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Ken Berwitz

Do you know what "The Goldstone Report" is?

It is a United Nations report judging Israel's attack on Gaza (after THREE YEARS of continual attacks emanating from there) that essentially blames Israel and claims - based almost entirely on accounts from Gazans - that Israel committed many war crimes against civilians.

We have talked about this over and over again here.  Gazans make a point of attacking Israel from locations in proximity to densely populated civilian centers - often near schools and mosques.  Israel is then faced with the choice of either allowing them to attack at will and kill as many Israelis as they can, or bombing the sites where the attacks come from, thus incurring civilian casualties that they can then be blamed for.

And the UN, dominated by Muslim and non-Democratic countries (almost all Muslim countries count in both categories) are happy to second any condemnation of Israel that is proposed. 

Until recently, the United States stood with Israel against this utter BS.  But we now have the Obama administration.  And all bets are off.

Here, from Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) is another account of what happened in Gaza.  I thought you might want to see it.  The bold print is mine:

British Colonel: IDF Safeguarded Civilian Lives in Gaza

by Hana Levi Julian


 ( The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) voted Friday to endorse the Goldstone Report that accused Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza -- but at least one British army commander fought hard to set the record straight.


Commander (ret.) Richard Kemp told the UNHRC that the IDF made a strong effort last winter to safeguard the lives of Gaza's civilians during its counterterrorist operation.


"During Operation Cast Lead, the Israeli Defense Forces did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare," testified Colonel Kemp. "Israel did so while facing an enemy that deliberately positioned its military capability behind the human shield of the civilian population."


The former commander of the British forces serving in Afghanistan listed his military credentials at the start of his testimony before the UNHRC vote endorsing the Goldstone Report.


The findings of the UN investigation into Israel's war against the constant Hamas rocket fire aimed at Negev residents may soon be used as evidence against Israel at the International Criminal Court at the Hague.


The UN committee, led by retired South African jurist Richard Goldstone, concluded that Israel was guilty of committing war crimes, and possibly crimes against humanity, during Operation Cast Lead. The report also said the Hamas terrorists who control Gaza "may have" been guilty of war crimes as well.


But Commander Kemp had no doubt, testifying before the UN commission that voted Friday to endorse the report, that Israel had done its best to avoid harming any civilians. He told the commission that Palestinian Authority Arabs in Gaza who had spoken with the Goldstone commission may not have told the whole story -- or the true story at all.


"Hamas, like Hizbullah, are expert at driving the media agenda," he said. "Both will always have people ready to give interviews condemning Israeli forces for war crimes. They are adept at staging and distoring incidents."

Commander Kemp noted that the international media and international human rights groups tend to have the "automatic, Pavlovian presumption... that the IDF are in the wrong, that they are abusing human rights" -- a challenge, he said, that  the British do not face.


"The truth is that the IDF took extraordinary measures to give Gaza civilians notice of targeted areas, dropping over two million leaflets and making over 100,000 phone calls. Many missions that could have taken out Hamas military capability were aborted to prevent civilian casualties," he said.


"During the conflict, the IDF allowed huge amounts of humanitarian aid into Gaza," Kemp reminded the commission. "To deliver aid virtually into your enemy's hands is, to the military tactician, normally quite unthinkable. But the IDF took on those risks."


Commander Kemp acknowledged that civilians had been killed, but pointed out that "war is chaos and full of mistakes." He added that Israel was not the only country to face such a situation: "There have been mistakes by the British, American and other forces in Afghanistan and in Iraq, many of which can be put down to human error. But mistakes are not war crimes."

A bit of a different story, wouldn't you say?

But one that will fall on deaf ears at the United Nations -- which is a dead organization.  Morally, ethically and spiritually dead.

Based on decades of history, Israel has no reason to expect anything more.


Ken Berwitz

It's bad enough that the Yankees-Angels baseball game was played in 40 degrees with on-and-off rain last night.  It's bad enough that it went 13 innings and my wife and I were hooked enough to hang around all the way to the end. 

But do the announcers, Tim McCarver and Joe Buck, have to make horse's asses of themselves too?

In the 10th inning of the game, with the Yankees at bat and Melky Cabrera on first base, Jorge Posada hit a ground ball that had double play written all over it.  The ball was shuffled to Angel shortstop Eric Aybar who "tagged" second base to force Cabrera out, and then thrown on to first for the force on Posada, thus a double play. 

Except Cabrera was called safe at second, because Aybar never touched the base.

Replays clearly showed that this call was correct.  Aybar wasn't even close (when it is close most umpires will call the runner out even if the base is not actually tagged);  he missed second base by at least 3 inches. 

It turned out that the umpire's call did not result in the Yankees scoring, thus winning the game (that came in the 13th inning).  But for the rest of the game McCarver and Buck were whining about how happy they were that the Yankees did not win because of the umpire's call, as if it were some kind of undeserved gift.

Er, Mr. Buck and Mr. McCarver:  the call was correct.  YOU even acknowledged it when your network (Fox) showed replays from several different angles.  So, other than disliking the Yankees (which McCarver clearly does - I'm not sure about Buck) what were you whining about?

Now let's talk about the Yankee half of the 5th inning.  Melky Cabrera and Jose Molina both singled, to put men on first and second with nobody out.  Derek Jeter apparently grounded into a double play, leaving Cabrera on third base with two outs.  But the replays clearly showed that Jeter was safe at first.  Had the correct call been made, the Yankees would have had Jeter on first and Cabrera on third with just one out - and a strong likelihood of scoring a run, which might have resulted in the Yankees eventually winning 3-2 in nine innings, rather than 4-3 in 13 innings. 

Neither McCarver nor Buck had any problem with that play affecting the outcome of the game.

So let's review:  These two geniuses lamented the possibility that a correct call (which would have benefitted the Yankees) could affect the game, but had no problem with an incorrect call (which hurt the Yankees) affecting the game.

Draw your own conclusions about why they said what they said. 

Me? I just wish they would both shut up.

Ken Berwitz bobw: you're 100% right. My wife was outraged at that, even before Mariano made mincemeat of the next three batters. I should have included it. (10/20/09)



Now here's a fight that should be worth following.

From Noel Sheppard of

Al Sharpton Threatens Defamation Lawsuit Against Rush Limbaugh


By Noel Sheppard (Bio | Archive)
October 18, 2009 - 02:02 ET


After participating in a smear campaign that removed Rush Limbaugh from possible ownership of the St. Louis Rams, Al Sharpton is threatening the conservative talk radio host with a defamation lawsuit for his op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal Saturday.


In the article titled "The Race Card, Football and Me," Limbaugh wrote:


In 1998 Mr. Sharpton was found guilty of defamation and ordered to pay $65,000 for falsely accusing a New York prosecutor of rape in the 1987 Tawana Brawley case. He also played a leading role in the 1991 Crown Heights riot (he called neighborhood Jews "diamond merchants") and 1995 Freddie's Fashion Mart riot.


According to CNN, Sharpton isn't happy about this:


"Mr. Limbaugh's blatant and defamatory statements regarding the Crown Heights Riots falsely give the impression that Rev. Sharpton was present during the violence that occurred when in reality he had been called in by the family after the violence," Sharptons statement says.


"In terms of Freddie's Fashion Mart, Rev. Al Sharpton, along with local elected officials supported the protests. However, a lone gunman who disagreed with the nonviolent nature of the protests entered the store and killed seven people and himself For Mr. Limbaugh to imply that Rev. Sharpton has anything to do with someone that killed people and himself is blatantly wrong," the statement continues.


The New York Daily News elaborated:


"I am definitely going to prove he makes reckless, unaccountable statements," Sharpton said. "Which is why he was forced out of buying an NFL team in the first place." [...]


"He doesn't have the right to lie and accuse people of crimes," Sharpton said. "He wants to criminalize me.

"That's what got him in trouble. He tried to criminalize the NFL players, calling them Crips and Bloods."

More from the Palm Beach Post:


Not only did Rush Limbaugh try to criminalize the NFL, Sharpton told Page2Live, but now he is saying Im a criminal. He can call me a race-baiter and all that stuff like he does. But dont call me a criminal. [...]


Ive sued the GOP before and Rush knows that, Sharpton said. (Former Republican National Committee Jim) Nicholson accused me of something similar, and I sued (for $30 million). We settled when he issued an apology.

This is going to cost Rush. Hes making himself look worse.


Seems a metaphysical certitude the media will have a field day with this.

Whose side do you think they'll take? 

Ok, let's start at the end.  sharpton has no case whatsoever, because this is Limbaugh's opinion.  And Limbaugh is entitled to his opinion.

Having pointed this out, let me also say that there is a lot to back up what Limbaugh said. 

-sharpton did falsely accuse a prosecutor, Steven Pagones, and was ordered to pay him damages.

-sharpton was out there during the Crown Heights riots and did make a reference to the Hassidic Jews who comprise a large part of the population there as "diamond merchants" - in a sneering way, as I remember. 

Is it true that there are probably a disproportionate number of diamond merchants among Hassidic Jews compared to others (as if that's a crime)?  Yep.  Just as it is true that there is a disproportionate number of Black male felons compared to non-Blacks.  But what does that have to do with anything.  Does it mean that the next Hassidic Jew you meet is a "diamond merchant" or the next Black man you meet is a felon?  Of course not.  It is a slur.  A nasty, mean-spirited, stupid slur.  And Sharpton tossed it out tensions between Hassidic Jews and Blacks in Crown Heights were at fever pitch.

-Did al sharpton kill the 8 people at Freddy's Fashion Mart?  No he did not.  But he did encourage and rouse the protestors - very much including a radio interview in which he called Fred Harari, the owner of Freddy's, a "White Interloper".  I'm sure that did wonders for calming things down, and certainly discouraged the shooter who did.

A lot of material about what kind of a "man" sharpton is has been published.  One of the best is a column by Rich Lowry of National Review all the way back in 2003.  I urge you to click here and read it. 

You'll find out why, whatever you think of Rush Limbaugh, if his problem is the relative character of al sharpton he has very little to worry about.

If, on the other hand, his problem is how fairly media treat him versus sharpton.....then maybe he does have a problem.

Stay tuned.

Montana For so many years Limbaugh has spent his time on the radio mis-labeling or mis-characterizing others . Finally he had his judgment day. (10/18/09)

Zeke ..... Greasy Al Sharpton is a race monger ..... a street hustler .... he pours gasoline on racial fires ..... Greasy Al files lots of law suits ..... Makes big, big statements when he does .... and NEVER follows any of these filings up with meaningful litigation..... Greasy Al still maintains that Tawana Brawley was telling the truth, btw ..... a thoroughly detestable individual ... Al is a deadbeat, leaving unpaid bills behind him .... hotel bills, rent, etc, etc (10/18/09)

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