chances next Tuesday.

So there you have it.  The polling indicates that Republicans will blow Democrats away next Tuesday.  The only "good news" is that the blowout will be smaller in the senate than in the house.

But why should Mr. Durbin, Mr. Sanders and their fellow Democra....er, excuse me, I forgot, Bernie Sanders is an independent (pause for laughter)...why should they worry about telling the truth? 

Where will that get them?


Ken Berwitz

This excerpt comes to us from the Fox's Las Vegas affiliate.  See how you feel about it:

LAS VEGAS -- Some voters in Boulder City said they are concerned about fraud at the electronic ballot box.


Voter Joyce Ferrara said when they went to vote for Republican Sharron Angle, her Democratic opponent, Sen. Harry Reid's name was already checked.


Ferrara said she wasn't alone in her voting experience. She said her husband and several others voting at the same time all had the same thing happen.


"Something's not right," Ferrara said. "One person that's a fluke. Two, that's strange. But several within a five minute period of time -- that's wrong."


Clark County Registrar of Voters Larry Lomax said there is no voter fraud, although the issues do come up because the screens are sensitive.


He said if voters choose English (instead of Spanish) for their language of choice, the ballot pops up with Angle selected.


"Especially in a community with elderly citizens (they have) difficulty in (casting their) ballot," Lomax said. "Team leaders said there were complaints (and the) race filled in."


Lomax said voters need to have faith in the system.

Let's see.  Voters are telling us that Harry Reid's name automatically pops up on the ballot.  The county registrar says that the screens are sensitive and - though no voter said it happened - sometimes Sharron Angle's name comes up too.  And, besides, old folks just don't vote very well.  They should have faith in the system.

Who sounds more credible here?  You decide.

 Oh, did I forget to mention?  Clark County is run by Democrats, and voted 58%-40% for Barack Obama in 2008. 

Just an unimportant, unrelated anecdote, I'm sure.

free` This video goes well with your post. Top Union Official Caught on Tape Discussing Voter Fraud biggovernment.com/jokeefe/2010/10/26/top-union-official-caught-on-tape-discussing-voter-fraud/ (10/26/10)


Ken Berwitz

Speaking from a personal perspective, if I tried to hide $40 billion dollars it would never work.  My wife would find out.

But if I were the President of the United States, and it was just before a midterm election that looked like it was going to turn out badly, I might give it a try - especially if I thought our wonderful "neutral" media would not prominently report it.

With the above in mind, please read the following excerpt from Steve Gilbert's piece at sweetness-light.com, in which he intersperses details of this truly scandalous deception with his commentary (the bold print is Steve's, not mine): 

Discreetly tucked away in the Business Day section of the New York Times:

Treasury Hid A.I.G. Loss, Report Says

October 26, 2010

The United States Treasury concealed $40 billion in likely taxpayer losses on the bailout of the American International Group earlier this month, when it abandoned its usual method for valuing investments, according to a report by the special inspector general for the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

In our view, this is a significant failure in their transparency, said Neil M. Barofsky, the inspector general, in an interview on Monday.

In early October, the Treasury issued a report predicting that the taxpayers would ultimately lose just $5 billion on their investment in A.I.G., a remarkable outcome, since the insurance company was extended $182 billion in taxpayer money in the early months of its rescue. The prediction of a modest loss, widely reported as A.I.G., the Federal Reserve and the Treasury rushed to complete an exit plan, contrasted with an earlier prediction by the Treasury that the taxpayers would lose $45 billion.

The American people have a right for full and complete disclosure about their investment in A.I.G., Mr. Barofsky said, and the U.S. government has an obligation, when theyre describing potential losses, to give complete information.

An official of the Treasury disputed Mr. Barofskys conclusions, saying the department appropriately used different methods for different purposes. He said the smaller loss was a projection of future events, and the larger one was the result of an audit, which includes only realized gains and losses

Isnt it funny how the Democrats and the Obama administration keeps changing the metrics by which things are measured to suit their "purposes" at the moment? (Cf. the definition of a recession.)

Mr. Barofsky said he had written to the Treasury secretary, Timothy F. Geithner, in mid-October, after widespread reports in the news media about the possibility that the Treasury could wind down its position in A.I.G. with just a $5 billion loss. He recommended that the Treasury correct the October report, perhaps by adding a footnote saying the methodology for calculating its losses had changed.

The Treasury declined.

Why should the Treasury step on the headlines that the administration so carefully put out just in time for the midterm elections?

Steve is pretty biting and acerbic, isn't he?  That's because he damn well should be.

Let's review: We taxpayers took a $45 billion bath on AIG.  It wouldn't look good for the midterm elections.  So the Obama administration just yawned and changed its rules of reporting, to magically turn the $45 billion loss into just $5 billion.

What liars.  What frauds. 

Now let's see if this is burial of $40 billion in losses is reported in tonight's national news. 

Wanna take bets?


Ken Berwitz

Vice President Joe Biden, just a couple of hours ago, speaking at a fundraiser in Manhattan:

"Every single great idea that has marked the 21st century, the 20th century and the 19th century has required government vision and government incentive"

So help me, he really said it.  Those exact words.

I'll bet you thought it was the combination of freedom and entrepreneurial spirit, didn't you?  But it was really just the government - which, everybody knows, was 100% pervasive throughout the 1800's and 1900's. 

Not for nothing do I call him Jackass Joe.

Hee Haw!!

Zeke ..... Were all those great governmental achievements in all of the 57 states that Mr. Obama mentioned in his Presidential campaign ? .... Were they as open and transparent as Mr Obama promised. Or did they just build then, so they could find out what was in them, as Ms Pelosi is so fond of telling us ? (10/26/10)

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