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Ken Berwitz

dylan ratigan is an MSNBC nutcake who is so far gone that he's making keith olbermann look like a moderate. 

ratigan's latest meltdown involves the "tea party" movement.  He invites Mark Williams, a tea party organizaer, onto his show to discuss the movement.  ratigan then refuses to allow Williams to say anything, makes generalized accusations that tea party people are racists and anti-Semites (no different than a KKKer calling Blacks ignorant and lazy), disallows his guest from answering the charges, cuts off Williams' mike and viciously attacks both him and the tea party movement after doing so.  All in about 2 1/2 minutes.

If you think I am in any way exaggerating, believe me when I tell you I am not.  In fact, why not CLICK HERE and see/hear for yourself.

It is MSNBC on-air "talent" like this that makes me wonder if it is a cable news network or a hospital ward.


Ken Berwitz

What is it about Kirsten Gillibrand that causes every potential challenger to suddenly decide against running?

Ms. Gillibrand was an obscure two-term congresswoman from upstate New York, touted as a  "conservative Democrat", who was appointed senator from New York to replace Hillary Clinton.  (For the record, the "conservative Democrat" claim was a demonstrable lie.  In reality Ms. Gillibrand is a robotically left wing Democrat:  the ACLU says she votes its way on issues 90% of the time.  The American Conservative Union?  23%.  The AFL-CIO?  100%.   Etc. etc. etc.)  

And who appointed Ms. Gillibrand?  The thoroughly corrupt, disgraced, soon-to-have-to-resign Governor David Paterson.

Add it all up and there seems to be about as ripe an opportunity for a Democratic primary challenge as you will ever see.

Except, one after the other, they are dropping out.

First we had Harold Ford Jr. who, though a transplanted Tennesseean, has the political background, smarts and personal charisma to overhaul Gillibrand in a New York (or maybe Nashville) minute.  But a couple of days ago he decided not to make a run.

Then there was Mortimer Zuckerman, hugely successful publisher and moderate Democrat, who was making noise about challenging Ms. Gillibrand.  But today he dropped out as well.

Who is left?  No one I know.  As things now stand there is a clear field for unknown, Paterson-appointed Kirsten Gillibrand to run for election to a full term.

And on the Republican side?  Same deal.

Peter King, a popular Republican house member from Long Island, was talking about making a run.  But he has dropped out too.

The only other potential Republican challenger I know of offhand is Rick Lazio, a former house member who lost to Hillary Clinton in 2000 and then dropped out of elective politics for the last decade.

There must be something about Kirsten Gillibrand.  But what?  Does she have something on all these politicians?  Does she just lead some kind of charmed life?

There is still time for one or more challengers to come forward.  I'll keep tabs on the goings-on and let you know if it happens.  In the meantime I watch New York with absolute amazement..  

free` Hmmm, it is NY, maybe they made them a deal they couldn't refuse? (03/03/10)


It has been argued - not without justification, given the conduct of the Obama administration - that our government is overreacting against Toyota to boom up sales of auto companies it controls - like General Motors (also known as "Government Motors").

I wonder what effect the recall of 1.3 million Chevvies and Pontiacs for "power steering issues" - 14 accidents identified already with more almost certain to be found - will have.

The bottom line is that no auto maker is immune to such recalls. Toyota went over the line by knowing about its accelerater defect and doing nothing about it for years.

Did GM do the same with its power steering problem? Maybe.

Stay tuned......

Zeke ... .... Dang ! .... .... They never recalled my Corvair for going too fast. (03/02/10)

Zeke ... .... Dang ! .... .... They never recalled my Corvair for going too fast. (03/02/10)

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