Friday, 24 October 2008


Ken Berwitz

The sun rose in the east this morning.  I still have five toes on each foot.  Michael Moore is still obese.  McDonald's still sells a lot of hamburgers.  A Rolls-Royce still costs more than a Hyundai.

And the New York Times has endorsed Barack Obama.  

Most of what was written in the endorsement is as predictable as the endorsement itself.  The Times hates Bush, hates McCain by proxy and loves Obama.  But one specific paragraph caught my eye:

Mr. McCain, whom we chose as the best Republican nominee in the primaries, has spent the last coins of his reputation for principle and sound judgment to placate the limitless demands and narrow vision of the far-right wing. His righteous fury at being driven out of the 2000 primaries on a racist tide aimed at his adopted daughter has been replaced by a zealous embrace of those same win-at-all-costs tactics and tacticians.

This says in so many words that John McCain is zealously running a racist campaign. 

By doing what?  The Times doesn't say.  The endorsement immediately moves on to attack Mr. McCain on economic policies, climate change and immigration reform.

Since I (and, I would think, most others) don't have the slightest idea of what racist campaign the Times is talking about, wouldn't it have been nice for them to give us a few examples?  Or is the Times so pompous, arrogant and self-impressed that its editorial board thinks the mere fact that they published this accusation inherently makes it true?

I've often talked about how far the New York Times has sunk.  But I have to say that if it is possible to sink even lower, the Times has managed to do it today.


Ken Berwitz

Read this and ponder John Kerry as President:

Kerry defends Depends crack

By Joe Dwinell / Herald Exclusive
Friday, October 24, 2008 -
Sen. John F. Kerry defended his controversial joke suggesting the GOPs John McCain wears Depends adult diapers, saying today its the type of ribald humor you hear at the South Boston St. Patricks Day roast or on late-night TV.

Kerry, appearing before the Boston Herald editorial board, bristled at the suggestion his jab was not senatorial.

He even started to repeat another joke lobbed at McCain on Leno or Letterman, but he stopped and asked that a video camera be turned off.

The camera was not shut off, so Kerry told the Herald today people can go look it up for themselves.

Kerry said the Depends line has long been political fodder. When first posed the question, the Bay States junior senator said: Ah, actually, Bob Dole used to joke about it himself.

It was used at St. Patricks Day. Did you guys complain then? he said. It was lamenting the kinds of questions that get asked in presidential races and why the media is fixated by certain things like boxers or briefs.

Barack Obama was asked, and I said ... It depends. Thats the joke, he told the Herald today. As a double-entendre, actually, it is pretty funny. Its a decent joke. ... Its not half as bad as the stuff you hear on Leno or Letterman every night.

The other night I heard someone asking why John McCain was so (pause). This is not on the record thing (pause), because I dont want to make another joke. You can make the decision. Go look at the jokes they use, he added.

Thats a legitimate (inaudible), he ended.

When it comes to denseness, this man makes asbestos green with envy.


Ken Berwitz

The New York Times has been acting as defense lawyer and apologist for ACORN throughout most of this poltical campaign. 

But the paper was faced with a reality so clear, based on numbers so large, that it had to be reported as a major news story. 

How bad is the information about ACORN?  I'll let the Times' Michael Falcone and Michael Moss tell you, via this excerpt from their article.  The bold print is mine:

Groups Tally of New Voters Was Vastly Overstated

On Oct. 6, the community organizing group Acorn and an affiliated charity called Project Vote announced with jubilation that they had registered 1.3 million new voters. But it turns out the claim was a wild exaggeration, and the real number of newly registered voters nationwide is closer to 450,000, Project Votes executive director, Michael Slater, said in an interview.

The remainder are registered voters who were changing their address and roughly 400,000 that were rejected by election officials for a variety of reasons, including duplicate registrations, incomplete forms and fraudulent submissions from low-paid field workers trying to please their supervisors, Mr. Slater acknowledged.

In registration drives, it is common for a percentage of newly registered voters to be disqualified for various reasons, although experts say the percentage is higher when groups pay workers to gather registrations. But the disclosure on Thursday that 30 percent of Acorns registrations were faulty was described by Republicans as further proof of what they said was Acorns effort to tilt the election unfairly.

We were wondering how many were Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, said Danny Diaz, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee. The group is really tainted, and any work they do is suspect.

Republicans had been prepared for months to make an issue of Acorns registration drive. A year ago, the partys national committee anticipated the surge of new registrations by putting a map of the country on its Web site, labeled You Cant Make This Up! Vote Fraud.

Democrats and officials with Acorn accuse Republicans of trying to manufacture a controversy to deflect attention from alleged voter suppression activities in several states. Election officials and experts say there is little chance that significant numbers of supporters of either party would actually try to vote through a fraudulent registration.

Over the last few weeks, the Acorn registration drive has become a flash point in the campaign when the flood of new voter registrations prompted complaints from election officials about the high number of improper submissions. State and local officials have begun investigations into possible fraudulent activity in at least 10 states.

If interviews with two dozen voters in the swing states of Florida and Ohio are any indication, Republicans efforts appear to have resonated with some members of their own party as well as with some independents and Democrats.

Id have to see how bad it is and what happens, said Dorrie Cohen, an 82-year-old Democrat in Boynton Beach, Fla. If its very organized fraud, I think that I would question the election. If its just a few people trying something, I dont think I would. However, theres so much on the newspapers and the TV about it, I imagine it will be organized.

Mr. Slater and Acorn officials have defended their voter registration work. They said that it remained technically difficult to weed out duplications without better access to election records, and that their internal auditing identified many of the fraudulent registrations, which they flagged for election officials to review.

Everybody knows that when 1.3 million applications are submitted, not every single one of them gets on the rolls, said Brian Kettenring, a spokesman for Acorn. Thats common sense.

God that last part is funny.  Everyone knows that not every one of 1.3 million applications gets on the rolls.  How about OVER TWO THIRDS of them?

And those, folks, are the ones that have been caught.  With this much BS in the ACORN registrations that we do know about, why would I not be suspicious about the remaining ones as well?  

In the real world, this would seem to indisputably validate most of the claims made by Republicans about what a dirty enterprise ACORN is.  I am both very happy and very surprised to say that the Times article has, for the most part, done just that.

Maybe Mr. Mr. Falcone and Mr. Moss would like to make the acquaintance of their fellow writers at the Times, the ones who somehow overlooked this massive pile of BS from ACORN for all these months.


Ken Berwitz

Sometimes you read stories that just make you sick.

Here is one of them:

Mo. students face punishment for `Hit a Jew Day'

Oct 24, 5:18 AM (ET)


ST. LOUIS (AP) - At least four students from a suburban St. Louis middle school face punishment for allegedly hitting Jewish classmates during what they called "Hit a Jew Day."

The incident happened last week at Parkway West Middle School in Chesterfield.

District officials said Thursday they believe that fewer than 10 children of the district's 35 Jewish students were struck.

District spokesman Paul Tandy said that in most cases, the students were hit on the back of their shoulders but one student was slapped in the face.

It began with an unofficial "Spirit Week" among sixth-graders that started harmlessly enough with a "Hug a Friend Day." Then there was "High Five Day."

Soon, though, the days moved from friendly to silly. Next there was "Hit a Tall Person Day" and, finally, "Hit a Jew Day."

District officials believe a handful of children were directly involved. Those who actually struck classmates could face suspension and required counseling, Tandy said. Others who weren't directly involved but taunted Jewish students or egged on classmates could face lesser penalties.

"There is a mix of sadness and outrage," Tandy said. "The concern is a lot of kids knew about it and they didn't take action or say anything."

Karen Aroesty, St. Louis regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, said this was more than a case of bullying. Officials from the group will meet Friday with district leaders to discuss the matter.

I would like to think that while the hitting is extraordinarily dumb, most of the children (maybe even the Jewish children) probably didn't see it as having the gravity adults would place on it.  They were picking a different target each day and Jews were just one of those targets, like tall people.

But the taunting is another story.  And am I supposed to feel better that "fewer than 10" out of the 35 Jews in the school were hit?  If 7 or 8 of them were hit would that make it ok?

It seems to me that the teaching staff - and very especially the parents - from that school have their work cut out for them.


Ken Berwitz

Do you want to believe in a fairy tale?

CNN apparently does, since it did a story (which I found on about a woman who claims she is 134 year old --- without any actual proof other than a "birth certificate" based on what she told the person creating it.

Here is the video (if you have trouble seeing it, just click here):


Maybe it's just my cynical side, but when we're told a woman is 134 years old and her name is Kookoo Molookoo, I have to admit I get a bit suspicious.  How about you?



Ken Berwitz

 How I hope that title is accurate.

Michelle Malkin is reporting that the newest poll of john murtha's district shows murtha behind by 14%.  It was done by the Dane organization on Wednesday, among 800 likely voters (a large sample for one district).  

There is no doubt that, if a sea change has occurred in murtha's district, it is because of him calling his own constituents "racists", sort of half-apologizing for it, but then calling them "rednecks" just days later.

People tend to react badly when they are told what scum they are.  murtha's constituents are certainly no exception.

Look, I don't have any idea if this polling is accurate.  And since I have major problems with national polls, you would be right to assume I have even bigger problems with local ones.

But if these data are anywhere near correct, not only is murtha in grave danger of losing his congressional seat (to a standing ovation from anyone who cares about integrity or supports our troops), but it seems obvious that this would translate into one helluva lot more votes for John McCain as well. 

If McCain wins Pennsylvania, his chances of winning the election jump dramatically.  Wouldn't it be ironic if murtha's big, stupid mouth causes it to happen?


Ken Berwitz

In case there is anyone left who still thinks media bias doesn't exist, please read this article from Tim Graham of, which compares coverage of the Tim Mahoney sex scandal to the Mark Foley e-mail scandal of two years ago.  Then get back to me:

Tim Mahoney, Adulterer: More Dignified Than Sarah Palin?

A week ago, Rep. Tim Mahoney, the ethically compromised liberal legislator who replaced Rep. Mark Foley, admitted to adultery, but unlike Foley, is running for re-election anyway. Its time for an update on the lack of Mahoney coverage on the networks, and the news magazines. CBS and NBC still have done zero. ABC, which broke the story on its Blotter blog of Mahoney putting a mistress on his payroll and paying her $120,000, has offered two little sentences on last Saturdays Good Morning America. Time has nothing so far. Newsweek only mentioned it in passing in its cutesy "Dignity Index" feature...and declared that Sarah Palin was even less dignified.

ABC's sentences passed quickly from the lips of news reader Ron Claiborne:

And a married Florida congressman now admits that he had at least two affairs, but insists he broke no laws and he will not resign. Democratic Representative Tim Mahoney replaced Republican Representative Mark Foley, who resigned after a sex scandal.

Time and Newsweek blatantly enjoyed the Mark Foley scandal two years ago, and Foleys face "graced" the cover of Newsweek. But so far, Time hasnt mentioned Mahoney. Newsweek briefly addressed the matter in their "Dignity Index" feature. The index is described as "A weekly mathematical survey of dubious behavior that measures, on a scale of 1 to 100, just how low you can go."

But according to the moralists at Newsweek, Mahoneys adultery and payoffs are not as "low" as Sarah Palin's Troopergate/Tasergate antics: 

Florida Rep. Tim Mahoney, who replaced Mark Foley (the Capitol Hill male-page guy), gets his own sex scandal: cops to multiple affairs. Something in the water? Score: 52

Responding to the Troopergate report, Gov. Sarah Palin says she's "pleased to be cleared" of "any kind of unethical activity." Nice try. The report said exactly the opposite. Score: 67

Mahoneys story has surfaced on CNN a little. It emerged Thursday night on Election Center with Campbell Brown, where liberal legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said this sex scandal is nutty, just like that nutty family that wanted to keep Elian Gonzalez out of communist Cuba:

BROWN: What is it about this district, Jeff?

TOOBIN: What is it about Florida? Florida is bringing the crazy -- come on.

BROWN: Oh, come on. My mom lives in Florida. They're not all crazy.

TOOBIN: Well, no, there was a period there where it looked like Florida was really taking over as the nuttiness capital. You had Elian Gonzalez. You had the recount in Florida, Mark Foley.

Foley wasn't just a massive story, it was also the subject of major media polls. Newsweek assertively polled and found that 52 percent thought House Speaker Dennis Hastert tried to cover it up. Newsweek isn't about to do a Pelosi poll over Mahoney -- not while he still has a chance at getting re-elected.

Mahoney, you may recall, was the guy who won Foley's old district by running on a platform featuring moral values. 

Wouldn't you think there's just a teeny weeny story in here somewhere?  Well, if you do you are wrong.  Mr, Mahoney has a D after his name, not an R like Foley did.

Then they wonder why people call them biased...............

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