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Ken Berwitz

The "man" accused of killing Chandra Levy is a career criminal who is already in jail for other crimes. 

He is also an illegal alien.  But you would never know it by the news coverage.

Brent Baker of explains:

National Media Avoid Identifying Levy Murder Suspect as an Illegal

CBS, CNN, FNC and the AP on Tuesday all failed to identify Ingmar Guandique, for whom an arrest warrant was issued for the 2001 murder of Chandra Levy, as an illegal alien. In a full story on the CBS Evening News, reporter Bob Orr described him simply as a Salvadoran immigrant. During CNN's Situation Room, Zain Verjee benignly called him a laborer from El Salvador and later, on Anderson Cooper 360, news reader Erica Hill referred to him as a U.S. prison inmate from El Salvador. (In between, the contrarian Lou Dobbs did identify Guandique as a criminal illegal alien.)

FNC's Bret Baier, on his 6 PM EST show, cited the new charge against a Salvadoran immigrant while multiple dispatches from the AP's Brian Westerly described Guandique as an imprisoned Salvadoran immigrant.

Wednesday's front page Washington Post article cited the murder suspect's immigration status, but not until the third paragraph: Guandique, who entered the United States illegally in 2000 and had trouble scraping together a new life in Washington... In contrast, the free Washington Examiner put the relevant fact in the lead of its story for the Wednesday paper:

Nearly eight years after the disappearance of congressional intern Chandra Levy dominated national headlines, D.C. authorities charged with murder an illegal immigrant who had been questioned in the early stages of the investigation.

Neither ABC's World News nor the NBC Nightly News mentioned the arrest warrant. Bob Orr began his piece for the March 3 CBS Evening News:

Police identified the killer of Chandra Levy as Ingmar Guandique, a Salvadoran immigrant who's already in a California prison for assaulting two other women in the same Washington park where Levy was murdered.

Not surprisingly, mainstream media as a group are skewed very heavily to the liberal/leftward side of illegal immigration.  In other words, don't bother with serious border patrol, don't complain if they get the rights and privileges of legals and, above all, don't mistreat these poor unfortunates by sending them back to their legal country of origin.

The rampancy of crime among illegals in so many parts of the country?  That has to be suppressed because, if it is reported, then people will demand that we get serious about illegals.  Nope, better to just not tell them about it. 

Keep 'em ignorant and you own 'em.  That's the national anthem of all too many in our media.  And they get away with it every day.



Ken Berwitz

Media bias is one of the most frequent topics in this blog 

Usually I talk about major news venues; The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the TV networks, etc.  But today I want to show you, via Tom Blumer of, how bad it is at a smaller-market-newspaper, Ohio's Toledo Blade.  Read this and shake your head in wonder:

Toledo Blade Reporter Names Party (GOP) of Auditor, But Not That of Governor (Dem) Who Is Late With Financials

You've got to hand it to Jim Provance of the Toledo Blade. He managed only to identify the party of a Republican in a story that is primarily about a Democratic administration's failure to produce timely financial statements.

Democratic Governor Ted Strickland, his administration, and his appointed Democrats in Ohio's Office of Budget and Management are not going to have the state's records in auditable condition until after the General Assembly passes the budget for the NEXT biennium beginning July 1 of this year. This is a situation that Republican State Auditor Mary Taylor yesterday called "unprecedented."

So "naturally," Provance identified Taylor's twice party in his report covering the situation, and failed to specifically name the party of any other statewide official -- or Strickland himself. Oh we can infer it, but inferences don't show up in search engine results. The words "Democrat" or "Democratic" are nowhere to be found.

Here are the key excerpts from the story (link corrected from original when posted):

Ohio auditor calls late '08 figures 'unprecedented'

If the state of Ohio were a local government or school district, State Auditor Mary Taylor would have declared it unauditable and started imposing fines by now.

Instead, there's little more the Republican auditor can do than complain, knowing that by the time the books are officially closed on what the state collected and spent in fiscal year 2008, the state budget for 2010 and 2011 will probably already be law.

"How will the governor know where to go fiscally if he doesn't know where he's been?'' asked Ms. Taylor.

Gov. Ted Strickland is currently pushing a $54 billion budget for the next two years, but his administration has yet to turn over the numbers for fiscal year 2008 for the required annual audit. The fiscal year ended June 30, 2008, but, 246 days later, as fiscal year 2009 nears its end, Ms. Taylor is still waiting.

The only Republican currently holding statewide executive office, Ms. Taylor said the numbers are typically available within six months of the close of a fiscal year and audits are usually completed by the following spring.

"The governor's concerned about the delay, and he's asked [his Office of Budget and Management] and other agencies to pull the information together as quickly as possible," said Strickland spokesman Amanda Wurst.

..... Ms. Taylor said she's been told the numbers won't be forthcoming until June. Her office will need about 14 weeks to complete the annual audit once the numbers are received.

..... Ms. Taylor said she was concerned that further delays might endanger the state's credit rating, currently the second-best rating available.

"Now is not the time to delay reporting important financial information to Ohioans," said Ms. Taylor. "We face an extraordinary budget deficit, the highest unemployment rate in over 20 years, and an unprecedented federal bailout. The governor must assure Ohioans he is serious about accountability and transparency and that their tax dollars are being spent legally and appropriately.

The Blade is the same paper that wrote or carried 1,000 stories (I'm not kidding) on Republican Tom Noe, whose sour coin investments cost the state, then governed by Republican Taft, millions of doll-- .... oh wait, it turns out that Noe's malfeasance cost the State "only" a few million, because the state has recouped most of what was originally lost.

I say "only" because Democrat-supporting investment adviser Mark Lay, like Noe, was in charge of investing a portion of the state-run Bureau of Workers Compensation investment funds. Lay lost $216 million in an offshore investment fund; that money is not coming back. If the Blade did 20 stories of its own on Lay's losses other than those fed to it by the Associated Press, I'd be surprised.

Like many other US newspapers, the Blade has seen its circulation drop. Its daily circ was down 10.5% to a shade under 120,000 in the three years ended March 31, 2008, while the Sunday Blade was down 16.8% to 147,000 and change during the same time period (PDFs with circulation figures for the Top 100 US newspapers as of 3/31/2008 and 3/31/2005 are here and here, respectively).

The Toledo area's unemployment rate has been the worst or nearly the worst in the Buckeye State for at least the past year, while the Blade leads the charge blaming everyone but the dominant Democratic Party for that situation. Perhaps if the Blade put more resources into fair and balanced reporting, along with hard-headed analyses of what ails the Glass City area, things might be different -- for both Toledo and its paper.

That's pretty amazing, isn't it.

Want to bet that the day the Toledo Blaze announces it is ceasing publication they will have a lead editorial blaming the paper's problems on Republicans? 

What?  You don't want to take that bet? 

Smart move.


Ken Berwitz

We've all seen ads for Capital One that end with the question "What's in your wallet"?

Well here, from the Associated Press via Fox News, is an answer that they won't be using any time soon.  I guarantee it:

Wal-Mart Customer Finds Human Teeth in New Wallet

Wednesday, March 04, 2009 

FALMOUTH, Mass.   A customer shopping at a Wal-Mart for a wallet claims he found something that definitely didn't fit the bill: human teeth.

Police say the man found 10 human teeth Saturday when he unzipped a compartment in the wallet. One tooth had a filling.

The customer turned the wallet and the teeth over to employees at the Falmouth store but left without giving his name.

Police investigating the incident told The Cape Cod Times that the teeth belong to an adult, but since there was no blood or gum tissue on the teeth, they would be unable to perform DNA tests.

A Walmart spokeswoman said the company believes it was an "isolated incident," but will investigate.

Is this a real story or a hoax? 

The hoax possibility has two pieces of circumstantial evidence. 

-One is that the story is so impossibly bizarre. 

-And the other is the name of the town where it happened.  Falmouth - as in falling from someone's mouth.  If this isn't the intentional irony of a hoax, it is one of the most bodacious coincidences you'll ever come across.

In any case, I may not be a law enforcement professional, but if someone happens to turn up in Falmouth who a) is missing ten teeth and b) claims he recently lost his wallet, I'd call that a lead.


Ken Berwitz

Radical Islam must have disappeared. 

How else do you explain this CNN story, as described at

CNNs Cricket Terrorism Ignores Islam

March 3rd, 2009

From those most stalwart defenders of the faith at CNN:

Recent history of cricket and terrorism

(CNN) The ambush by up to a dozen gunmen of a bus carrying members of the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore is the realization of fears long held by the sports leading players.

The Sri Lankan team had agreed to tour Pakistan after India pulled out in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai last November when more than 160 people died in a three-day siege

In September 2008, Cricket Australia decided to push ahead with a tour of India despite a series of bomb attacks in the countrys capital New Delhi.

In March of the same year, they had pulled out of a tour of Pakistan after a spate of suicide bombings. Before that, the Australian team had not played in Pakistan for 10 years

[I]n 2002, a suicide bomb blast outside the New Zealand teams hotel prompted them to pack up and abandon the second Test series in Pakistan. The explosion injured the team physiotherapist and killed 11 French navy experts as well as two Pakistanis.

The previous year, the New Zealand team cancelled a scheduled tour of Pakistan in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks in the U.S.

Most of the team stayed on to play, though under increased security, when a suicide attack closed Colombos international airport in July 2001.

In February 1996, Australia and the West Indies refused to play in preliminary World Cup matches in Sri Lanka after a huge bomb blast killed 80 people and injured 1,200 in Colombo.

In November 1992, also in Colombo, a suicide bomber detonated a bomb outside a hotel where the New Zealand team was having breakfast, killing four people. Five players and the coach were allowed to return home on compassionate grounds.

Five years earlier, in April 1987, the New Zealand team cut short a three-test tour of Sri Lanka after a car bomb killed 100 people at a bus station in Colombo.

Did you notice anything odd about this in-depth look at the recent history of cricket and terrorism?

There is not one mention of Islam or Muslims.

They way CNN tells it, the attacks just spontaneously happen whenever cricketers appear in random places around the world.

Never mind that Muslim clerics have long since considered cricket, and indeed all sports, un-Islamic because they distract one from worshipping Allah.

Indeed, deeply religious Muslims have even killed tennis players and coaches just for wearing shorts.

Even the famous cricket coach Bob Woolmer is suspected to have been the victim of a fatwa after angering some deeply devout Muslims, according to the BBC.

But CNN wouldnt want to mention any details like that. They might confuse their readers.

Though on a far grander scale, this is exactly the same kind of media misfeasance we saw in the previous blog.  In both cases, a news venue is intentionally leaving out integral parts of a story in order to misinform its viewers/readers.

What an odious practice.  And what a frequent one.  So frequent, in fact, that I was able to show two such instances this morning and still have a third on deck. 

Coming up in a few minutes.....


Ken Berwitz

The economy is tanking daily.  The international situation is precarious at best.  We are teetering on the brink in so many different ways.

So what is the Obama administration concentrating on?

Read these excerpts from Jonathan Martin's article  at

Rush Job: Inside Dems' Limbaugh plan


Top Democrats believe they have struck political gold by depicting Rush Limbaugh as the new face of the Republican Party, a full-scale effort first hatched by some of the most familiar names in politics and now being guided in part from inside the White House.

The strategy took shape after Democratic strategists Stanley Greenberg and James Carville included Limbaughs name in an October poll and learned their longtime tormentor was deeply unpopular with many Americans, especially younger voters. Then the conservative talk-radio host emerged as an unapologetic critic of Barack Obama shortly before his inauguration, when even many Republicans were showering him with praise.

Soon it clicked: Democrats realized they could roll out a new GOP bogeyman for the post-Bush era by turning to an old one in Limbaugh, a polarizing figure since he rose to prominence in the 1990s.

If Limbaugh himself were to coin a phrase for it, he might call it Operation Rushbo an idea that started out simply enough but quickly proved to be deeply resonant by a rapid succession of events, say Democrats inside and outside the West Wing.

The seeds were planted in October after Democracy Corps, the Democratic polling company run by Carville and Greenberg, included Limbaughs name in a survey and found that many Americans just dont like him.

His positives for voters under 40 was 11 percent, Carville recalled with a degree of amazement, alluding to a question about whether voters had a positive or negative view of the talk show host.

Paul Begala, a close friend of Carville, Greenberg and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, said they found Limbaughs overall ratings were even lower than the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obamas controversial former pastor, and William Ayers, the domestic terrorist and Chicago resident who Republicans sought to tie to Obama during the campaign.

Then came what Begala called the tripwire.

I hope he fails, Limbaugh said of Obama on his show four days before the president was sworn in. It was a time when Obamas approval ratings were soaring, but more than that, polls showed even people who didnt vote for him badly wanted him to succeed, coming to office at a time of economic meltdown.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was the first to jump on the statement, sending the video to its membership to raise cash and stir a petition drive.

We helped get the ball rolling on this because were looking and listening to different Republican voices around the country, and the one that was the loudest and getting the most attention was Rush Limbaugh, explained DCCC chairman and Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.)

The Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank run by former Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta, also pounced on Limbaugh's "fail" line, drawing attention to it on their well-read blog.

Soon after, Americans United for Change, a liberal group, was airing Limbaughs statement in an ad aimed at pushing Senate Republicans to support the stimulus bill.

But liberals quickly realized that trying to drive a wedge between congressional Republicans and Limbaugh was unlikely to work, and their better move was to paint the GOP as beholden to the talk show host.

This was driven home to them, according to one Democrat, when Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.) took a shot at Limbaugh in late January only to appear on his program the next day and plead having momentarily had foot-in-mouth disease.

By February, Carville and Begala were pounding on Limbaugh frequently in their appearances on CNN.

Neither Democrat would say so, but a third source said the two also began pushing the idea of targeting Limbaugh in their daily phone conversations with Emanuel.

Conversations and email exchanges began taking place in and out of the White House not only between the old pals from the Clinton era but also including White House senior adviser David Axelrod, Deputy Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and Woodhouse.

The White House needed no more convincing after Limbaughs hour-plus performance Saturday, celebrated on the right and mocked on the left, at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where he re-stated his hope Obama fails.

He kicked this into full-gear at CPAC by reiterating it, said a senior White House official of Limbaugh.

By Sunday morning, Emanuel elevated the strategy by bringing up the conservative talker, unprompted, on CBSs Face the Nation and calling him the the voice and the intellectual force and energy behind the Republican Party.

Americans United for Change launched a new ad featuring Limbaughs CPAC appearance. A left-leaning media watchdog group began a new Limbaugh tracking homepage. Democratic National Chairman Tim Kaine tweaked Steele for his apology. Terry McAuliffe tried to inject Limbaugh into the Virginia governors race. The DCCC launched a new website,, mocking the Republicans who have had to apologize to Limbaugh.

And Gibbs served up a made-for-cable-TV quote to end his daily briefing Tuesday.

I was a little surprised at the speed in which Mr. Steele, the head of the RNC, apologized to the head of the Republican Party, Gibbs quipped with a grin, before striding out of the press room. Even Republican National Chairman Michael Steele joined in with a surprising critique of Limbaugh as a mere entertainer, who is ugly and incendiary.

He took a little match we had tossed on the leaves and poured gasoline on it, said one Democrat of Steele.

Steele was forced into calling Limbaugh to apologize Monday, an embarrassing climb-down following the RNC chairmans criticism of the conservative talk-show host.

But Democrats kept at it in rapid-fire succession, thrilled that Steele had validated their claim that Republicans were scared to cross Limbaugh.

David Plouffe, Obamas campaign manager last year and a member of his inner circle still, will publish an op-ed in Wednesdays Washington Post chiding Republicans for being paralyzed with fear of crossing their leader.

A senior White House aide has been tasked with helping to guide the Limbaugh strategy.

I want to send Rush a bottle of vitamins, said Begala. We need him to stay healthy and loud and proud.

With President George W. Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney out of the White House and Tom DeLay gone from Congress, the left had been suddenly absent an unpopular right-wing figure.

Few Americans know who the congressional Republican leaders are. Even Sarah Palin is now four time zones away from Washington.

Enter Limbaugh.

All the attention only offers upside for the buzz-hungry Limbaugh, said Carville.

The television cameras just cant stay away from him, Carville said Tuesday, a day when cable news played images of Limbaugh seemingly on a loop. Our strategy depends on him keeping talking, and I think were going to succeed.

Beyond belief.  Instead of tending to the Presidency, Obama and his hatchetmen are spending their time orchestrating the political assassination of a talk show host!  And how are they doing it?  By making him into a bogeyman they can use against the Republican Party. 

This is what they have time for?  This is what's important to them?  Yes, and yes.

And if you think mainstream media aren't happy to play along like the dutiful stooges they can be, you didn't watch the Today Show this morning.  Its lead story was not the new 12 year low for stocks, not the devastation this is causing to us all.  No, no, no.  Today led with a story about "turmoil in the Republican Party".

And just in case you had any lingering doubts about Today's bias, the moment before an interview with RNC head Michael Steele, NBC White House correspondent Chuck Todd sneered to Matt Lauer that the only good news for Republicans was how long it is until the next election, as the off-camera staff could be heard laughing about it (loud enough to be heard on the mike - do you doubt that was intentional?). 

What a great lead-up to Mr. Steele.  A snide sarcasm and derisive laughter aimed the Party he heads.  Very professional in their eyes, I'm sure.  Very balanced.

This, folks, is how things are running today in the White House and in our wonderful "neutral" media. 

And if you don't like it?  Well, remember, it's all George Bush's fault.  As long as you keep falling for this BS they'll keep shovelling it at you.


Ken Berwitz

Earlier today I blogged about Barack Obama bowing to the teachers' unions and defunding Washington DC's version of school choice for inner city students who want to learn - and therefore want no part of the conventional public school system there.

Here, via today's editorial in the New York Daily News, is how it works in New York City.  Please pay special attention to the section I've put in bold print:

Let parents pick: Harlem proves moms and dads are clamoring for school choice

Tuesday, March 3rd 2009, 4:00 AM

Long trapped in dead-zone local schools, Harlem's mothers and fathers are figuring out that they now have a remarkable range of options. That's because charter schools have blossomed in the community, making the neighborhood a national epicenter for reform.

The demand for better was on full display over the weekend, when 5,000 people turned out for the first Harlem Education Fair, an event at which parents got to consider the merits of 50 schools. And at which those schools competed for enrollments.

Among competitors were traditional public schools - getting more than a run for their money now that Harlem has 24 charter schools, with a student body of 6,000 and growing.

Parents citywide should be so lucky as to be able to pick where to send their kids after studying the quality of education the schools vow to deliver.

Harlem's District 5 has been a victim of educational neglect by a system with a monopoly on public education. More than 70% of the district's eighth-graders and half the third-graders don't read at grade level.

Now, thanks to Mayor Bloomberg's commitment to school choice, parents are leaping to charter schools, which are publicly funded and privately run. They admit by lottery. And their children are thriving.

Last year, more than 84% of city charter school students scored at or above grade level on math exams, compared with 74% in traditional public schools. In English, 67% met or exceeded standards, versus 58%.

This explains why tens of thousands of parents have kids on waiting lists for charter admissions. They want rigorous academics. They want a challenging curriculum. They want accountability. They want success.

Choice is the way to get it. Opening more charters would force all schools to raise performance. The obstacle is the Legislature, notably Assembly Democrats, who have capped charters in the city and state.

They are wrong. They are defending an atrocious status quo to the detriment of children. For when schools must prove their worth, the students come first. That was the message of the Harlem Education Fair. Which is as it should be. Not just in Harlem, but all over New York.

In New York City they do it with charter schools,  In D.C. they do it with vouchers. 

Parents pick a private school and the vouchers subsidize it, with parents paying the difference.  The result is that a far superior education becomes affordable, and children who would be lost to the failure of DC's public schools become successes instead.

But Mr. Obama apparently is more interested in the votes and the political power of the teachers' unions than a piddling little trifle like whether Black kids in inner cities get a decent shot at realizing their potential.

I will end by repeating a paragraph I wrote in the earlier blog:

Ironic, isn't it?  Decades ago White Governors in the deep south were screwing Black students by keeping them out of good schools.  Who would have thought that in 2009 the key perpetrator would be a Black President?


Ken Berwitz

conundrum     (kə-nŭn'drəm):  A paradoxical, insoluble, or difficult problem; a dilemma

Gaza is a conundrum.

It is 1.5 or so million people packed into a small land area.  There are few jobs, little industry and virtually no freedom at all.  The people are destitute, ignorant and devoid of hope --- except for the hope that they can destroy Israel and kill Jews.

Education in Gaza consists largely of the Koran and Jew hatred.  Textbooks do not indicate that Israel exists as a country and are filled with loathsome, despicable references to Jews. 

TV programming, even children's shows, provide another treasure trove of Jew hatred.

And, as an extra added attraction, Gaza is ruled by a terrorist group committed to Israel's obliteration through jihad.  It was first elected to a majority position in Gaza, and then violently overthrew the opposition party to take full control. 

In the past three years, during which there was absolutely no Israeli occupation, Gazans have launched 6,000 - 8,000 rocket attacks at random civilian targets in Israel.

Ok, there are the facts.  Now, here's the conundrum:  How and under what circumstances do you provide aid to Gaza?

Benjamin Netanyahu, the once and future Prime Minister of Israel, has a position on this issue.  Herb Keinon explains it in this excerpt from his article in the Jerusalem Post:



'No money to Gaza until rockets stop'

Prime Minister-designate Binyamin Netanyahu voiced serious reservations during recent meetings with foreign leaders about money going into the Gaza Strip for reconstruction before the rocket fire on Israel has stopped, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

 SLIDESHOW: Israel & Region | World

After hearing in one meeting that European taxpayers were concerned about investing in Gaza only to see further destruction at the hands of the IDF, Netanyahu explained that Israel tried hard to avoid civilian casualties and targeted only those areas used by terrorists. He then reportedly said he was not willing to sacrifice Israel's security "for a smile."

Sources close to Netanyahu said it would be critical for humanitarian aid to bypass Hamas, especially with the Islamist group continuing to fire rockets into Israel.

One Netanyahu aide said that with the Gaza reconstruction conference, it seemed as if the world felt that attacks on Israel were a thing of the past, when they were taking place daily.

Representatives of some 80 countries - including US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - are gathering in Sharm e-Sheikh on Monday to pledge billions of dollars to rebuild the damage from Operation Cast Lead, with the US reportedly ready to invest $900 million in the enterprise.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warned at the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday that "should the firing from the Gaza Strip continue, it would be met by a painful, sharp, strong and uncompromising response by the security forces, led by the IDF."

Olmert said Israel could not countenance the continued attacks, and that the response would not be what the terrorist organizations expected.

Later in the day, Olmert met with Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon, who was on his way to the donor meeting. The prime minister told him that Israel supported aid for the Palestinians in Gaza but that ways had to be found to ensure that the support did not strengthen Hamas.

The important thing was not just to pledge money, Olmert said of the expected $2.8 billion in pledges, including $1b. from Saudi Arabia. The important thing was to see how the aid was to be delivered, and what monitoring mechanism would be set up so the money didn't end up helping Hamas.

Like Netanyahu, Olmert said it would be a mistake to believe that the matter of rockets from Gaza was over. The assumption that there was now quiet in the South and that all efforts could be focused on reconstruction was faulty, he said.

In the run-up to the conference, Quartet envoy Tony Blair became the latest in a parade of international figures making their way to the Gaza Strip, going there Sunday for the first time since taking up his post in the summer of 2007.

"This money will not have a lasting impact unless there is a political solution," Blair said. "It is ultimately in the politics that the solution lies."

Understandably, Europeans are concerned that any rebuilding their aid money will fund might be destroyed by another attack from the Israel Defense Force (IDF).  But they are leaving out something.  They are leaving out the fact that the IDF attacks come after massive attacks by Gaza on Israel's civilian population. 

Further, the attacks are launched by people with completely ingrained hatred for Israel and Jews in general.  (well, at least Gazans and a lot of Europeans have that much in common...).

The only way aid can reasonably be delivered to Gaza is with guarantees that hamas will not simply use what is sent to perpetuate its war of destruction on Israel.  Can the EU, or President Obama, or anyone at all guarantee this result?

You wanted a conundrum?  There's one for you.  I challenge you to solve it. 

And, as you realize that you can't, you'll understand more and more why, in the just-completed election, Benjamin Netanyahu's Likkud Party doubled its representation in Israel's Knesset (Parliament) and why Mr. Netanyahu will be the next Prime Minister.

free` I have the answer to your conundrum, these aid donors go into gaza and wipe out hamas first. Oh and in the article I missed how much aid was going to Sderot to fix all that hamas has destroyed there. (03/04/09)


Ken Berwitz

My sister sent me this.  Most of it is funny, and a few are laugh-out-loud funny.



One year, a husband decided to buy his mother-in-law a
cemetery plot as a Christmas gift. The next year, he didn't
buy her a gift. When she asked him why, he said,
"Well, you still haven't used the gift I bought you last year!"
And that's how the fight started.


My wife walked into the den & asked "Whats on the TV?"
I said "Dust"
And that's how the fight started.

A woman is standing nude, looking in the bedroom mirror.
She is not happy with what she sees.  She says to her
husband, 'I feel horrible; I look old, fat and ugly. I really
need you to pay me a compliment.
'The husband says, 'Your eyesight is damn near perfect.'
And that's how the fight started.

My wife was hinting about what she wanted for our
upcoming anniversary. 
She said, 'I want something shiny that goes from 0
to 200 in about 3 seconds.
So I bought her a scale.
And that's how the fight started.

'I asked my wife "Where do you want to go for our
'She said somewhere I haven't been in a long time!'
So I walked her into the kitchen.
And that's how the fight started.
My wife and I were watching Who Wants To Be A
Millionaire while we were in bed.
I turned to her and said "Do you want to have sex?"
She said "No"
I said "Is that your final answer"
She said "Yes"
So I said "Then I'd like to phone a friend"
And that's how the fight started
I tried to talk my wife into buying a case of Miller Light
for $14.95.  Instead, she bought a jar of cold cream
for $7.95.  I told her the beer would make her look
better at night than the cold cream
And that's how the fight started.
I took my wife to a restaurant.  I ordered a
strip steak, medium rare.  The waiter said
"Aren't you worried about the mad cow?"
I said "Nah, she can order for herself."
And that's how the fight started

free` Those were LOL funny. I sent them to everyone in my email list. (03/04/09)

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