Thursday, 07 October 2010


Ken Berwitz

One of the lesser known, but still great, numbers from Gershwin's remarkable (though now very dated and very racially incorrect) "Porgy And Bess", is "A Woman is a Sometimes Thing".    

Mr. Gershwin died, tragically, of a brain aneurysm in 1937.  But the title of that song is 100% relevant to 2010.  Just change "A Woman" to "ObamaCare" and you've got it.

Excerpted from Drew Armstrong's latest article for Bloomberg Business News:

Nearly a million workers won't get a consumer protection in the U.S. health reform law meant to cap insurance costs because the government exempted their employers.

Thirty companies and organizations, including McDonald's (MCD) and Jack in the Box (JACK), won't be required to raise the minimum annual benefit included in low-cost health plans, which are often used to cover part-time or low-wage employees.

The Department of Health and Human Services, which provided a list of exemptions, said it granted waivers in late September so workers with such plans wouldn't lose coverage from employers who might choose instead to drop health insurance altogether. 

That's nice. Sometimes things are always nice----for the people on the good side of "sometimes".

Now what about all the OTHER companies that might choose instead to drop health care insurance altogether?  Why are they left out?

And what about the companies that are just below the 50-employee level, after which ObamaCare kicks in?  The ones who know that employee #51 means ALL 51 employees have to get its "benefits"?  How much of a disincentive is that for employers to expand their companies?

This is what you get when policy is written by academics, politicians and navel-gazing philosophers instead of people who have actually been out in the real world earning a buck and meeting a payroll. 

And we have no one to blame but ourselves.  We elected an unqualified Chicago machine politician to the presidency and handed him a huge majority in both houses to second every item on his agenda.

November 2 is less than a month away.  Think about this when you go to the polls.

A one-party stranglehold on the country can be a sometimes thing too.


Ken Berwitz

I watched about 5 minutes of CNN's new show, "Parker Spitzer" last night.  I got as far as when their wholly leftward, frankly boring and contrived, panel was asked what the ideal presidential ticket would be.  A panelist, Nancy Giles of CBS Sunday Morning, cheerfully - but seriously - said "Obama and Obama", meaning Barack and Michelle, without so much as a peep from anyone else about it, certainly not from the co-hosts.  That's when I couldn't watch any more.

What in the world is CNN thinking?  Is CNN thinking at all?  Was Parker Spitzer developed by the same people who already have taken this once-powerful cable news network straight down the crapper, or is it the work of a different set of Titanic chair-shufflers? 

We're not talking small-time disaster here.  We are talking major leagues. 

free` Speaking of CBS, I have watched ncis l.a. for the last time. There anti-American anti-war theme is just too much to bear. In the last episode people are being killed and having there hand chopped off also. They are watching several muslims the whole way then at the very end it turns out to be another white soldier and the muslims are totally innocent. Not only that throughout the whole show they are putting in little digs, like, it was our fault the Iraqis looted the museum, no mention of how turkey blocked our troops access right at the last moment. So we were down a whole battalion at the very start. nope not even a factor in the writers mind. Then they have the main suspect recite a list of all the reasons the left thinks we shouldn't have gone in and the 2 main characters just shake their heads in agreement. It was sickening. Oh I almost forgot the best one, they are interrogating the main witness and they think he is lying, so they remind him that the koran forbids muslims from lying. Again, no mention that it is just fine to lie to your enemies in islam. I hope any of you that watch that show are as sick as I am. (10/07/10)


Ken Berwitz

It is less than a month away from the November 2 midterm elections.  And, though no one can ever know until it happens, Democrats appear headed for huge defeats - the all but certain loss of Governor's mansions, the near-certain loss of the house of representatives and the very possible loss of the senate.

We can argue over whether Democrats have brought this on themselves (I'd argue they have) but that really doesn't matter.  What matters is whether it actually happens.

Not surprisingly, Democrats want to avoid an electoral tsunami.  But they have a problem:  The agenda President Obama and his lopsidedly Democratic congress passed is disliked - avidly disliked - by many voters;  especially independent voters who have no party loyalty, most of whom appear ready to swing to the Republican side. 

So if Democrats can't run the agenda they enacted into law - in fact a great many are running from it - what will their course of action be? 

The answer?  A series of "October non-surprises" in the form of personal attacks and outright lies.

I call them October non-surprises because, lamentably, recent history tells us that it is what we should expect from the Democratic Party. 

Do Republicans pull this crap too?  Yes.  But nowhere near as much.  It is far more a Democratic strategy, and 2010 is not going to be any exception..

The classic - I don't think there can be one more classic than this - is the attack on California Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman's hiring, then firing 9 years later, of her housekeeper. 

Ms. Whitman hired the housekeeper based on falsified information she supplied to her employment agency and Whitman that  "proved" she was legal.  Ms Whitman kept her on for 9 years and paid her a lot more per hour than most housekeepers get.  Whitman was forced to fire the housekeeper when she finally admitted she was a liar and an illegal. 

In other words, Meg Whitman did exactly what she was supposed to do.

Who is to blame for what turns out to have been the hiring and firing of an illegal?  Certainly not Whitman.  The blame is squarely on the housekeeper who lied, both verbally and in writing.  If we had a justice system that wasn't overwhelmed by PC, the housekeeper would have already been arraigned and charged.

But we don't. 

Instead, Jerry Brown, along with his shameless flak (and long time friend and contributor) gloria allred, are selling the lie that Whitman knowingly hired an illegal, and then mistreated her when she was fired.  A crock of excrement.

The one and only way this can work is if media are complicit in pushing the lie along.  Sickeningly, the fact that Brown and allred are Democrats virtually insures it will happen to some extent.  The question is to what extent, and - interestingly - whether it will help or hurt Whitman in the end.  I would say it is up to Ms. Whitman's strategists to make their lie backfire to her advantage.  We'll see if they can. 

But there is more.  With control of the government at stake and no record to run on (except in the safest of safe districts, of course), Democrats have a lot more dirty work to do.

Here is the first part of an excellent analysis by Ed Lasky at  I will cut it off at the point where he goes into specific examples, in the hope that you will use the link I've provided to log onto his site and read it first-hand:

Halloween is approaching, but the true horror for Democrats will happen two days later on Election Day. Democrats have much to fear, and they have already reached into their bag of tricks to try to derail Republicans across the nation.

Democrats are desperate to stop the red tide spreading from the heart of the nation and heading toward the coasts. They are eager to preserve and protect their liberal agenda and extend it in the years to come. They fear that Republican ascendancy in the House might lead to the defunding of several elements of ObamaCare and thus put it on life support until they can deliver the coup de grace in 2012 under a veto-proof majority or a new president.


Democrats tremble at the prospect of Congressman Darrell Issa (whose Chief of Staff has earned the sobriquet of The Democrats' Worst Nightmare) investigating a wide range of government programs and agencies. Issa Investigations would encompass the waste and fraud associated with the misnamed Stimulus Bill (that mostly stimulated political allies of the Democrats, among them public unions) as well as dereliction of duty at the Department of Justice as political appointees bend and break the rules regarding the Voting Rights Act to favor the Democratic Party.


Congressman Issa and others can gum up Obama's agenda by the use of subpoena power -- for instance, by repeatedly calling to testify the various czars and czarinas who escaped Senate scrutiny courtesy of Barack Obama's machinations. One of the most potent blows to the Democrats would be Republicans winning in state races and thereby having the power to gerrymander districts based on the 2010 census -- this power would sway elections until the next census ten years from now. Public unions would find it harder to shake down taxpayers, and other unions would lose all the favors the Democrats have bestowed upon them.


Truly, a parade of horrors is in store for the Democrats if the Republicans rise.


Democrats are reaching into their bag of tricks. They are going beyond garden-variety tactics such as push polls and misrepresenting their own records, positions, and even identities (including stripping their party designation, the Scarlet D, from ads; hiding the fact that they are incumbents; denying one's paternity, as in the case of Harry Reid's son, who went the way of Cher during his campaign and used just his first name, Rory; running away from Barack Obama and their own votes on ObamaCare and the stimulus; pledging to vote to repeal ObamaCare and extend tax cuts for one and all; misrepresenting the views of their opponents; and portraying themselves as Blue Dogs despite being Pelosi Lapdogs). And, of course, they are postponing ethics trials of prominent Democrats until after November 2.


Democrats have also been very busy keeping initiatives regarding ObamaCare off state ballots, fearful of giving citizens an even greater reason to go to the polls. Jobs were offered to weak Democratic candidates to take them out of the running so stronger candidates would have the field to themselves -- a violation of federal laws that clearly will be part of the Issa inquiry.


That is old school.


Desperate times call for desperate measures, and we are beginning to see the Democrats start to rely on "dirty tricks" to spoil the fun (because if you have to run from the policies that are destroying your party's popularity, you have to resort to all means, fair and foul -- and mostly foul -- to win). Politics is war by another means, and when the Democrats are led by the Cook County Gang that could not play straight, all sorts of tactics will emerge.


Let's take a tour across the political landscape and catch some highlights.

 Please, please continue reading Mr. Lasky's piece at his web site.  Not only will it show you what is happening and how disgraceful it is, but it will put you that much ahead of the people who rely on our wonderful "neutral" mainstream media, as if they were providing both sides of the story. 


You'll be miles and miles ahead. I promise.

Zeke .... .... ...... The next Congress should be REAL interesting, if the Republicans win both houses .... ..... Hearings on Voter Fraud could be real eye-opener. .... It appears that ballot box stuffing has become the norm with the Dems, .... along with voting rights for dead people, illegals, .... ... and those whose motto is "Vote Early, Vote Often" ..... ..... Congress has the power of the purse ... it can, if it has the will, totally defund specific areas of the govt. ..... (10/07/10)

free` "but it will put you that much ahead of the people who rely on our wonderful "neutral" mainstream media" ------ I don't know about you but people that watch only msm think i am a loon when i tell them what has been going on. The msm is just too massive. Also out here in California the amount of money the R candidates have made is a big deal in the political commercials. I guess we are supposed to be jealous and vote against them because they excelled at business. But to me that is even more reason to vote for them, we have seen over the last almost 2 yrs. that people without business experience [obama administration] don't do a very good job running the country. (10/07/10)


Ken Berwitz

The University of Maryland's mascot is a terrapin, commonly referred to as a Terp. 

Is Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley a Terp Perp?  Did he perpetrate a burial of bad job numbers for the state, to hide them from voters during his current re-election campaign?

Read these excerpts from Amanda Carey's blog at, and decide for yourself:

New documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act reveal that the office of Martin OMalley, Governor of Maryland, was involved in conspiring to cover up an inconvenient state jobs report. The documents contain e-mails between officials in the governors office and the Maryland Department of Labor and Licensing Regulations (DLLR).


On August 20, the DLLR released its July Employment Situation Report entitled Marylands Job Market Stalls in July. The report did not paint a pretty picture for the state of Maryland, saying that not only was employment down, but that the states economy had faltered.


The report was published at 10:00 a.m. By 3:00 that afternoon, it had disappeared from DLLRs website.

Heres what happened in between.


After the report was published, OMalleys office released a statement saying that the state economy had never been better a claim that was directly contradicted the DLLR report. For a while, the differences went unnoticed.


Then at 3:00 p.m., DLLR Press Secretary Bernie Kohn sent an e-mail to the Secretary of DLLR, Alex Sanchez, with the subject line, documents being taken down right now.  At 3:01, Sanchez responded, writing, Is it done? Call me as soon as we know who posted outrageous info on the site. And send me your Blackberry pin.


The last request is significant because pin-to-pin communication is not subject to FOIA laws, which means further discussion about covering up the report could have taken place that cannot be made public.


Though the extent of involvement from OMalleys office is not yet fully known, the fact that they were involved at all shows that the scramble to replace the original report and the subsequent cover-up was partially politically motivated. Especially considering the fact that Adamec explicitly asked how the Ehrlich campaign got a hold of the first report.


When asked, Adamec said the involvement of the governors office was necessary to ensure the correct report was published. When we found out, said Adamec, we got involved to make sure the labor department put up the correct version immediately.


But some are still questioning whether the report was taken down because it reflected poorly on a Democratic incumbent governor in the middle of a campaign reelection? At this point, it cant be said definitively. Many more questions still must be answered.

Take a sniff.  (sniff, sniff, sniff).  Does this pass the smell test?  Does it even come close?

Now, I urge you to read Ms. Carey's entire piece.  There are additional details there that make this smell even worse.

Maryland voters are currently giving an edge to Governor O'Malley over his opponent, former Governor Bob Erlich. 

Maybe they should be doing the same sniffing that we just did.  Because if they do, they might conclude that O'Malley is a Terp Perp, and should be nosed out by Erlich.

I'll be watching the polls along with you to see how this story plays.


Ken Berwitz

Maybe we should just formalize things and name it the Los Angeles Jerry Brown Times.

Excerpted from Lachlan Markay's blog at

The Los Angeles Times really wants you to know that Meg Whitman has taken more money from "special interests" than her Democratic opponent in the California gubernatorial race.


Not so high on its list of important facts: 97 percent of independent special interest contributions to third party groups have gone towards supporting Brown or defeating Whitman. Yet despite that fact, the Times still managed to run a story today claiming in the headline that "Donations to Whitman undercut her no-special-interests claim".

But listen to them squeal like stuck pigs if you call them biased.....


Ken Berwitz

As you are about to see, that title does not have a typo.

My sister just sent me an article from, which I am excerpting below.  And it is a "you can't make this stuff up" classic:

India Irate After Anchor's Not-So-Diplomatic Play on Name

Betwa Sharma


(Oct. 7) -- India today blasted New Zealand after a television anchor made fun of Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit's name, pronouncing it phonetically over and over, even after being told by another announcer that her name was pronounced "Dixit."

Dikshit is in the news because New Delhi is hosting the Commonwealth Games, which kicked off last Sunday with a grand opening ceremony following weeks of bad press about the mismanagement of the event.

"It looks like Dick-sh--," Paul Henry said during a breakfast show on the television station TVNZ and then proceeded to repeat his joke and laugh loudly for over a minute. "And it's so appropriate because she's Indian. ... So she would be in Dick-in-sh-- ... walking along the street."

"Paul, her name is Ms. Dixit," said the main anchor.

Henry was probably playing off media reports in the run-up to the Games, which said that some of the rooms and toilets for the athletes were not ready and in unhygienic conditions. 

There is no truth to the rumor that Ms. Dikshit's maiden name was Sheila Penisexcrement.....


Ken Berwitz

If Roy "Doc" Halliday is not the best pitcher in major league baseball, he does one hell of an imitation of whoever it is.

Congratulations to Mr. Halliday on his no-hitter and near-perfect game (he gave up one walk on a 3-2 count) in yesterday's playoff win against the Cincinnati Reds.  Also, belated congratulations for his perfect game during the regular season, which was the highlight of his 21-10 record and 2.44 ERA.

One other thing, Mr. Halliday:  Thank you for leaving the American League, where you had a lifetime record of 18-6 versus my beloved Yankees.  And please try to tire that arm out as much as possible while trying to get the Phillies into the world series. 


Ken Berwitz

Want to know Joe Biden's technique for getting an audience reaction?

Here it is, via an excerpt from Jordan Fabian's blog at

Vice President Joe Biden got a laugh from his audience at a Wisconsin fundraising event Thursday when he tried to rile the crowd about the economic collapse of 2008. 

We want to reward people who manufacture things in the United States, in Wisconsin, not to take them overseas to China and to other countries! he said to a silent room at the event for Democratic gubernatorial nominee Tom Barrett, according to a White House pool report.  He continued, saying, Youre the dullest audience Ive ever spoken to," at which point he got applause and laughs. "Do you realize how many jobs Wisconsin lost? Its staggering!"

Somehow I doubt that everyone was laughing and applauding.  To tell you the truth, though some may have laughed and applauded, I doubt most of those folks reacted particularly well to being called the dullest audience ever.  

Especially since their silence was after Mr. Biden told them that the Obama administration, which has been a detriment to business since it took office, wants to reward people who manufacture things in the United States. 

With what?  Higher taxes? 

Remember, this was not a neutral crowd.  This was an event for the Democratic candidate for Governor

You know you're in trouble when even a pro-Democratic audience can't bring itself to show enthusiasm.  And you certainly don't get it by insulting them.

Not for nothing do I call him Jackass Joe. 

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