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Ken Berwitz

If you think Donald Berwick's recess appointment to head Medicare and Medicaid was awful only because he is in love with the utterly disastrous British health care model, then you are wrong.  It's even worse than that. 

It turns out that Berwick apparently is an Israel hater too.

The following excerpts come from an article by , writing for American Spectator:

Donald Berwick and the Anti-Israelis

By Robert M. Goldberg on 7.23.10 @ 6:08AM


In bypassing Senate confirmation, Donald Berwick avoided scrutiny of his belief that Britain's National Health Service was a mode for reforming healthcare in America as well as any business relationships that might overlap with those he will oversee as he implements Obamacare and Medicare cuts. The ensuing furor overshadowed Dr. Berwick's growing involvement with the international advocacy group, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR). PHR was established with funding from the Ford Foundation "to investigate the health consequences of human rights violations and work to stop them."


Two facets of Berwick's involvement with PHR are noteworthy in light of his extremely liberal views about the role of healthcare as a vehicle for social justice and income redistribution. Berwick began donating thousands of dollars to PHR in 2000 when the outfit was focusing most, if not all of its, investigations on Israel's treatment of terrorists during the Intifada. For instance, PHR "conducted a medical and forensic investigation in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank from October 20-27, 2000 to investigate allegations of excessive use of force, including the use of prohibited ammunition in the current conflict between Israeli forces and Palestinian demonstrators and authorities."


In 2002 PHR released another report on the impact of Israel's battle against Fatah and terrorists holed up in Jenin. The PHR investigation added credibility to the false claim that the IDF massacred the population. It went after Israel in seven major reports. By comparison it launched one report on Zimbabwe, five on Sudan, none on Iran or Iraq or North Korea. (PHR also issued 12 reports on the U.S. and its interrogation of terrorists). It also gave an award to Eyad Sarraj, a human rights activist in Gaza who later justified homicide bombings as a natural response to Ariel Sharon's election as prime minister and helped organize the recent flotilla operation. During this time, Berwick's contributions to PHR steadily increased.


In 2008 he joined the board of PHR, which must be seen as an endorsement of the organization's mission and focus. In doing so he arrived just as Richard Goldstone, his fellow board member, was involved with the United Nations in laying the groundwork for investigating whether Israel's Operation Cast Lead, initiated in response to rocket attacks on Israeli civilians by Hamas, constituted war crimes. The following PHR press release all but accuses Israel of deliberately targeting wounded civilians and medical facilities. These charges would later be the core of the Goldstone's commission report war crimes accusations:


During a time when PHR helped coordinate Goldstone's activities against Israel, Berwick moved from being just a contributor to being a board member. Dr. Berwick was not and should not be held responsible for Goldstone's actions on behalf on the UN Human Rights Commission. But he willingly increased his support for and involvement in an organization that singled out Israel for human rights abuses and mistreatment of civilians. He joined the board of PHR at a time when Goldstone was taking a leading role and PHR's public statements were framing the central arguments Goldstone would advance.

According to the exit polls, 78% of Jewish voters, most of whom presumably support Israel, voted for Barack Obama in 2008: 

To the 78%, let me ask: what do you think about this? 

Are you surprised?  If so, why would that be?  Did you not know that Barack Obama spent almost two decades in a virulently anti-Israel, anti-Semitic church?  Did you not know that the head of this church, jeremiah wright, was beloved by Mr. Obama, who called him his "spiritual mentor"? 

Did you con yourselves into believing that when wright called Israel "a dirty word" and "an apartheid state", Barack Obama didn't know about it?  

Did you con yourselves into believing that when wright named louis farrakhan the church's man of the year in 2007, the year before the election, and called him "the epitome of greatness", Mr. Obama didn't know about that either?  How hard did you have to work to overlook the fact that he didn't leave the church, or even say a word about it? 

Are you honest enough to admit you knew exactly what Barack Obama was, and voted for him anyway? 

Well, I hope you're happy with what you got.

Speaking as one of the 22% who did see and hear what was plainly in front of us all, I can assure you I am not.


Ken Berwitz

Are we on the verge of nuclear war with North Korea?

Read this excerpt from an article at, and decide for yourself:

North Korea said it would counter U.S. and South Korean joint naval exercises with nuclear deterrence after the Obama administration said the government in Pyongyang shouldnt take any provocative steps.


North Korea will legitimately counter with their powerful nuclear deterrence the largest-ever nuclear war exercises to be staged by the U.S. and the South Korean puppet forces, the National Defense Commission said, according to the Korean Central News Agency.


The maneuvers, which involve 20 vessels and 200 aircraft from the U.S. and South Korea, pose a threat to the countrys sovereignty and security, Ri Tong Il, an official with North Koreas delegation to the Asean Security Forum, told reporters in Hanoi yesterday.


Ris comments came after North Korean Foreign Minister Pak Ui Chun sat in the same room with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Hanoi for a security meeting of Asias largest powers. Clinton condemned North Korea for being on a campaign of provocative, dangerous behavior, urging Kim Jong Ils regime to change.


Still, the door remains open for North Korea, Clinton later told reporters. We are willing to meet with them, willing to negotiate, to move toward normal relations if North Korea commits itself to giving up its nuclear weapons program, she said.

U.S. State Dep

artment spokesman Philip J. Crowley said in Washington yesterday that North Korea would be better served by reflecting on the current situation, not taking any further aggressive actions or provocative steps.

The key to preventing something that no one in his or her right mind wants is not North Korea.  That is because the leader of North Korea is not in his right mind. 

The key is China which, for years, has almost singlehandedly has propped up what little is left of North Korea's economy - very much including what little food its people have to eat.

We cannot back down and effectively tell a madman who spends more than one third of the entire economy on weapons while his people starve in the streets that he is our daddy.  However bad things are already, that will make them worse.  It will embolden North Korea to continue and escalate attacks on the South and, eventually, the world will face this monster again in the future - when North Korea is likely to have even more nuclear capability than they do today.

But China may be able to stop it.  More than any other country, China can prevail on kim jong ill (intentional misspelling) to back off.

Will they?  We damn well better hope the answer is yes.


Ken Berwitz

This one is for the poll lovers in the house.  It comes to us from William Tate at

While Barack Obama and Afghan president Hamid Karzai may disagree on how to deal with the Taliban and al Qaeda, they do have something in common. Gallup reports that Obama's daily job approval rating, after spiking briefly after the public learned that Obama would be leaving Washington to vacation in Maine, has dropped back down to 44%. That exactly the same level as Karzai's approval in Afghanistan, according to Gallup's new numbers. There has to be some hidden meaning there.

A tie with hamid karzai of Afghanistan?  Wow.

Maybe the two of them can make campaign appearances for Democrats during this election season.

I mean, what could it hurt.....

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