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Ken Berwitz

Last election day, three "new Black panther" thugs intimidated voters outside a Philadelphia voting site.  Charges were lodged against them.  They don't even bother to dispute the charges. 

And the Justice Department, under Attorney General eric holder, let the case go without explanation.

Why?  holder has not explained.  Evidently, he doesn't think you are entitled to any explanation. 

And how far is hoder willing to go to avoid explaining his disgraceful performance?  Here's how far, courtesy of Michael R. Tremoglie, writing for the Philadelphia Bulletin:

Holder Stonewalling Congress Over Black Panther Investigation


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rep. Frank Wolf, R.-Va., issued a public statement Thursday saying that President Obamas Attorney General, Eric Holder, has instructed staff attorneys to ignore legal subpoenas by the U.S. Civil Rights Commission (CRC) requesting information about the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case.

This is in stark contrast to Mr. Obamas pledge for transparency in government.

 We understand that the attorney general has instructed his department to ignore these subpoenas, Mr. Wolf said. The nations chief law enforcement officer is forcing these career attorneys to choose between complying with the law and complying with the attorney generals obstruction. At least one of the attorneys has been compelled to obtain private counsel.

Mr. Wolf has written the attorney general six times seeking answers as to why the Justice Department (DOJ) dismissed a voter intimidation case in Philadelphia involving members of the New Black Panther Party. He also has written DOJs inspector general seeking answers.

 He has yet to receive a response from him.

The CRC has had a similar experience. They subsequently issued the aforementioned subpoenas for the information and to interview the career attorneys that handled the case.

Because of this, Mr. Wolf introduced a measure December 17 that would require the House Judiciary Committee to deal with this issue. He also announced that he had language inserted in the annual spending bill that funds the Justice Department requiring that its Office of Professional Responsibility provide the results of the investigation it is conducting surrounding the dismissal the case to the House Appropriations Committee.

 Mr. Wolf, the top Republican on the Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations subcommittee, and Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, requested the investigation earlier this year.  

  I regret that Congress must resort to oversight resolutions as a means to receive information about the dismissal of this case, but the Congress and the American people have a right to know why this case was not prosecuted, Mr. Wolf said in a statement.

Mr. Wolf wants the House Judiciary Committee to demand the attorney general answer the questions surrounding this case. He believes that the protection of Americans right to vote without intimidation is paramount.                    

This House must not turn a blind eye to the attorney generals obstruction, Mr. Wolf concluded. He has an obligation to answer the legitimate questions of the House and the Civil Rights Commission. 

The commitment by Rep. Wolf towards insuring voting rights is substantiated by his past record. Many Republicans have been reluctant to pursue this issue because they are fearful of being labeled racist by liberal Democrats. Mr. Wolfs record discredits such an accusation. He has over the years demonstrated a commitment to minority rights and is currently involved in an effort for human rights in Sudan.

 eric holder is a brown-nosing loser who has made a richly rewarding (monetarily) career out of doing whatever he thinks will please his masters, regardless of ethics or simple decency.  And that includes (though is certainly not restricted to) giving a free pass to thugs who openly intimidate voters, and then arrogantly refusing to allow his DOJ staff to explain the reasons.

Under anyone but Barack Obama, this pathetic excuse for an AG would have been fired by now - if he ever would have been appointed in the first place.

You may, at this point, be asking yourself  "How come Berwitz got this update from the Philadelphia Bulletin.  Aren't the major media all over it?  It has everything.  Voter intimidation, race, scandal, taking down an ivory-tower attitude, etc."

Well, the answer is that our wonderful "neutral" media, by and large, are not reporting it.  Why?  You figure it out, the most likely reasons aren't hard to come up with.

Then listen to them squeal like stuck pigs if you call them biased.


Ken Berwitz

Sadly, there is no shortage of self-hating Jews.  Here, from Israel National News, is an article about one of them:

Leftist Lawyer Guilty of Leaking Classified US Documents

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

 ( An American lawyer and linguist, who was born in Israel, has plead guilty to leaking highly classified FBI document to an Internet blogger and agreed to a prison sentence of 20 months. The final sentence will be decided by the courts.

The average sentence for similar offenses is approximately four years, but Pentagon analyst Jonathan Pollard is serving a life sentence in jail for leaking documents. The latest case involved Shamai Kedem Leibowitz, 39, who also is the grandson of the late outspoken leftist scholar and philosopher Yeshayahu Leiboiwtz. The younger Leibowitz worked as a linguist from January through August of this year and held top secret security clearance at an FBI Task Force in Maryland.

The Justice Department did not reveal details of what documents he leaked, but the FBI's Innocent Images initiative, an international task force aimed at child pornography, is located in the offices where he worked.

Leibowitz's Pursuing Justice blog reveals extreme left wing views, including condemnation of the Israeli "occupation and the national religious camp. He also was on the defense team of Marwan Barghouti, the Palestinian Authority terrorist who is serving five life terms in prison for involvement in terrorist attacks on Israelis.

He supports the one-state solution, which implicitly would turn Jews into a minority in Israel, and has been active in a campaign to encourage American institutions not to buy Israeli bonds.

The U.S. Justice Department said that Leibowitz admitted giving a blogger five FBI secret documents relating to communication intelligence, but the blogger was not identified. "The willful disclosure of classified information to those not entitled to receive it is a serious crime," an assistant attorney general said. "Today's guilty plea should serve as a warning to anyone in government who would consider compromising our nation's secrets."

"As a trusted member of the FBI ranks, Leibowitz abused the trust of the FBI and the American public by using his access to classified information for his own purposes," said special agent in charge Richard McFeely.

My only problem with what they're doing to Liebowitz is that the sentence is not long enough. 

Compare Jonathan Pollard's sentence for what he did (he will probably die in jail) to Leibowitz's sentence for what he did, and see how unjust this is.  Pollard certainly deserves to be in jail, but he tried to help Israel without hurting the USA.  Leibowitz gave away the store to people whose aim is to destroy one of our most important, loyal allies.


Ken Berwitz

Lorrie Goldstein is a Canadian journalist/columnist, and a good guy (we've emailed back and forth just a bit).  He also has written a funny, ironic, rueful piece about the 5C (Copenhagen Climate Conference Clown College) which just finished its meetings, and yielded a non-binding agreement that some nations will and some won't sign onto but no one knows which will do what yet.

(Pyle, Robinson and Terker wrote a song with the lyric "Meet me at no special place and I'll be there at no particular time".  Too bad they aren't still writing; they'd have a ball with the 5C's antics.)

Here is Mr. Goldstein's column.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

Copenhagen sure was a gas

... and here are a few emissions awards we'd like to see handed out to the deserving

Last Updated: 20th December 2009, 5:56am

Now that the enviro nuts have finished handing out their "Fossil of the Day" and "Colossal Fossil" awards, unfairly smearing Canada at the just-completed Copenhagen climate summit, let's return the favour with some well-deserved honours of our own.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, we present the Copenhagen Flatulence Awards, honouring those who raised the art of generating hot air and gassy emissions to new intensity levels during the UN-sponsored festival of indignation.


The "I'm Not Really A Climatologist, I Just Play One on TV" Flatulence Award:

To Al Gore, who, having made a career out of mocking opponents for "getting the science wrong" on global warming, gets the science wrong on the melting of the polar ice cap, according to the scientist he says he got the science from.


The "That Old Man River, He Just Keeps Rolling Along" Flatulence Award:

To David Suzuki, for suggesting during a CBC interview -- twice -- that anyone worried about lost jobs if Canada's oil sands are shut down, would also have endorsed slavery in the American south.


The "I'm The King Of The World, Baby, King Of The World!!!" Flatulence Award:

To David Miller, who accepted two Canada-mocking fossil awards in Copenhagen and pronounced himself embarrassed on behalf of all Canadians, apparently unaware that a lame-duck Toronto mayor who would have been slaughtered in the next municipal election -- had he had the stones to run -- is about as fossilized as you can get.


The "Yes, I'll Have My Gateaux and Eat It Too" Flatulence Award:

To Quebec Premier Jean Charest, for going medieval on Alberta's oil sands, apparently unaware that oil money from Alberta helps to pay for Quebec's cradle-to-grave social programs.


The "Pay No Attention To That Man Behind the Curtain" Flatulence Award:

To Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, for having his environmental thingy in Copenhagen lambaste Stephen Harper for not doing enough to lower greenhouse gas emissions, days after Ontario's environment commissioner lambasted McGuinty for not doing enough to lower greenhouse gas emissions.


The "Somebody Has to Change Their Irresponsible, Carbon-Spewing Lifestyle To Save The Planet, But It Ain't Gonna Be Me" Flatulence Award:

To the Copenhagen delegates who booked 140 private jets and 1,200 limousines -- five of them hybrids -- to fly into and tool around the UN conference.


The "Okay, Now It's Just Getting !@$#%$ Stupid" Flatulence Award:

To UN Copenhagen delegates who applauded Third World thug Robert Mugabe and Venezuela's loopy Hugo Chavez, for demanding more money from the West for fighting global warming, as if it won't go down exactly the same sinkhole our foreign aid does now.


The "We'll Tell You What's News, You Miserable Little Peons" Flatulence Award:

To all those Canadian media outlets, and you know who you are, who kept insisting climategate wasn't a real story, without ever explaining what climategate was.

And in conclusion, some positive examples of those who took the high-flying, hypocritical gas bags in Copenhagen down a notch:


The "Is That An Iceberg In Your Pocket Or Are You Happy To See Me?" Award:

To Danish sex trade workers, who, angered by a warning from Copenhagen's mayor to conference delegates not to make use of their services, offered free sex to anyone who could produce their conference identity card, plus a copy of the mayor's warning that was sent to local hotels.


The "My Government Went to COP 15 And All I Got Was This Lousy Economy" Award:

To the Washington-based National Center For Public Policy Research, which handed out free T-shirts in Copenhagen featuring the above motto -- along with a photo of a soup line during the Great Depression.

And finally, overheard at "Climate scientists today said 2000 to 2009 is the warmest decade on record ... And they have the manipulated data to prove it!"

Thanks Lorrie.  We needed that.


Ken Berwitz

No excerpts or bold print here.  Please read every word of this piece by the blogger who writes under the pseudonym "Doctor Zero", and know what an absolute fraud and disgrace "ObamaCare actually is:

The Illusion of Design

posted at 2:32 am on December 20, 2009 by Doctor Zero

The basic argument in favor of government-run health care, among people who sincerely believe its the best way to reform the medical system, is that a program designed and administered by the State will provide health care to more people. As things stand, a certain number of people have no health insurance, and this is held to be unfair and dangerous to the extent that the rest of us must endure a radical overhaul of the entire system, as the State takes control of the insurance industry first, and eventually all of medicine.

Why do these uninsured people lack coverage? The ostensible reason is that they cannot afford it, although in fact a sizable portion of the uninsured are young people who choose not to purchase expensive insurance, and many more are illegal aliens. Also, the nature of the laws surrounding health insurance make it very expensive to purchase privately, instead of receiving it as part of employment compensation, so rising unemployment (the signature feature of the Obama economy) means more uninsured. Still, the popular conception of the case for health care reform is based on the haunting image of millions of poverty-stricken sick people, wasting away from the lack of health insurance. As the slogan tossed around through Twitter earlier this year put it, no one should have to die because they cant afford health insurance.

Why is health insurance so expensive that the poor cannot afford it? The Left believes this is a failure of the free market, with greedy health-insurance companies callously pricing their product out of reach, and slapping exorbitant premiums on anyone who isnt the picture of health. The true answer is that government is primarily responsible for distortions in the health insurance market, dating back to the wage controls that made it commonplace for employers to offer health benefits as a means of attracting skilled employees. The law preventing the sale of health insurance across state lines is an example of government-induced price distortions. For a contrasting example of medical services becoming more affordable in response to free-market competition, consider the constantly falling price of Lasik eye surgery. The Left refuses to think clearly on this subject, and maintains that health care is a human right that should be available free to everyone.

Liberals insist it is simply unthinkable to allow financial considerations to impact the distribution of this essential human right. As Kirsten Powers put it recently, Americans will die if we dont provide universal health insurance. Because money is the instrument through which free people express their will and make choices, the argument for socialized medicine boils down to the superiority of design and control over competition and choice.

So, in summary, the case for nationalizing health insurance is that health care cannot be entrusted to the unpredictability and greed of the free market. The individual purchasing decisions of free men and women are too chaotic. The only way to ensure access to health care for everyone is for the State to install a massive, strictly enforced system, complete with huge fines and jail time for those who fail to comply. This system would be superior to the free market, because it would be carefully designed by brilliant minds engineered to deliver an incredibly complex, ever-changing service to hundreds of millions of Americans.

Is anyone stupid enough to think a carefully designed system is what the Democrats are about to drop on us?

Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) held up the Senate reform bill over his heartfelt concerns over abortion funding until he was bought off with hundreds of millions of dollars in enhanced funding for Medicaid in his state. In a similar vein, language worth over $100 million was added to the bill, targeting the state of Louisiana, to purchase the vote of moderate Democrat Mary Landrieu. In other words, this carefully designed health care bill has different rules for people who happen to live in Nebraska or Louisiana, because this was necessary to buy the votes of their senators.

The Congressional Budget Office scoring for the health care reform bill is based on tricks and gimmicks, including Medicare reductions and cuts of over 20% in physician payments, that no one seriously believes will actually happen. A great deal of this health care reform package is a delusional fantasy, if not an outright fraud.

Socialist senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont jammed a 767-page amendment into the bill, then violated Senate procedures to suddenly withdraw it when Republicans forced the entire amendment to be read on the Senate floor.

Far from being a brilliant plan constructed by top doctors and financial experts in a government brain trust, this health-care bill is a twisted, deformed political document, seen in its entirety by only a few high-ranking politicians belonging to a single political party. Its components have not been precisely crafted as part of a fantastic system calibrated to ensure the maximum access to quality health care for all Americans.

The bill is not being examined with transparency and careful deliberation by representatives who behave as humble servants of the people and their Constitution. Instead, its being hastily rammed through in the dead of night, over the objection of powerful majorities of the American people, with desperate last-minute deals cut to acquire the necessary votes, financed by vast sums of taxpayer money. The primary consideration is not crafting the most sophisticated and intelligent health care reform its getting a bill pushed through before angry voters have a chance to blast the Democrats out of Congress. Look at it this way: if the average middle-class American paid about $5000 in federal income tax last year, then you might be one of the 20,000 people who paid for Mary Landrieus vote, in the hope of giving Barack Obama a bill to sign as a Christmas present.

Aside from the nauseating payoffs, this kind of legislative taffy pull is to be expected in a representative republic. Thats how it works. People elect Congressional representation to look out for their interests. Legislation is modified by demands that can range from mild objections to stubborn intransigence. Parliamentary procedures are invoked by experienced politicians to shape the debate. Regional interests and passionate beliefs are poured into a bubbling stew of sections and sub-paragraphs. All of this is inevitable, and therefore good reason to avoid the absolute madness of allowing the President and Congress to nationalize industries, or posture as wise stewards of a high-performance command economy.

The moral imperative for socialized medicine is the belief that government can design a system to distribute health care more efficiently than the free markets. I challenge anyone who sincerely believes this to review the recent events in the House and Senate, and realize that representative government is utterly incapable of designing any such system. The merciless and tyrannical enforcement techniques required to ensure hundreds of millions of people comply with health care reform are utterly indefensible in the service of a monstrosity stitched together from back-room deals and nine-figure bribes.

The only logical way to maintain the integrity of a vast, complex program designed to control a trillion-dollar industry is to dispense with the representative part of our government model. Those who seriously believe the State must control health care, which is tied into the bulk of our economy and technological development, should stop fooling around with half-measures of tyranny. If health care is truly a human right that must be provided at any cost, then take a cold, hard look at the tortured gestation of the rough beast slouching from Harry Reids office to be born and understand that liberty, democracy, and representation must be sacrificed, as part of that cost

"Backroom deals and nine-figure bribes".  That's exactly right.  That's what is holding this monstrosity together. 

And whose money is this fraudulent, disgraceful, thoroughly corrupt monstrosity using?  OUR money.

The 2010 elections can't come soon enough.  That goes double for the 2012 election.  But it may be too late to stave off the destruction of our health care system. 

Let's hope it isn't.


Ken Berwitz

AP writer Jennifer Loven's husband is Roger Ballentine, a Democratic operative and an environmental activist.  He was senior advisor to John Kerry on environmental issues when he ran for President in 2004.

So who does the Associated Press assign to the climate change conference?  You guessed it. 

That is roughly the equivalent of having Bill O'Reilly's wife write a TV review about Countdown with keith olbermann. 

Damian Thompson of the London DailyTelegraph's media group sees right through this (as should anyone with a brain).  Here is how he titles the puff-piece article Loven (and Charles Babington) wrote about President Obama's performance in Copenhagen:

AP wins world brown-nosing championships for 'How Obama saved the world' article

Thompson goes on to post the article itself, which you can read by clicking here.

This, folks, is an excellent example of why our media are held in such low esteem today. 


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