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Ken Berwitz

Does President Obama really want this fight?

Excerpted from Kyle Peterson's blog at

State officials say immigration law is backed by legal precedent


By Kyle Peterson - The Daily Caller | Published: 06/19/10 at 12:16 AM | Updated: 06/19/10 at 12:59 PM


After Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accidentally let it slip during an interview that the Department of Justice would bring a lawsuit against Arizona challenging its recently passed immigration law, state leaders say they are confident that SB 1070 will be upheld.


We will prevail, said Russell Pearce, the state senator who sponsored the legislation. I vetted this bill very, very carefully, anticipating a lawsuit, and making sure we wrote it right.

Every poll I have seen tells me that the USA supports Arizona's illegal immigration laws and wants our borders to be secure.  Can President Obama possibly be serious about fighting to remove those laws?

And what about congressonal Democrats, who are going into an election season that already looks like a disaster?  Can they possibly want to jump off the cliff with him?

Ironically, Mr. Obama does have an avenue for negating Arizona's laws:  he can enforce the federal laws he is sworn to uphold.  That would render SB 1070 moot, wouldn't it? 

But that is exactly what he is not doing.  Why?

Let me put it this way:  if illegal aliens had a wish list, what would it be? 

-An administration that does not enforce border security. 

-An administration that halfheartedly promises to send only the most nominal number troops - 1,200 for a 360 mile border -  then doesn't even come across with the 1,200. 

-An administration that stopped the building a border security fence. 

-An administration that will literally has ceded sovereign U.S. territory to drug dealers and human traffickers. 

-An administration that will fight tooth and nail against individual states which try to overcome its uselessness and stanch the tidal wave of illegals via state laws.

Incredibly, President Obama's administration has given them the total package.

In an earlier blog I asked which side Barack Obama is on.  I'm asking it again here.


Ken Berwitz

John Hinderaker, at, has put up what I would call a lament about President Obama's "leadership" and how it has diminished both him and the USA in the eyes of the world

I try to excerpt commentaries, but this one goes up word for word:

More Profligate than the Europeans

June 19, 2010 Posted by John at 9:00 AM


It was bad enough when France's President Sarkozy lectured Barack Obama on how to conduct a strong foreign policy. Then, it was: the Obama administration--weaker than the French! Now, it is: the Obama administration--more profligate than the Europeans! Germany's Angela Merkel rejects Obama's call for more government debt, world-wide:


German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday spending cutbacks are needed following the spate of throwing money at the global economic crisis, in a direct counter to US President Barack Obama.


Referring to the G20 summit in Canada next weekend, Merkel said in a videotaped message that "we are going to discuss when to quit the phase of short-term measures and go on to lasting budget consolidation." Such a move was "urgently necessary, in the view of the Europeans and particularly of Germany," she said.


Obama urged the world's leading economies Friday to avoid scaling back government spending too quickly or risk derailing the global recovery. ...


The warning -- a clear shot at European governments reining in budget deficits -- comes after months of worry about the health of the eurozone, fueled by huge public debts in Greece and Spain.


Germany, Europe's biggest economy, is working on a multibillion-euro package of spending cuts designed to bolster government finances and recoup market confidence.


It's bad enough that Obama wants to destroy our children's futures, now he's trying to bankrupt Europe, too. Honestly, I never thought I would be this embarrassed by an American President.

Is John right?  You tell me.


Ken Berwitz

Hey, one good lament deserves another.

Since I just posted John Hinderaker's lament regarding the Obama presidency, I thought I'd give you Newsweek editor/publisher Mort Zuckerman's as well.

Here, from Mr. Zuckerman's article, is the key excerpt:

The reviews of Obama's performance have been disappointing. He has seemed uncomfortable in the role of leading other nations, and often seems to suggest there is nothing special about America's role in the world. The global community was puzzled over the pictures of Obama bowing to some of the world's leaders and surprised by his gratuitous criticisms of and apologies for America's foreign policy under the previous administration of George W. Bush. One Middle East authority, Fouad Ajami, pointed out that Obama seems unaware that it is bad form and even a great moral lapse to speak ill of one's own tribe while in the lands of others.

Even in Britain, for decades our closest ally, the talk in the presssupported by pollsis about the end of the "special relationship" with America. French President Nicolas Sarkozy openly criticized Obama for months, including a direct attack on his policies at the United Nations. Sarkozy cited the need to recognize the real world, not the virtual world, a clear reference to Obama's speech on nuclear weapons. When the French president is seen as tougher than the American president, you have to know that something is awry. Vladimir Putin of Russia has publicly scorned a number of Obama's visions. Relations with the Chinese leadership got off to a bad start with the president's poorly-organized visit to China, where his hosts treated him disdainfully and prevented him from speaking to a national television audience of the Chinese people. The Chinese behavior was unprecedented when compared to visits by other U.S. presidents.

Obama's policy on Afghanistansupporting a surge in troops, but setting a date next year when they will begin to withdrawnot only gave a mixed signal, but provided an incentive for the Taliban just to wait us out. The withdrawal part of the policy was meant to satisfy a domestic constituency, but succeeded in upsetting all of our allies in the region. Further anxiety was provoked by Obama's severe public criticism of Afghan President Hamid Karzai and his coterie of family and friends for their lackluster leadership, followed by a reversal of sorts regarding the same leaders.

Politically, John Hinderaker and Mort Zuckerman do not have a lot in common.  But, as you can see, they share a great deal of common ground when it comes to President Obama.

Is Mr. Zuckerman right?  I'll ask what I asked about Mr. Hinderaker's piece:  You tell me.

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