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Ken Berwitz

Nevada Senator Harry Reid is having a lot of trouble understanding why his state's voters are turning against him. 

He looks at all the congressional spending he has directed to Nevada, which built various projects in his state, and can't fathom why it doesn't make him a popular man this year.  And the fact that he may well lose to a right wing challenger, supported by Tea Partiers, who very definitely does not share his stands on major issues?  I'm sure he sees that as a direct personal hit, with a bullseye on his ego.

So how does Mr. Reid react to what is happening?  Here is your answer, excerpted from an article by John Dickerson of  The bold print is mine:

Like all Democratic politicians, Reid is trying to balance all his talk about all he has done with a steady insistence that it isn't enough. Nevada's unemployment rate is 14.4 percent, the highest in the country. For three years, it produced the most home foreclosures. Reid demonstrates his empathy by talking about his humble upbringing in the tiny mining town of Searchlight. His father worked for a man whose checks bounced, while his mother took in laundry from some of the 13 local brothels to make extra money.

Extending his sense of empathy into perhaps dangerous territory, he tells a local newspaper how his mother struggled to afford Christmas presents. He says the experience helps him understand why people might blame him for their economic plight. "I wanted to get some presents on Christmas morning," he told reporters and editors at the Reno Gazette-Journal. "I was a very selfish little boy, and I was upset that my mother had to go through all this. Whose fault is this? And that's what people are going through. I didn't know who to blame but I wanted to blame somebody."

Can you believe your eyes?  Harry Reid is defining voters who do not want to re-elect him as the equivalent of selfish little children who are upset because they didn't get enough, and are blaming him - not because he is responsible in any way but because they have to blame somebody.

Can Senator (for now) Reid possibly believe that the 14.4% unemployment rate, the record foreclosures - and what is estimated to be one of the largest, if not the single largest, illegal immigration "work force" in the country, is not the problem?  Can he possibly believe it is  just Nevada's voters behaving like selfish little children.

If Ms. Angle uses Mr. Reid's hissy fit effectively, it should put the last nails in his political coffin.

Oh, one other thing:  Apropos of nothing, I have a bit of a problem believing that the Searchlight, Nevada of Harry Reid's youth had 13 brothels.  Maybe there were 13 during Searchlight's heyday as a mining town.  But that ended long before Reid was born (in 1939).  The town never had more than 1,500 residents (today it has about 800, half of them retirees).  And during Reid's youth, the only major group of outsiders appears to have been workers building the Hoover Dam.  Somehow I doubt they required a baker's dozen worth of brothels.

free` To be fair to old dim harry, a US Senator can't really effect local employment. The state senators are the ones that would affect state employment. (10/09/10)


Ken Berwitz

Remember when NOW used to mean the National Organization for Women?  Maybe they should revise it to NOD:  the National Organization for Democrats - if, for no other reason, as a matter of truth in advertising.

Exerpted from Doug Powers' blog at

Jerry Brown Associate Calling Meg Whitman Whore Has Effect on NOW Endorsement

By Doug Powers    October 9, 2010 09:56 AM

And ironically that effect was to speed up the announcement of the National Organization for Womens endorsement of Jerry Brown:


Jerry Brown announced he has received the endorsement of the National Organization for Women, less than 24 hours after the emergence of a recorded message in which Brown can be heard in a conversation with advisors in which someone calls Whitman a whore.


And the Duh of the Day from Whitmans campaign manager:


Meg Whitman is a pro-choice woman who was ranked among the worlds most accomplished women in business, said Whitman campaign manager Jillian Hasner. Shes now running to become the first woman governor in Californias history, and on the same day that its reported Jerry Browns campaign called her a whore, the National Organization [for] Women endorses him. Its official: NOW is a partisan organization.

I wonder how NOW would have reacted if it were a Republican male's staff calling a Democratic female candidate "whore" within earshot of the candidate, who, by not reacting at all, demonstrated that he had exactly no problem whatsoever with it.

On second thought, I don't wonder at all.

What liars.  What frauds.

Zeke .... .... It's still N.O.W. .... ..... silly Ken, the acronym hasn't changed. ..... ..... National Organization of Whores ...... .... and they ARE Whoring for the Democrats ...... ..... (10/10/10)


Ken Berwitz

Suppose you are a Democratic congressperson, facing an uphill battle to hold your seat.  And suppose you know that the sentiment in your district is decidedly Republican and conservative.  What do you do?

In New Jersey congressperson John Adler's case, it was to find a supporter willing to pretend he was a 'tea party" candidate, and put that supporter into the race as well, on the theory that it would siphon off enough Republican votes to make him a winner.

In other words, a dirty trick.

Here are the particulars, via excerpts from Jane Roh's illuminating article in New Jersey's Courier-Post:

State and national Republicans along with Tea Party activists quickly galvanized Friday behind GOP congressional candidate Jon Runyan after revelations Democrats recruited a "fake" Tea Party candidate to spoil the race.


Speaking at his Mount Laurel campaign headquarters, Runyan said the purported plan to get Peter DeStefano on the ballot on the "NJ Tea Party" line solidified his argument that Rep. John Adler was a "career politician" desperate to hang onto power.

"Adler represents everything that is wrong with politics in this country today. He is dishonest. He lacks principle," said a stern-looking Runyan. "I would ask for an apology, but frankly, an apology from someone like Congressman Adler would be so meaningless that it's not worth seeking."

According to South Jersey Democrats with direct knowledge of Adler campaign and Camden County Democratic Committee operations, the plan to plant a Tea Partyer in the race was drawn up by Geoff Mackler, Adler's campaign manager, and Steve Ayscue, a CCDC consultant, with Adler's knowledge.


In August, Adler told the Courier-Post, "I know we weren't part of it."

One South Jersey Democrat described Adler as a "micromanager" who oversees every aspect of the campaign.

A Courier-Post report on Friday detailing the history of the DeStefano plan set Tea Party activists into high gear.

The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC, the West Jersey Tea Party and the Cherry Hill Area Tea Party held an evening rally outside the Indian Chief Tavern in Medford calling on DeStefano to pull out of the race. DeStefano held a $50-a-ticket fundraiser at the site.

Runyan said revelations about Adler's involvement cast a dark shadow over the former state senator's character.

The former Philadelphia Eagle, who was recruited by Burlington County Republicans for the race and is new to politics, said he was willing to fight hard to win the election.

"However, win or lose, I want to go home to my wife and three kids at night and be able to look them in the eye and have them be proud of who I am and how I conduct myself," he said.

This is not - repeat, not - the only place Democrats have tried to pull a fast one on voters by inserting a fake "tea party" candidate, with the express intent of tricking voters into casting ballots for someone they would never want.  They tried it in Michigan too, among other places.

But now that Ms. Roh has written for two days about the attempt by John Adler and his people, Democrats have been forced to claim they are ashamed of it - as shown by Mike Roman's piece at

Democratic operatives in New Jersey are turning on Congressman John Adler (D-NJ3). Due to ethical qualms they have revealed the Adler campaign is behind the bogus NJ Tea Party candidacy of Peter DeStefano.

In May, Geoff Mackler, Adlers Campaign Manager, along with Democratic consultant Steve Ayscue gave a presentation outlining the DeStefano Plan at the Camden County Democratic Committee headquarters:

The goal was to take 5 percent of (Republican Jon) Runyans vote, said a Democrat with direct knowledge of the Adler campaign and CCDC operations.

Steve Ayscue designed the plan with Geoff Mackler following his lead.

DeStefano first emerged in an internal poll circulated by the Adler campaign in July that showed him getting 12 percent of the vote. Until then he  hadnt announced he was a candidate.

He was immediately dismissed by Tea Party groups:

Peter DeStefano is not, and I emphasize, not a Tea Party candidate, by any stretch. He is a shill for someone else, but certainly not what the Tea Party stands for.

Adler denied that his campaign was behind the deception:

I know we werent part of it.

Seems that wasnt true.

Do you believe these Democrats are truly ignorant of, and ashamed of, this strategy?  Or do you believe they have to pretend as much because they're busted?

Personally, I'll take door #2.  And I hope it backfires on them big-time.

Just one question, though:  It happened in Michigan.  It is happening in New Jersey, dollars to donuts it is happening elsewhere as well.  Other than the local story I have put up, where are our wondeful "neutral" media on this? 

Would they have hesitated one second to talk about it if this were a Republican dirty trick?  You know the answer as well as I do.

free` When dems tried to blame alvin greene on the Republicans the msm had no problem "reporting" it. Will are MSM ever be able to regain their credibility? (10/09/10)

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