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Ken Berwitz

Here's a report by Michelle Malkin on ACORN.

ACORN, as you may know, is the fraudulent, corrupt, election-rigging entity which Barack Obama has had such a long association with. 

Do not expect to see much about it in the New York Times, or Today, or the network news shows.  We can only guess why not....:

ACORN Watch: Voter fraud and mortgage scams on your dime

By Michelle Malkin    August 7, 2008 12:41 PM

Barack Obamas taxpayer-subsidized old friends at ACORN have been very, very busy lately. And ACORN Watch is here to give you the rundown on all the latest shenanigans on your dime.

* In Milwaukee, election officials are investigating fake names registered by ACORN workers a favorite voter fraud 101 ploy of ACORN workers. No word on whether anyone used Fruto Boy Crispila:

Criminal investigations could be launched against at least six voter registration workers who tried to add dead, imprisoned or imaginary people to the voter rolls, according to the Milwaukee Election Commission and the organization that employed them.

Officials are reviewing some 200 to 300 fraudulent voter registration cards, Sue Edman, the commissions executive director, said Wednesday.

And even though the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now caught the fraud and reported it before the cards were turned in, the incident revived a four-year-old partisan debate over the integrity of Wisconsins voter registration process, as political groups step up efforts to sign up voters for the Nov. 4 presidential election.

One woman called us to complain because her husband has been dead for 10 years and a voter registration was submitted, Edman said.

In about 12 cases, deputy registrars paid by ACORN were making people up or registering people that were still in prison, said Carolyn Castore, ACORNs state political director.

And in other cases, workers used the same address for numerous voters or used drivers license numbers that did not fit the voters birth dates, Edman said. But most of the fraud involved submitting duplicate cards for voters who were already registered, and forging the voters signatures, Castore said.

ACORN found the problems and fired a dozen workers, Castore said. Five of them appeared to be working together, she added.

In New Mexico, its the same old story of ACORN using criminals to lead voter registration drives. KRQE reports:

ANDERSON (Anchor): If you registered to vote outside a supermarket, at a fair or even on a college campus, your information may have been collected by a criminal. News 13s Michael Herzenberg is live in the newsplex.

MICHAEL HERZENBERG (Reporter): The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now or, ACORN, does not go door to door. But in public places they admit at times they employ criminals. They say like law abiding citizens they employ make great workers. Audrey Padilla works for the non profit organization ACORN registering people to vote.

AUDREY PADILLA: I think its a really powerful thing to vote.

HERZENBERG: The information she gathers on this form can be powerful if criminals get their hands on it and they have. Jeffrey Mahaffey did and he was convicted with 2 counts of raping a child, a habitual offender who stole a car. Yvonne Chacon did too she pleaded no contest to 2 counts of forgery, 7 more counts are pending and so are 3 counts of credit card fraud. Michelle Rael also collected voter information for ACORN while under the supervision of probation and parole for drug possession and 1 count of identity theft.

RAY SCHUTLZ (APD Police Chief): Its very alarming and very concerning to me.

HERZENBERG: We showed Albuquerque police chief Ray Shultz the records of nine people accused or convicted of crimes who collected voter registration information for ACORN.

SCHULTZ: This information in, you know, the hands of the wrong person could be devastating.

ACORN: I find it interesting. I do understand that it would draw some concerns.

HERZENBERG: ACORN spokeswoman Stephanie Blackwell says the nine people no longer work for ACORN but they lasted at most 8 days

HERZENBERG: How much personal information did they get?

ACORN: I dont know exact numbers in terms of how many cards per person that they collected. I do know, so far, total throughout the state, weve registered over 60,000 voters.

In Florida, William Amos points to an ACORN-assisted woman with no job who secured a $42,000 loan on a house that she cant figure out how to pay. Go figure:

Carolyn Patmon has lived in what she calls her modest little house in Carver Shores for 38 years. At one point, she owned it free and clear. Then she took out a loan to add a sun porch.

Because she was on disability and wasnt working, she was offered a mortgage rate of 14 percent.

But the rate was supposed to go down in a couple of years, said Patmon, 59.

It didnt. What the mortgage brokers had told her and what the fine print in the loan documents said were two different things. Within a few years, Patmon found herself owing $115,000 on a $42,000 loan and being sued for foreclosure
Nothing about her story is particularly remarkable these days except how its ending. Because Patmon went to Orlando ACORN, a nonprofit community organization with chapters nationwide, she has been able to stop the foreclosure process and is working on having her loan modified to more affordable terms.

Experts say plenty of help is available to those such as Patmon, but that homeowners need to seek assistance early and often. And they shouldnt expect it to be easy.

The WSJs overview of ACORNs milking of the housing crisis is here.

Rep. Tom Feeney has called on the Attorney General to investigate:

Dear Attorney General Mukasey:

We are writing to request an immediate investigation into whether or not the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, is engaging in criminal voting fraud, promoting fraudulent registrations, or criminally misusing taxpayer funds.

With the next election cycle quickly approaching, we are confident that the Department of Justice will be ensuring the integrity of our federal elections. Although the administration of elections is chiefly a function of state government, the Department of Justice must ensure that nationwide criminal voter fraud is targeted and eliminated as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Voter fraud represents a serious threat to the validity of all American elections. Each and every illegal vote cast cancels out the thoughtfully considered vote of an American citizen. In April, the Supreme Court upheld an Indiana statute requiring registered voters to present photo identification in order to vote. The Court, in a 6-3 opinion, noted that the risk of voter fraud [is] real[and] could affect the outcome of a close election.[1]

One organization in particular has developed a reputation for lawlessness in the electoral process. The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, has repeatedly been associated with voting fraud, turning in fraudulent registrations, and misuse of taxpayer funds. The laundry list of inappropriate conduct including investigations and convictions of individuals associated with ACORN is far too long to include in this letter, but here are a few key examples:

* Last year in Washington, felony charges were filed against several paid employees and supervisors of ACORN. Over 1,700 fraudulent registrations turned in by the employees were revoked in one of the largest instances of voting fraud in the United States.[2]

* In March of 2008, an ACORN worker was sentenced in Berks County Pennsylvania to 146 days to 23 months in the county prison for making 29 phony voter-registration forms to collect a cash bonus from ACORN.[3]

* Dale Rathke, brother of ACORN founder, Wade Rathke, embezzled nearly $1 million from Acorn and affiliated charitable organizations in 1999 and 2000 but a small group of executives decided to keep the information from almost all of the groups board members and not to alert law enforcement. Dale Rathke remained on Acorns payroll until a month ago, when disclosure of his theft by foundations and other donors forced the organization to dismiss him.[4]

* As of July 2008, at least three ACORN workers have been convicted of voter fraud in Kansas City, and one is awaiting trial. These ACORN workers in Kansas City flooded voter registration rolls with over 35,000 false or questionable voter registration forms.[5]

* St. Louis, Mo., officials found that in 2006 over 1,000 addresses listed on its registrations did not exist. We met twice with ACORN before their drive, but our requests completely fell by the wayside, said Democrat Matt Potter, the citys deputy elections director.[6] Later, federal authorities indicted eight of the groups local workers. One of the eight pleaded guilty last month.

* The Consumers Rights League reports that ACORN used taxpayer money to support corporate shakedown tactics, counseling of potential homebuyers to use undocumented or under the table income to obtain mortgages, and to assist in obtaining mortgages for undocumented workers.[7]

At the very least, this pattern of conduct by individuals associated with ACORN has created an air of reasonable suspicion that ACORN is either engaged in criminal enterprise or does not have sufficient safeguards in place to ensure that taxpayer dollars are not used to those ends.

ACORN has routinely assured Americans that the aforementioned events and those like them represent isolated events by individuals not representing ACORN. Consequently, we are confident that they will welcome such an investigation to support their contentions that this pattern of misconduct is not endemic to ACORNs operations.

We must do everything in our power to ensure that our electoral processes continue to reflect our dedication to a lawful democracy. Our civil rights and voting laws are designed to ensure that every American has their vote counted. Unfortunately, registering dead or fictitious voters serves no purpose other than to ultimately misrepresent and dilute the voice of the American people.

We respectfully request that you inform us whether you plan to initiate an investigation as soon as possible, and no later than September 8, 2008. We also request that you inform us whether the results of your review will be provided to Congress and made public. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Too bad the Obamedia wont ask ACORNs old friend for comment.


Check out the ACORN Watch archives here.

Gee, maybe keith olbermann will fill the void and do a few segments on ACORN. 

I expect his hard-hitting analysis about 3 days after nancy pelosi quits congress to start a new career in offshore drilling.


Ken Berwitz

In answer to the title's question, "Something like this":

State senator sues God
Lawmaker asks court to ban Almighty from 'harmful activities,' 'terroristic threats'

Posted: August 05, 2008
9:12 pm Eastern

 2008 WorldNetDaily

A Nebraska state senator is moving forward with a controversial lawsuit against his maker, requesting "a permanent injunction ordering [God] to cease certain harmful activities and the making of terroristic threats."

State Sen. Ernie Chambers, I-Omaha, appeared before Douglas County District Judge Marlon Polk in a scheduling hearing against God on July 28.

Chambers, an atheist, requested that the court acknowledge the presence of God in the courtroom so he wouldn't be required to "serve notice" of the trial, according to the Omaha World-Herald.

The court had previously told Chambers the lawsuit would be thrown out if he was unable to serve notice to his Creator.

Chambers responded by arguing he attempted to contact God on multiple occasions and he should not be required to verify his existence when the U.S. government acknowledges him by printing "In God We Trust" on its currency.

The complaint drew widespread criticism when Chambers filed the lawsuit against God last year for creating "fearsome floods, egregious earthquakes, horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornadoes, pestilential plagues, ferocious famines, devastating droughts, genocidal wars, birth defects and the like."

Chambers also blames God for causing "calamitous catastrophes resulting in the wide-spread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earths inhabitants including innocent babes, infants, children, the aged and infirm without mercy or distinction."

According to the lawsuit, the Creator "has manifested neither compassion nor remorse, proclaiming that defendant will laugh" when disaster strikes.

Chamber began his grievance as a way to call attention to "frivolous" lawsuits after several senators authored bills barring them. He said the Constitution mandates open courthouse doors to everyone even those who seek to sue the Almighty.

"This started out as an exercise in the workings of the judiciary," he said. "My point and the crux of the matter is that everyone is entitled to their day in court. That's the whole crux of the matter, and I think people get caught up in the religion end of it but that's not what this is about."

While Chambers hopes the court will rule against God, he doesn't expect any earth-shaking results from the decision.

"Once the court enters the injunction, that's as much as I can do," he told the World-Herald. "That's as much as I would ask the court. I wouldn't expect them to enforce it."

People in a Nebraska state senate district elected this genius.  That's their funds he is utilizing for his court case against God.

I hope they're happy.......


Ken Berwitz

As regular readers know, I have blogged about kwame kilpatrick before. 

kilpatrick is the Mayor of Detroit, and a human stench bomb of corruption and misconduct. 

Here are excerpts from the Associated Press account of his latest misdoings:

 DETROIT - A judge ordered Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to jail Thursday for violating the terms of his bond in his perjury case by making a city business trip to Canada and not informing the court.

The mayor, who is accused of lying under oath in a civil case and faces eight felony counts, made the trip last month without telling the court in advance, leading the county prosecutor's office to request Kilpatrick be punished.

Only minutes earlier, the mayor offered an apology to the court, telling District Court Judge Ronald Giles that for seven months, "I've been living in an incredible state of pressure and scrutiny."

But Giles sent the mayor to jail anyway, telling him he would have given any defendant the same treatment.

The mayor's chief of staff, Kandia Milton, will run the city while Kilpatrick is in jail, mayoral spokeswoman Denise Tolliver said.

Charges could mean up to 15 years
Earlier Thursday, Kilpatrick waived his right to a preliminary hearing and will head to trial on perjury and other criminal charges that could land him in prison for up to 15 years.

Lawyers for the mayor and ex-Chief of Staff Christine Beatty asked Giles to waive next month's preliminary examination. The criminal case now heads to Wayne County Circuit Court for trial.

Kilpatrick and Beatty are charged with perjury, misconduct and obstruction of justice. They are accused of lying about having an intimate relationship and their roles in the firing of a police official.

Both deny the charges.

Kilpatrick and Beatty denied under oath during a civil trial last year that they had a romantic relationship in 2002 and 2003.

But excerpts of sexually explicit text messages recovered from Beatty's city-issued pager and first published in January by the Free Press contradicted their testimony.

After the issue of the preliminary examination was concluded, Assistant Wayne County's Prosecutor Robert Moran then asked Giles to punish Kilpatrick over the trip to Canada.

Canada trip was to sell tunnel
The mayor went across the border last month to push the sale of the city's half of the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.

Kilpatrick was required to alert the court of all travel plans.

Moran asked Giles to modify Kilpatrick's bond because of what he called a "flagrant" violation.

After a short recess, Kilpatrick stood and apologized to Giles, saying it wouldn't happen again.

The judge then ordered a recess and came back with his decision. Kilpatrick stared directly at the judge with his hands clasped near his face as Giles announced his decision.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy charged Kilpatrick and Beatty less than two months after the Free Press published excerpts of the text messages. Fingerprinted with their booking photos broadcast across the country, the pair were accused of lying under oath about their relationship and about their roles in the firing of a police official.

More text messages released in April revealed the evolution of flirty and sexually explicit exchanges to professions of love and promises of marriage.

Kilpatrick and his high-priced team of attorneys have questioned the authenticity of those and other text messages, while fighting battles on several legal and political fronts.

A split city council voted in February to ask Kilpatrick to step down. The nine-member group later asked Gov. Jennifer Granholm to remove the mayor for misconduct and plans to hold forfeiture of office proceedings against him.

Through it all Kilpatrick has remained defiant.

Like I said, a human stench bomb. 

Oh, by the way, did you see any mention of the fact that kilpatrick is a DEMOCRAT? 

The answer is that you didn't.  Not in the excerpts and not in the full article I provided a link to.  I know that because it isn't there.

Just as I know that you won't see a lot of coverage of kilpatrick's disgrace in mainstream media or on the network news shows.  We learn from experience, don't we?

But listen to them squeal like stuck pigs if you call them biased.

Zeke "The mayor's chief of staff, Kandia Milton, will run the city while Kilpatrick is in jail" ---- yes, it will be Corruption as Usual (08/07/08)


Ken Berwitz

In case you are wondering whatever happened to that story about John  Edwards and his alleged "love child" - the one conceived and born while his wife was fighting life-threatening cancer - this should be of interest to you.

Here, courtesy of, is the story, complete with pictures:

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pictures of John Edwards Love Child

If it were not for the National Inquirer this would disappear down the "memory hole."

Ann Coulter's take:
The mainstream media's reaction to the National Enquirer's reports on John Edwards' "love child" scandal has been reminiscent of the Soviet press. Edwards' name has simply been completely whitewashed out of the news. Say, why isn't anyone talking about John Edwards for vice president anymore? No, seriously - hey! Why are we going to a commercial break?

I suspect that if I tried to look up coverage of the Democratic primaries in Nexis news archives, Edwards' name will have disappeared from the debates. By next week, Edwards won't have been John Kerry's running mate in 2004.

The NATIONAL ENQUIRER is releasing the photograph that the world has been waiting for the first-ever picture of John Edwards and his love child!

The stunning spy photo shows the former presidential contender holding his infant daughter Frances Quinn Hunter at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles where the ENQUIRER caught him visiting the babys mother, his mistress Rielle Hunter.

Edwards is holding his love child while standing in front of a distinctive striped curtain.

The same window covering hangs in each one of the hotels guest rooms and is clearly visible in photos of guest rooms on the hotels Web site.

These photos are damning proof, said a source close to the situation.

Hes been caught lying about his affair with Rielle and their love child for many months and now the proof against him is piling up.

His elaborate coverup is unraveling at the seams.

I do not claim to know 100% that this story is true.  But here is what I do know:

-It sure seems to be true;

-The mainstream media have put a virtual lock on any coverage of it;

-When there are allegations of Republican sexual impropriety media are on it that second.  Think Newt Gingrich, Henry Hyde, Bob Livingston, Larry Craig, Mark Foley, etc;

-Wasn't it just a few months ago that the New York Times did a front page feature article insinuating - without any proof of any kind whatsoever - that John McCain had an affair with a female lobbyist? 

How long before they can't quiet this up any more?  Not too long, I imagine.  But you can't say they didn't give it the old college try.


Ken Berwitz

If you read this blog you know I do not care for Barack Obama and will not vote for him.

But Mr. Obama ran in the primaries, played by the rules his party set forth, and won the nomination fair and square.  He is the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party and should be treated with 100% of the respect he has earned.

It would be nice if Hillary Clinton had at least a nominal intention of giving him this respect.  But, lamentably, she may not do so.

Read the following excerpt from today's article in Newsday and see what I mean:

Clinton may seek roll-call vote at Dems' convention

WASHINGTON - Egged on by die-hard supporters, Hillary Rodham Clinton is giving every indication that she will not go quietly or meekly into the Democratic National Convention in Denver later this month.

Even as she heads to Las Vegas Friday in her first solo trip to campaign for Obama, Clinton is holding out the prospect of a drawn-out nominating vote at the convention that experts say at best would be a distraction and at worst a disaster.

Though Barack Obama is to be formally nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate in just three weeks, Clinton Thursday refused to say whether she'll demand that roll-call vote to highlight the delegates she won in the hotly contested primaries earlier this year.

Some experts say Clinton's action might stem from lingering hard feelings from the primaries, but others say she's probably just pressing her case in negotiations with the Obama camp.

How sad.  And how counterproductive for both Mr.Obama and Ms. Clinton.

A little advice for Hillary Clinton:  give Barack Obama his due.  No matter how much you think you deserved this nomination, the voters in your own party said it was his.  Be gracious in defeat and abide by their decision.

You play hardball at the convention and if Mr. Obama wins the presidency he will never forget what you did.  Even if he loses, his supporters will never forget -- and that will damage any chance you might have in 2012.  It is a classic lose-lose situation.

Tell your delegates to act properly.  You won't regret it.

Think she'll listen?


Ken Berwitz

Victor Davis Hanson, writing for, has a very interesting analysis of why, despite all the factors in his favor, Barack Obama is not running away with the 2008 presidential election.  In it, he wonders (as, I suspect, a great many others do these days) if the Democrats' selection of Mr. Obama over Hillary Clinton was not a huge mistake.

This is a very good, very thought-provoking piece.  Take a look and see for yourself: 

Hillary's Growing Shadow

By Victor Davis Hanson

Barack Obama and John McCain are running neck and neck.


It would seem so. Republican President Bush still has less than a 30 percent approval rating. Headlines blare that unemployment and inflation are up -- even if we aren't, technically, in a recession. Gas is around $4 a gallon. Housing prices have nosedived. Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, has been indicted -- another in a line of congressional Republicans caught in financial or sexual scandal.

 Meanwhile, the GOP's presumptive candidate, John McCain, is 71 years old. The Republican base thinks he's lackluster and too liberal.

So, everyone is puzzled why the Democratic candidate isn't at least 10 points ahead. It seems the more Americans get used to Barack Obama, the less they want him as president -- and the more Democrats will soon regret not nominating Hillary Clinton.

First, Obama was billed as a post-racial healer. His half-African ancestry, exotic background and soothing rhetoric were supposed to have been novel and to have reassured the public he was no race-monger like Al Sharpton. On the other hand, his 20-year career in the cauldron of Chicago racial politics also guaranteed to his liberal base that he wasn't just a moderate Colin Powell, either.

Yet within weeks of the first primary, the outraged Clintons were accusing Obama of playing "the race card" -- and vice-versa. Blacks soon were voting heavily against Hillary Clinton. In turn, Hillary, the elite Ivy League progressive, turned into a blue-denim working gal -- and won nearly all the final big-state Democratic primaries on the strength of working-class whites.

Americans also learned to their regret how exactly a Hawaiian-born Barack Obama -- raised, in part, by his white grandparents and without African-American heritage -- had managed to win credibility in what would become his legislative district in Chicago. That discovery of racial chauvinism wasn't hard once his former associate, his pastor for over 20 years, the racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright, spewed his venom.

Obama himself didn't help things as he taught the nation that his dutiful grandmother was at times a small-minded bigot -- no different from a "typical white person." And in an impromptu riff, Obama ridiculed small-town working-class Pennsylvanians' supposed racial insularity.

The primary season ended with a narrow Obama victory -- and a wounded, but supposedly wiser, Democratic candidate.

Not quite. Without evidence, he unwisely has claimed his opponents ("they") will play the race card against poor him. In contrast, on the hot-button issue of racial reparations, he recently played to cheering minority audiences by cryptically suggesting that the government must "not just . . . offer words, but offer deeds." He later clarified that he didn't mean cash grants, but his initial words were awfully vague.

Second, many are beginning to notice how a Saint Obama talks down to them. We American yokels can't speak French or Spanish. We eat too much. Our cars are too big, our houses either overheated or overcooled. And we don't even put enough air in our car tires. In contrast, a lean, hip Obama promises to still the rising seas and cool down the planet, assuring adoring Germans that he is a citizen of the world.

Third, Obama knows that all doctrinaire liberals must tack rightward in the general election. But due to his inexperience, he's doing it in far clumsier fashion than any triangulating candidate in memory. Do we know -- does Obama even know? -- what he really feels about drilling off our coasts, tapping the strategic petroleum reserve, NAFTA, faith-based initiatives, campaign financing, the FISA surveillance laws, town-hall debates with McCain, Iran, the surge, timetables for Iraq pullouts, gun control or capital punishment?

Fourth, Obama is proving as inept an extemporaneous speaker as he is gifted with the Teleprompter. Like most rookie senators, in news conferences and interviews, he stumbles and then makes serial gaffes -- from the insignificant, like getting the number of states wrong, to the downright worrisome, such as calling for a shadow civilian aid bureaucracy to be funded like the Pentagon (which would mean $500 billion per annum).

If the polls are right, a public tired of Republicans is beginning to think an increasingly bothersome Obama would be no better -- and maybe a lot worse. It is one thing to suggest to voters that they should shed their prejudices, eat less and be more cosmopolitan. But it is quite another when the sermonizer himself too easily evokes race, weekly changes his mind and often sounds like he doesn't have a clue what he's talking about.

In a tough year like this, Democrats could probably have defeated Republican John McCain with a flawed, but seasoned candidate like Hillary Clinton. But long-suffering liberals convinced their party to go with a messiah rather than a dependable nominee -- and thereby they probably will get neither.


Ken Berwitz

We get this from the Drudge Report:

Thu Aug 07 2008 08:11:48 ET

The most powerful woman in the history of American politics is suffering a humiliating defeat at the nation's bookstores, sales figures show.

In her first week at market, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sold just 2,737 copies of her book KNOW YOUR POWER, according to

The DOUBLEDAY release was launched with a full media push, featuring high profile interviews on TODAYTHEVIEWTHISWEEK.

"I wrote the book in response to people asking me what it was like to go from housewife to House Speaker and for advice as to how young people, especially women, could balance family and career," Pelosi told the WASHINGTON POST.

Pelosi's sales debacle [#41 on the Non-Fiction Chart] is dramatically overshadowed by the first high profile anti-Obama book, OBAMA NATION, which debuts at #1 on both the BOOKSCAN and the NEW YORK TIMES Bestseller List, with 21,466 copies moved, industry insiders tell DRUDGE.

"The speaker was pre-occupied with house business last week," a source close to Pelosi explained Thursday morning. "She has now turned her focus to promoting this extraordinary book... doing local signings and speeches. I think we'll see an uptick."

Maybe if she just inflated her sales properly and gave her publicist a regular tune-up.........


Ken Berwitz

I'm putting this picture up because I saw it at and found it more than a little amusing, especially given the obvious ill feeling between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

You can supply your own caption



Ken Berwitz

It's only August 7, but this is my entry for the single most idiotic - and racist - mainstream media column of the election.

It comes from us from the reliably idiotic and racist Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Read it and see for yourself:

We can deny it, but race slithers into campaign

Obama, his campaign trying to transcend it -- but can't

August 7, 2008

I can't be the only person who sees the snake in the room. The one that slithers away whenever the political pundits start explaining what the latest presidential poll means.

From the moment Barack Obama went from a wannabe presidential contender to a front-runner, the race factor curled up and waited to strike anyone who got too close.

Former President Bill Clinton got bit. So did the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Still, whenever commentators talk about the close contest between Obama and John McCain, they ignore the snake.

Yet anyone who thought Obama would whip past McCain like an Olympic speed skater was being naive about the state of race relations in this country.

I wouldn't label as racist every white Democrat who switched to McCain after Hillary Clinton was dispatched, but acting as though racial prejudice no longer exists in this country is also wrong.

Obama tries to avoid talking about race, as do his surrogates, staffers and supporters.

But when a cable network interviewed Virginia voters during the Democratic primary, a white woman didn't stutter when she said she couldn't vote for a "Negra."

Does this woman represent a large percentage of the white voting population? Probably not. But there are still enough people like her out here, and they are giving the Obama campaign the flux.

Voting pattern ignored

He could put his birth certificate and his baptismal papers on his Web site, and some will still argue that he is a Muslim.

He could distance himself from every black leader who has ever said anything that might have offended white people, and he will still be perceived by some as running to represent Black America.

And he can swill beer, hit the lanes and ride in a pickup truck, and a percentage of blue-collar workers won't be able to bring themselves to vote for a black man who has surpassed them by every measure.

Indeed, it says a lot that McCain, who dumped his first wife to marry a wealthy heiress, is perceived to possess more of the values that resonate with voters than Obama does, according to some polls.

Using code words and nasty attack ads, the McCain camp might as well have called Obama an "uppity black." Yet, they are the ones complaining that Obama has dragged race into the campaign.

The truth is, despite avoiding the topic as much as possible, Obama hasn't transcended race.

Although he has tailored his message to appeal to white voters, McCain has a 17-point lead with white men and is leading by 10 points with whites overall, according to the Associated Press-Ipsos poll.

Those who argue that Obama's 55 percent lead among blacks and Hispanics and other minorities is proof that blacks are voting for him because he is black are ignoring the fact that blacks always vote heavily Democratic.

If Colin Powell was trying to become the first African-American president, he'd have to switch parties to pull similar numbers among black voters.

Women, minorities and young voters accounted for Obama's 6-point lead over McCain, according to the national poll.

Still, given the mess George Bush is leaving behind, conventional wisdom would lead you to believe that Obama won't have much trouble beating his opponent.

Florida poll especially telling

But in this election, race trumps the economy, an unpopular war and a dull candidate.

A poll taken in Florida found Obama and McCain in a statistical tie, with Obama at 46 percent of the vote and McCain at 44 percent, with a margin of error of 2.8 percentage points.

How Floridians summed up the potential first ladies was especially telling.

Voters there said Cindy McCain -- a former drug addict and thief -- better fits their idea of a first lady than Michelle Obama, someone who has not had a hint of scandal attached to her name.

How does that make any sense?

Like her husband, Michelle Obama has spent a great deal of time trying to convince white independent voters that she is not "unpatriotic" and "angry."

But I would not be surprised if a photo spread in an upcoming Harper's Bazaar of Tyra Banks pretending to be Michelle Obama in the White House doesn't result in a fresh round of complaints.

I disagree with those who say Obama ought to "suck up" the racial fear-mongering because it's a battle he can't win.

Maybe not.

But you wouldn't want to be in a room with a snake and deny that it is what it is.

Upon reading this column  I decided which of the various idiocies I thought the most egregious.  So much to choose from.

I settled on the incredible premise that "Obama tries to avoid talking about race...".

Then I e-mailed the following letter to Ms. Mitchell:

Ms. Mitchell;
Barack Obama spent almost two decades happily, enthusiastically worshipping at a church that adheres to the grotesquely racist concept of "Black liberation theology".  He has subjected his own daughters to that church for their entire lives.
Mr. Obama called his own White grandmother a racist.
Mr. Obama also referred to her actions as those of "a typical White".
Mr. Obama has preemptively talked about an attack Mr. McCain has not made on him - that he doesn't look like those other Presidents (an interesting wording, since it suggests he has already taken office). 
For these reasons I agree with you that race has entered into the campaign.
Your problem is which candidate put it there.
Ken Berwitz

I will certainly let you know what response, if any, I get.


Ken Berwitz

I bet Al Gore would rail for days and days if he found out about some fabulously rich fat-cat who bought a 100 foot yacht to tool around in.

Except for one thing......

The guy in this article, written by John Hinderaker of, IS Al Gore. 

Read it and shake your head in amazement, disgust or both:

He Probably Won't Invite Us to Go On a Cruise, But There Would Be Plenty Of Room

Global warming hysteria has been very good to Al Gore. He's made a fortune on his book, his movie, and associated enterprises. How does he spend that fortune? Most recently by buying a 100-foot houseboat; how else?


People don't usually think of 100-foot houseboats with gigantic, fuel-burning engines as a low-footprint form of entertainment. But Gore, characteristically, claims that he owns a green 100-foot houseboat, the "Toyota Prius of houseboats," as the yacht's builder puts it. Gore christened his boat Bio-Solar 1--"BS 1" for short--because it runs on bio-diesel fuel and, one of these days, Gore is planning on adding solar panels. I'm not sure just what the solar panels will do, but they definitely won't be powering the craft's gigantic engine or engines.

Gore assures us that his 100-foot houseboat is so "green" that it "will create 40-50% less carbon emission and use half the fuel of other similar houseboats." Let's take that claim at face value. I haven't been able to find data on carbon emissions by "similar houseboats"--there aren't many 100-foot houseboats around--but I located this information about a much smaller (60 foot) houseboat:

Generally speaking, they burn just on 10 gals an hour at full cruising speed. (10 mph) This includes the Westebeak generator's 1.5 gal an hour to look after electricity. Whilst anchored, depending on how cold the air conditioning is and other power outlets running, the generator will burn just over 1 gal an hour 24/7.

If we assume that a boat spends six hours cruising (60 gallons) and 18 hours at anchor (18 gallons), that boat--one-half the size of Gore's--will consume 78 gallons of fuel for every 24 hours of use. Let's take Gore at his word and assume that his much larger boat will emit just half as much carbon into the atmosphere as this benchmark. That would be 39 gallons per 24 hours. If you get 25 miles per gallon in your car, you would have to drive 975 miles--farther than from Chicago to New York--to emit an equal amount of carbon. And that doesn't count the jetski on the back of Gore's elephantine boat, which, you can be sure, takes real gasoline:


Personally, I don't care whether Al Gore spends his entire day pursuing gasoline sports--four-wheeling, flying private airplanes, cruising in an over-sized yacht. He's rich, and he's entitled. But Gore got rich by telling the rest of us that the planet faces a crisis, that civilization is threatened, and that it is urgently necessary for all of us to stop emitting carbon at the earliest possible moment. Meanwhile, Gore himself goes out of his way--after all, most of us get by without cruising on 100-foot boats--to emit extraordinary amounts of carbon.

It is reasonable to conclude that Gore does not really believe that the planet is undergoing some kind of crisis, and does not really believe that a high priority should be placed on reducing carbon emissions. He is in it, in other words, for the money.

There you have it.  Behold the keeper of the global warming flame!

I love the premise that this is "the Toyota Prius of houseboats", when it is a 100 foot guzzler. 

That's like someone telling you he is treating you well because he pushed you and punched you in the stomach instead of kicking you and hitting you with a baseball bat.

What a phony baloney Gore is.  And that goes double for his "Chicken Little" routine about the global warming that he disproportionately helps to create.

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