Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Ken Berwitz

Just a quick thought:

-Barack Obama was a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ for 18 years.  For that entire period, the church was led by jeremiah wright; a low-down racist and USA hater.  But Mr. Obama claimed never to have ever heard him say anything offensive -- until the claim became so ridiculous that he had to reverse himself;

-Barack Obama was a close confidante and friend of antoin "tony" rezko, a low-down slumlord scumbag who has been convicted on 16 felony counts this year.  rezko contributed something like $250,000 to Obama over the years (which Obama repeatedly lied about - first claiming it was a tiny fraction of that amount and then raising the total he "remembered" as information came out).  rezko facilitated the under-market-value purchase of Obama's mansion, as well as additional land adjoining the property.  But Mr. Obama claimed not to know that he was engaged in any shady activity.

-Barack Obama was a close confidante and friend of william ayers, a domestic terrorist who, until it became politically disadvantageous, proudly bragged that he didn't regret the bombings and wished he had done more.  Obama was appointed to disburse between $50 and $100,000,000 dollars of "Annenberg Challenge" money that was granted to ayers.  But Mr. Obama claimed he barely knew ayers, whom he characterized as just a guy from the neighborhood.

Now Barack Obama claims to know nothing about the low-down, corrupt activities of Illinois Governor rod blagojevich.  

Is that good enough for you?


Ken Berwitz

Here is the key excerpt from  the piece done by ABC news in Chicago.  Please read it all, but pay special attention to the parts I have put in bold print:

Feds Plan to Interview Chicago Congressman as Part of Blagojevich Probe

Chicago Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL) is the anonymous "Senate Candidate #5" whose emissaries Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich reportedly claimed offered up to a million dollars to name him to the U.S. Senate, federal law enforcement sources tell ABC News.

According to the FBI affidavit in the case, Blagojevich "stated he might be able to cut a deal with Senate Candidate 5 that provided ROD BLAGOJEVICH" with something "tangible up front."

Jackson Jr. said this morning he was contacted yesterday by federal prosecutors in Chicago who he said "asked me to come in and share with them my insights and thoughts about the selection process."

Jackson Jr. said "I don't know" when asked if he was Candidate #5, but said he was told "I am not a target of this investigation."

The Congressman, a son of the famed civil rights leader, denied that anyone had been authorized to make payments or promises to the Governor on his behalf.

"It is impossible for someone on my behalf to have a conversation that would suggest any type of quid pro quo or any payments or offers," Jackson Jr. told ABC News. "An impossiblity to an absolute certainty."

"Senate Candidate #5" played a key role in the Governor's efforts to obtain something of value in exchange for the Senate appointment, according to the FBI affidavit.

According to the affidavit, Blagojevich threatened to appoint Senate Candidate #5 if President-elect Barack Obama refused to help get his wife on "paid corporate boards right now."

"If they feel like they can do this and not f***ing give me anything&then I'll f***ing go [Senate Candidate 5}."

The FBI says in an October 31, 2008 conversation, Blagojevich described an approach from an associate of Senate Candidate 5: "We were approached 'pay to play.' That, you know, he'd raise me 500 grand. An emissary came. Then the other guy would raise a million, if I mad him (Senate Candidate 5) a Senator."

Last Thursday, December 4, the FBI says Blagojevich "was giving Senate Candidate 5 greater consideration for the Senate seat" because he might "get some (money) up front, maybe."

Blagojevich met with Congressman Jackson Jr. Monday afternoon and said he was close to making a decision about who he would appoint.

The Governor was arrested by the FBI early the following morning in order to "stop a crime spree," according to U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

Jackson Jr. said yesterday that he met with Blagojevich Monday "for the first time in years" and voiced his desire to fill Obama's empty Senate seat. He said he was "shocked" by Blagojevich's arrest, adding "if these allegations are proved true, I am outraged by the appalling, pay-to-play schemes hatched at the highest levels of our state government."

Jackson Jr. is only one of a number of Illinois political figures who the FBI is expected to interview in Chicago and Washington DC.

In addition to the hours of wiretap tapes, which reveal only Blagojevich's version of events, agents are seeking first-hand accounts from anyone who dealt with Blagojevich over President-elect Obama's vacant Senate seat.

According to an FBI affidavit unsealed following the governor's stunning arrest Tuesday, Blagojevich wanted Obama "to put something together&something big" in exchange for going along with Obama's choice to fill his vacant U.S. Senate seat.

"I've got this thing and it's f***ing golden, and, uh, uh, I'm just not giving it up for f***in' nothing. I'm not gonna do it. And I can always use it. I can parachute me there," Blagojevich said in a phone call secretly recorded by the FBI on Nov. 5, the day after the election, according to the affidavit.

Did you think Jesse Jackson Jr., the son of Jesse Jackson Sr., would be clean?  Do you think anyone coming out of the Chicago Democratic machine would be clean?  If so, you are in dire need of readjusting your thinking.

And you especially need to remember where Barack Obama, Mr. "I didn't know a thing about it", came from.

The saddest part of all this is that this same machine is going to be re-elected in Chicago the next time voters go to the polls. 

I love Chicago.  I mean that sincerely.  But it would be hard to find a more compromised city in the USA.  And the people who can do something about it - the voters - won't.

So they get what they vote for, don't they?



Ken Berwitz

How terrified are Democrats of rod, blagojevich?  Enough so that every sitting senator has signed a letter demanding that he resign.

They sat on their hands when William Jefferson was caught taking bribes.  They sat on their hands when Charles Rangel was caught doing just about everything anyone can think of. 

But blagojerkovich?  Compared to him, Jefferson and Rangel look like the twin towers of ethical behavior. 

And, more importantly for Democrats, he has the capacity to take some pretty important people down with him.  Quite possibly they include one especially important person who will be in DC about 20 days after the start of the year. 

Don't you assume for a minute that Barack Obama had nothing to do with blagojevich, or his interest in capitalizing on the selection of Obama's replacement in the senate.  Especially now that we know Obama lied to us about his involvement with blagojevich, and met with him to discuss his senate seat the day after he was elected President.  It flat-out doesn't compute.

Every day rod blagojevich is in the Governor's chair is a major embarrassment - and potentially a major political cataclysm - for the Democratic Party. 

He has to go.  And fast.  And by all means.....quietly (sssshhhhhh). 

But will he?


Ken Berwitz

It is one week early.  But, given the news about rod blagojerkovich, his chief of staff John Harris, Jesse Jackson Jr. (aka Senate Candidate #5), tony rezko and just about every other Democratic politician in Illinois -- other than Saint Barack of course -- I thought the state could use a boost.

So I am writing to acknowledge, and celebrate, Chicago-born Academy Award-winning actor Karl Malden and his wife on their 70th wedding anniversary, which will take place one week from tomorrow.

Mr. Malden (whose real name is Mladen Sekulovich), married the former Mona Greenberg on December 18, 1938.  Two daughters and just about 70 years later, they are still married.

Karl Malden was a wonderful actor with great range.  I say that in the past tense because, except for one small part on the West Wing in 2000, he has not acted in 15 years. 

That's too bad.  He improved any show he was in.

Mr. Malden won the Oscar for his 1951 portrayal of Harold "Mitch" Mitchell in "A Streetcar Named Desire".  But, for my money, he could as easily have won as Father Barry in "On the Waterfront" (for which he was also nominated) and/or General Omar Bradley in "Patton"

And who could ever forget him as Detective Lt. Mike Stone in "The Streets Of San Francisco", or as the American Express spokesman warning us "Don't Leave Home Without It".

So happy anniversary to the Maldens!  May your twilight years be great ones.  And, in these black days for Illinois, may we all remember that Chicago gave us something far better than its current run of politicians.  Chicago gave us Mladen Sekulovich.


Ken Berwitz

Political corruption:

-When it's a Republican, baby, you know about it;

-When it's a Democrat?  Search the article and it might - might - be buried somewhere in the detail.

That is why Michelle Malkin's latest column (and a comment from one of her readers) is so welcome today.

Mostly, Ms. Malkin deals with rod blagojerkevich, the Governor of the state of Illinois -- who, if you ask them today, no Illinois politcians ever had anything to do with. 

But the last part, shown below, provides a list of his fellow Democratic travelers on the corruption express:

Chicagos Fox affiliate reports that Obama Chief of Staff and Chicago hometown heavy Rahm Emanuel was the catalyst for the Blago takedown and suggests Rahm-bo tipped off the feds. If so, this raises more questions than it answers about who on the transition team may have talked to Blago and his shakedown artists about what and when. Needless to say, if it were the Republican Bush administration tied to the Blago bust, the White House press corps would be frothing like a pack of Michael Vicks pit bulls.

Democrats and the media can no longer rest on the old rationalization that Blago is an exception to the were cleaner than thou rule. 2008 was the year of Democratic Reps. William Cold Cash Jefferson, Charlie Sweetheart Deals Rangel, and former Detroit Mayor Kwame Text Me Kilpatrick. It was the year Democratic Massachusetts State Senator Dianne Wilkerson got caught stuffing bribes from an FBI informant down her shirt. It was the year 12 Democratic leaders and staffers in Pennsylvanias state Capitol were stung in a massive corruption scandal involving cash, sex and abuse of public office. And it was the year of multimillion-dollar embezzlement scandals at Democratic satellite offices of ACORN and the SEIU.

The Democrats have met the culture of corruption, and it looks like it aint just elephants among the jackasses soiling public office.


Reader k. e-mails: How could you leave out Elliot Spitzer from your blog of Democratic scandals in 2008? Ah, yes! Client Number 9 is in a category all his own.

Note to "Reader k":  Spitzer, it has been decided, will not be charged with any wrongdoing.  This is the guy whose use of hookers was incidental to the reason his name came up - that of money laundering. 

Spitzer hired a veritable army of lawyers to do everything they could to get him off the hook (it's nice to be fabulously wealthy) and that's what they did.  A little like Barack Obama's army of lawyers preventing us from seeing his actual birth certificate. 

This happened in early November.  But did you read big headlines about Spitzer walking away from these charges?  Did the olbermann's, maddows or matthews' of the world do feature after feature on it?  How about the New York Times, which loved stories about disgraced Republicans like Larry Craig, Mark Foley and "Duke" Cunningham. 

Yeah, sure. 


Ken Berwitz

Barack Obama has told us he had no contact with Governor rod blagojevich concerning his replacement in the U.S. Senate.

There is excellent reason to believe that is a lie.

The first piece of evidence comes from none other than blagojerkovich himself.  Here is his own press release from November 5:

November 5, 2008


Governor Blagojevich Congratulates President-elect Obama and Discusses U.S. Senate Seat
To fill President-Elect Barack Obamas Senate seat, Governor will use deliberate process to select suitable replacement




CHICAGO After congratulating President-Elect Barack Obama on his decisive victory, Governor Rod R. Blagojevich announced today that he will take his time and use a diverse senior staff made up of key members of his administration who will assist him in selecting a suitable replacement for Obama.

And here is a second piece of evidence from (which appears to be taking down its articles about the meeting, so if you go there now you may not find it):

Duckworth comments on consideration for Senate

By Alexis Hunt
Saturday, November 08, 2008 at 9:48 p.m.

QUINCY, IL -- Now that Barack Obama will be moving to the White House, his seat in the U.S. Senate representing Illinois will have to be filled.

Obama met with Governor Rod Blagojevich earlier this week to discuss it.  Illinois law states that the governor chooses that replacement. There's already been speculation about his selection...from Congressman Jesse Jackson, Junior to Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs Director Tammy Duckworth.

What the hell is going on here?  What is Mr. Obama's involvement with rod blagojevich on the selection of his replacement? 

Can anyone possibly believe he is completely out of the loop on this scandal? 

Can anyone believe a word he says about anything?



Ken Berwitz

Although I have wondered about this myself, the above title reflects thinking on the part of left wing writer Camille Paglia.  Within a larger article from, Ms. Paglia speculates very interestingly on this possibility:

As for Obama's appointment of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, what sense does that make except within parochial Democratic politics? Awarding such a prize plum to Hillary may be a sop to her aggrieved fan base, but what exactly are her credentials for that position? Aside from being a mediocre senator (who, contrary to press reports, did very little for upstate New York), Hillary has a poor track record as both a negotiator and a manager. And of course both Clintons constantly view the world through the milky lens of their own self-interest. Well, it's time for Hillary to put up or shut up. If she gets as little traction in world affairs as Condoleezza Rice has, Hillary will be flushed down the rabbit hole with her feckless husband and effectively neutralized as a future presidential contender. If that's Obama's clever plan, is it worth the gamble? The secretary of state should be a more reserved, unflappable character -- not a drama queen who, even in her acceptance speech, morphed into three different personalities in the space of five minutes.

Given Obama's elaborate deference to the Clintons, beginning with his over-accommodation of them at the Democratic convention in August, a nagging question has floated around the Web: What do the Clintons have on him? No one doubts that the Clinton opposition research team was turning over every rock in its mission to propel Hillary into the White House. There's an information vacuum here that conspiracy theorists have been rushing to fill.

My only problem with Ms. Paglia's analysis is that last part, where she consigns the effort to figure out why Hillary Clinton got this goodie from Barack Obama to "conspiracy theorists". 

In reading the above excerpt, it is clear to me that Paglia would also like to know why this happened.  Does that make her a conspiracy theorist too?

The answer?  Of course not.  It does not make Ms. Paglia a "conspiracy theorist", any more than the other people who would like to know why Hillary Clinton got that job.  

Like me. 

And, maybe, like you too.

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