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Ken Berwitz

Is is becoming more and more clear that leftists get a free pass on racial and ethnic slurs.

Here is the latest, courtesy of Moe Lane at www.redstate.com:

Racist Donny Deutsch slurs Marco Rubio (R CAND, FL-SEN).

Via Hot Air, check out the racial sensitivity of MSNBC/CNBC talking head Donnie Deutsch:

Coconut, for those lucky enough to have missed it up to this point, is a derogatory racial epithet hurled against dark-skinned individuals deemed insufficiently authentic. It suggests that the individual in question is brown on the outside, white on the inside. When used by someone of the same ethnic identity as the slurred individual, it takes on the additional connotation of race traitor; when used by someone of Caucasian ancestry, it typically represents an opportunity to express racial hatreds in a socially acceptable manner. The Other Side has, shall we say, a history of such things; and if we ever have that full and frank discussion of race thats been promised the first question that I plan to ask is going to be about precisely why this is acceptable behavior among them.

About the only thing mitigating this exercise in public racism is that it appeared on the Joy Behar show, which means that almost nobody saw it anyway.

Neither Donny Deutsch nor Joy Behar need apologize - Deutsch for saying it and Behar for letting it go without any challenge at all.

Hatred and intolerance is just fine when you're with the in crowd.

But consider:  What if it had been Rush Limbaugh?  Or Sean Hannity?  Or Dennis Prager or Michael Medved or Hugh Hewitt or....well, you get the idea.  Would they get a free pass too?

Sure.  And Tiger Woods is retiring from golf to run a dating service.


Ken Berwitz

"I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet." -Anonymous.

It can be problematic for someone with my set of beliefs to live where I do among the friends and relatives I have.  Trust me on this one.


But I don't complain, because it could be worse.  I could be a Black conservative.


Here is a fascinating piece by Lachlan Markay of www.newsbusters.org on how the Washington Post (under cover of it's blog, www.theroot.com) sees this group:

WaPo Blog Compares Black Conservatives to Genocidal Dictators

By Lachlan Markay
Tue, 02/23/2010 - 16:15 ET

It's hardly news that black conservatives are reviled among much of the left. There seems to be a sense among much of the liberal media that they have betrayed their own interests through their conservative principles.

Few, however, would have the (dare I say it) audacity to lump prominent and accomplished African American political figures in with oppressive genocidal dictators and serial killers.

But TheRoot.com, a blog owned by the Washington Post, seems to have no qualms about doing so, as evidenced in its list of 21 "Black Folks We'd Like To Remove From Black History". Among the names are Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele.

Also included on the list: murderous Ugandan military dictator Idi Amin, the notorious "DC Sniper" John Allen Muhammad, Zimbabwean kleptocrat Robert Mugabe and the ruthless father-and-son Haitian dictators "Papa Doc" and "Baby Doc"

Yes, apparently being right-of-center and of African descent puts you on par with murderers and dictators.

"We're sure that, at first, the 12 blacks who still claimed to be Republicans post-Bush were full of glee about his election," TheRoot says of Michael Steele. "Unfortunately, Steele has since morphed into the Bozo of politics. Too bad for him and the GOP that the only people laughing are the ones on the other side of the political aisle."

Why that makes him worthy being scrubbed from the history books remains unclear. Oh, right, he's a black conservative, so he doesn't serve TheRoot's agenda. Begin the scrubbing. Or is that purging?

Apparently TheRoot also considers belief in a racially blind judiciary, a rejection of identity politics, and an aversion to welfarism to be sins worthy of listing right along side genocide and political oppression. Or so one might gather from the website's venomous description of Justice Thomas:

Although he's only the second man of color to serve in the Supreme Court, the Backstreet Boys have more standing in the black community than Clarence Thomas. That's because he looks to the Constitution as "colorblind," says he's a man who just happens to be black and opposes government programs intended to help minorities. I'm not sure if the late Thurgood Marshall would want to pop Clarence 'side his head with his gavel, but there are plenty of blacks who would volunteer to do it for him.

It's quite telling that it took a felony for a Democrat (disgraced former DC mayor Marion Barry) to make the list, but Thomas gets there solely due to his decidedly conservative views. That's the only reason. He's a conservative, so he needs to be scrubbed from "Black History".

As Sonny Bunch notes at the Weekly Standard,

...there's a huge difference between admitting to being embarrassed of Democrat who was caught in a FBI sting doing crack, muttered "Bitch set me up" as the feds burst through the door, and served time in prison as a result -- to say nothing of his myriad tax problems and, most recently, blatant corruption in D.C.'s contracting process -- and being embarrassed about the GOP entries on the list.

Is this the type of editorial content the Washington Post wants published under its name? It wasn't enough to erroneously hurl accusations of racism at Bill O'Reilly, this website is now lumping black conservatives in with serial killers and ruthless dictators for the simple fact that they areblack conservatives.

The most pathetic part of this is that, almost invariably, these people think that they're not racists. 


But they are.  They are racists because they demand that Black skin must come with a particular set of beliefs and values.  And when that doesn't happen, they despise the Black-skinned person who doesn't meet their preordained stereotypes.


I started with an anonymous quote.  Let me end with a referenced one, for the folks at www.theroot.com:


"O wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us!"  Robert Burns


Ken Berwitz

What do we lose if we lose Israel?  Among many, many other things, we lose scientific and medicinal advances like this, which comes to us courtesy of Israel National News:

New Israeli Research: How To Boost Memory and Avoid Memory Loss

by Baruch Gordon

(IsraelNN.com) Those who live in industrialized countries have easy access to healthy food and nutritional supplements, but magnesium deficiencies are still common. That's a problem because new research from Tel Aviv University suggests that magnesium, a key nutrient for the functioning of memory, may be even more critical than previously thought for the neurons of children and healthy brain cells in adults. 


Dr. Inna Slutsky of TAU's Sackler School of Medicine published results of a 5-year probe which has significant implications for the use of over-the-counter magnesium supplements. 


"We've been able to show that today's over-the-counter magnesium supplements don't really work. They do not get into the brain," says Dr. Slutsky.


Dr. Slutsky advises people to get their magnesium the old-fashioned way by eating lots of green leaves, broccoli, almonds, cashews and fruit. The effects on memory won't appear overnight, she cautions, but with this persistent change in diet, memory should improve, and the effects of dementia and other cognitive impairment diseases related to aging may be considerably delayed.


"Our results suggest that commercially available magnesium supplements are not effective in boosting magnesium in cerebro-spinal fluid," says dr. Slutsky. "Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, but today half of all people in industrialized countries are living with magnesium deficiencies that may generally impair human health, including cognitive functioning."


The research focused on developing a new magnesium supplement, magnesium-L-theronate (MgT), that effectively crosses the blood-brain barrier to inhibit calcium flux in brain neurons. Begun at MIT as a part of a post-doctoral project, Dr. Slutsky's probe evolved to become a multi-center experiment with cooperation of researchers from Tel Aviv University, MIT, the University of Toronto, and Tsighua University in Beijing.


Published recently in the scientific journal Neuron, the new study found that the synthetic magnesium compound works on both young and aging animals to enhance memory or prevent its impairment.


In the study, two groups of rats ate normal diets containing a healthy amount of magnesium from natural sources. The first group was given a supplement of MgT, while the control group had only its regular diet. Behavioral tests showed that cognitive functioning improved in the rats in the first group and also demonstrated an increase of synapses in the brain connective nerve endings that carry memories in the form of electrical impulses from one part of the brain to the other.


"We've developed a promising new compound which has now taken the first important step towards clinical trials by Prof. Guosong Liu, Director of the Center for Learning and Memory at Tsinghua University and cofounder of Magceutics company," she says.


While the effects were not immediate, the researchers in the study were able to assess that the new compound shows improved permeability of the blood-brain barrier. After two weeks of oral administration of the compound in mice, magnesium levels in the cerebral-spinal fluid increased.


"It seems counterintuitive to use magnesium for memory improvement because magnesium is a natural blocker of the NMDA receptor, a molecule critical for memory function. But our compound blocks the receptor only during background neuronal activity. As a result, it enhances the brain's 'plasticity' and increases the number of brain synapses that can be switched on," says Dr. Slutsky.

You'll grow old waiting for any of the countries that want to vaporize Israel to provide advances such as this.  

How sad!  How much better it would be if they had a similar dedication to revering and preserving and improving life instead of trying to kill Israelis.

Seriously, think about it:  how many scientific and medical advances - you can include technology and agriculture too if you wish - actually do come from those countries?  By contrast, Israel is one of the world's leaders in every one of them.

That is what we lose if we lose Israel.

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