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Ken Berwitz

Remember that 29 year old Somali Muslim they found dead in his hotel room in Denver?  The one who came to the USA from Canada (where he had taken up residence) with over a pound of cyanide in his possession and was ensconced about 2 miles from the site of next week's Democratic convention?

Well they have come to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, the possibility of terrorism should be considered.

Here are the particulars via an excerpt from the Fox News report:

FBI terrorism experts are investigating whether the death of a Somali-born Canadian citizen whose body was found Monday in a Denver hotel room with about a pound of extremely toxic sodium cyanide is connected to the upcoming Democratic National Convention.

The Denver coroner said the man died of cyanide poisoning.

The cause of death was announced Thursday, but authorities haven't determined whether 29-year-old Saleman Abdirahman Dirie committed suicide.

An FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force has been sent to Denver, although Special Agent Kathy Wright said there's no information to conclude that Dirie had terrorist ties, the Rocky Mountain News reported.

While local law enforcement officials tried to downplay the incident, stressing that there was no sign of foul play in the death of Dirie, a Defense Department contractor said it's likely a terror plot could have been in the works, considering the toxicity and reported amount of cyanide found with the 29-year-old from Ottawa.

"I don't see how anybody could do anything but look into the possibility that this is a potential terrorist attack," Dr. Andrew Ternay told CBS 4 News in Denver.

As you may remember, the FBI initially put out a statement that they didn't see this as a terrorism case. 

I commented that their conclusion was just plain nuts and suggested that maybe the FBI was stating this for public consumption, but quietly investigating the terrorism angle.  I'm relieved to note that this seems to be the case.

Let's keep a close eye out and see where the Dirie investigation progresses.  Let's also hope that, if it was a terrorist act in the making, he was acting alone and his death ends the threat.


Ken Berwitz

Just how much fakery are we supposed to accept from the Chinese during these Olympics? 

Let's first talk about the ones we already know:

-That sweet looking Chinese girl who sang at the opening ceremonies wasn't singing.  The girl who did do the singing was deemed unattractive, so they got a cuter one to lip synch for her.

-The fireworks we all oohed and aahed about?  Pre-recorded.  Not live. 

-The Chinese girl gymnasts?  So obviously underage that you would have to be blind not to notice.

But that's not all.

Here, courtesy of Agence France Pressee, is the latest fakery perpetrated by those wonderful folks in Beijing:

'Ethnic minority' children at Olympics ceremony were fake: report
Aug 15 01:34 AM US/Eastern
Children from China's dominant Han population were used in a key part of the Olympics opening ceremony, not youngsters from all 56 ethnic groups as claimed, an official said in comment published Friday.

If true, it would be the third high-profile faking incident of the ceremony, after it was revealed a girl was substituted as a singer because she was deemed too ugly, and supposedly live fireworks on the TV broadcast were pre-recorded.

The 56 children who carried out the Chinese flag in a moment meant to showcase national harmony were all from the Han majority, an official with the dance troupe that they belonged to told the Asian Wall Street Journal.

"I assume they think the kids were very natural looking and nice," the paper quoted Yuan Zhifeng, deputy director of Galaxy Children's Art Troupe, as saying.

The troupe is made up exclusively of children from the Han ethnic group, which accounts for more than 90 percent of China's more than 1.3 billion people, according to the paper.

Official Chinese television shows and other performances often feature the Han Chinese representing minority groups.

However Olympic organisers said directly that the children were from all 56 official ethnic groups.

"Fifty-six children from 56 Chinese ethnic groups cluster around the Chinese national flag, representing the 56 ethnic groups," read the media guide for the opening ceremony distributed on the night.

The apparent fakery comes at a sensitive time for China over its ethnic groups, as Buddhist Tibetans and Muslim Uighurs have sought to use the Olympic spotlight to publicise what some say has been repression under Chinese rule.

A person who answered the phone at the troupe on Friday would not answer questions from AFP.

A spokesman for Beijing Olympic organisers was not immediately available to comment.

Lovely.  The inclusion of 56 different ethnic groups was just as fake as everything else.  It is the equivalent of the USA celebrating its ethnic diversity by announcing Blacks, Indians, Asians and Middle Easterners as they marched a bunch of White Protestant kids on the stage

The air stinks.  The dissidents have been rounded up.  The internet is being censored.  At least one TV crew has been roughed up by the police.  And the Chinese are faking event after event (remember, these are the ones we know about.  How can anyone possibly assume there aren't others that we don't know about?)

That is today's China.  Enjoy the olympics.

Russ Plus, major sponors like Mc Donalds, Samsung, Coke all created elaborate displays for the people attending the events to visit. However, "for security reasons," the Chinese routed the public around the area containing these displays. Only people allowed in had to have top level badges.... which translates to millons upon millons of dollars wasted. I would boycott Chinese goods if there was something made elsewhere, but alas, there isn't. (08/15/08)


Ken Berwitz

Biologically, casey anthony did give birth to a daughter.  But I have a great deal of difficulty referring to her as a mother.

The daughter, as you almost certainly know, is named Caylee Anthony and she has been missing for two months.

Regardless of little Casey's fate her "mother" is a pig.  A pig who did not bother to report her missing for a month, during which her activities included going to bars and partying with a big smile on her face and guys all over her.  Anyone who believes a word this woman says about Caylee is gullible beyond belief.

And casey anthony's mother, cindy anthony?  She is every bit as much of a pig because she is clearly (if excepionally clumsily) trying to cover up for her daughter.

Now, we have this dispiriting news, which comes to us courtesy of WTFM TV in Orlando:

Eyewitness News Reveals Remote Area Where Casey Anthony Made Calls

POSTED: 5:11 pm EDT August 14, 2008
UPDATED: 7:19 am EDT August 15, 2008

Woods and water are the perfect place to hide a body and the one place no one reported Casey Anthony ever visited until now. Channel 9 uncovered what could be a major break in the Caylee Anthony case.

June 17 is the day after little Caylee was last seen alive and it's the same date that Eyewitness News tracked Casey Anthony's location to an area near the Orlando International Airport. From a satellite map the dense woods and ponds around the airport. The more information investigators get, the more locations come into the picture.

Channel 9 has learned that the day after Caylee disappeared, Casey was in a somewhat remote area just a few miles from the Anthonys' home. Channel 9 has learned documents show that, for some reason, Casey Anthony came to the area less than ten minutes and less than five miles from her parents' Lee Vista home. There are acres of woods and scrub and there's lots of water. By day, there's very little traffic that comes through the area and not much lighting at night.

Channel 9 has obtained maps showing how many AT&T cell phone towers there are in two key areas investigators are focused on. There are 15 cell towers within a ten mile radius of Caylee Anthony's grandparents' house, where Caylee's grandfather said he last saw her alive on the afternoon of June 16.

There are 37 AT&T cell phone towers within ten miles of the apartment where Casey said she last saw Caylee alive on June 9, sometime between 9:00am and 1:00pm when she dropped Caylee off with the babysitter on her way to work.

Casey lied about the date and the cell phone records are helping investigators find out what else Caylee's mother has lied about.

It's known that Casey had no job and that Caylee did not disappear on June 9. Caylee's grandmother had stuck with Casey's version about June 9 until detectives confronted Cindy Anthony with video she herself had taken of Caylee during a visit with her great-grandfather in Mount Dora on Father's Day, June 15.

"I couldn't remember going on father's day because I go almost every week but I don't take Caylee that often," Cindy Anthony said during Casey's bond hearing.

"Are you lying to investigators? Purposely misleading them?" WFTV reporter Kathi Belich asked Cindy on Thursday.

Cindy didn't reply verbally, but shook her head.

casey anthony's whereabouts on that day could be coincidental and have nothing to do with Caylee's disappearance.  But it's a genuine possibility that her whereabouts have everything to do with it.

And if this innocent child is found there, I wouldn't at all be surprised if her mother and grandmother were both in on whatever might have happened.

shinook Here is what I believe happened = Caylee died in Caseys "care" of neglect or she killed the kid intentionally because Caylee stood in the way in her relationship with her latest boyfriend (Tony Lazzaro ) or she sold the kid to the highest bidder I tend to believe version No. 1. All the conflicting stories about babysitters and kidnappers are smokescreeens. One can only hope that LE will get to the bottom of this. I'd hate to see this foulmouthed, bratty, egocentric excuse of a "mother" go free. (08/15/08)


Ken Berwitz

Scott Johnson, of, has a short, excellent piece this morning in which he collects some of the more pithy (you can use your own word here) positions on our country's military defense that have been been taken by Barack Obama. 

Here it is, complete with a supporting video:

With events in Georgia over the past week, it is time to revisit Barack Obama's stated views on America's defense needs. In the video above, Obama pronounces a McGovernite disarmament credo:

I will cut investments in unproven missile defense systems...

...I will not weaponize space...

...I will slow development of future combat systems...

...and I will institute a "Defense Priorities Board" to ensure the quadrennial defense review is not used to justify unnecessary spending...

...I will set a goal of a world without nuclear weapons...

...and to seek that goal, I will not develop nuclear weapons...

...I will seek a global ban on the development of fissile material...

...and I will negotiate with Russia to take our ICBMs off hair-trigger alert...

...and to achieve deep cuts in our nuclear arsenals...

Isn't it time for someone who covers politics for a living to ask Obama about this credo?

Keep in mind, we are supposed to vote for Mr. Obama based not on his rsum (which is virtually nonexistent) but on his sound judgment.

Well, there is his judgment.  You decide how sound it is.

And while you're doing so, I suggest that you wonder along with Scott and me why mainstream media aren't demanding some kind of explanation from Mr. Sound Judgment.


Ken Berwitz

Barack Obama never has to worry about the how the price of oil affects gasoline prices.  With so many media people in the tank for him, blowing out so much gas on his behalf, he could drive to the moon without reaching for his wallet.

One example, a very important one for Mr. Obama, is Nedra Pickler, who covers him for the Associated Press. 

Her latest gusher concerns the new book by Jerome Corsi, "Obamanation", which is highly critical of you-know-who.

(Let me admit that I have some major problems with Jerome Corsi.  I've read about him and he sounds like an opportunist and a nut-job.  He has also been accused of plagiarism.  But that doesn't mean his book about Obama is inaccurate - as you will see below.)

Ms. Pickler outdoes herself in supporting Barack Obama by attacking Mr. Corsi based on the flimsiest of rationales. 

Here is a piece by Tim Graham of which details how she is willing to go to protect her personal savior, Saint Barack:

AP Shreds Corsi, Pretends Obama Didn't Attend 'Radical Black Church'

Associated Press aggressively took after Jerome Corsi's book The Obama Nation in a story touting the Obama camp's attempts at rebuttal. Reporter Nedra Pickler repeated the Obama camp's dismissal of Corsi as a "fringe bigot" and declared "The book is a compilation of all the innuendo and false rumors against Obama." Pickler insisted it was somehow a false rumor or an innuendo that Obama "attended a radical black church." Among her complaints about the book's accuracy: "He accuses Obama of wanting to weaken the military even though Obama's campaign calls for adding 65,000 soldiers and 27,000 Marines." She lamented that "Corsi catalogs various allegations that have haunted Obama on right-wing blogs and anonymous e-mails" and openly mocked the conservative World Net Daily website: "Corsi writes for World Net Daily, a conservative Web site whose lead headline Thursday was Astonishing photo claims: Dead Bigfoot stored on ice.'"

Reporting from a Honolulu dateline, suggesting she's on the Obama vacation beat, Pickler began:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama hit back Thursday with a 40-page rebuttal to the best-selling book "The Obama Nation," arguing the author is a fringe bigot peddling rehashed lies.

Jerome Corsi's anti-Obama book, "The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality," claims the Illinois senator is a dangerous, radical candidate for president. The book is a compilation of all the innuendo and false rumors against Obama that he was raised a Muslim, attended a radical, black church and secretly has a "black rage" hidden beneath the surface.

In fact, Obama is a Christian who attended Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

Presenting her story as a declaration of the hard facts, Pickler is arguing that somehow Trinity United Church of Christ is not a "radical black church." Did she miss all the news reports on the outrageous sermons coming out of the mouth of Jeremiah Wright? Would she suggest that his statements from the pulpit are about America deserving 9/11 or AIDS being a U.S. government conspiracy are best identified as the marshmallow mainstream?

AP can easily reprint that Obama's camp calls Corsi a "fringe bigot peddling rehashed lies," but doesn't think that would define Reverend Wright. Obama wasn't attending Trinity for binges of "black rage," even though Wright was clearly peddling them.

Corsi is allowed to speak for himself, defensively, for just 21 words, in paragraph 14:

In an interview with The Associated Press, Corsi defended raising the issue of drugs without any evidence.

"I don't need more," he said. "I'm putting this question forward. I'm putting the evidence forward. Voters can make up their own minds."

That was immediately followed by the World Net Daily-mocking sentence.

Pickler protested that Corsi suggests Obama could be using drugs today (a wacky charge) "without a shred of proof," but doesnt have the time or space to wonder whether the "objective" national media has a consistent record of asking presidential candidates about their drug use the way that George W. Bush was hammered with cocaine questions in 1999 "without a shred of proof," while Bill Clinton was never asked a cocaine question, despite his friendship and political dealings with cocaine dealer Dan Lasater in Arkansas. More on that here, and here.

By contrast, the Obama campaign spokesman unloaded for 76 words of partisan bile in paragraph five:

"Jerome Corsi is a discredited liar who is peddling another piece of garbage to continue the Bush-Cheney politics he helped perpetuate four years ago," said Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor. "His is just one of what will likely be many more lie-filled books rushed to print this election cycle, which are cobbled together from debunked Internet sources to make money and advance a partisan agenda. We will respond to these smears forcefully with all means at our disposal."

Pickler even helpfully suggests that the Obama partisans think the book doesn't belong on the nonfiction list: "Corsi's book is off to a swift start and is No. 1 on The New York Times' hardcover nonfiction best-seller list, even though Obama's campaign would argue the book should be listed as fiction."

Please notice this latest of a media pattern: Pickler lets the Obama camp lament all the "lie-filled books," but never mentions David Freddoso's The Case Against Barack Obama.  If that book was also "lie-filled," by AP's definition, why isn't it mentioned in this story? It's not like that book isn't a hot seller. On Amazon this morning, Corsi is number three, and Freddoso is number 12.

I have posted a good deal of material on Trinity United Church of Christ and it's former (and current, despite what you may have read) pastor Jeremiah Wright.  Much of it has to do with his guiding credo, "Black liberation theology". 

I urge you in strongest terms to read up on Black liberation theology and the wit and wisdom of its creator, James Cone, who wrote (among many other similarly bilious things) the following:

"Black theology refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the black community. If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him. The task of black theology is to kill Gods who do not belong to the black community ... Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy. What we need is the divine love as expressed in Black Power, which is the power of black people to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal. Unless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject his love"

Do you think this qualifies as being radical?  I'm betting you do, because I don't know how you could come to any other conclusion.

And if that isn't enough just click here and read some more.

A church that is based on Black liberation theology is a radical church.  Period, end of story.

Someone please give Ms. Pickler an antidote for her mesmerization syndrome when it comes to Barack Obama.  Then, instead of being his reflexive apologist she might actually consider the veracity of what Mr.Obama's critics are saying about him.

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