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Ken Berwitz

This latest edition is from Agence France Presse.  Watch Steve Gilbert of take it apart.  How?  With facts, that's how:

Obamas Incredible Background And Plans

August 29th, 2008

From a very gullible Agence France-Presse:

A graphic on Barack Obama, Democrat candidate for the US presidency. Obama told Americans their dreams can be one if they unite in a stirring new crusade for change, in a riotous finale to the historic Democratic National Convention.

And when we say incredible we mean it literally. Lets review.

First, about what the graphic claims about his background:

The AFP left out that Mr. Obama attended the hippy Occidental College. We also have never been given access to Mr. Obamas grade transcripts, nor any of his writing such as his senior thesis.

The AFP graphic claims Obama worked as social worker when he did not. And in fact, he was a community organizer for only three years not for the six years that is implied here.

Mr. Obama wrote only one legal piece at Harvard, which was only recently dug up. Which would tend to indicate his position as President of the Law Review was strictly an affirmative action decision.

Did Mr. Obama actually ever practice as a lawyer? Do we even know if he ever passed a bar exam? There is no record of him ever having had a case. And Mr. Obama was only a visiting lecturer at the University Of Chicago.

All of the records of Mr. Obamas days in the Illinois state house have disappeared. Why is that?

As for his platform:

He intends to intensify the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Does the rest of his party know this?

And how can you do that when at the same time withdrawing from Iraq? If the problem is that the terrorists have safe havens in regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan, wont making Iraq a safe haven be disastrous?

And never mind that the savings from ending the war on terror were supposed to fund all of his other promised programs.

The US has been negotiating with Syria, North Korea. As for Cuba, Mr. Obama has elsewhere promised to strengthen the sanctions against Cuba, rather than relax them.

Mr. Obamas pledge to honor the Kyoto protocol would be a disaster for our economy.

It is for all intents and purposes impossible to lower taxes any further for the poor, since they have long since stopped being taxed and are instead given money under the guise of the earned income credit and other tax programs.

He is going to introduce a system of universal health care by lowering taxes especially for small business.

He promises to restore the leadership of the US in space, having hitherto promised to kill NASA to fund his other programs like healthcare.

He promises to improve education for children of poor families. All of the other programs to that end having worked so spectacularly well.

He promises to combat poverty in the world by taxing us more and giving the money to foreign countries, many of whom seek to destroy us.

He promises to give illegal aliens amnesty.

What a candidate.


Asking again for the umpteenth time:  If a blogger has this information, don't mainstream media?  Do you think the network news shows and the New York Times, for example, have fewer information gathering resources than Steve Gilbert?

So why don't you see it from mainstream media?

But listen to them squeal like stuck pigs if you call them biased.

Viney How could any of this be better sttaed? It couldn't. (09/19/11)


Ken Berwitz

What a gutsy move!!!

She is a former beauty queen, basketball player, TV sports anchor and commercial fisherman.  She is married with five children.

Politically she came to prominence by whistle-blowing on members of her own Republican party for their ethical violations.  She was a two time city mayor before becoming the Governor of Alaska.  Her approval ratings are hovering in the 90% range.  She is strongly conservative on many issues -- but also signed gay rights legislation into law and created a sub-cabinet post regarding climate change. 

But, y'know what?  I'll show you the value of Sarah Palin to the McCain ticket by pasting the analysis of someone who desperately wants Mr. McCain to lose:  Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, better known as "Kos" of

Sarah Palin: She's a very popular (80-90% approval rating), attractive, governor of Alaska. She has kind of an older Tina Faye thing going on. In 1984, Palin competed in the Miss Alaska beauty pageant after winning the Miss Wasilla contest earlier that year. In the Wasilla pageant, she played the flute and also won Miss Congeniality. Gov. Palin is known in her state as a Maverick, and has a reputation for being very anti-corruption. You know the stuff John McCain pretends to be. Sarah Palin is very popular having seemed come out of nowhere to completely destroy her rival, Republican Governor Frank Murkowski in their Primary!

The upside for us? She's a little inexperienced for the job since she's only been governor of Alaska since 2006. Other than that, theres not much. She's good on the Environment and good on Gay issues (though her hand was forced) she is however firmly "pro-life" which doesn't help McCain's case with woman at all.

The downside? Out of all of the VP choices for McCain she is the one who could really help McCain the most in my view. This woman is destined for higher office and McCain may be her ticket to the top. Hopefully she's smart enough to realize McCain's campaign is already dead in the water and will simply sit this one out. If so we will have dodged a bullet but one way or another we will have to face off with this woman someday. She's a rising star. Theres no getting around that.

Now you may think she's from Alaska which is about as Red of a state as you can get and McCain doesn't need her help. However, drafting her is about as safe as you can get simply because there is no way a Democrat is going to replace her. On top of that she's the first Woman ever elected as Governor of Alaska and she would be the first Woman ever elected as Vice President. Which despite her views on abortion; her charm and her potential to break glass ceilings could siphon off a good deal of female voters.

Also, unlike McCain her Maverick reputation is real. She signed Gay Marriage into law (though via Supreme Court Mandate) and vetoed legislation that would have barred the state from granting benefits to gay state employees and their partners. She also appointed a new sub-cabinet to address Climate Change in her state. You know what; let me just put it this way. If she were in virtually any other state she would be a Democrat. Shes even more progressive than some of our Democratic Senators.

Now while those things would be of some concern to Republicans the fact of the matter is they're virtually untouchable. Drawing attention to her left leaning record would simply re-enforce her Maverick Meme thus granting the media permission to re-proclaim McCain a Maverick for picking such a Maverick as his VP. And the last thing we want is to bring back that Maverick bullshit.

Bottom line is she's one to watch out for and one of my picks for worst case scenario simply because she should probably be on our side.

That description, more than anything else, tells you why John McCain made this pick. 

Wow, and double wow.

steve schneider it was a genius move. i love the daily kos calling mcains campaign dead in the water. i can't wait to read the post after mcain wins. steve (08/29/08)


Ken Berwitz

I'll turn this one over to Mark Finkelstein at  Please be sure not to be drinking anything while you're reading's not easy to clean liquid off a keyboard:

Olbermann: Obama Nomination Like Fall of Soviet Union, Apartheid

How does Keith Olbermann view pre-Obama America?  Apparently akin to the Soviet Union, and South Africa under apartheid.  Here was his statement from the top of tonight's DNC coverage.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: It is an iconic night in history: we'll all remember this night as long as we live. This is the night that the first Western government, the first Western political power, or party, has nominated an African-American, someone of African heritage, to lead the country. It's something that took a long time to happen, almost like an old Polaroid film developing. But here it is.  It happened officially last night, and tonight it is crowned, this achievement.  And it's going to happen at a football field.

KEITH OLBERMANN: And it happens as suddenly in some respects as the Soviet Union crumbled or apartheid was beaten in South Africa.  These seemingly invincible hurdles that could never be overcome and within a short period in our historical timespan, suddenly they're gone. And almost nobody saw it coming. Certainly no one at all saw it coming more than four years ago.

View video here.

So that's how Olbermann sees America: until the Dem party nominated the most liberal member of the Senate, we were in the same class of outlaw regimes as the brutal totalitarians of the Soviet Union or the racists of South Africa.  Speak for yourself, Keith.

Note: beyond his invidious view of America, Olbermann is simply wrong in asserting no one could have imagined an African-American candidate more than four years ago. The GOP nomination was virtually Colin Powell's for the taking in 2000.  

No need to tell you what I think about this.  I have a feeling you're thinking the same thing. 


Jaylen Most help atrclies on the web are inaccurate or incoherent. Not this! (01/14/12)


Ken Berwitz

The stadium was packed.  Stevie Wonder and other top acts were performing.  Their were fireworks.  The crowd was rockin'.

And Barack Obama gave them exactly what they wanted, too.  Over a half hour of beautifully delivered rhetoric, great punch lines, youth, energy.....and virtually nothing of any substance.

Yes, that must be exactly what they wanted.  Because that is all Barack Obama ever gives them and they came to hear him so they must have wanted it.

Charles Babington of the Associated Press put it this way:

DENVER (AP) - Barack Obama, whose campaign theme is "change we can believe in," promised Thursday to "spell out exactly what that change would mean."

But instead of dwelling on specifics, he laced the crowning speech of his long campaign with the type of rhetorical flourishes that Republicans mock and the attacks on John McCain that Democrats cheer. The country saw a candidate confident in his existing campaign formula: tie McCain tightly to President Bush, and remind voters why they are unhappy with the incumbent.

Of course, no candidate can outline every initiative in a 35-minute speechespecially one that also must inspire voters, acknowledge key friends, and toss in some autobiography for the newly-interested. And Obama did touch on nitty-gritty subjects, such as the capital gains tax and biofuel investments.

He said he would "find ways to safely harness nuclear power," a somewhat more receptive phrase than he typically uses for that subject.

But most of his address echoed and amplified the theme that dominated the four-day Democratic nominating convention here: George Bush.


I have no doubt that this speech, and the loving adoration it will engender from most media (not all, as you saw above), will cause another upward bounce in the daily tracking polls.  And it should.  This was his moment.

Next week is the Republican convention and, though I can't imagine that it will feature a speech as well delivered as Obama's, the bounce will go the other way.  Then the real campaign starts.


Ken Berwitz

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the congressperson from the 20th District in (southern) Florida.....Broward County.

I call her Robert Wexler with different plumbing because, apart from being a woman, she is very much the same as Mr. Wexler.  A nasty, vicious loudmouth with a supercharged attitude, who represents a district she cannot lose as long as she stays as far left as it is possible to be.

This afternoon John McCain announced that Sarah Palin is his running mate.  Wasserman Schultz's reaction to Governor Palin?  "She's inexperienced, she's unethical and she's wrong on every women's issue"


Sarah Palin has a huge reputation for fighting corruption - which, it so happens, appears to have been rampant in Alaska, and very much among her fellow Republicans.  Her whistleblowing against unethical behavior is what catapulted her to the Governor's mansion.  By contrast, how often have you heard about Debbie Wasserman Schultz speaking out against William Jefferson? 

Ms. Palin can't be wrong on every women's issue (translation:  abortion) because, despite the ridiculous assumption on the part of the Wasserman Schultz's of the country and their media cohorts, a great many women are every bit as pro-choice as Ms. Palin is. 

But my favorite line is that Sarah Palin is inexperienced.  Do Ms. Schultz and her fellow Democrats really want to get in to an "inexperienced" riff during this election?  How experienced is Barack Obama? 

I'll make this plain and simple:  Sarah Palin has as much foreign policy experience as Barack Obama (none).  And she has two years' more executive experience than Barack Obama has.  That makes her MORE experienced than Mr. Obama.

And, let's remember, Ms. Palin is running for Vice President, not President.  If she wins, the eminently experienced John McCain is President.  If Debbie Wasserman Schultz's preferred candidate wins, the wholly inexperienced Barack Obama is President.

If I were a Republican, I would go to bed tonight praying that Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Robert Wexler and every other angry leftist makes that argument every day of the campaign.

Blue It's always a rlieef when someone with obvious expertise answers. Thanks! (01/14/12)

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