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Ken Berwitz

Yesterday, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed what clearly is the toughest anti-illegal legislation in the country.  It will force immigrants to carry documentation with them at all times, and it gives the police increased latitude in detaining people suspected of being in the country illegally. 

Does it go too far?  Frankly, it probably does.  The idea of police being able to stop people and demand to see their papers has a very unsettling feel to it.  A little too World-War-II-Europe for me.  Maybe a lot.

But there is another side to this. 

What was Governor Brewer supposed to do, when every avenue of preventing illegal aliens from streaming into Arizona was either non-existent or not being enforced? 

President Obama said that he would tackle tough new immigration policies within the first 100 days of his administration.  But that was another of the countless in-your-face lies he has told us. Mr. Obama has been in office for over 15 months - more than 400 days - and hasn't done a damn thing about illegal aliens, except to criticize Governor Brewer for what she did. 

That is pathetic. 

Note to President Obama:  Ms. Brewer does not govern Illinois, which is in the middle of the country, and she doesn't govern Washington DC, which is over a thousand miles from Mexico.  She governs Arizona.  ARIZONA.  Where the illegals are coming in. 

It is Ms. Brewer who has to deal with a state being flooded with illegals who have no right to be in the country, who utilize taxpayer funded services that they didn't pay for, who strain the emergency rooms of hospitals to the breaking point to get free care - again on the backs of taxpayers - and who often take below-minimum-wage jobs, which deny legals the ability to get those jobs with legitimate wages and benefits.

Then there is the matter of a wholesale killing and kidnapping epidemic going on in northern Mexico, in which the drug cartels are literally at war with what passes for Mexican authorities - and which has started to spill into US border states like Arizona.  If the federal government is not going to act definitively to stop this carnage, what should Ms. Brewer do?  Issue a proclamation thanking President Obama?   Or sign serious legislation that gives her state a fighting chance?

So, as uncomfortable as I personally am with parts of what Governor Brewer has signed, I understand that she was painted into a corner, due to the dereliction of duty in Washington DC by President Obama (and the Presidents who preceded him, let's not forget.  Their inaction brought us to this point as well).

Now, having signed Arizona's new immigration legislation it into law, Governor Brewer is guaranteed to be called every name in the book.  Racist, anti-Latino, neanderthal, right winger, nazi, fascist, etc. etc. etc. - by many of the same people who are perfectly happy that there have been no serious efforts to curb illegals all these years.

I suggest she wear them as a badge of honor.


Ken Berwitz

That title is from National Review editor Rich Lowry's latest column, which is excerpted below.  And does it ever blow the lid off the absolutely, unequivocally BS claim that Wall Street is some kind of Republican enterprise (the bold print is mine):

The Wall Street Democrats
Pro-business does not mean pro-market.

When President Barack Obamas vast new regulatory state is completed, Wall Street firms ought to have a competition over the naming rights.

Will it be the CitiDeal? Or the Goldman Society? Or the UBS/J.P. Morgan Joint Initiative for the Establishment of a Social Democracy?

The Democratic majority was bought and paid for by Wall Street and corporate money. The Masters of the Universe helped give us the Masters of the Beltway, in a synergistic exercise that would have dumbfounded even Lenin. When he famously said capitalists would sell the rope to hang them with, he was at least talking of a commercial transaction not maxing out to a campaign committee.

Democrats beat Republicans in the Wall Street money chase in 2006, and kept on going. In the 2008 election cycle, Democrats garnered 73 percent of the political donations of Goldman Sachs, as well as the majority of donations from other financial giants such as UBS and Citigroup. They soaked up most of the hedge-fund money, and won the battle for donations from industries as varied as health care, defense, and law.

Wall Street has its share of ideologically motivated liberals who wouldnt blink if Obama called for nationalizing the banks, so long as he continued to support abortion on demand. Goldman Sachs alum Jon Corzine is emblematic of the breed; he made a bundle on Wall Street before devoting himself in all earnestness to bankrupting New Jersey.

Then, theres fear and greed. The more Washington does, the greater the need to protect yourself, and the greater the opportunities for profit. A writer for the Huffington Post reported on carve-outs in the financial-reform bill. Obtaining a carve-out isnt rocket science, a Republican financial-services lobbyist told the website. Just give Chairman [Chris] Dodd and Chuck Schumer a [expletive denoting a lot] of money.

Thats the Democratic appeal writ large. They are running a protection racket. No matter how bad a reform is, it could be worse. This is how they bought off the drug companies in the health-care debate by threatening worse. It is why the insurance companies were conflicted. Yes, they were maligned. But theyd live to fight another day, and in the meantime, the government would mandate that people buy their product.

I urge you use the link I've provided and read every word of Lowry's expos (that's certainly what it is to me). 

Then you will understand what a farce Barack Obama's "reform" of Wall Street is - and who the real beneficiaries are.


Ken Berwitz

How can an administration top the claim that it "created or saved" almost two million jobs in 2009, when the country actually lost 4 million jobs?  How do you top that kind of a lie?

Well, don't say Joe Biden isn't trying.

Here, via an excerpt from Reuters, is his (thus the administration's) latest gambit:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) Vice President Joe Biden predicted on Friday the U.S. economy would create 100,000 to 200,000 jobs next month, with a rise to 250,000 to 500,000 jobs per month soon afterward, according to a press pool report.

"We caught a lot of bad breaks on the way down. We're going to catch a few good breaks because of good planning on the way up," Biden told a political fundraiser in Pittsburgh, the pool report said, as he hailed the Obama administration's recovery efforts.

Wait a minute.

Bad breaks on the way down?  I thought the "bad breaks" was the Bush administration.  How come that isn't being passed off as the reason the way it has been since Barack Obama and Joe Biden took office?

Maybe it is because we are over a year into the Obama administration, and this phoney-baloney excuse has worn so thin that he can't use it anymore.  If so, they've got to find some other excuse;  some other reason besides their own failure to perform.  So now they're blaming it on "bad breaks".  

I wonder if passing a "stimulus package" which put us almost a trillion dollars more into debt, and resulted in a 25% INCREASE in unemployment, qualifies as a bad break.


Ken Berwitz

What a stupid question that is!  We all know the 2008 bank crash was caused by that idiot, bumbling, inept dufus George Bush, right?

Well, right?

Uh, maybe the answer just might be a tad more inclusive than that.

Here are excerpts from Noel Sheppard's fascinating blog, at, which gives us considerable insight about who else was orchestrating this macabre little financial dance:

In the past 20 months, liberal media members have routinely blamed 2008's financial crisis on George W. Bush, Republicans, Wall Street, and greed.

Someone that has hardly ever been accused of having a hand in what led to the tumult is former President Bill Clinton.

As NewsBusters has been reporting almost since the crash began, it was Clinton who signed into law two key bills -- the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 and the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 -- that ushered in the malfeasance that almost toppled the world economy.

On Saturday, a former editorial page editor for the Wall Street Journal, George Melloan, made the connection even stronger as he pointed a finger at someone most in the media have shamelessly given a pass for his involvement in this crisis (h/t @RLMcMahon):


To promote "affordable" housing, Bill Clinton had excused the two giant government-sponsored housing finance agencies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, from normal banking rules, allowing them leverage ratios far in excess of the limits on ordinary lenders. Banks were forced to write risky mortgage loans, a large number of which were then folded into mortgage-backed securities that Fannie, Freddie and others sold internationally with triple-A ratings.

This business seized up, crippling banks throughout the world, when holders began to realize that the assets that backed the securities, home mortgages, were going under water at an alarming rate.

Now that puts a somewhat different light on things, wouldn't you say?

I urge you to click on the link I've provided above and real Noel's entire piece.  Then you'll have a far better idea of the real answer.  And a huge leg up on the people who "know" it was Bush and Bush alone -- which, unfortunately, appears to include a very large percentage of our wonderful "neutral" media.


Ken Berwitz

Excerpted from an Associated Press article:

The Supreme Court has turned down ACORNs request for help in its lawsuit claiming Congress was wrong to shut off the activist groups federal funding.

The high court on Friday refused to throw out a decision by the federal appellate court in New York City. That court had decided to freeze a judges determination that Congress acted unconstitutionally in yanking the groups funding.

 Is this good news?  It sure is to me.  I consider ACORN is a thoroughly corrupt, racist organization.

But is it stopping ACORN's activities?  The answer to that question, I am sorry to say, is almost certainly negative.

ACORN is not going away.  Instead, ACORN appears to be reincorporating under different names, with the same players doing the same things that brought this slimy organization down.  And I have no doubt that they will be richly funded by the federal government - which means by the taxpayers - just as before.

So don't expect to see me popping any corks over the demise of ACORN.  Because I don't think there actually is a demise.

Boy do I hope I'm wrong about that.


Ken Berwitz

For the last couple of months, the left has settled on a strategy of calling out people and groups to their right as uncivil; and as dangerous - because incivility ramps up lunatics who then might engage in violence against whomever these people and groups are being uncivil towards. 

Radio and TV hosts, such as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, etc. are among the strategy's prime targets.

Personally, I find there is a great deal of incivility on both sides of the political aisle, with incidents of left wing incivility substantially outnumbering those from the right. 

For this reason, I have started blogging about instances of left wing incivility - which our wonderful "neutral" media don't seem able to find quite as easily as I can.

Here is the latest example, taken from Brian Maloney's radioequalizper.blogspot.  It is a transcript from the radio talk show of ed schultz, who also has a TV show on (where else?) MSNBC.

Read how he speaks to a caller who has joined the Tea Party movement and expresses dissatisfaction with the Democrats' health care legislation:

CALLER (51:46): My reason for being with the tea party is is this whole health care stuff. I remember hearing President Obama talking about how it was going to be open and transparent, it was going to be on C-SPAN, we were going to know what's in the bill and that's just not the way it worked.

SCHULTZ: Oh, you're an idiot, Jason.

CALLER: How am I an idiot?

SCHULTZ: Because everything you just said is wrong! MY GOD, I'M LOSING MY COOL! I'M SORRY, I'm sorry, I'm acting like this right now! My God, he had an open meeting! It was all over the Internet! Did you pick up the damn bill and read it?! YES OR NOT?!

CALLER: Did you read the bill?


CALLER: You read the bill ...

SCHULTZ: My God! I cannot (crosstalk), everything you just said to me is false! Everything, everything you just said to me is false! Get this idiot off my radio show! My God, I mean, sooner or later you gotta call these people out! President Obama couldn't have been any more transparent!

He couldn't have been any more open! He brought these nitwit Republicans in for a televised (pause) shindig at the Blair House. Or did you miss that?

God, go pick up your gun and march if it makes you feel better because you're too stupid to read!

Now there's civility for you.

Brian also points out that schultz has recently  "advocated ripping out Dick Cheney's heart, pushed ballot-stuffing in Massachusetts and called for "socialism" in American broadcasting via a federal government takeover"

I'll provide more examples of "civility" from the left in the future, which I will select from the increasingly voluminous number of examples there are to choose from.

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