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Ken Berwitz

Have you ever heard of the journolist?  If you rely on mainstream media for your news, chances are you have not. 

The journolist was a network of left wing journalists and academics (a good number fit both categories) who created a closed society in which they communicated with each other, confidently displaying their naked partisanship, without a fear that the general public would ever find out.

Well, thanks in no small part to Tucker Carlson and his web site,, we have found out.  And the information is appalling, even for people, like me, whose opinion of mainstream media already is in the dumpster.

It would take far more than one blog to put up all the scandalous back-and-forth hatred, envy, partisanship and disregard for even the most minimal journalistic standards these "professionals" display.  But I can give you the links. 

Here they are.  And prepare yourself for a jaw-dropping adventure into media hell.


'Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!'

TheDC: Liberal journalists, law professor debate merits of shutting down Fox News on Journolist

TheDC: READ excerpted scans of Journolisters talking about the need to regulate Fox News

TheDC: Journolist documents show media plotting to kill unfavorable stories about Rev. Jeremiah Wright

MYRA ADAMS: This tawdry tale from TheDC is a wake-up call to the country: Is our free press really free?

These, folks, are the people who give us the news.  Who shape the news.  Who - incredibly - attack Fox News as being biased.

But most of all, they are the people whose ad hominem attitudes guarantee they will misinform you to promote their point of view.

If they were conservative and/or right wing journalists, it would be front page news across the nation, and would have lead-story status on every network news show.

But they are all liberal and/or left wing.  So most mainstream media are burying this deep into the ground. 

The reason, it would seem obvious, is how many of THEIR people are included, thus how much THEIR credibility is compromised.

I'll keep an eye out for more, and I'll post it when I see it.


Ken Berwitz

Did you find it odd that once USDA official Shirley Sherrod was singled out for what appeared to be racist comments at an NAACP banquet,she was dumped so fast that she didn't know what hit her?

I have to admit that, for me, the answer was no.  .

But Tom Blumer, writing for the Washington Examiner, has come up with a very, very interesting set of facts regarding financial dealings between the Sherrods and the USDA, which have dramatically changed my thinking on the subject.

I'll give you a taste, by going to the end of Blumer's article and posting the questions he asks.  I guarantee they will make you want to read the beginning so you can find out what he is referring to.  And, believe me, there's plenty to find out:

Here are just a few questions about Ms. Sherrod that deserve answers:

  • Was Ms. Sherrod's USDA appointment an unspoken condition of her organization's settlement?
  • How much "debt forgiveness" is involved in USDA's settlement with New Communities?
  • Why were the Sherrods so deserving of a combined $300,000 in "pain and suffering" payments -- amounts that far exceed the average payout thus far to everyone else? ($1.15 billion divided by 16,000 is about $72,000)?
  • Given that New Communities wound down its operations so long ago (it appears that this occurred sometime during the late 1980s), what is really being done with that $13 million in settlement money?

 Here are a few bigger-picture questions:

  • Did Shirley Sherrod resign so quickly because the circumstances of her hiring and the lawsuit settlement with her organization that preceded it might expose some unpleasant truths about her possible and possibly sanction conflicts of interest?
  • Is USDA worried about the exposure of possible waste, fraud, and abuse in its handling of Pigford?
  • Did USDA also dispatch Sherrod hastily because her continued presence, even for another day, might have gotten in the way of settling Pigford matters quickly? 

The media and the blogosphere shouldn't be so quick to forget about Shirley Sherrod.

If you have read Blumer's entire article, you understand what these questions refer to. 

And, like me, you are probably wondering if the real reason Ms. Sherrod was so quickly and unceremoniously dumped is that a look at her past will be far more embarrassing to the administration than anything relating to her comments at that NAACP banquet.

Stay tuned.


Ken Berwitz

Ever hear of the brown berets?

In case you haven't, the brown berets are an overtly racist group that demands all Whites go back to Europe and leave the United States to Mexico.   They are left wing lunatics....who also happen to be stone cold racists.  

Watch this video (the key part starts about 1:30 in) and listen to this racist lunatic screaming "You are too White to be here", "Go back to Europe", "Go back to Europe, nazis", and other such lovely material.

Nice, huh?

Now tell me when our wonderful "neutral" media, which have spent months and months desperately trying to tag the Tea Party movement as racist, will be reporting about this bunch..

My guess is, it will be about the same time they report on the video of king samir shabazz, one of the three Philadelphia thugs who intimidated voters during the 2008 presidential election, standing on a crowded street and screaming out the most vile racial epithets, including a call to kill White babies.

But listen to them squeal like stuck pigs if you call them biased.


Ken Berwitz

Here is an excerpt from a just-released Quinnipiac poll on President Obama. It provides further insight into why Democrats are openly "debamafying" (intentionally removing President Obama from their re-election campaigns):

A year after President Barack Obama's political honeymoon ended, his job approval rating has dropped to a negative 44 - 48 percent, his worst net score ever, and American voters say by a narrow 39 - 36 percent margin that they would vote for an unnamed Republican rather than President Obama in 2012, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

This compares to a 48 - 43 percent approval for Obama in a May 26 national poll by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University and a 57 - 33 percent approval last July, just before the political firestorm created by opposition to his health care plan galvanized political opponents and turned independent voters against him.

In this latest survey of more than 2,000 voters, independent voters disapprove of Obama 52 - 38 percent and say 37 - 27 percent they would vote for a Republican contender in 2012.

American voters also say 48 - 40 percent Obama does not deserve reelection in 2012. 

If these data are accurate - or anywhere close - it isn't very hard to see why many Democrats intend to run without invoking the Obama name.

Will Mr. Obama's standing improve between now and election day?  No one knows and no one can say.  But, importantly, this poll was conducted July 13 - 19. 

Interviewing, therefore, took place during a week when the BP oil well was capped and when the Obama camp was gloating over the "political win" it thought it had achieved by demanding an extension of unemployment benefits while (falsely) claiming Republicans were trying to prevent it from happening. 

Do these numbers look like Mr. Obama is "winning"?  I sure don't think so.

And that is why Democrats like Missouri senate candiate Robin Carnahan, and Texas gubernatorial candidate Bill White, are running campaigns that have effectively been debamafied. 

Expect more Democrats to follow.  Many more.


Ken Berwitz

Here is the letter sent by Lt. Colonel (Ret.) Allen West to Chris Landshut at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  No need for me to elaborate, it speaks for itself:

Lt. Col. Allen West and his wife Angela ~ Today at 2:13pm

Bill, Danielle, and Chip, at about 1210 pm today I received a call from Ms Chris Landshut, (954)739-5007  Executive Director of the South Florida Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. After reintroducing herself to me she was uncomfortable telling me of a situation that has arisen reference the nomination of Angela and myself as a South Florida Finest Couple.

She informed me that she has received complaints from certain individuals who have threatened to withdraw their support to the Cystic Fibrosis gala event if Angela and I are honored. She humbly asked if I would agree to step down and allow the event to proceed and not disrupt the support to the foundation. These individuals have called and complained to the National Foundation decrying "politicizing" of the event.

In accepting the nomination, Angela and I consented to raise $10K for the Cystic Fibrosis foundation, our opportunity to give back to our community. However, not wanting to cause the foundation to lose what I was told could be up to $200K I consented to Ms Landshut that Angela and I would step down and not participate in the event.

Bill, you are the Chairman of this gala event and therefore I would like a formal letter of apology, not to me, but rather to my wife Dr Angela Graham-West explaining this situation. I do not care how people attack me but my wife is another matter.

I know that this situation revolves around my congressional candidacy but this event has honored political figures before. I felt that our service to this Nation and local community warranted our nomination.

It has come to my attention that the McCloskey and Levy families are the donors who have threatened to withdraw support due to prodding from the wife of Congressman Ron Klein. I find this reprehensible, disgusting, despicable, and petulant....but indicative of the hideous side of South Florida politics which I condemn. There is proof of this, to include an email trail, and I would appreciate your honesty when this becomes a topic of inquiry.

I must now contact all those friends whom I had asked to assist us in raising the requisite funds and inform them of this issue. I pray you are prepared.

I hold no angst against you as the Chairman of the event, Ms Landshut, or the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. However, I am highly upset with those who would blackmail the CF Foundation in order to play politics.

Steadfast and Loyal, LTC(R) Allen B West

Here, folks, is a Black man claiming that he and his wife were asked (told is more like it ) to step down as CFF honorees, because he is a candidate for congress and some of his Democratic opponent's friends threatened to withhold contributions if the organization went through with it.

Is this true?  Are Col. West and his wife being dumped and charitable donations threatened because supporters of West's opponent, Ron Klein, care more about hardball politics than victims of cystic fibrosis?  Are the Wests mistaken?  Are they lying?

I'll wait to hear more.  And I'll be very interested to see which civil rights "leaders" and groups do and do not stand by the Wests.  

Depending on how the story plays out, their actions may tell us which they find more important; racial justice or politics.


Ken Berwitz

Did you know that there are more professional massage therapists coming forward to accuse Al Gore of demanding some very unprofessional sexual activity?

From the National Enquirer (which seems to have cornered the market in uncovering sex scandals) we have this:

The ENQUIRER reports in an exclusive bombshell exclusive that police have investigated charges from TWO MORE WOMEN who claimed they were abused by former VP AL GORE!

The allegations come hot on the heels of an ongoing Portland, Ore., police investigation that reopened after The ENQUIRER exclusively revealed accusations by a licensed massage therapist who says Gore groped her in 2006.

The ENQUIRER recently uncovered shocking allegations, from two other massage therapists.

The first incident allegedly took place at a
Beverly Hills luxury hotel when Gore, 62, was in Hollywood to attend the Oscars in 2007.

The second reportedly occurred a year later at a hotel in Tokyo.

A Beverly Hills hotel source  told The ENQUIRER:

"The therapist claimed that when they were alone, Gore shrugged off a towel and stood naked in front of her.

"He pointed at his erect penis and ordered her, 'Take care of THIS.'"

Yeah, I know this is the National Enquirer.  But if there is one thing the Enquirer seems to consistently get right it is sex scandals.

Now tell me:  if Al Gore were a Republican icon is there any doubt that the media would have been all over the allegations from when Molly Hagerty - the first accuser - came forward, right through to these new ones?  Or would the story have been buried after just one or two days, the way the Gore story was?

I know, I know.  Why even bother to say it again.

free` Ken, I think you need to amend part of your commentary. "From the National Enquirer (which seems to have cornered the market in uncovering sex scandals) we have this:" I think it should read uncovering democrat sex scandals, because the msm has no problem reporting when an R is involved. Oh an b.t.w I am not a Republican but I can see the double standard every day. (07/21/10)

Zeke ... ... I, for one, do NOT believe that Albert Gore had sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky. .... ... However, Monica has no training in Massage Therapy. .. .... (07/21/10)


Ken Berwitz

Interesting 24 hours.

Yesterday we saw video of USDA Director of Rural Development Shirley Sherrod, speaking at an NAACP banquet, and telling her audience that, years ago, she did not do all she could for a White farmer in need.  She decided not to help as much as she had to so that she covered her backside, then handed him off to a White employee who she described as "his own kind". 

Her exact words (the bold print is mine):

"The first time I was faced with having to help a white farmer save his farm, he took a long time talking but he was trying to show me he was superior to me. I know what he was doing, but he had come to me for help. What he didn't know while he was taking all that time trying to show me he was superior to me was, I was trying to decide just how much help I was going to give him.

"I was struggling with the fact that so many black people had lost their farmland, and here I was faced with having to help a white person save their land. So I didn't give him the full force of what I could do. I did enough so that when he, I assumed the Department of Agriculture had sent him to me, either that or the Georgia Department of Agriculture, and he needed to go back and report that I did try to help him.

So I took him to a white lawyer that had attended some of training that we had provided because Chapter 12 bankruptcy had just been enacted for the family farm. So I figured if I take him to one of them, that his own kind would take care of him."

I was fully expecting to write more about Ms. Sherrod's racism in today's blog. 

But having reviewed a large part of the overall speech (which you can see by clicking here. -- the key segment is from about 16:45 to 21:25), I conclude that Ms. Sherrod is right to claim that the purpose of her story was to show how she came to realize her job was about helping poor people regardless of their race.

So I apologize to Shirley Sherrod for what I wrote yesterday.  I did not know there was more to the video and, had I seen that additional footage, would have been singing a different tune then -- as I am now.

Unless some additional information comes my way that changes things again, I hope she is reinstated at her job.


UPDATE:  Here is video of a segment on Hannity last night, in which Andrew Breitbart, who provided the tape that seemed to incriminate Shirley Sherrod, explains how he got it, why he put it on line and what he thinks about Ms. Sherrod.  I assure you that a) you will understand far more about what really happened by watching this and b) you will be surprised by what Mr. Breitbart says.

Teaser:  According to Hannity, Fox did not report this story until after Agriculture Secretary (and Democrat) Tom Vilsak - and President Obama -  had come to the same conclusion I did, and had forced Ms. Sherrod to resign. 

If true, this makes a lot of people - very especially Matt Lauer of the Today Show who gleefully used the occasion to take potshots at Fox and his assorted other conservative bogeymen this morning - out to be partisan, ignorant idiots. 

Also, Breitbart ties the Sherrod incident to the consummately disgraceful behavior of mainstream media and the NAACP, who continue to perpetuate the phony claim by four Black congresspeople that racial epithets were hurled at them at a Tea Party demonstration.

Zeke .... .... Damn it, Ken .... You need to recognize that Responsible Journalism should NEVER let itself be confused by the FACTS. ... .... .... The white farmer's wife just issued a statement saying that she and her husband were helped by this disparaged USDA former official. .... .... (07/21/10)

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