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Ken Berwitz

It's not that readers of this blog need an education on how deeply involved Barack Obama has been with william ayers and ACORN.  Not only do they know it full well, but a portion of the article below has already been posted here.

But Andrew McCarthy of National Review encapsulates this unholy trinity so well, and adds so much more to the story (including Obama's association with a socialist group)  that I thought you would want to see it.  The bold print is mine:

Saturday, October 11, 2008

What kind of education reform did Ayers & Obama have in mind?   [Andy McCarthy]

You can draw plenty of rational inferences from Stanley's rich work.  But for a clear statement of Ayers's frightening vision, I submit that his November 2006 speech at the World Education Forum should be required reading.  

As Cornerites know, I've been arguing that our emphasis on Ayers's prior terrorism, while highly relevant, is not the essential point.  The real issue is Ayers's revolutionary leftism (at around the time Ayers and Obama began working on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, by the way, Ayers described himself as "a radical, Leftist, small c communist). 

Obama is clearly lying when he claims ignorance about Ayers's terrorism, but even if you wanted to pretend otherwise, it is impossible that he was in the dark about Ayers's revolutionary leftism:  Ayers has never made a secret of it and can't seem to help himself from mentioning it about every 30 seconds.  Obama not only knew about Ayers's views in this regard; he obviously subscribed to them:  was a member of the Chicago New Party begun by the Democratic Socialists of America; he worked closely with Ayers on "education reform" for years, he approved of Ayers's similarly fringe-Left views of the criminal justice system's treatment of juvenile crime, and, we are learning; and he was tightly aligned with ACORN, which he and Ayers funded and whose practices fit comfortably with the Ayers view of "participatory democracy").

In any event, here are excerpts of Ayers's 2006 speech before Hugo Chavez and other assembled "comrades":

President Hugo Chavez, invited guests, comrades.  Im honored and humbled to be here with you this morning.  I bring greetings and support from your brothers and sisters throughout Northamerica [sic]!   Welcome to the World Education Forum.  Amamos la revolucion Bolivariana! ...

[M]y comrade and friend Luis Bonilla, a brilliant educator and inspiring fighter for justice has taught me a great deal about the Bolivarian Revolution [i.e., Chavez's movement] and about the profound educational reforms underway here in Venezuela under the leadership of President Chavez.  We share the belief that education is the motor-force of revolution, and Ive come to appreciate Luis as a major asset in both the Venezuelan and the international struggleI look forward to seeing how he and all of you continue to overcome the failings of capitalist education as you seek to create something truly new and deeply humane.  [For more information on the Venezuelan socialist Luis Bonilla-Montoya, see here.]


I began teaching when I was 20 yeas old in a small freedom school affiliated with the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.  The year was 1965, and Id been arrested in a demonstration.  Jailed for ten days, I met several activists who were finding ways to link teaching and education with deep and fundamental social change.  They were following Dewey and DuBois, King and Helen Keller who wrote:  We cant have education without revolution.  We have tried peace education for 1,900 years and it has failed.  Let us try revolution and see what it will do now.


I walked out of jail and into my first teaching positionand from that day until this Ive thought of myself as a teacher, but Ive also understood teaching as a project intimately connected with social justice.  After all, the fundamental message of the teacher is this:  you can change your lifewhoever you are, wherever youve been, whatever youve done, another world is possible.  As students and teachers begin to see themselves as linked to one another, as tied to history and capable of collective action, the fundamental message of teaching shifts slightly, and becomes broader, more generous:  we must change ourselves as we come together to change the world.  Teaching invites transformations, it urges revolutions small and large.  La educacion es revolucion!


[Ive] learned that education is never neutral.  It always has a value, a position, a politics.  Education either reinforces or challenges the existing social order, and school is always a contested spacewhat should be taught?  In what way?  Toward what end?  By and for whom?  At bottom, it involves a struggle over the essential questions:  what does it mean to be a human being living in a human society?


Totalitarianism demands obedience and conformity, hierarchy, command and control.  Royalty requires allegiance.  Capitalism promotes racism and materialismturning people into consumers, not citizens.  Participatory democracy, by contrast, requires free people coming together, voluntarily as equals who are capable of both self-realization and, at the same time, full participation in a shared political and economic life.


Venezuelans have shown the world that with full participation, full inclusion, and popular empowerment, the failing of capitalist schooling can be resisted and overcome.  Venezuela is a beacon to the world in its accomplishment of eliminating illiteracy in record time, and engaging virtually the entire population in the ongoing project of education.


[W]e, too, must build a project of radical imagination and fundamental change.  Venezuela is poised to offer the world a new model of educationa humanizing and revolutionary model whose twin missions are enlightenment and liberation.


Viva Mission Sucre!

Viva Presidente Chavez!

Viva La Revolucion Bolivariana!

Hasta La Victroria Siempre!

What I'd like to know is when media, which have swarmed through Alaska looking for anything they can find about Sarah Palin, will do even a cursory check of what that $50 plus million in Annenberg challenge funds was used for.  Who it went to and what good it did, if any at all. 

Is it my warped sense of priorities, or does that sound more significant than whether Sarah Palin wanted her former brother in law fired?

Life is so much easier when the referee is on your side.....


Ken Berwitz

This is what happens when people see a result they are hoping for, and because they like it so much they don't check its accuracy (why ruin a good result, right?)

The left wing blogosphere has spent the last couple of days assuring its followers that Sarah Palin was a mediocre student in high school. 

Would this be important even if it were true?  Not to me it wouldn't.  It is no more important to me than the truth, which is that Sarah Heath (her maiden name) was an honor student. 

But here's what is important:  the document used to make this claim was forged.  Blatantly, obviously forged.  And it was put out there anyway.

Warner Todd Huston, writing for, gives us the details:

Fake Palin SAT Scores Fool Left-O-Sphere

Did you hear that Governor Palin is stupid? Well, if you watch TV, listen to the radio, or read any news outlet you can't help but find the lefties there claiming in unison that she is the dumbest woman to appear on the scene since Goldie Hawn made her chops as the blonde ditz on 1960's TV. And, heck it's gotta be true. Why, even her SAT scores prove it! Except that the "proof" of that is an Internet hoax that fooled Wonkette, the DailyKos and a blue million nutrooter sites. But, who cares? As long as it makes Palin look bad, we're golden, baby! Truth-schmooth, right?

On October 10, blogger Dawn Eden found that a posted image of hers had been stolen, then altered, and then posted everywhere as "proof" that Sarah Palin is stupid. Apparently, the biggest stir was created by the tabloid site on its "Assignment Desk" section.

Originally, Gawker wondered if the image presented as Palin's SAT scores was real and posited that it was believable. Later in the day, however, one of their own site commentors effectively proved it an obvious fake. But not before it fooled Wonkette and the DailyKos and a score of other nutrooter sites.

Before the obviousness of the fakery was settled, the DailyKos site pronounced the SAT score card as "credible," and the unprofessionally profane Wonkette said that the faked scores "sounds about right."

This fake image appeared on dozens of sites in a few hour's time.

Unfortunately for the left's indulging in gettin'-the-hate-on at Sarah Palin, though, this image was stolen and made to appear like Palin's SAT score card. It was all a deliberate hoax.

This is the real image as posted by Dawn Eden.

This sort of thing goes beyond a merely misreported story, goes farther than a bad interpretation of facts, and enters into outright forgery. And what we have here is a perfect example of how the left has no interest in "truth" as long as their agenda is furthered. Situational "ethics" is the left's calling card and this is more evidence of this salient truism.

So let's not let the facts get in the way of a good story, shall we DailyKos?

Now, let's keep our eyes peeled to see if the next level up in the Left-O-Sphere (and that would be the Old Media) start using this one. Look for the occasional comment by a lefty commentator about this "true SAT score report" to show up soon!

Somewhere in a dark corner of Hasbeenville, Dan Rather is smiling broadly.

But we should not be.  We should recognize that, for these people, when it comes to this presidential race there are neither rules nor accountability. 

However, the geniuses at daily kos, wonkette and the others should take heart.  I hear there's an opening at the New York Times.....

blogo-grrl As Dawn has posted, people all over including Kos have apologized to her and demonstrated that it was a hoax which took them in. Often, "Never ascribe to malice that which can be adequately explained by ineptitude" is a good rule of thumb when dealing with political idealogues of all stripes. Right-wing talkers were taken in by Ashley Todd's self-mutilation for a few days, too. (11/08/08)


Ken Berwitz

Is McCain sunk?  Very possibly he is.  But there are no guarantees in politics.

To illustrate, please read the following, which was excerpted from a Scripps Howard article ... published in 2004:

Scripps poll: Kerry ahead in key state of Ohio

Scripps Howard News Service
October 22, 2004

- Democrat John Kerry has a lead as high as 6 percent over President Bush in the key battleground state of Ohio, according to a survey completed Thursday night at Ohio University's Scripps Survey Research Center.

Among registered voters, Kerry leads 49 percent to Bush's 43 percent, with 2 percent saying they will support third party candidates and 6 percent undecided. Among likely voters (people who say they are committed to voting next month) Kerry's lead is 50 percent to 46 percent, with 3 percent undecided and 1 percent going to other candidates.

Since the margin of error for both calculations is 5 percent, Kerry's lead is not decisive.

The poll found that Kerry has solidly rallied his Democratic base, garnering support from 94 percent of self-described "strong Democrats" while the president is supported by 93 percent of "strong Republicans." Kerry, however, is doing slightly better among independents.

The Massachusetts senator has solid support among self-described liberals and moderates while garnering more than a quarter of the vote among people who say they are political conservatives.

Bush, meanwhile, is doing especially well among Ohio's most affluent households and among suburban voters.

Kerry is running especially strong among Ohio workers who are fearful they may lose their jobs, while Bush is doing well among people who have attended church recently.

P.S. President Bush won Ohio in 2004.

Does this mean McCain is doing well, that he is on track for a victory?  Not at all.  If I were betting I would be betting on Obama.

But what it does mean is that this race is not over yet and polls taken shortly before elections do not end the issue.

I suggest we wait until November 5 to determine who the next President will be.


Ken Berwitz

In the past week a number of "journalists" among the reliably left wing segment (yeah, I know that's a helluva big segment) have become upset, incensed and outraged at "Republican hate". 

The hate they are talking about, in essence, involves anything beyond the most perfunctory criticisms of Barack Obama.  In their view, to attack Saint Barack in a way that might actually make a voter reconsider him is tantamount to hatred, pure and simple.

This being the case, my hat (if I ever wear one) is off to Michelle Malkin for putting together a partial compilation of what these same upset, incensed, outraged "journalists" have not written about.

Here is Ms. Malkin's article, with only a fraction of the examples she has compiled (click on her name above to see them all).  Take a good look and decide for yourself where the hate is coming from:

Crush the Obamedia narrative: Look whos gripped by insane rage
By Michelle Malkin    October 12, 2008 11:50 AM

The Obamedia is attempting to set yet another false narrative: The narrative of the McCain mob. McCain-Palin rallies are out of control, they wheedle. Conservatives are mad! Theyre yelling mean things about Obama and calling him names! It scaaaaary!

Paul Krugman is trembling: Something very ugly is taking shape on the political scene: as McCains chances fade, the crowds at his rallies are, by all accounts, increasingly gripped by insane rageWhat happens when Obama is elected? It will be even worse than it was in the Clinton years. For sure there will be crazy accusations, and I wouldnt be surprised to see some violence.

Frank Rich decries Weimar-like rage and the violent escalation of rhetoric.


Lets talk about insane rage and violent escalation.

This is insane rage Madonna bashing Sarah Palin and shrieking I will kick her ass:

This is insane rage Sandra Bernhard bashing Sarah Palin and cursing her head off with hate warping her crazed face:

This is violent escalation Palin-hating artwork designating her an M.I.L.P. (Mother Id Like to Punch). Hat tip: Edge of Forever:

This is insane rage and violent escalation trendy ABORT Sarah Palin stickers:

This is self-admitted insane rage: Why Sarah Palin Incites Near-Violent Rage In Normally Reasonable Women.

This is insane rage the
Democratic Underground indulging in name-calling the MSM ignores:

Reader Monica M. sent me a link to the Democratic Undergrounds latest thread for commenters to come up with nicknames and posters to slime GOP Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and then to spread [them] all over the net. There are now nearly 100 filthy, hate-filled responses and counting. Among the nicer entries: Cruella, Gidget, Governor Jesus Camp, VPILF, Fertilla the Huntress, Iditabroad, and KILLER PYSCHO FUNDIE BITCH FROM HELL!!

Peer with me further into the liberal sinkhole again and behold P.D.S. in full bloom. Note that this site is raising money for Barack Obama and that an ad for their fundraiser appears at the top of the thread. Is Obama going to accept their cash? Know your enemy:

The Photoshop entries getting thumbs up from DU commenters:

And the sickest attack of them all mocking Palin for being a nursing mom:

This is insane rage deranged left-wing photographer Jill Greenberg sabotaging an Atlantic magazine photo shoot of John McCain and defacing the pictures on her website:

This is insane rage and violent escalation pointing a fake gun at the head of a Sarah Palin likeness sitting next to a cardboard cutout of her daughter in a museum display:

These people are not journalists.  Not in any serious sense of the word.  They are propagandists posing as journalists, whose intention is not to inform you but to misinform, disinform and manipulate you into voting for Barack Obama.

The sad truth is that they are obviously succeeding with a good many people.  Are you one of them?

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