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Ken Berwitz

joy behar is a co-host on The View. She is one of the liberal/left majority there and the most vicious, nasty and obnoxious of the bunch.

behar has a history of making stupid, offensive comments aimed at her many, many bogeymen and other assorted targets.  The latest?  Homeschooled children.

I'll let Tom Blumer of explain:

Behar: 'A lot' of Homeschooled Kids Are 'Demented'

"The View" co-host Joy Behar is well on her way to unhinged, if not already there.

Earlier today, NB's Justin McCarthy noted that Behar, in mentioning GOP Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, said that "we all know that the woman is an airhead."

Michelle Malkin noted this evening that Behar also took an uncalled-for cheap shot at those who are involved in an important and growing alternative not only to the public schools, but also to traditional brick-and-mortar classroom education (video is at link):

Behar show(ed) .... her contempt for both homeschooled students and parents: A lot of them are demented when theyre homeschooled.

If this is "dementia" by Behar's twisted standards, perhaps we need more of it.

An article Ms. Malkin linked by Richard Sousa of the Hoover Institution that originally appeared in the June 11, 2007 San Francisco Chronicle documents some of the successes achieved by homeschoolers:

Lets hear it for the home teamthey have done it again. In May, 13-year-old Evan ODorney of Danville, California, won the National Spelling Bee; Evan is homeschooled. Of those who made it to the finals in Washington, D.C., 12.5 percent were homeschooled; of the top seven finishers, three were homeschooled. Last year, 13.5 percent of those making it to the Bee finals were homeschooled.

Evan is not alone as a high-achieving homeschooled child. The 2003 and 2005 National Geographic Bee champions were homeschooled. In 2005, a 16-year-old homeschooled child won the U.S. Chess Championship, making him the youngest player to claim the title since 14-year-old Bobby Fischer won it in 1958. And theyre athletic to boot; the 2005 girls Gatorade high school soccer player of the year was homeschooled. Remember, homeschools enroll only a small percentage of Americas children.

..... The number of students who are home-schooled is a matter of some dispute, but it is clear that their numbers are increasing and that the performance of homeschooled children is outstanding.

..... Comparisons in achievement tests of homeschooled students with national averages for all students show that homeschooled children are well above the national average in every subject and at every grade level in the Iowa Test of Basic Skills and in Tests of Achievement and Proficiency.

By now, it's not exactly a secret that the election of Barack Obama has been "empowering" in a negative sense to some who supported him. Certain of those who on the November 4 the winning side threaten that "you're either with us or against us," which begs the question, "or what?" (George Bush never made this statement to the American people, but instead delivered it in September 2001 to nations harboring terrorists). Same-sex marriage advocates shake down businesses where any employees dared to even nominally financially support Proposition 8, and work to end the careers of anyone in the performing arts who did the same.

Behar's comment is perhaps inadvertently significant, in that it comes from someone who, as Malkin noted, used to be (O .... M .... G) a public-school teacher. Is Behar mouthing the sentiments of emboldened public-school establishment teachers and their unions? Knowing that there is little to fear in the way of repercussions from Washington, where the Big Labor-beholden Democrats run the show, is the effort to cut off the homeschooling movement at the knees going to grow more aggressive in the coming years? I'd bet that it will.

Michelle Malkin did a story on this too.  She was a tad less kind than Mr. Blumer in her description of behar:

Demented: Joy Behar disses homeschool students

By Michelle Malkin    November 19, 2008 09:55 PM

Joy Behar of The View has the IQ of a rotten tomato, the manners of an ass, the mouth of a street thug, and the chutzpah to declare that a lot of homeschooled children are demented.

I guess we should give thanks that she sits around a table kvetching with other liberal women for a living instead of doing what she did before Hollywood embraced her. Thats right: She was apublic school teacher.

Her bigoted remarks dissing homeschooling begin at around the 6:10 mark and climax at 7:10 with Behar showing her contempt for both homeschooled students and parents: A lot of them are demented when theyre homeschooled.

Right. Because theyre so much better off in public schools where proper socialization takes the form of ideological child abuse. Eh, Joy?


Read about demented homeschool champions here.

Homeschooling: A record of academic achievement.

Sadly, behar's mindless rants are almost always cheered on by the studio audience.  To the casual observer this might suggest that women (who vastly outnumber men in The View's audience) enthusiastically support her attitudes. 

Well, women in that audience do.  And little wonder.  Who do you think attends this show?  People who DON'T agree with the panelists?  Realistically, audience members, many of whom sent away months in advance to get their tickets, are fans.  They come to cheer, not to jeer.

Maybe that's what makes a joyless boor like this think her opinions are far more popular than they really are. 

Anyway, that's my view.


Ken Berwitz

Here is the latest chapter in the stealing of Norm Coleman's senate seat on behalf of al franken.  It comes to us from


Mike Roman, Coleman's lead representative in Ramsey County, says he remains unsatisfied with the apparent emergence of 12 new ballots in a St. Paul precinct, but that the campaign's only recourse might be to take the issue to court a step that would be made by campaign officials superior to him.

The issue could be important because, as of Thursday afternoon, Franken had picked up at least 13 more votes than he did Election Day.

The concern arose late yesterday when the total number of ballots sorted in Ward 3, Precinct 9 was discovered to be 1,759 12 more than the 1,747 that Roman said was tallied on Election Day. The precinct was recounted this morning with the same results.

But, unlike the process being done in other counties, Ramsey County Elections Manager Joe Masnky is not attempting to reconcile such differences in total ballots cast.

"I'm confident that these numbers are accurate," Mansky said of today's results. He had no explanation for the discrepancy in total ballots.

Roman said, "We're not satisfied at all. It's very difficult to challenge this situation because they're limiting this to voter intent on each ballot."

This election is being stolen right in front of our faces.  In the middle of town.  On the 50 yard line. 

And it stinks.

steve schneider ken, did you see the picture of the ballot that the franken people were contesting? it was on drudge, take a look and really go nuts. steve (11/21/08)


Ken Berwitz

I guess the operative position here is that what Penny Pritzker did for Superior Bank of Chicago she can do for the entire country.

Here are the specifics, from, which is run by WGN and the Chicago Tribune:

Report: Penny Pritzker in line for Cabinet

pritzker.jpgChicagoan Penny Pritzker has emerged as President-elect Barack Obama's choice for commerce secretary, The New York Times is reporting.

Pritzker, who was the national finance chairman of the Obama campaign, was in the final stages of vetting for the post, according to the Times.

A longtime friend of Obama, Pritzker was a chief architect of his record-breaking fundraising efforts during the presidential campaign.

She is one of three cousins who manage their family dynasty's financial empire, which includes the Hyatt hotel chain, casinos and many other ventures.

But some of her business dealings may also raise tough questions during any confirmation process. She was involved in running and overseeing Superior Bank, an Illinois institution co-owned by her family that was at the forefront of turning subprime loans into securities, the risky practice at the heart of the financial crisis. The bank collapsed in 2001 after regulators discovered accounting irregularities that overstated its assets.

Are you kidding me?

She is a fund raiser.  A very successful one who benefitted Barack Obama tremendously.  Lucky for him.

But her efforts in banking were a DISASTER - and a shady disaster at that.  This is going to head our commerce department? 

We finally get an Obama appointment that isn't a rehash of the Clinton years, and this is our prize? 

God help us.


Ken Berwitz

Here is the piece from, which not only shows william ayers to be a liar, but also an idiot, whose idea of social justice is to just eliminate all prisons.

See for yourself:

Bill Ayers and Sirhan Sirhan

US News | Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 9:47:40 am PST

In this video clip, Bill Ayers first says he regrets dedicating his Weather Underground manifesto, Prairie Fire, to Robert F. Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan, then tries to deny it, saying Show me.


The dedication is on Page 5 of Prairie Fire, mixed in with a lot of other names (including, bizarrely, James Taylor).

Heres a detail graphic, showing where Sirhan Sirhans name appears.

Also see: Asks Ayers About Sirhan Sirhan Book Dedication...Where Was The MSM?

"we ought to abolish the prisons, that's what I believe" (broad smile). 

This is an "educator" who teaches, thus influences, our children.  And Chicago mayor Richard Daley is a big fan.

Well, not to worry.  We have a brand new President, right out of the Chicago machine that gives us both ayers and Daley. 

Aren't we the lucky ones?


Ken Berwitz

It never fails.

We enact laws that have good intentions, and within about three seconds there are people using those laws in an exploitative way. 

The king of the hill in this regard is Medicaid and Medicare.  Nothing even comes close.  But there countless other examples.  And here, courtesy of the LA Times, is one of them:

After more than 400 lawsuits, disabled man can sue no more

 U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear Jarek Molski's appeal, letting stand a federal judge's ruling barring the disabled man from filing any further litigation.
By Carol J. Williams
November 18, 2008
Whether Jarek Molski is a crusader for the disabled or an extortionist who abused the law for personal gain, the vexatious litigant has filed his last lawsuit.

The U.S. Supreme Court declined Monday to hear the case of
Molski vs. Evergreen Dynasty Corp., owner of a Chinese restaurant in Solvang, Calif., in a legal Waterloo for the 38-year-old Woodland Hills man. Molski filed more than 400 suits under the Americans With Disabilities Act before a federal judge barred him from future litigation.

Frequent litigant: An article in Tuesday's California section said that Jarek Molski of Woodland Hills had "filed his last lawsuit" as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court's refusal to review a federal judge's order that barred Molski from filing further lawsuits over alleged violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act. The judge's order applied only to the Central District of California, which includes Los Angeles.

In a highly unusual action in 2004, U.S. District Judge Edward Rafeedie, who has since died, branded Molski a "hit-and-run plaintiff," accusing him of systematic extortion of businesses across California.

Molski, who has used a wheelchair since a motorcycle accident two decades ago, sued restaurants, bowling alleys, wineries and other retail outlets for insufficient handicapped parking, misplaced handrails and other violations of the disabilities act, demanding that business owners be fined $4,000 for every day their facilities failed to meet exacting federal standards.

Fear of adverse judgments compelled many to settle out of court, earning the Polish-born plaintiff hundreds of thousands of dollars in less than two years.

Molski was traveling abroad and couldn't be reached for comment, said a secretary at the San Francisco office of his attorney, Thomas E. Frankovich. The Frankovich firm also was accused by Rafeedie of misusing the courts and barred from filing more suits without the judge's permission.

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in April denied a rehearing of the Evergreen case by the full court. But nine of the court's 28 judges, including Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, dissented, arguing that the 1st Amendment right to petition the government for redress of grievances is "one of the most precious of the liberties safeguarded by the Bill of Rights."

Courts have the right to shield their dockets from abuse by frivolous litigation, said Peter Eliasberg, managing attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California. "But this is a remedy that should be used very sparingly, especially with regard to a statute that is disobeyed a lot," he said of the disabilities act.

The worst part is that any other disabled person who has a legitimate complaint or even makes a reasonable request for accommodation at one of these places might be seen as another jarek molski and treated accordingly. 

Is it fair?  No.  Is it understandable?  Yes, because molski made it so.

Merchants and restaurateurs should not have to spend their days cringing at the possibility that someone like this shows up to take them for whatever he can. 


Ken Berwitz

Here is another story from  It's one that you don't come across every day, I assure you:

Woman gets to keep expensive ring she found

An Aurora woman has been awarded a $25,000 man's diamond and emerald pinkie ring  by a judge, three months after she found it in a Naperville public parking garage.

Karen Wonders turned the ring over to police after finding it Aug. 5 in the garage at 75 E. Chicago Ave. No one filed a report with police about a missing ring, and local jewelers were unable to identify or claim it came from their business.

DuPage County Judge Bonnie M. Wheaton ruled the ring was rightfully belonged to Wonder as no one else had shown up to claim it.

Wonders admitted she had been slightly tempted to keep the ring but promptly called police. "It just wouldn't feel right," she said.

However, police won't release the ring until early next year, and conceivably someone could still lay claim to it.

Somehow I don't foresee a happy ending here.

The story indicates that for the next few months people can lay claim to a ring that has largely been described in the story.  Call me a cynic, but I can't help thinking this is going to encourage a few "owners" to come forward.

And what if the real owner comes forward?  What's he going to say?  "Uh, it's a diamond and emerald pinkie ring and it's worth about $25,000"?

I hope he has a sales slip laying around somewhere.

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