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Ken Berwitz

Arizona is lucky to have Jan Brewer.

Not only did she sign illegal alien legislation into law, but she has absolutely no problem defending it - or giving back as good as she's getting from the federalistas, led by President Obama, who are so up in arms about those laws.  The bold print is mine.

From Michael Van Der Galien at

Gov. Brewer: Obama is a Comic-in-Chief

2010 May 16


by Michael van der Galien


Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has had enough with the left-wing attacks on her state after its legislature passed a now controversial law to curb illegal immigration. She was especially irritated by a joke President Obama made about this law at the recent White House Correspondents Dinner. 

Back then Obama said, once again proving he has sense of humor: We all know what happens in Arizona when you dont have ID adios, amigos. 

Its fair to ask whether he intends to be the Commander-in-Chief or the Comic-in-Chief, Brewer shot back yesterday when announcing the launch of a website aimed at educating the United States about her states new law. Since the presidents joke was so inappropriate, I suppose, if I wanted to join in the comedian game, I could suggest that he should not give up his day job. 

Although the above made perfectly clear what she thinks of Obama, Brewer wasnt quite done yet. Unfortunately, though, he isnt doing very well at that one, either, she added as a punchline. 

Governor Brewer certainly made jokes, but its perfectly clear from the video (see below) that she has it with the criticism directed at her state. She wants the Obama administration to either do something about the illegal immigration problem or to let individual states deal with it and get out of the way. 

Additionally, the governor was clearly angry with Obama (and the Left in general) for pretending that border security has something to do with racism. The president, Gov. Brewer said, apparently sees this all as a wonderful opportunity to divide people along racial lines for his personal political gain. It goes without saying that she rightly considers this a terrible tactic. This isnt an immigration crisis but a border security crisis, she said to loud applause from those present.

Although shes certainly right that the Obamas use of the race card is contemptible, I wonder what else she expected from a disciple of the infamous Saul Alinsky. Obamas simply doing what his teacher taught him. Hes using Alinskys rules for radicals against his opponents, including the governor of Arizona. Is it despicable? Sure. Is it surprising though? Certainly not. 

In any case, its interesting to see that Obamas becoming increasingly less popular among (mostly conservative) governors. Normally presidents do everything in their power to create somewhat of a healthy relationship with individual governors. Obama, however, seems to believe that he doesnt need them. Brewer is now making clear that he couldnt be more wrong. Governors can put up a terrible fight when they want to. 

Lastly, I wonder how long it will be before the race card will be useless altogether. There certainly are racists out there, but the Left is accusing its opponents so often of racism that it cant be long before it loses its strength as a tactic. What will Obama and his friends do then to prevent the borders from being secured?



Yesterday I blogged about how, in answer to California's imperious criticism of the Arizona laws, Arizonans have been cancelling their vacation plans there.  One commenter who lives in California, suggested that if the state ran a referendum on those laws, they would pass. 

For whatever it's worth, I have no doubt whatsoever that he is right.

free` This is too funny for words. LA City Councilman blasts AZ law for provisions in CA penal code - Before critics of Arizona’s new immigration law make fools of themselves, they should really try to read the bill. And if those critics are officials of other states or cities, maybe they should take a quick tour of their own laws first, too. (05/17/10)


Ken Berwitz

The Gallup poll on abortion has just come out.  And, for the third consecutive time (albeit by a thin margin), more people characterize themselves as pro-life than as pro-choice.

This was obviously good news to Steve Ertfelt, editor of the staunchly pro-life web site.  Here is an excerpt from his article:

Gallup Poll Finds More Americans Pro-Life Than Pro-Abortion, The "New Normal"

by Steven Ertelt Editor
May 17, 2010

Washington, DC ( -- The Gallup released the results of a new survey confirming, for the third time in the last year, that more Americans call themselves pro-life than "pro-choice" on abortion. That's enough for the respected polling firm to say a pro-life majority is the "new normal" in the United States.

According to a May 3-6 Gallup poll, 47 percent of Americans say they are pro-life on abortion versus 45 percent who say they are "pro-choice," supporting legal abortions.

This is nearly identical to the 47% to 46% division Gallup found last July, which was down from the 51-42 percent split favoring the pro-life position last May.

Because this is the third consecutive time Gallup has found more Americans taking the pro-life position, the polling firm calls the results "a real change in public opinion."

Looking at the Gallup polling data dating back to 1995, the pro-life movement has been successful in changing public opinion on abortion -- as Gallup found a 56-33 percent pro-abortion split in 1995. That 23 percent pro-abortion majority has shifted 25 percent towards the pro-life position to the pro-life majority the movement against abortion enjoys today.


Massachusetts Citizens for Life president Anne Fox credits that shift to the pro-life movement's focus on legislation such as a partial-birth abortion ban that highlights how abortion kills unborn children.


"The battles we have had to fight at the legislative level, Partial Birth Abortion Ban and Obamacare among them, and at the political level (which provides our only chance to get abortion into the media) are the cause of these positive moves in public opinion," she said.


"You and I are working to educate people about the value of every human life and we are succeeding," she added.

I suppose if I were Mr. Ertfelt I'd be crowing a little too.  This is quite a turnaround from 10-15 years ago.  But I'd tread a little lightly on the premise that pro-life activism was what did it. 

The battle regarding partial birth abortion was almost certain to be a winner, but it is hardly a pro-life victory.   Even a great many people who are fine with a woman's right to abortion are appalled by this procedure, because they see see with their own eyes that it entails the mutilation and death of a live baby. 

Personally I think the biggest reason attitudes are turning around relates to advances in ultrasound technology, which enable us to see a fetus at early stages of development.  Illustratively, very early in our daughter in law's pregnancies, my wife and I saw our grandchildren's ultrasounds (sonographs), and could make out the shape of an actual baby, not just some lump of tissue in a sac - which, I strongly suspect, is what a lot of people used to picture. 

Seeing the defined shape of an actual child changes things.  A lot.

In any case, for whatever the reasons, if Gallup's data are accurate we now have a country that is evenly split on abortion, with the momentum currently with the pro-life side.

I wonder where it goes from here.

Zeke .... Partial Birth Abortion (Intact dilation and extraction) accounts for less than 2 out of 1000 abortions in the US. .... ... The number of US abortions annually has been declining sharply : .. 1990 - 1.43 million ..... 2000 - 858 thousand .... 2005 - 820 thousand . .... This is a steady downward decline .. not an up and down thing. .... ... Ethnicity is a factor in abortions / 1000 women: ... Black - 49;.... Hispanic - 33; .... non-Hispanic White - 13. .... .... .... I was not able to grab hold of impartial Medical vs "I don't want it" statistics for Partial Birth. (05/17/10)


Ken Berwitz

An Arab American was named Miss USA yesterday.  Isn't that wonderful?

Well, read this, excerpted from Debbie Schlussel's column of May 12th, and see how you feel:

May 12, 2010, - 1:59 pm

EXCLUSIVE: Miss USA Contestant is Shiite Muslim Hezbollah Supporter, Used Pageant Name to Promote Muslim Female Subjugation; Hezbo Taqiyyah Allows Bikinis?

By Debbie Schlussel


A couple of years ago, I told you that Donald Trump moved the Miss Universe pageant, which he owns, from Dubai because it would not allow Miss Israel into the country to compete. 

But now, Trump has brought the Islamic intolerance INTO the Miss USA pageant, rather than escaping from it.  Rima Fakih, Miss Michigan USA, who will compete in Sunday Nights pageant broadcast on NBC, is a Dearbornistan Shiite Muslim who is a supporter of Hezbollah and used the pageant name at a forum promoting Islamic subjugation of women.  She was born in the Hezbollah stronghold of Srifa in South Lebanon, which Israel was forced to attack in the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war because it was a site of Hezbollah weaponry.  Her devout Muslim family comes from the Hezbollah-controlled South Lebanon.  Intelligence sources confirm that at least three of Fakihs relatives are currently top officials in Hezbollah and that at least eight Fakih family members were Hezbollah terrorists killed by the Israelis in past Israel-Lebanese wars and interventions.  Some of her family members were originally in Harakat Amal [the Shi'ite Amal militia], which is now essentially a part of Hezbollah.  Theres a reason that even Al-Manar TVHezbollahs official TV networkis high on Fakih in the Miss USA pageant.

Last years Miss USA pageant was controversial because airheaded Miss California bimbo Carrie Prejean rode both sides of the fence in responding to pageant judge and gay activist Perez Hiltons (a/k/a Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr.) question about gay marriage.  But will judges in this years pageant have the guts to ask Miss Michigan USA a far more important question:  if she will condemn Hezbollah, the Islamic terrorist group which murdered over 300 US Marines and civilians in the 1983 bombings of the barracks and U.S. Embassy in Beirut?  Will they ask her to condemn the group that tortured and trampled to death Navy Diver Robert Dean Stethem after hijacking TWA flight 847 and tortured to death Col. Rich Higgins and CIA attache William Buckley?  The group working with Al-Qaeda to provide explosives to blow up our troops in Iraq and to blow up innocent civilians in several other Qaeda/Hezbollah joint ventures?  Dont count on it. And they have to ask her to specifically condemn Hezbollah. The usual nebulous Islamic terrorists condemnation doesnt count because they dont think any of their groups, like Hezbollah, are terrorists, but legitimate resistance.  And dont wait for them to ask her if she recognizes Israels right to exist.

They simply dont have the guts.  And I doubt Donald Trump does either.  He didnt even have the guts to stop Libyas lunatic leader, Muammar Qaddafi, from renting his property.

Dont let her lack of a headscarf and her donning a bikini in public fool you.  Miss Michigan USA, Rimah Fakih is a Muslim activist and propagandist extraordinaire.  She recently participated, using the Miss Michigan USA name to promote Islamic subjugation of women, in a Henry Ford Community Colleges tax-funded forum promoting Islam, featuring many Shiite extremists.  One of the prominent participants on-stage with Fakih was Najah Bazzy, the Islamic Nurse Ratched who was apparently involved in Medicaid fraud at Oakwood Hospital, helping thousands of pregnant Muslim alien women use fake social security numbers to pay for the delivery of their babies, and enabling instant anchorbabyhood.

Topics at the forum in which Miss Michigan USA participated included these:

Why do some Arab women cover themselves while others dont;
Are Muslim women allowed to marry non-Muslim men?
Under Muslim law, are women allowed to divorce their husbands?

Hey, maybe the Miss USA pageant judges can ask this Muslima pageant contestant if she believes in the separation of mosque and state.

I urge you to use the link I've provided and read Ms. Schlussel's entire piece.  Then be sure to read Schlussel's new column, published today, in which she expands on, and further references, the new Miss USA's ties to hezbollah.

Will our wonderful "neutral" media talk at all about rima fakih's ties to a terrorist organization at all on the network news tonight? 

We can't know for sure until the news airs.  But, on the Today Show, we've already got our answer. 

In a word?  No.  Just a short, warm-fuzzy little report that mentioned her family had emigrated to Lebanon.  Not a word about that same family's involvement in hezbollah.

Way to go guys. 


Zeke .... ... Hey ! ... ... I like _THIS_ Peace Plan for the Middle East. .... .... .... Couldn't find a picture of her in a burqa. ....... (05/18/10)


Ken Berwitz

This morning was the last time this g*d*mn mo**erf***ing bird will wake us up by flinging itself into the window above our bed at sunrise (it's getting earlier by a few minutes each day, so we're assuming it's a sunrise thing).

We were going to get bird repellant (assuming there is such a thing) from home depot yesterday, but wound up in a bit of a timing crunch and couldn't do so.  Also, we were considering commenter "free"'s suggestion of getting a ceramic owl and putting it by the window, but didn't have time for that either.

Well, one way or another this idiot bird has had it.  Tomorrow it is in for a surprise.  A big one.

I wonder if army surplus stores sell live grenades.....



Ken Berwitz

Please read this excerpt from an article by Ben Geman, writing for  I'll have a few questions afterwards:

Offshore drilling agency refuses to send witness to Senate oil spill hearing

By Ben Geman - 05/17/10 03:23 PM ET

The federal agency that regulates offshore oil drilling declined to send a witness to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committees hearing Monday on the federal response to the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Committee Chairman Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) said.

The committee had requested the appearance of a top official from the Interior Departments Minerals Management Service. Liebermans panel is probing the adequacy of BPs federally approved oil drilling and spill response plans.

I regret that the MMS leadership has chosen not to appear before our committee today because they really need to be asked the same questions I am going to ask Homeland Security, the Coast Guard and BP, Lieberman said Monday afternoon as the hearing commenced.

The Monday hearing includes Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, a top U.S. Coast guard official and BP America President Lamar McKay. Lieberman said that the committee may ask Interior Secretary Ken Salazar or an MMS official to appear at a subsequent hearing.

Salazar is testifying Tuesday before two other Senate committees about the catastrophic accident at the Deepwater Horizon offshore rig: Energy and Natural Resources, and Environment and Public Works.

Lieberman opened the hearing with an attack on federal oversight of offshore drilling. He faulted MMS for approving inadequate BP plans.

Did our government, through MMS, require an oil spill response plan adequate to the widest range of possible dangers, including the failure of a blowout preventer?, Lieberman said, referring to a failure of device that is supposed to cut off damaged wells. It sure appears that they did not.

MMS has come under fire in the wake of the April 20 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig and subsequent spill that oil giant BP has been unable to contain.

Ok, there it is.  Now a few questions:

-Where does the Minerals Management Service get off refusing to send a witness to explain why this administration was so unprepared for a major oil spill and so useless regarding any remedial action to protect our shorelines?

-We have a very good idea of who is at fault non-governmentally.  But what about in the Mineral Management Service?  Who dropped the ball?  Give us some names.  What is MMS hiding and who are they protecting? 

-How far up the chain does this go?

-And one other intriguing question:  will the mainstream media be covering this stonewall of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee?  Or does it get swept right under the rug and go unreported?

We'll soon find out.


UPDATE:  From Joe Carroll, writing for

May 17 (Bloomberg) -- The chief U.S. oversight official for offshore oil drilling resigned today, four weeks after a rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico that killed 11 workers, sank the vessel and triggered leaks that have spewed millions of gallons of crude into the sea.

Chris Oynes, associate director of the offshore energy and minerals management program for the Interior Departments Minerals Management Service, has left his job, Bill Lee, an agency spokesman, said in an interview.

Oynes left amid heightened scrutiny of rig-safety inspections and mounting criticism of what President Barack Obama described as the agencys cozy relationship with the energy industry.

This wasnt the doing of one, single person, but rather the culmination of a bureaucratic breakdown, U.S. Representative Darrell Issa, a California Republican, said in an e-mailed statement. Removing one person might be a start, but MMS is in need of an exhaustive overhaul and comprehensive reform.

So it starts......

Zeke .... .... You're doing a Heck of a Job, Barry. .... .... (05/18/10)

free` There are an awful lot of people that not only owe President Bush an apology but also Michael Brown [the head of fema during hurricane Katrina]. (05/18/10)


Ken Berwitz

This thin (and I do mean thin) slice of "intelligence" comes to us via Cynthia Vega's piece from WFAA (Dallas-Fort Worth):

Immigration reform supporters calls for boycott of Frito Lay


DALLAS - A group of local activists who arrived back to Dallas from Arizona Monday morning said there are more plans of protest coming.

Leaving on a "freedom bus" last week, the group traveled to Arizona to protest the state's new controversial immigration law.

"They are starting to feel it in Arizona," said Domingo Garcia, an activist. "The hotels are empty, casinos are empty and they understand bigotry and racism do not pay. And, if they don't understand it yet, they are getting the message."

The group of immigration reform supporters had no plans to rest when they arrived back home. Instead, they began to regroup for a protest in Plano at the headquarters of Frito Lay North American, Inc.

The protesters consist of  Mega March organizers and LULAC and Accion America members.

Their most recent protest is part of a national boycott against Frito Lay. The group wants Frito Lay to drop its name from the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, which is one of Arizona's biggest events. After not hearing from the company a week after sending a letter asking the company to withdraw its sponsorship, protesters made plans to gather at the headquarters at 4 p.m.

"We think that getting Frito Lay to withdraw its corporate sponsorship would be sending a very strong message to Arizona that its laws are not going to be tolerated by corporate America," said Carlos Quintanilla, Accion America.

Frito Lay has partnered with the college football bowl game for 14 years.

As of noon Monday, Frito Lay had yet to return WFAA calls.

 Do you even remotely believe that the hotels and casinos of Arizona are - what did this genius say?  Oh yeah - "empty"? 

I don't know what color Domingo Garcia's eyes started out as, but when he made that comment he was so full of (bleep) his eyes turned brown.

I called several Arizona casinos and asked the reservations person whether business was doing ok (I have calls in to PR and managerial people as well, but frankly I trust the rez folks more when it comes to this).  I got answers like "it's right where we expect" and "we're pretty full right now". 

If Frito-Lay buys this BS and pulls sponsorship of the Fiesta Bowl, not only will they be acting shamefully by caving in to these BS artists, but I personally will stop buying Frito-Lay products as my own protest. 

Me alone?  They'll never notice.  But I am betting that a large number of social and political groups will do the same.  And that, they will notice.

I hope they're too smart for this.  But corporations often cave to the people who scream loudest.  So we'll see.


Ken Berwitz

From Julie Mason, writing for

President Obama today signed the Daniel Pearl Freedom of the Press Act, a measure that gives the federal government an oversight role in tracking international press freedom issues. The pool-only event went down in the Oval, where Obama was asked if he would entertain some questions -- specifically about BP.

"Speaking of press freedoms," ventured Chip Reid of CBS News.

"You're certainly free to ask the question," Obama said. "I won't be answering, I'm not doing a press conference today, but we'll be seeing you in the course of the week."

FYI, President Obama has not had a press conference since July of last year.  That's 10 MONTHS.

This, from the man who boasted of providing "transparency" in government.

Tell me:  Would mainstream media have let George Bush get away with no press conferences in 10 months?

bobw maybe the tele-promter is in arizona!!! (05/17/10)


Ken Berwitz

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know it is possible to be anti-Israel but not anti-Semitic.  And I do know a couple of people whom I would classify that way.

But can we be honest enough to admit that a huge majority of the people who are one, are the other as well?  Thanks.

Now that we've got that settled, here, in its entirety, is Ralph Peters' piece in today's New York Post, in which he talks about the anti-Israel/anti-Semites.  Mr. Peters says it so well that I don't need to put my two cents in at the end, it just isn't necessary:

America's new anti-Semitism

Last Updated: 3:04 AM, May 17, 2010

Posted: 10:26 PM, May 16, 2010

It's those damned Jews." That's the muffled message I hear when, pretending to represent our national interest, voices call for the abandonment of Israel.


We've heard it from agenda-driven scholars who write that our alliance with Israel is responsible for our problems in the Middle East. More worrisome still, I've begun to hear it from a minority of military officers, as well as from Washington types.


This latest, and sadly lasting, bout of moral cancer can be dated back to 2006 and the publication of an article that had sought a home for years, "The Israeli Lobby And US Foreign Policy," by professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt. The book's assault on Israel was welcomed by figures including President Jimmy Carter's national-security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski -- a hoary Israel detractor. With their Ivy League credentials, Mearsheimer and Walt made anti-Israeli diatribes (semi-)respectable. Their effect has been lasting.


OK, let's get one thing straight: There is no evidence that if Israel disappeared tomorrow, the Middle East would suddenly blossom into a pro-American model of justice, hard work and progress.


Nor is there any evidence that anti-American terrorism would slacken. In al Qaeda's list of complaints, Israel barely makes the top dozen. A US turn away from Israel would only encourage and empower terrorists, convincing them of our cowardice and folly.


The grotesquely failed societies of the Middle East desperately need Israel and the US to blame for their self-wrought problems. Neither Washington nor Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are responsible for the Arab world's pervasive corruption, stagnation, oppression of women and lack of creativity or a work ethic.


Neither the US nor Israel is to blame for the unprecedented squandering of wealth by Arab oil powers, for their failure to invest in human capital or productive infrastructure, for the absence of democracy and respect for human rights, or for the region's mockery of the rule of law.


Given the vast homemade tragedy of the greater Middle East, it's inevitable that Israel's hated for its shining success amid the local squalor. Likewise, the US is hated for our might -- and the seductiveness of our civilization.


But if that explains why Arabs, Persians and others would relish, but not reward, our abandonment of Israel, it doesn't explain the American voices repeating Arab propaganda about devious Jews controlling our foreign policy.

I divide the dump-Israel movement's leaders and fellow travelers into four groups:

Old-fashioned anti-Semites: It's no longer socially acceptable to accuse Jews of sacrificing Christian infants. But it's quite fashionable to blame Israelis for the suffering of Palestinian children. One doesn't mention "Jews." But calumnies against "Israelis" are the new, politically correct blood libel.

Academics: It's more than simply the juvenile leftism that diseases liberal-arts faculties. This is also a financial transaction. Massive Arab gifts and endowments have turned many of our "leading" universities into intellectual brothels.


President Obama's left-wing base: From the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's congregation to the administration's "social activists," this bunch long has accepted as gospel the notion that Palestinian terrorists are "freedom fighters" while Israelis are "fascists." Don't try to reason with them -- this really is their "gospel."


Military officers: I take this one personally. While only a sliver of the officer corps mumbles about Israel's purported negative effect on our regional policy, this is nonetheless an alarming development. I read this uniformed lunacy as a schizophrenic reaction to a decade's involvement in Iraq.


On one hand, extended first-hand experience of Arab culture has not filled our troops with respect for the same (any officer who had fairy-tale, Lawrence-of-Arabia notions about the region has had them extinguished, to put it mildly). Yet the daily drone of Arab complaints about Israel -- blamed for every Arab misfortune back to the destruction of Baghdad by the Mongols -- has had a cumulative effect. Criticism takes the form of "A plague on both their houses."


I ask the gripers categorized above for any evidence that our betrayal of Israel would have the slightest positive effect. The Saudis wouldn't even drop the price of oil for 24 hours.


Go back to the bordello side of all this: Wealthy Arabs have bought a great deal of influence in Washington, lavishing money on think tanks, contracts on US firms and expensive gifts on individuals. (A few years back, one American "authority" on the Middle East delightedly told me that he'd been given five Rolexes.)


In contrast to these ingratiating, deep-pocketed Arabs, Israelis are brusque and dismissive, relying on American Jews to smooth things over. Well, sorry, Israel needs to rediscover public relations. With the global media rabidly pro-Palestinian, Israel had better get back in the information fight.


The recent attacks on Israel that masquerade as sober analysis boil down to the age-old anti-Semitic query: "Wouldn't we better off without those Jews?"


My answer, as an American, is "No."

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