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Ken Berwitz

L'shanah Tovah is Hebrew for "have a good year".

At sundown (momentarily) Yom Kippur starts.  Yom Kippur is the highest holy day of the Jewish calendar - a day of fasting, atonement and prayer.

I am not a religious person.  But I observe Yom Kippur by fasting for the day. 

I do so out of respect for the millions and millions of observant Jews who died for their beliefs.  In my small way I hope this honors their memory --- and reaffirms to our enemies that, even after everything they've done to annihilate us, we are still here and still free to be Jews.

I will resume blogging no earlier than Monday night;  probably Tuesday morning.

To all my friends:  l'shanah tovah.


Ken Berwitz

Here is a "simple" color test my sister just sent me.

Give it a try, and see how "simple" this actually is.  You might have a lot of fun....or you might want to bust me in the nose for posting it.


Click here to start


free` That was fun, i got 100% on my 2nd try. The first try wasn't fair i had just woke up and not had any coffee yet. ;) (09/27/09)


Ken Berwitz

This story, from the New York Post, is for anyone who thinks ACORN only uses our taxpayer money for fraudulent voter registration and to facilitate houses of prostitution for underage illegals:

Hey, big spender!

Lavish life of ACORN 'thief'


Last Updated: 6:16 AM, September 27, 2009


Former ACORN bigwig Dale Rathke racked up a $157,000 American Express bill that he couldn't repay around the time he was caught embezzling from the group founded by his brother Wade, The Post has learned.

Rathke was a big spender with multiple credit cards who rang up purchases at luxury shops, traveled by limo and frequented five-star hotels and restaurants, court papers show.

American Express filed a claim against Rathke in 2003 in Louisiana civil district court.

Among the court papers is a partial credit history that indicates Rathke had several different cards from different companies. He used them to shop at places like Gucci and Neiman Marcus, where he spent $1,003 and $1,742 respectively on July 6, 2000.

He visited Gucci at least three other times that year, spending $968, $3,631 and $718, the credit report shows.

In November, he traveled to New York, renting a limo and plunking down $2,000 for a stay at the Waldorf-Astoria and $700 for a gourmet dinner at La Cote Basque.

The brothers were booted from the group last year after the national board discovered Dale had embezzled $948,607 between 1999 and 2000 -- and that the two Rathkes covered up his crime with the help of a few ACORN execs.

Dale, who was in charge of ACORN's financial arm, continued to make $46,000 a year on the community-activity group's payroll until 2008.

ACORN, which has received $53 million in federal funds since 1994, hasn't revealed the details of Dale's fraud except to say it was related to improper use of company credit cards.

"It's still unclear if any taxpayer money was stolen when Dale embezzled, and I hope the matter is investigated," said Matthew Vadum, of the conservative Capital Research Center, which has been tracking ACORN's financial history.

In a statement to The Post, ACORN said an anonymous donor had repaid the money.

"The greatest debt that Dale Rathke owes is to the hundreds of thousands of ACORN members from whom he stole. Their organization has been made financially whole, but the very real harm will remain for time immemorial," the statement said.

So there.  Now you know that the money was not only used for those terrible things.  It was also used for the head of the organization to live like a king on the taxpayers' backs.

Feel better about that funding?


Ken Berwitz

Why does Barack Obama crap on our allies?

From Byron York at the Washington Examiner:

Why does Obama keep snubbing the British?

By: Byron York
Chief Political Correspondent
09/26/09 8:23 AM EDT

At the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, and at the UN Security Council meeting before that, Barack Obama continued his administration's new policy toward Great Britain: declare that the "special relationship" between the U.S. and the U.K. is as strong as ever, and then act as if there is no such relationship at all.

The British papers were filled with the news that the president would not grant Prime Minister Gordon Brown a one-on-one meeting. "Mr. Obama had refused five separate requests from the prime minister for a private meeting during his U.S. trip for the UN summit in New York," reported the Daily Mail.

The White House downplayed the reports. "Stop reading those London tabloids," spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters aboard Air Force One Thursday. But Gibbs did not deny reports that the White House had turned down Brown's requests for a meeting.

"Gordon Brown, are we snubbing him?" asked a reporter. "And if not, why did we turn down five requests for bilaterals?"

"The notion that there remains anything other than a special relationship between the two countries is silly and absurd," Gibbs answered. "The President spoke with Prime Minister Brown on the phone in the lead-up to G20 just two weeks ago. They spent time after the climate change dinner on Monday. They spent time after the Security Council today, and obviously went into the Friends of Pakistan meeting together, on an issue that's of great concern to both countries. So I think this is a media-generated bunch of silliness."

"Bunch of silliness?"

"Bunch of silliness."

"But why did we turn down the request for a bilateral?" the reporter pressed.

"Because we're talking to them constantly," Gibbs answered. "The notion that you can only do this in one meeting I think would -- doesnt make any sense. Because of the special relationship we have, we're in constant communication."

That's not how the British saw it. A columnist in the Telegraph noted that last Monday's paper carried a picture of a British soldier who had been killed in Afghanistan. Alongside the picture was a report "that the prime minister was forced to dash through the kitchens of the UN in New York to secure a few minutes 'face time' with President Obama after five requests for a sit-down meeting were rejected by the White House."  The headline for the column: "Barack Obama's churlishness is unforgivable."

Still the White House didn't budge. And then, in an unexpected development, Obama was forced to make a statement regarding the revelation of the secret Iranian nuclear enrichment plant. At an early-morning appearance Friday, Obama demanded Iran comply with UN Security Council resolutions on its nuclear program. And who was standing behind president as he spoke? Gordon Brown, along with French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Shortly after that, Gibbs' office sent out a press release: "President Obama to hold a bilateral meeting with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown today." At long last, Brown, whose appearance with Obama at the Iran statement helped convey a sense of unity and resolution among the allies, got his meeting. The two leaders discussed mostly Iran and Afghanistan, a statement said. But whatever was discussed seemed to take a back seat to the fact that the meeting nearly didn't happen. "The get-together at the end of the Pittsburgh summit will be seen as a scant consolation for the earlier refusal to meet," reported the Telegraph.

It's clear to everyone that Brown is on his last political legs. Perhaps that has something to do with the White House's behavior, although no one in the administration can say that publicly. But it won't be long before there is a new British prime minister. Will Obama, in need of allied support on Iran and Afghanistan, give him the same treatment?

 The President's treatment of Israel has been well documented here.  But it is clear that Israel is not alone in being treated badly, even childishly, by Barack Obama.

What will he do when we need them (as we do over and over again?).  Apologize?  I don't think that is within Mr. Obama, who comes across as the single most arrogant, self-involved President of my (63 year) lifetime.

Maybe he can make amends by giving the Prime Minister a set of those Movie CDs he gave the queen.  That went over so well, why not do it again?


UPDATE:  Commenter Zeke reminds me that the Czech Republic and Poland should be included in this blog.  My only excuse for excluding them on my first pass, is that I didn't mean it to be a complete list.  But, given how recently Mr. Obama crapped on these two valued allies by rescinding the missile shield, that is a weak excuse and I was wrong not to.  So they're here now.

Thanks Zeke.

Zeke .... Poland ... Czech Republic .... Israel .... Marsh Arabs (well, that was BJ Clinton) .... Honduras .... .... BO has a deft toss, when it comes to throwing loyal allies under the bus (09/27/09)

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