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Ken Berwitz

What an interesting, illuminating, fact-filled article The American Spectator's Mark Hyman has written about how much Barack Obama's foreign policy positions parallel those of the hate-based reverend jeremiah wright - Mr. Obama's spiritual leader and personal mentor - and wright's hero, the even-worse louis farrakhan. 

Here, see for yourself:

Jeremiah Wright Foreign Policy

Anyone familiar with the views of Barack Obama's pastor of twenty years might wonder if Reverend Jeremiah Wright is the chief inspiration behind the president's foreign policy. The president's overseas forays dubbed the "American Apology Tour" have featured Obama issuing one apology after another on behalf of a U.S. he has pronounced guilty of countless transgressions.

Obama has apologized for Guantanamo Bay; for alleged mistakes committed by the CIA; for U.S. policy in the Americas; for America's history of slavery; for "sacrificing [American] values;" for "hasty decisions" in the war on terror; for "America's standing in the world;" for American errors in foreign policy; for U.S. relations with the Muslim world; and for American "arrogance," being "dismissive, [and] even derisive" toward U.S. allies. One gets the sense Obama is far from finished.

Wright, too, found unlimited fault with America. For example, he opposed the great American melting pot. He denounced racial impurity particularly when white men and black women have offspring. "Black women were raped by the millions," Wright claimed in his 1996 book, When Black Men Sand Up for God. "Look around your church or neighborhood at the colors of African people today. America is the land of our trouble," he warned in his 1995 book Africans Who Shaped Our Faith.

Wright lectured his parishioners "When you forget who you are, you start letting your behavior be determined by the enemy's [white people's] expectations. How you act is based upon what they think. And that sickness is perpetuated, because through assimilation and acculturation, you now think just like they think." Wright admonished his congregants "If you are not European, stop pretending you are."

Wright's black separatist sermons have been notorious for racist comments about "white arrogance," "the United States of White America," and "the U.S. of KKK." Wright also accused the U.S. government of conspiring against black people. "The government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color. The government lied," he claimed in one sermon. Rather than asking for divine blessings for the U.S., instead Wright urged "G** D*** America!"

In August 2007, Wright delivered a eulogy at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. He referred to the nation's Founding Fathers as the "fondling fathers." He called Texas "the cradle of dehumanization," he made an ethnic slur about Italians and "their garlic noses," and he repeatedly mentioned "white enemies." Wright warned mourners of "White supremacist brainwashing, passing itself off as education."

Wright's anti-Semitic leanings seemingly play themselves out in U.S. relations with Israel. Just recently, Wright derided "them Jews" for blocking his access to President Obama.

In contrast to his deference to anti-American leaders such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, and Daniel Ortega, Obama has strong-armed Benjamin Netanyahu on key Israeli matters. He snubbed the Israeli Prime Minister in his first request to meet with the president. While pronouncing Iran's pursuit of nuclear technology acceptable and announcing the U.S would not meddle in Iran's election, Obama has warned Netanyahu against targeting Iran's nuclear facilities, has demanded an end to Israeli settlements and has insisted on the creation of a two-state Palestine solution. Obama's attitude is not new.

Years ago, Wright and Obama helped organize participation in the 1995 march on Washington led by the deeply anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan. In his remarks, the Nation of Islam leader accused former President George H. W. Bush of "buck-dancing in a yarmulke for the Jews."

Farrakhan's anti-Semitic activities spanned years. Months before the march, he was embroiled in an ugly, anti-Semitic episode. Khalid Abdul Muhammad, a senior Nation of Islam official, delivered three hours of remarks at New Jersey's Keane College that attacked whites, Jews, Catholics, homosexuals and white South Africans.

Muhammad said, "[Jews] are a European strain of people who crawled around on all fours in the caves and hills of Europe, eatin' Juniper roots and eatin' each other. They're the blood suckers of the black nation and the black community."

Muhammad warned the audience of "Columbia Jew-niversity over in Jew York City." He called the U.N., the "Jew-nited Nations." He said Jews were named Rubenstein, Goldstein and Silverstein because they "[have] been stealing rubies and gold and silver all over the earth. That's why we can't even wear a ring or a bracelet or a necklace without calling it Jewelry but it's not jewelry, it's Jew-elry."

Muhammad argued Jews who perished in the Holocaust had it coming to them. He asked, "[D]on't nobody ever ask what did they do to Hitler?" Then he answered his own question with, "They had undermined the very fabric of the society."

Prior to his Kean College address, Muhammad dismissed the "so-called Jew holocaust" at appearances in Dallas, Texas and Washington, DC. He argued the film "Schindler's List" should be named "Swindler's List."

Countless public figures implored Farrakhan to repudiate Muhammad. Instead, Farrakhan stood by his friend. At a "Black Men Only" rally of 10,000, Farrakhan said, "We know that Jews are the most organized, rich and powerful people, not only in America, but in the world. They are plotting against us even as we speak." Then Farrakhan clasped Muhammad in an embrace on stage.

Even with Farrakhan's long history of racism, bigotry and anti-Semitism, Wright remained a fervent supporter. In 2007, Wright praised Farrakhan as one who "will be remembered as one of the 20th and 21st century giants of the African-American religious experience." Trumpet, a magazine operated by Wright and Trinity Church, honored Farrakhan in November 2007 with the "Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. Lifetime Achievement Trumpeteer" Award for his years of service.

It is understandable that after sitting through 20 years of sermons delivered by the pastor Barack Obama considered his spiritual mentor that Jeremiah Wright's politics would heavily influence Obama's worldview of the U.S. and Israel. It is unfortunate that they do.

Can you find even one thing in Mr. Hyman's article that is either inaccurate or untrue?

Now consider that these are the people who shaped Barack Obama's views for most of his adult life.

Knowing this, you have to wonder how it was possible for people who think the United States is a force for good, and/or support Israel and/or are tolerant of other races and religions, not to have realized what they were getting with Barack Obama.  Yet millions and millions of such people voted for him. 

I hope they're happy with who they elected.  I can assure you that I am not.


Ken Berwitz

John Conyers is a long-time congressperson from Detroit.  He is also as dirty as sludge, and has a wife to match.

Want proof?  Read this excerpt from an article in the Detroit Free Press:

Conyers guilty in bribery case


The federal trap finally snapped Friday on Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers, ending a year of speculation about her role in the Synagro sludge contract scandal.

The normally boisterous Conyers, 44, appeared in U.S. District Court to quietly plead guilty to a bribery conspiracy charge during a brief hearing.

Conyers, the wife of powerful U.S. Rep. John Conyers, left the courtroom on personal bond without commenting.

In a few short weeks, Conyers, who was the council's president pro tem, went from one of Detroit's most politically powerful and mercurial women to an admitted felon in a pay-to-play scheme for a $1.2-billion-plus sludge treatment contract.

She was president of the council during Ken Cockrel Jr.'s mayoral regime from September through May. Now, she faces up to five years in prison for taking cash-stuffed envelopes at a city recreation center and in a McDonald's parking lot.

It was unclear Friday whether Conyers would stay in office until sentenced or quit before the August primary. No sentencing date has been set.

Councilwoman's fire gone as she quietly pleads guilty

Conyers, known for her last name and her fiery outbursts, faced the likely demise of her stormy first term in a subdued way Friday, admitting to a federal judge in a barely audible voice that she sold her vote on city business deals.

Her guilty plea to a federal charge of conspiracy to commit bribery ended months of whispers that the council president pro tem was a major target of an ongoing public corruption investigation. She admitted taking at least $6,000 from Detroit businessman Rayford Jackson to change her vote in favor of a $1.2-billion sludge disposal contract in 2007.

Though she has not been sentenced, her crime can carry up to five years in prison.

Federal prosecutors withheld many details of the evidence against her but singled out her swing vote in November 2007 to approve the sludge contract with Synagro Technologies, which employed Jackson.

Her plea agreement states Conyers also took money in connection with her former appointed position on the city's General Retirement System, but it gives no specifics. Federal agents have subpoenaed records from the pension fund.

Conyers and his wife have been at the heart of ongoing scandals in Detroit for years.  For a partial look at what the Conyers' are about read this two year old article from and see for yourself.  You will be appalled.

If Conyers were a Republican instead of a Democrat, there is little doubt that he would be out of office and in jail today.  And his wife would not have had the opportunities for corruption she was so willing to take advantage of.

But that is the reality of USA politics in this day and age.  Most mainstream media are so deeply partisan that I despair they will ever find the way to what they're supposed to be - objective, neutral journalists.

free` I would bet she see's no jail time. (06/27/09)


Ken Berwitz

This story, from the Shelbeyville (Tennessee) Times-Gazette, is definitely "you can't make this stuff up" material:

Arguing couple does no damage with Cheetos

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


A local couple arrested on domestic assault charges Sunday had an unusual choice of alleged weaponry -- Cheetos.

Warrants filed by Cpl. Kevin Roddy, of the Bedford County Sheriff's Department, stated he responded to a call at a home on Pass Road, where 40-year-old James Earl Taylor and Mary S. Childers, 44, were allegedly involved in an argument.

According to Roddy's report, the pair became "involved in a verbal altercation" with each other "at which time Cheetos potato chips were used in the assault."

"There was evidence of the assault," the report read, "however no physical marks on either party and the primary aggressor was unable to be determined."

Both Taylor and Childers were charged by Roddy with domestic assault. Both posted a bond of $2,500 and will appear in Bedford County General Sessions Court on July 15.

The combatants were also cited for referring to each other as "agent orange". 

After the exhausting physical activity involved in trying to throw a Cheeto hard enough to hurt someone, they each drank a great deal of water, which caused them both to take a cheese whiz.

Ok, I've done my part.  The next bad joke is yours.


Ken Berwitz

From Thursday's Boston Herald (and before we knew where Governor Sanford really was):

U.S. Sen. John Kerry goes for Sarah Palin punchline

By Rachelle Cohen   |   Thursday, June 25, 2009  |  |  U.S. Politics

WASHINGTON - A jovial U.S. Sen. John Kerry must have been channeling his inner Letterman Tuesday when he quipped the wrong governor had gone missing.


The Bay State Democrat was regaling a group of business and civic leaders invited to the Capitol on the bizarre disappearance of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, who was said to be hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Too bad, Kerry said, if a governor had to go missing it couldnt have been the governor of Alaska. You know, Sarah Palin.


The Democratic-centric crowd chuckled.

Try to imagine the maelstrom if a Republican senator ever said this about a Democratic Governor.  Especially a five-termer and former presidential candidate.

Now try to remember if, other than this little squib article from the Boston Herald, you have seen kerry's vicious hateful comment anywhere else.

But listen to them squeal like stuck pigs if you call them biased.

free` Oh, and welcome back Ken, hope you had a good time. You were missed. (06/27/09)

free` Sarah Palin got even with him for this. >>> Palin responds to Kerry: “Why the long face?” (06/27/09)


Ken Berwitz Thanks, free. We had a great time and then some! (06/27/09)


Ken Berwitz

If I had been blogging when they occurred, these three deaths would have gotten more attention than I will give them now.  But, since they are old news for you, let me acknowledge them briefly:

Farah Fawcett R.I.P.

Farah Fawcett had the same problem Brad Pitt has.  She was so physically beautiful that her excellence as an actor was often overlooked. 

No wonder that poster of Ms. Fawcett and her gorgeous smile (shown below) was, I have been told, the single biggest selling "pin-up" in history.

I prefer to remember her as she looked then, not as the woman who suffered a horrible, painful death due to anal cancer.  I hope you feel the same. 

May she rest in peace.


Ed McMahon R. I. P.

For 35 years Ed McMahon was the "sidekick" to Johnny Carson - first on the game show "Who Do You Trust" and then on the Tonight Show.

I put the word "sidekick" in quotations because he was so much more than that.  McMahon was no appendage, he was an integral part of the show, someone who countless viewers were entertained by every bit as much Carson. 

Johnny Carson was amazingly talented in his own right, but I believe Ed McMahon brought him to a place he would not have been with someone else on that couch.

After Tonight, McMahon had his own personal successes (Star Search being one of them) and was the perennial co-host of Jerry Lewis' Muscular Dystrophy telethon, until physical and financial problems took him down in the year or two before his death. 

Less well known is the fact that Ed McMahon was also a decorated Marine pilot during World War II.

He will be greatly missed. 

May he rest in peace.


Michael Jackson R. I. P.

I was never a fan of Michael Jackson's.  Not my music, not my style.  But he had more talent and more charisma than just about anyone I've ever seen in my life.

Mr. Jackson's 1982 album "Thriller" was not just the biggest seller of all time.  It more than doubled the next biggest seller.  That puts him in the same rarefied league as people like Babe Ruth, Louis Armstrong, Enrico Caruso and Tiger Woods.  

He was a transcendental performer on stage, both singing and dancing (the "Moonwalk" was his signature dance move).  World-wide. 

Unfortunately there was also a pretty significant underbelly to the Michael Jackson story.  His apparent relationships with young boys (never actually proven, it should be pointed out), his cosmetic surgeries that turned him into a sort of male Jocelyn Wildenstein and his increasingly bizarre behavior (remember him dangling his baby son from a window?). 

But none of this in any way changes the greatness of Michael Jackson as an entertainer.  I doubt we'll ever see anyone else like him again. 

May he rest in peace.


Ken Berwitz

If you liked the way Democrats' "stimulus package" (which I call the "stealfromus package") passed through congress, you're going to love the Global Warming cap-and-trade legislation which moved through the house of representatives yesterday by a 219-212 vote.

The bill passed with a sudden 300-page addendum, added at 3:00AM (yes, that is three in the morning) and was voted on with absolutely no time for members of congress to read what it says. 

This is exactly how the "stealfromus package" was voted on.  It was dumped in the hands of congress, all 1,000 pages-plus of it, and a vote was taken hours later with no one given enough time to even read it, let alone react to what it entailed.

Are you happy with that bill?  President Obama assured us it would prevent the unemployment rate from rising above 8.0%.  Well, after four months of not stimulating a thing other than the crushing long-term debt it saddles our children and grandchildren with, the unemployment rate is currently at 9.4% and even Obama's acolytes admit it is going straight into double figures.

Their explanation?  It's Bush's fault (I swear, that's what they're saying).  "We didn't realize what Bush left us was this bad".  Of course the doomsday warnings issued by President Obama that if it didn't pass there would be a "catastrophe", etc, etc, etc, must conveniently be forgotten to buy into the "we didn't realize it was this bad", explanation. 

What a crock of BS.  They told us it was that bad.  In so many words.  That is how they railroaded it into law. 

Now that the legislation is so obviously an abject failure, their choice is either to take responsibility or try another round of blaming Bush.  Guess what?  They're blaming Bush.  What a shock. 

And with the so-called Global Warming legislation, we have the exact same path.  A bill that will cost us untold billions/trillions in both governmental and private expenditure, passed by a lopsided Democratic majority, complete with a huge addition that no one knows a thing about but they voted on it anyway.

And where are our wonderful "neutral" media as it happens?  Well, read the New York Times front-page article on this bill today.  Try and find any news of that 300 page dump.  It isn't there.  But what you will find is a quote from henry waxman, who co-sponsored the bill, assuring us that the vote was a decisive and historic action that would position the United States as a leader in energy efficiency and technology.  

Thanks New York Times.  Your love affair with Barack Obama continues unabated. 

Thanks, also, to henry waxman.  Didn't you tell us how great the "stealfromus package" was too? 

There has to come a point where the voting public realizes what is happening here.  Even if much of our media will not report it.  There has to come a point when we understand that Barack Obama and his Democratic cohorts are going at breakneck speed to morph the country we live in to something we will not recognize.  Something that, in my opinion, we will desperately regret? 

Our only hope is that the US Senate, which almost has to operate more openly than these utter frauds in the house (how could they operate more covertly?), will reverse this disaster.

And the saddest part of the story?  It is that this is our fault.  We elected Barack Obama and a congress.  

The earliest we can do something about it is next year.  Will we?  By that time, will it even matter?


Ken Berwitz

In the previous blog I showed you what a vicious jerk john kerry is.  But next to keith olbermann, kerry is a rank amateur.

While we started unpacking from our cruise last night, I put on the TV and watched about one minute of olbermann's low-rated "Countdown" (still at about one-third of Bill O'Reilly's viewership after over 6 years on the air).  And in those seconds, olbermann, with a smirk from here to Pittsburgh, was attacking the several Republican politicians who have recently be found out as philanderers.

Has he got a point?  Frankly, yes he does.  I have no problem with keith olbermann or anyone else attacking cheaters for cheating.

But there's a bit more to this.  Has olbermann also gone after, say, Bill Clinton?  or Jesse Jackson?  Or John Edwards?  Or Eliot Spitzer?  Or former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick?  Or New York Governor David Paterson?

I'm not talking about a couple of days of mentioning them.  I'm talking about the same smirking, pompous crapping-on that he gave the Republicans

See, cheating and assorted other sexual escapades are not peculiar to Republicans.  Democrats are every bit as loose with their morals as Republicans are.  So is keith olbermann attacking them the same way?

The answer?  C'mon, you already know the answer. 

keith olbermann is to hypocrisy what Afghanistan is to mountain caves. Maybe that is why Bill O'Reilly, pompous and stale has he is, continues to run rings around olbermann's show.


Ken Berwitz

Where was I for the past 12 days?

Very simple answer.  My wife and I were on an anniversary cruise through the Mediterranean.  We visited ports in Italy, Turkey and Greece.  It was spectacular.

I don't like to announce to the world that we will be away - at least not before or during the trip - so this is the first time I am mentioning it.

Now back to our regular lives!!

Ken Berwitz Thank you both. I really do appreciate it!! P.S. the cruise was amazing. (06/27/09)

Zeke Nice to have you back. .... Rest assured that our nation's leaders have been working tirelessly, so that you have issues to blog about. .... A nation in peril, so there will be grist for Ken's keyboard. ... Cap 'n Trade, Healthcare, the Economy, Immigration (not this year, it seems), AmerikaKorps (Brown Shirt NOT Optional - available in a popular ACORN shade) (06/27/09)

Janet Montgomery Glad you're back, I check out your page every day. I'm glad to hear the reason you were gone too, I was afraid it was health related. I miss you in MIRC chatrooms though! (06/27/09)


Ken Berwitz

From (surprisingly, I must admit) CBS News comes the following excerpt from a larger article which would almost certainly have hurt prospects for passing the cap-and-trade disaster described in my previous blog:

The Environmental Protection Agency may have suppressed an internal report that was skeptical of claims about global warming, including whether carbon dioxide must be strictly regulated by the federal government, according to a series of newly disclosed e-mail messages.

Less than two weeks before the agency formally
submitted its pro-regulation recommendation to the White House, an EPA center director quashed a 98-page report that warned against making hasty "decisions based on a scientific hypothesis that does not appear to explain most of the available data."

The EPA official, Al McGartland, said in an
e-mail message to a staff researcher on March 17: "The administrator and the administration has decided to move forward... and your comments do not help the legal or policy case for this decision."

The e-mail correspondence raises questions about political interference in what was supposed to be a
independent review process inside a federal agency -- and echoes criticisms of the EPA under the Bush administration, which was accused of suppressing a pro-climate change document.

Alan Carlin, the primary author of the 98-page EPA report, told in a telephone interview on Friday that his boss, McGartland, was being pressured himself. "It was his view that he either lost his job or he got me working on something else," Carlin said. "That was obviously coming from higher levels."

E-mail messages released this week show that Carlin was ordered not to "have any direct communication" with anyone outside his small group at EPA on the topic of climate change, and was informed that his report would not be shared with the agency group working on the topic.

"I was told for probably the first time in I don't know how many years exactly what I was to work on," said Carlin, a 38-year veteran of the EPA. "And it was not to work on climate change." One e-mail orders him to update a grants database instead.

For its part, the EPA sent an e-mailed statement saying: "Claims that this individuals opinions were not considered or studied are entirely false. This Administration and this EPA Administrator are fully committed to openness, transparency and science-based decision making. These principles were reflected throughout the development of the proposed endangerment finding, a process in which a broad array of voices were heard and an inter-agency review was conducted."

Carlin has an undergraduate degree in physics from CalTech and a PhD in economics from MIT. His
Web site lists papers about the environment and public policy dating back to 1964, spanning topics from pollution control to environmentally-responsible energy pricing.

After reviewing the scientific literature that the EPA is relying on, Carlin said, he concluded that it was at least three years out of date and did not reflect the latest research. "My personal view is that there is not currently any reason to regulate (carbon dioxide)," he said. "There may be in the future. But global temperatures are roughly where they were in the mid-20th century. They're not going up, and if anything they're going down."

Carlin's report listed a number of recent developments he said the EPA did not consider, including that global temperatures have declined for 11 years; that new research predicts Atlantic hurricanes will be unaffected; that there's "little evidence" that Greenland is shedding ice at expected levels; and that solar radiation has the largest single effect on the earth's temperature.

If there is a need for the government to lower planetary temperatures, Carlin believes, other mechanisms would be cheaper and more effective than regulation of carbon dioxide. One
paper he wrote says managing sea level rise or reducing solar radiation reaching the earth would be more cost-effective alternatives.

The EPA's possible suppression of Carlin's report, which lists the EPA's John Davidson as a co-author, could endanger any carbon dioxide regulations if they are eventually challenged in court.

Well, well, well.

I wonder how the 219 geniuses who passed the house version of this disastrous bill will feel about what you just read. 

I doubt most will tell us, though, because no one wants to admit just a day or two after the fact that what they did was based on a combination of incomplete and suppressed information. 

We, as a country, are being played like a Stradivarius by Obama & Company, with copious help from our wonderful "neutral" media.  And the one-size-fits-all answer to every action?  "Blame Bush". 

Some voters will never figure out that this fraudulent little panacea is being used on them time after time, to justify horrible legislation that is crushing us under unprecedented debt and unprecedented redistribution of income. 

I hope for your sake that you aren't one of them.

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