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Ken Berwitz

Another round of golf?  I must be kidding, right?


Excerpted from Bridget Johnnson's article at

President Obama hit the golf course Saturday for what, by CBS News' Mark Knoller's calculation, was his 52nd such outing since taking office.

According to the White House pool report, Obama went golfing Saturday with his usual partners: trip director Marvin Nicholson, press aide Ben Finkenbinder and the Department of Energy's David Katz.

CBS News Radio White House correspondent Knoller tweeted:

It's a beautiful 77 & sunny in DC and Pres Obama has gone to Andrews AFB for a round of golf. His 52nd since taking office.

Two wars are in progress.  The economy is falling apart.  ObamaCare is disliked by most of the country.  Democrats are on the verge of losing one or both houses of congress. 

And Barack Obama is playing his 52nd ROUND OF GOLF since becoming President.

So tell me, what would our wonderful "neutral" media have said about this if it were President Bush's 52nd round of golf in 21 months as President.  What did they say when he played golf - keeping in mind that President Bush played fewer rounds in two full terms than President Obama has played in less than two years?

Unbelievable?  Nope, just our mainstream media conducting business as usual.

But listen to them squeal like stuck pigs if you call them biased.


Ken Berwitz

At the Connecticut Senate debate between Republican Linda McMahon and Dick Blumenthal, Mr. Blumenthal referenced an audit of the World Wrestling Entertainment business she was CEO of.  Here is how Ms. McMahon answered:

Maybe you just misspoke again when you talked about the criminal investigation, like the time you talked about haow you had served in Vietnam (some in the audience laugh and applaud), like the time when you talked about you were not going to Vancouver for the trial lawyers for a fundraiser, like the time when you even, after you apologized for Vietnam then you mischaracterized again your draft status relative to your draft number and your reasons for joining the Marines, so I just want to say that given how you misspeak and you characterize WWE from a standpoint of criminal investigation, and you did do that, you didnt just do that on Monday night. You did it on another occasion as well. I actually think, sir, it would be criminal for the United States Attorney to accuse a company of criminal activity and then to state that it was outside of your jurisdiction as Attorney General...because you certainly have called for criminal investigation before....

Ouch, and double ouch.  You can almost hear a referee's hand hitting the mat three times.

Can Ms. McMahon win this election - especially given her personal resources to put on ads in the final weeks of the campaign? Sure she can. 

Will she win?  See me on November 3rd.


Ken Berwitz

When the Democrat-controlled house of representatives said that it owuld start an investigation of charles rangel in September, during the election campaign, I was amazed.  It showed great courage and principle on the part of Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats to do so at that time.

I should have known better, of course.

Here is today's editorial in the New York Post:

Charlie dodges another bullet.


The House Ethics Committee trial of Rep. Charles Rangel of Harlem originally scheduled for September now wont occur until after Election Day


Goodness gracious, what a surprise.


Ethics Committee Chairman Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) announced last week that Rangel will face his peers on Nov. 15.

Were not so naive as to believe that Charlies going to get anything other than a wrist slap if that. But its pretty clear that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi isnt going to let this particular pile of dirty laundry be washed in public before Nov. 2. Her majority is already in dire straits.


And never mind that its been more than two years since The Post began detailing Rangels abundant ethical transgressions beginning with his failure to pay taxes on income from his Dominican villa.


The ethics panel returned a 13-count bill of particulars against him in July, and since then its been just one constant dither.


Pelosis plight has worsened in the interim. Her henchpersons will shortly be facing an electorate furious over massive spending, intemperate borrowing, the ObamaCare boondoggle and most critically the worsening economy.


But Pelosi is blaming the restive electorate on everybody and everything except herself and her party.

Time for a reality check.


The speaker famously promised that, when she took office, shed drain the [ethical] swamp.


Well, the swamp is still full.


Charlie Rangel is still there.


But its looking like Pelosi wont be, come January at least not as speaker.


If so, the fault devolves to her.

 The truth?  Unless and until Republicans take over the house, charles rangel is as safe as osama bin laden under the Obama administration (Remember how Obama campaigned that Bush wasn't doing enough to capture bin laden?  Remember how he assured us it would be a top order of business when he was elected?  Well, Obama was elected:  have you heard anything about this for the past two years?)

Another good reason to remove the current leadership on capital hill.


Ken Berwitz

Sorry for the crude title, but it's the nicest way I could put it.

Did you know that Democrat-dominated New York State has not yet sent out ballots - probably over 100,000 of them - to our military so that they can vote in November's election?

Read this excerpt from Jana Winter's article at Fox News.  And please pay special attention to the last paragraph, which I've put in bold print:.  I'm betting you'll be as furious as I am:

EXCLUSIVE: New York Violating MOVE Act

By Jana Winter

Published October 10, 2010


More than one week after its extended deadline, New York still hasnt mailed out absentee ballots to all its 320,000 military servicemen and women and overseas voters, in clear violation of the MOVE Act, has learned.

According to the 2009 MOVE Act, a state must send out its military and overseas ballots 45 days prior to elections.

New York was granted a waiver to this deadline by the Department of Justice and given an additional 15 days -- until October 1 -- to send out all its ballots. On October 5, New York State Board of Elections co-directors informed federal officials that the state had not fully met their extended deadline, according to an e-mail posted online at, the website of the Defense Department agency tasked with overseeing military voting.

In an e-mail sent October 5, New York State Board of Elections co-directors Robert A. Brehm and Todd Valentine wrote:

County Boards of Elections have reported to our office that UOCAVA ballots have been transmitted to voters within their respective jurisdictions except in the City of New York, and the following counties: Erie, Niagara, Putnam and Westchester.

And, as of Oct. 9, these ballots still have not been mailed to voters in these counties, who will now have less than 25 days to receive, mark and return their ballots, federal and state officials told New York City alone has about 50,000 servicemen and women and overseas voters.

"The gravity of New York's failure cannot be overstated. With approximately 50,000 military and overseas voters in New York City alone, there is no doubt that the November elections could be altered by this failure, said Eric Eversole, a former Justice Department voting section attorney who recently started a nonprofit organization, Military Voter Protection Project, to protect military voting rights.

Add all those counties together, and it would be hard to imagine less than 100,000 votes being affected.  Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if the actual total is a lot more than 100,000.

In my mind, this is not a disgrace.   This is a clear attempt to prevent military from voting, because it is expected that military personnel, aggregate, are likely to vote against Democrats. 

And how nice of the Department of Justice to play ball with these skunks. 

Thank you eric holder.  I'm surprised you didn't send a few black panthers overseas to try intimidating the military lucky enough to get their ballots.

As for New York, if the powers that be have any shred of decency or integrity left (and that is highly questionable), the military votes should be extended so that every member of our armed forces - these are the people who risk their lives to protect us - has the 45 days to vote that he/she was supposed to have.

Even if it means that (gasp!) there will be an honest vote and a few Democrats might lose because of it.

Plainly put, stop screwing the voters.  And stop screwing our military.  

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