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Ken Berwitz

I can't vouch for the accuracy of this post I saw posted by "MarkNH" at a web site called www.ar15.com.  It goes into great detail to show that the 11*** year old girl who asked that sweet, poignant question at Barack Obama's "town hall meeting" was in fact a plant;  the daughter of a Democratic operative and contributor.


I'm having trouble posting the site, so I am just going to give you the link.  See if you find it as compelling as I do:





Hello?  Calling the Associated Press and any other media venue under the hallucination that the Obama "town hall meeting" was comprised of randomly selected people.  How does this grab you?

 What frauds.  What phonies.  What liars.




***The original information I read was that she is 13 years old.  Now I'm being told she is 11.  I don't know which is true or if maybe she is 10 or 12 or 14.  Importantly, her actual age has no relevance to the story, I am just trying to be as accurate as possible.


Ken  Berwitz

Since Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer have told us the people who angrily demand answers at health care town hall meetings are "un-American" because they are drowning out other voices (as opposed to gettiung angrier and angrier when theirs are not heard or are bushed aside), I wonder when they'll be saying the same about SEIU.

SEIU (The Service Employees International Union) is a huge supporter of Barack Obama, and a huge beneficiary of his presidential largesse.  Here, courtesy of www.hotair.com, is what it had to say about "drowning out" people at town hall meetings - until people outside the union noticed, that is:

SEIU Sends Orders To "Drown Out Their Voices" ... Down The Memory Hole. UPDATE: SEIU Still "Un-American"

Soon after Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer took things to DEFCON 1 this morning...:

Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American.

... Mary Katharine Ham scooped hard with this quote from the SEIU's website:

Action: Opponents of reform are organizing counter-demonstrators to speak at this and several congressional town halls on the issue to defend the status quo. It is critical that our members with real, personal stories about the need for access to quality, affordable care come out in strong numbers to drown out their voices.

Its patriotism questioned and its organization viciously slurred as un-American by Pelosi & Hoyer, SEIU issued a full-throated demand for an immediate, public apology meekly deleted the verboten phrase:

Action: Opponents of reform are organizing counter-demonstrators to speak at this and several congressional town halls on the issue to defend the status quo. It is critical that our members with real, personal stories about the need for access to quality, affordable care come out in strong numbers to counter their voices.

Predicting this cowardly about face, MKH made sure to get a screen grab of the original SEIU call to action.


UPDATE (8-11-09): While the above example occurred on an SEIU local chapter website, Jon Henke helpfully pointed me to two more unscrubbed instances of SEIU calling for "drowning" out the town hall protesters, this time on SEIU's main official blog. Oops.

First, an SEIU blogger implores:

Come to his townhall; show up early. Wave signs, wear t-shirts & buttons. Most of all, tell your stories. Standing together, we will drown out the enemies of reform. We will send a message that, for the general welfare of America, health care reform must happen this year. (screen shot)

In an ironically titled --- and looong --- blog post (Your Guide to Corporate Astroturfing: Lobbyist-Run Groups Orchestrating...), SEIU's Kate Thomas says in the last paragraph:

Playing politics with health reform is simply unacceptable. We must fight back against lies and fear-mongering to drown out the opposition--and send the message that health care reform must happen this year. (screen shot)

So you SEIU guys are still "un-American" by Pelosi/Hoyer's lights. Perhaps you should clobber them or something. SEIU SMASH!

Or just airbrush it away.

So when do you figure Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Hoyer will be denouncing SEIU for their "drownout" tactics?

My guess is about three days after the head of hamas resigns, moves to Israel and becomes Benjamin Netanyahu's press secretary.


Ken Berwitz

La Cage Aux Folles is a great stage show.  It is also a French expression meaning "Birds of a feather". 

So why do I mention "la cage aux folles" today?  Because, based on the following editorial, the Communist Party USA is 100% in line with President Obama on health care. (NOTE:  I do not - repeat, not - accuse President Obama of being a communist.  This blog is specifically about health care and nothing else)

Do you doubt me?  Well don't.  Just read it for yourself:

Summer Health Care fight heats up!

Archive Front Page

Last week the mayor of Hiroshima, Japan chose to commemorate the 64th year since the atom bomb destroyed his city by praising President Obama's call for abolition of nuclear weapons. He referred to the "Obamajority" in the world which supports this cause.

Within our country, the Obamajority is needed to take to the streets in support of health care with a public option paid for by reversing the obscene tax giveaways to the super rich during the Bush years. If health care reform fails, it will be a giant step backwards for the Obama administration and for working people, the labor movement, African American, Latino, Asian-Pacific Island communities, women and youth on every issue including the economy, peace and democracy.


August is key. Members of Congress are home for summer recess. They will be seeking out the opinions of their constituents. The right wing is actively trying to shut down expression of opinion. They are using strong-arm tactics to disrupt town hall meetings, oppose any public option and push for taxing the health benefits of working people. Along with some centrists, they want to slow the process down. This would only benefit the medical-pharmaceutical corporate quest to further increase their profits.


The majority is not happy with their health care as right-wingers like Rush Limbaugh contend. The majority has no health care--or too little health care--or are in danger of losing what they have won through their unions. The majority want Medicare improved and expanded.

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that in September, HR 3200, based on the work of three House committees, will come to the floor for vote. In the Senate, the finance committee continues to deliberate. The health committee has already put its legislation forward. These bills will have to be melded together.

Among the biggest points of contention are:

  • Will there be a public option?
  • Will the funding come from taxing the rich or from taxing working peoples health care benefits?
  • Will immigrants and women's reproductive services, etc. be included?

The Republicans and right-wing extremists are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on media ads and hired thugs. They want to shift the atmosphere and create confusion and doubts to undermine the current overwhelming support for public option.

They aim to break the historic multi racial unity built up in the course of the Obama election. The racist cartoons that have surfaced against Obama, the "birthers" media campaign and challenges to the appointment of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court add to the Klan-like lynching atmosphere.

They are also attempting to build up hysteria by labeling Obama's commitment to the right to health care as a "socialist agenda." It is no accident that the first of the storm-trooper type mob actions disrupting congressional town hall meetings took part at the time of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Medicare.

Medicare is a stellar example and argument for public option and for single-payer. Medicare is a government health program that is popularly thought of as essential. Only the privatization efforts of the Bush administration have weakened it.

The right-wing Republican tactics to stop healthcare reform are also meant to strengthen their hand against the Employee Free Choice Act and the entire labor program. The tactics are part of the right-wing plan to re-take Congress in the 2010 elections.

As the labor movement, Health Care for America Now, Organizing for America and so many other organizations have concluded, what happens in August is critical. The AFL-CIO  has developed a national 30-day plan of door-to-door campaigning and phone banking, including the Alliance of Retired Americans and Working America. They are letting members of Congress know that they will not give support for re-election to those who do not support health care and Employee Free Choice.


Progressive forces are organizing to attend every congressional town hall meeting and counter the right-wing attempts to disrupt, take them over, and deny the democratic process.


Organizing for America (OFA) is planning thousands of events, door knocks and phone banks in August.  In an email to OFA President Obama called on all those who built the movement for his election to step forward now. He reiterated, "every day we don't act, Americans watch their premiums rise three times faster than wages, small businesses and families are pushed towards bankruptcy, and 14,000 people lose their coverage entirely. The cost of inaction is simply too much for the people of this nation to bear."


The phone banks, rallies, vigils and marches in favor of health care reform that have been organized in the last few weeks around the country have had good turnout and media. Much more street heat and visibility is needed, with those who lack healthcare coverage in the forefront.Many excellent materials are available. The daily on-line edition of the People's Weekly World, as well as the weekly print edition, covers breaking news and provides a deeper understanding of the issue and how to win support.

A factsheet issued by Health Care for America Now (HCAN) answers point by point a 500 page right-wing e-mail document being sent around the country which is filled with false information that stirs up fears about rationing and lack of choice.

HCAN has issued a letter to the Blue Dog Coalition (PDF) on why public option and taxing top incomes are essential components of health care reform in order to keep down costs and cover both middle income and low-income individuals and families.

Blue Dog Democrats who were elected in districts that McCain carried have been targeted for pressure by the right wing to oppose these reforms. The Congressional Progressive Caucus, working with the Black, Hispanic and Asian Pacific Caucuses is pushing hard to make sure the language that comes to the floor includes measures for healthcare equity and a strong public option.

Rep Barbara Lee, who chairs the Congressional Black Caucus and is an active leader in the Progressive Caucus, issued an e-mail on August 5 emphasizing that "doing the bidding of insurance executives is the wrong way to go about reforming our health care system" There are now 57 signatures by members of Congress on a letter to Speaker Pelosi opposing any bill that does not include a strong public health insurance option. Voters are asked to request that their member of Congress sign the letter.

In compliment to supporting a strong public option to close the emergency health care gap, organizing continues in support of a single payer health care system which would create universal coverage at the lowest cost. Amendments for a single payer system are expected from the floor of the House. An amendment which allows states to implement single payer was passed with bi-partisan support in committee.

The Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution supporting "the immediate enactment of the Administration's health care reform principles." They are calling on other cities to do the same. The Council acted in response to marches, vigils and phone banks organized in East LA and other neighborhoods. (PDF)

Congress and the President have established websites to provide information about
what the health care reform bills mean to individuals.  The White House has established
a fact-check web page, called "Health Insurance Reform Reality Check" and the House Energy and Commerce Committee breaks down the impact of the legislation by Congressional District


This fight for health care is a fight for the ability to win on every other issue starting with Employee Free Choice and all the way to state budget priorities. It is a fight for unity against the ultra-right. What happens at the grassroots will in large part decide what happens in Congress. Now is the time for the Obamajority to act.


National Board

Communist Party USA

Maybe this is why so many regular people (not "extremists", or "thugs", or "brown shirts" or "shouters" or racists") are so incensed over the health care being pushed on them by President Obama.

I rest my case.


Ken Berwitz

My wife prefers the Today show on weekday mornings.  I don't.  Guess who wins?

So I'm watching Today this morning, and Matt Lauer is conducting an interview with Robert Gibbs, President Obama's press secretary, about the fact that Mr. Obama will be conducting several "town hall meetings" this week.

It begins with them exchanging greetings, and Lauer then saying:  "Let me start with a blunt question.  Is this a good idea......"

Ok.  So far so good.  Mr. Lauer is now going to ask a tough question, right?  Well, here is the entire transcript of his question:

"Let me start with a blunt question.  Is this a good idea?  I mean you're going to send the President out there in a town hall forum, and two more later in the week, and this will, in some ways, become the Super Bowl for these shouters.  They're going to get a chance to shout down the President of the United States.  They've got nothing to lose, but the President certainly does, doesn't he?"

That was it?  That was Matt Lauer's "blunt question"?  He's worried that President Obama could be put on the spot by....not everyday people who are fearful of what is in the health care proposals or their cost, but "shouters" who are "going to get a chance to shout down the President of the United States", and have "nothing to lose".

Wow, that was a hard-hitting question!  Pre-emptively demonize anyone who disagrees with President Obama while simultaneously commisserating with poor Barack, who might be discomfited in some way. 

That, folks, is why we argue about what to watch in the morning.

Oh, by the way:  According to www.michellemalkin.com, President Obama will have minimal reason to worry about such "shouters", because at least the first of these so-called "town hall meetings" (and probably the others as well) is TICKETS ONLY.  And guess who they're giving tickets to?

Ms. Malkin juxtaposes what one of President Obama's senior flaks tells us, with the reality of who will be in attendance:

The flak says:

I think theres actually a pretty long tradition of people shouting at politicians in America, White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton told reporters on Air Force One when asked about the comments.


The President thinks that if people want to come and have a spirited debate about health care, a real vigorous conversation about it, thats a part of the American tradition and he encourages that, because people do have questions and concerns And so if people want to come and have their concerns and their questions answered, the President thinks thats important. Now, if you just want to come to a town hall so that you can disrupt and so that you can scream over another person, he doesnt think that thats productive. And as a country, weve been able to make progress when people actually talk out what our problems are, not try to shout each other down..

The reality is:

John Moran, 71, of Nottingham was among the many who went to the school to pick up tickets for an event marking Obamas first trip to the Granite State since he took office in January.


Moran, a Democrat, said he is a strong Obama supporter who was thrilled when he got a call notifying him that he would have two tickets for todays Town Hall forum.


The Nottingham resident said his wife who will also be attending was even more excited with the chance to see Obama live.


She is really tickled. You should have seen her she was jumping up and down, Moran said.


Moran said he has a couple questions in mind if he is called on at the forum with one of them being how the president intends to get health insurance companies to work with him to reform health care.

Notice a teensy weensy disconnect between the flak and the reality?

I have two fervent hopes: 

-One is that a couple of people who have real concerns and actually would ask tough questions somehow sneak past the screening process. 

-The other is that the American people see through this phony-balony charade. 


Ken Berwitz

This statement is currently on the home page of www.frontpagemag.com, a web site dedicated to, among other things, protecting Jews from the anti-Semites who have taken a serious foothold in college campuses around the United States:

We have grown accustomed to the bloodlust of the radical Islamic state of Iran, and of its determination, in league with terror organizations such as Hizbollah and Hamas, to annihilate Israel.


 What is new is the degree to which the Middle East conflict has been brought home to America by radical professors and student groups who are lining up at universities across the country to join the jihadis in their fight against the Jews.


 Earlier this year, as Israel was defending itself from Hamas three year campaign of rocket attacks in the Gaza War, teach-ins were held on campuses across the country.  Their theme was that Israel is a Nazi apartheid state, that Palestinians are the victims of a holocaust, and that Hamas terrorists are freedom fighters. 

 These teach-ins and demonstrations were part of an intensifying war against the Jews that has broken out on many fronts across American higher education:


 * University of California Sociology professor William Robinson assembles photos even university administrators conceded were "lurid" showing Nazis committing unspeakable acts against Jews and emails them to all his students along with a diatribe about how the Israeli soldiers fighting Hamas terrorists were no different from fascist troops in World War II destroying the city of Warsaw.  


* A sit in by radical leftists and pro-jihadists at the University of Rochester during Israels defensive counter attack on Hamas intimidates school administrators into backing a demand for the university to divest from companies doing business with the Israeli war machine.

* At UC Irvine, members of the Muslim Student Union attend graduation ceremonies with green sashes emulating those of suicide bombers inscribed with the word shahada (martyr).


 At one level the campus war against the Jews is a war of symbols: radical demonstrators carrying banners on which the Star of David is joined to the swastika by an equal sign; student governments and academic senates pushing measures for disinvestment based on the rancid assumption that Israel the only democratic state in the Middle East -- is morally equivalent to the racist apartheid regime of South Africa; leftist propagandists cynically reversing the Biblical story so that the ideologues of genocide with their massive populations become David and tiny Israel becomes Goliath. 


 But the Middle East conflict as reflected on American campuses increasingly features the threat of real, in addition to merely rhetorical violence. Radical and pro-jihad groups are increasingly dropping the pretense that only Israel is in their gun sights and not Jews per se.  Their approach to Jews who dont agree with their position on the Middle East is one of hatred and intimidation.  In recent pro Palestinian rallies at UC Irvine, for instance, radical Muslim students threatened Jewish students with violence and chased them off campus in a shocking act of hatred that school administrators ignored. 


   This fall the David Horowitz Freedom Center will launch a nationwide protest whose theme will be Stop the Campus War Against Israel and the Jews.  Frontpage Magazine will have more to say about this campaign as it develops in the weeks ahead.  In the meantime, to show the extent and intensity of this hate movement, we will publish portraits of the top ten individuals and institutions who have made Israel and Jews targets in a vicious campaign of lander and incitement to violence. These are the worst of the worst, hardcore anti Israel and hardcore anti Semitic. --The Editors

I am posting this because I fully support www.frontpagemag.com, and will make sure to keep readers of this blog up to date on what they are uncovering and what they are doing about it.


Ken Berwitz

The other day, keith olbermann lashed out at CNN's Lou Dobbs (no big deal there, olbermann has a compulsive need to lash out at just about everyone).  But, in doing so, he brought in Mr. Dobbs' family - his wife and children  - by citing their racial ancestry.

Michael Calderone, of www.politico.com, reported it this way:

Last night, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann not only named CNN's Lou Dobbs the "worst person in the world" but called him a "soft-focus, birther-embracing former star, a man who during the week makes millions off bashing immigrants, especially Hispanics, even though his wife and kids are Hispanic."

Olbermann followed up with some questions: "What do you want, Lou? To come take a swing at me? That Lou Dobbs? Meds? Have you had your tranquilizer dart yet today, Lou?"

For the record, Dobbs' attacks are on ILLEGAL immigrants.  And, unless Mr. Dobbs' wife and children are illegal, the fact that they are Hispanic is irrelevant to his opinion.  In other words, it is typical keith olbermann vitriol.  Angry, sneering, loaded with insults and full of crap.

But in this case, he picked on the wrong guy. 

When olbermann does his near-nightly personal attack on Bill O'Reilly, Mr. O'Reilly declines to answer him back by name.  Not so Lou Dobbs. 

Mr. Dobbs, on his radio show, said this about olbermann:

"That pathetic moron, I got to tell you he truly is pathetic and normally I would ignore him but he has insulted my wife, my daughters, he's not man enough to take me on...How in the world does General Electric rationalize keeping a psychotic that has no boundaries, no sense of decency about him. I am in the public arena...He is in desperate need of a recalibration of his medicine...

I DVR'ed "Countdown" last night to catch olbermann's next salvo against Dobbs - I considered it a given that olbermann would come up with something:  if given a chance to attack, the odds are roughly 100% that olbermann will do it.

And, as predictably as the sun rising in the east, he did.  Here is the segment of his much-longer "special comment" that involves Dobbs:

Then there are the birthers, laughable from the moment they open their mouths, profferring a conspiracy that somehow began with the placement of birth notices in two Hawaiian newspapers 48 years ago this month.  The people who do not want this President to be President will believe anything.  And that is meat for fading commentators like Lou Dobbs****, whatever he actually believes, because the birther movement touches another essential part of the defective soul;  the need for an excuse.  For they need to convince themselves of an immense conspiracy, and place that conviction as a barrier between their actions and the sad reality that they are not the victims of intricate machinations against freedom, but that they are just garden variety ordinary racists, that can handle the most limited of integration only in theory.  

There is the quintessential keith olbermann.  Nasty.  Vituperative.  Insulting to the nth degree.  And communicating his hatred clearly, while taking pains not to say it in exactly so many words, so that he can claim he didn't say it at all.

See, he didn't call Dobbs a birther, he just mentioned them, attacked them, and immediately invoked Dobbs' name. (Dobbs, by the way, believes Obama is legally eligible to be President.  His "crime" is that he has had guests who challenge Obama's eligibility). 

This is immediately followed by an accusation of racism.  The fact that there no factual basis of any kind offered, and no logic other than olbermann's stereotype of people who are against Obama's health care?  Hey, it's keith olbermann.  What do you expect?

(Point of order:  Isn't stereotyping exactly what racists do?)

And because of the way olbermann says it, right on the heels of invoking Dobbs' name, most people will certainly walk away with the assumption that Dobbs is one of those "garden variety ordinary racists, that can handle the most limited of integration only in theory".  

Did he olbermann specifically say it in those words?  Nope.  Did he communicate it?  100%. 

Now that I told you what keith olbermann said about Lou Dobbs, let me tell you something he didn't say:  he didn't say "If Lou Dobbs thinks I'm mistreating him, here's a standing offer for him to come on Countdown and debate me". 

The reason we didn't hear those words is that olbermann virtually never presents dissenting views on his show.  That would require the ability to successfully have such a debate.  And some guts.

By contrast, consider Bill O'Reilly.  Regular readers of this blog know I'm no big fan of Mr. O'Reilly's.  But I give him full credit for regularly presenting both sides of issues.  You'll grow old ever getting the same from olbermann.  Maybe that's why O'Reilly typically triples olbermann in the ratings.

I wonder whether Mr. Dobbs will return fire and answer olbermann's hissy-fit.  I don't listen to Dobbs' radio show but if he decides to nail olbermann again I assume I can pick up his response from another site.  I'll let you know one way or the other.

Finally, since I've cited just a small portion of  olbermann's "special comment", I want to provide a link so that you can see/hear it in its entirety:  just click here.

Warning:  If you've never heard one of olbermann's "special comments"  you better fasten your seat belt.  It is astonishing that one human being can expell this much bile at this many people in this short a period of time.

How proud MSNBC must be.


**** "fading commentators like Lou Dobbs"???  Er, in the most recent full month (July), olbermann is down 11% from a year ago, among the key 25-54 year old demo.  In fact, his July showing among 25-54's was olbermann's lowest since December of 2007.  Read it for yourself by clicking here.

Tell us again who is fading, keith.


Ken Berwitz

From the Washington Times coverage of President Obama's "Town Hall Meeting" in New Hampshire (the bold print is mine):

The president began the question-and-answer portion of the event saying he wanted to hear from "skeptics." But the most noteworthy aspect of the event, by the time it concluded, was the silence of the opponents who the White House had earlier criticized for shouting their opposition. Some of those left out of the event speculated that the White House had cleansed the attendance list of critics.

The White House, apparently sensitive to the potential for bad optics, put out an advisory to the media that said tickets were made widely available to the public. But interviews with ticket-holders suggested a large portion were handed out to participants who were likely to be friendly to the President's position.

"I fully support it," said Matthew Murray, 31, an air traffic controller from the Nashua area who said he obtained his ticket from the AFL CIO. Mr. Murray, a diabetic, said the cost of his medical supplies have been steadily increasing. He is hoping the Obama plan will help. "Any minor burden it puts on my taxes would be worth it," he said.

The scene outside the auditorium offered a stark contrast to the calm questioning that took place inside. Under overcast skies, heavy crowds lined the campus driveway, with hundreds of protesters chanting and waving signs in opposition to the pending healthcare proposals. Another group, equally large, rallied in support of the president's plan.

In the hours before the town hall got under way, yellow police tape separated the boisterous crowds from a long line of roughly 1,800 town hall ticket-holders, which snaked across the school grounds. Most of those with tickets appeared to have connections to local labor unions or to local Democratic officials. The vast majority wore "Health Care Now" stickers. One group came in AARP t-shirts. A corner of the auditorium appeared to be reserved for students of the school.

Behind the tape, Framington real estate broker Charles Wibel, 70, said he made repeated attempts through the president's Web site to obtain a seat in the high school gymnasium.

"Nothing about this is random," he fumed. "We ought to have animal control here. I've never seen so many sheep."


Could this possibly be any more fraudulent?


God help us if we don't see right through it.



Ken Berwitz

In the previous blog I showed you the Washington Times' coverage of President Obama's so-called "Town Hall Meeting"

Here is how the Associated Press covered it (the bold print is mine):

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. Braced for a fight he never got, President Barack Obama went on the offensive in support of his health care plan Tuesday, urging a town hall audience not to listen to those who seek to "scare and mislead the American people."


"For all the scare tactics out there, what is truly scary is if we do nothing," Obama told a friendly crowd of about 1,800 in a high school auditorium and a nationwide audience watching on cable television.


The White House had been ready for an unruly reception from opponents of overhauling health care. There was no sign of that, perhaps because of the makeup of the day's crowd or out of traditional deference for the president.


Obama's push came amid a string of disruptive health care town halls nationwide that have overshadowed his message and threatened to derail support in Congress. Indeed, Republican-turned-Democratic Sen. Arlen Specter faced hostile questions, taunts and jeers earlier Tuesday as he tried to explain his positions at a town hall in Lebanon, Pa. Voter fears of a government takeover of health care were on stark display.


Some lawmakers, holding forums during Congress' August recess, have gone so far as to replace public forums with teleconferences or step up security to keep protesters at bay.


But the Democratic president faced no outbursts.


The encounter was so friendly, in fact, that by the end Obama was even asking for skeptical questioners to come forward to no avail.

Every other town hall meeting you read about had skeptics and critics galore.  But for this TICKETS-ONLY meeting, in which Obama's people could dole them out to whomever they wanted?  Few and far in between. 

Funny;  there were a ton of them OUTSIDE the meeting hall. I guess it was just dumb luck that so few of them had a ticket to get in.  Some kind of once-in-a-lifetime coincidence.

Or maybe, just maybe, almost no tickets were made available to them.

And how does the Associated Press explain their virtual nonexistence?  Well, it is "perhaps the makeup of the day's crowd" (whatever that means).  Not one word about the fact that attendees were determined by whomever gave out the tickets.  Just meaningless, indecipherable BS.  

This isn't a news article, it is a campaign ad.

The degree of fraudulence here is genuinely breathtaking.  Are we, as a country, dumb enough to buy it? 


Ken Berwitz

From Barack Obama's "town hall meeting" in New Hampshire, we have this blatant lie - with a hat tip to National Review for uncovering it:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Obama Pretty Blatantly Lies About Single Payer at New Hampshire Town Hall. 

"I have not said that I am a supporter of a single-payer system," Obama tells the crowd in New Hampshire.

The Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire, August 19, 2008: "Obama Touts Single-Payer System for Health Care":

Barack Obama said he would consider embracing a single-payer health-care system, beloved by liberals, as his plan for broader coverage evolves over time.

If I were designing a system from scratch, I would probably go ahead with a single-payer system, Obama told some 1,800 people at a town-hall style meeting on the economy.

Lying is easier when the audience is pre-selected (tickets only), isn't it?

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